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An exciting prospect is evidenced in what we have just considered. Based on the church's 120 Jubilees probation, it is evident that it cannot be brought into immortality for another 4,000 years (its day 6). How then does Yahweh legally resurrect a people into the likeness of His Son who will reign with Him in the Millennium? He does so based upon the completed garden kingdom probation period, which was completed, as we have said, in 1993.

What was it that took place at the end of the first recorded 120 year probation period given to mankind? Yahweh of course brought the flood to destroy all of mankind, with exception to Noah and his family. Now, here is the exciting news! What Yahweh accomplished then in wrath in this physical manifestation, He will perform once again in a higher and wonderful spiritual manifestation - the physical preceding and foreshadowing the spiritual. What do we mean by this? Let us see.

At the first ever Pentecost at Mount Sinai, 3,000 people were slain by the sword (Exodus 32:28). This was the first physical manifestation of this feast; and the spiritual manifestation, though being fulfilled according to the initial pattern, was quite different. On the first ever Pentecost for the church, we find that once again 3,000 people were decisively impacted, but in a much different way. At the spiritual manifestation, instead of 3,000 being slain, 3,000 entered into the kingdom of God in the power of the Spirit (Acts 2:41).

And might it be added here, this is the same pattern of the two-part Remnant - violence followed by blessing. There is an oft-repeated pattern that the first expression suffers violence, so that the latter expression may enter into the blessing. This is certainly the case with the two Remnant. The first Remnant paid the price of death, while the second Remnant experiences the blessing of ascending alive, the former being the sacrifice for the blessing to the latter. This is true with Yahshua as well. The first time He came, He suffered death. But this death assured that the second time He comes will be the time of blessing, when He comes as King of kings.

Thus, when the 3,000 died on Pentecost, they paid the price for the blessing that was to be received by the 3,000 on a Pentecost that came later. This is the same pattern seen with the two birds in Leviticus 14. The first bird was slain, and its blood allowed the second bird to receive its deliverance and ascension alive in an open field. Thus, recognizing this powerful way and work of Yahweh, we can all be very grateful for the price paid by those living masses at the time of Noah. They paid the price of death, they became the first bird, the sacrifice, in order that the blessing of a flood of the Spirit can now come at the end of the 120 Jubilee period!

This principle is a most exciting and powerful truth that cannot be minimized, as it is Yahweh's wonderful method of tying the salvation of all men into one complete and united work, tying the old to the new, both becoming joint participators, causing all men to be co-sharers in salvation. Though the full and completed expression of this powerful truth will be seen when the two-part Remnant stand united in heaven as one, they are only the beginning. The power of this principle is such that when we today receive the flood of the Spirit, those in the time of Noah will some day equally be able to claim participatory rights. Or likewise, those in the church on the day of Pentecost are legally tied to those who died on that first Pentecost. This dynamic principle links all men together in salvation, even as the thread links together the two Pisces fish. Again, this is so very powerful and noteworthy! Now back to what we were discussing.

The physical manifestation of the flood following 120 years of probation, like the first Pentecost, brought death. But the hope of the spiritual manifestation following a 120 Jubilee probation, is flood waters of blessing from on high - opening the windows of heaven and pouring out a blessing we cannot contain (Malachi 3:10)! The completion of the first probation period meant the coming of the flood, the death of mankind, and the lifting of a remnant above this earth. This was the physical preluding pattern. The completion of the higher spiritual 120 Jubilee probation will bring another flood, but they will be the waters of life to mankind, and they will equally lift up alive from this earth another remnant!

Based upon the original probation period for the garden kingdom of God, a "flood" can now come - not a flood that causes all men to perish, but an Aquarius flood of the waters of the set-apart Spirit that bring resurrection, the lifting up of the second Remnant above the earth, and cleansing the earth with truth. This is the flood spoken of in Daniel 9:26 - "and its end (the end of the abomination of desolation) will come with a flood." The flood that originally occurred with great destruction, will now be fulfilled by bringing abundant life and truth and cleansing! The second bird must be released alive!

