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Insomuch that we find within this 120 Jubilee cycle the six days of creation, let us now take this pattern and see what it would hold for the larger duration of time. This examination will both confirm as well as further enlighten us on this matter of Christianity's timing and its ability to bring forth the fruits of the kingdom, as well as the return of Yahshua.

How long will Yahweh work with all of His creation in order to bring its entirety into resurrection and restoration? It is suggested that it would take 50,000 legal years for Yahweh to restore all things which He has created. We have already seen how the two probationary periods associated with the kingdom of God given to carnal man have each fulfilled the six days of creation pattern (albeit modified for the church). Let us now expand that pattern to an even higher level - to the new heavens and new earth fully completed kingdom of God.

When we take the principle of - "that which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done" - we see that as the heavens and earth were created in six days, even so the new heavens and new earth will be created in six "days." In Genesis 2:4 we read - "This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created." Equally, this is the pattern for the new heavens and new earth, thus it could likewise be read - "This is the account of the new heavens and new earth when they were created."

What are the new heavens and new earth? They are the expansion of the kingdom of God to the purpose that all of God's created beings will be restored to righteousness and resurrection life. Although an inexhaustible amount of details entirely elude us in its final fulfillment, Yahweh's original creation pattern holds His plan for the creation of the new heavens and new earth - the original heavens and earth creation being the seed or pattern for the new heavens and new earth.

And may we note here once again the inescapable pattern of the dying Savior work that precedes the King of kings fulfillment, the first Remnant making possible the second Remnant, the natural that precedes and foreshadows the spiritual, or the preceding death work that makes possible the following blessing work. Here once again we see the natural heavens and earth as the work that