And may we briefly point out here two more related witnesses that it is now time for the flood waters of the Spirit. In Genesis 7:6 we read, "Now Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of water came upon the earth." At the time of the flood, Noah was six periods of time old, or 600 years. Today, the earth is equally six periods of time old, or 6,000 years. Even as the flood marked the end of a six-part period in Noah's life (600 years), so a flood of the Spirit today would mark the end of a six-part period in the life of mankind (6,000 years).

And equally, the flood in the time of Noah was immediately preceded by a death - the death of Noah's grandfather, Methuselah. Both the flood and Methuselah's death occurred in the same year, with Methuselah's death immediately preceding the flood. Quite remarkably and most significantly, Methuselah's name means - "when he is dead it shall be sent." So when Methuselah died, the flood was sent. What does this mean in pattern or mirror riddle for us today? Is there a "Methuselah" that once again will die, thus initiating another flood - the flood of the Spirit? Yes indeed there is! This is aged Methuselah Christianity that, like its prophetic predecessor who lived longer than any other man, is the longest duration work of Yahweh in the history of mankind. And in fact the Methuselah body of Christ has died, and the flood of the set-apart Spirit has legally begun - a trickle at first, but ever increasing! And keep in mind that the rain that flows initially to the Remnant, waters the world in the Millennium.

And as has been noted, we find in Noah's flood that at the end of a 120 Jubilee probation period, the Remnant can indeed be resurrected or caught up alive from among man. This lifting up could not be based upon the church's probation period (which is not completed); but rather, will be based upon the completed probation period of mankind! Because of the fulfilled original 120 Jubilee probation period, going all the way back to the garden of Eden, a Remnant from the church today can be caught up alive! What of Christianity? It must wait for the completion of the church's probation period.

But here is where something seemingly unusual and quite wonderful takes place. As we have seen, the church is supposed to get three and three "days," or 3,000 years probation period and 3,000 years blessing period, for a total of 6,000 years. But in Matthew 24:22 we find that "for the sake of the elect those days shall be cut short." How? How can either of these three-day periods be cut, and what would be the consequences of this?

To start with, the church will not get their complete first three "days." For the sake of the elect Remnant, as well as for Christianity, and ultimately for all mankind, Yahweh is calling the Remnant out of Christianity "early" (that is, early based on church time). In order to do this, He goes ahead and accomplishes with the body of Christ what man had intended to do to Yahshua before His appointed time of crucifixion. Men took up stones to kill Yahshua, but He hid from them or eluded them (John 8:59, 10:31-39). This will not be the case with the body of Christ - they cannot hide. Christianity has been put to death (sleep/pruned) early, and a Remnant bride is now being taken out for the Sabbath Millennial reign.

An interesting thing happens as a result of cutting the church's first three "days" short to two. This goes ahead and begins the body of Christ's three days blessing period. Let us see now what this looks like.

Thus, in wonderful testimony of the grace of Yahweh, He takes the six days of creation allotted to the church (six being the number of man), and alters them to five (the number of grace). At the end of these cut-short days, Yahweh has grace upon Christianity and brings them into the blessing period, and eventual imperishable "born from above" bodies. Thus, according to the laws and patterns of Yahweh, Christianity would receive their "sixth" day creation of "man," but on the grace-provided fifth day.

Does this affect the time of the culmination of the church's 120 Jubilee cycle we have been addressing? Evidently not. Yahweh seems to have various ways to cut time short and effect His grace. Even as we already see testified by Yahshua cutting men's lives short specifically after the flood (i.e., men live much shorter lives), so He will cut short the duration of the church with the flood of the Spirit. But again, when the 120 Jubilee period for the church is due to come at the end of the sixth day, by removing the third day, this does not seem to affect the scheduled sixth day creation of "man." We will see this better as we continue to examine this matter of Yahweh's timing.

And may we point out here before moving on that it is because of the church's creation days having been altered that we stated earlier that Amer-ric-a's kingdom of heaven pattern was more perfectly fulfilled. Yahweh fulfilled this nation's complete 1600's, 1700's, and 1800's preparation period, while for several reasons the church's like period must be cut short.

Another outstanding witness we will only briefly mention here regarding the timing of the church, is the law of the fruit tree that was planted in the promised land (i.e., the prophetic kingdom of God). In Leviticus 19:23-25, we read that the fruit of a newly planted tree in the promised land could not be eaten until the fifth year. The first three years the fruit was forbidden. The fourth year the fruit was holy - "an offering of praise to Yahweh." It was not until the fifth year that the fruit could be eaten. Thus in fulfillment of this law on the higher kingdom level, once again we see the church as being pictured as a tree, the newly planted tree in the promised land kingdom. But under Yahweh's laws, its fruit of resurrection or incorruptible life could not be eaten until the fifth "year." In the first three "years" (3,000 years on the kingdom level, or 2,000 years thus far, plus the Millennial reign) the church kingdom fruit is forbidden. In the fourth year (the thousand year period following the Millennial reign), the white throne judgment begins and the fruit is "an offering of praise to Yahweh," as Yahweh refines Christianity. Then in the fifth year (the modified grace "sixth" year of the creation of the spiritual "man"), the fruit of immortal life can be eaten, providing Christianity their long awaited entrance into the new heavens and new earth.

Let us look at this graphically as it relates to the previous chart.

Once again we note the amazement of how Yahweh works so many laws, evidences, and preluding patterns together that attest to and confirm His will!

Let us look again at this graphic representation. What, you might ask, will happen to Christianity in those three days in the time of blessing? Zechariah 13:9 and other passages tell us that those who remain in Christianity in carnal bodies at the time of the return of Yahshua, will be refined with fire like silver and gold is refined. The "third part" of Christianity will be refined in the Millennium. What about all the other Christians from the previous "two parts," or 2,000 years, of the church who were cut off from the kingdom by death? These will be resurrected back into their earthly bodies ("reincarnated") at the second resurrection to be judged "according to their deeds" (Revelation 20:11-15). This is the great white throne judgment that will actually take almost 2,000 years to accomplish. Through it, those Christians who died will be brought back to life to learn righteousness and pay their debts to men. They will leave their "offering there before the altar" and go their way to be reconciled to their brother (Matthew 5:23-24). At the end of the 2,000 year long great white throne judgment, Christians will have been entirely refined and will enter into their legal sixth day resurrection into immortality (the fifth day of the law of the fruit tree), being born from above with the Remnant, thus completing the temple of Yahweh. This is the two-part temple addressed in Hebrews 9 - the Remnant holy of holies with the ark of the covenant and the relocated altar of incense, as well as the "first tabernacle" holy place of Christianity that had to be torn down (or as we have otherwise seen - pruned off or chopped down) in order to make it possible for the Remnant to enter in. Of course once the holy of holies Remnant enters into resurrection, this will provide great hope to Christianity that their holy place position will indeed follow. The Remnant will be the anchor of hope within the veil for awaiting Christians (Hebrews 6:17-20).

The end result for our diagrams, with what we have learned up to this point, is that these two probation periods would graphically look like this:

Later in this writing, we will carefully look at the significance of the number "9." For now, let us simply note that "9" speaks of completion. 9 is the last of the digits. And most significantly, it is the number of months required for the creation of human offspring. Thus we see that it is specifically 9,000 legal years that are required in order for Yahweh to bring the complete temple creation into the kingdom of heaven. Once this 9,000 year period is complete, the masculine body of Christ and the feminine bride can come together in order to bring forth spiritual offspring from the nations. This is not possible until the completion of this essential 9,000 year gestation period we see here.

From Galatians 5:22-23 we find that 9 is also the number of fruit. And of course it is fruit that Yahweh's works are all about - the fruit of the kingdom. Both parts of the church entering into immortality would indeed bring forth the complete fruit of the two-work kingdom.

And might it briefly be mentioned that this is equally what we see in Yahweh's testimony regarding the mark of the beast 7 American Presidents who died in office at 20-year election intervals, plus the two following Presidents, making a total of 9. Reagan, the eighth, was shot, yet survived the attack, defeating the death cycle. George W. Bush was the ninth and final President in this cycle, and his election will undoubtedly see the return of the Son of God to set up His kingdom upon this earth. Thus we see that at the completion of this Divine gestation period of 9 Presidents at 20 year intervals, the offspring of the Son of Man will be brought forth. (For more on Bush's profoundly prophetic election, click here.)

The culmination of these 9,000 years bring to a close this section. But this Divine creation pattern invites an even more extensive look at Yahweh's timing for mankind.


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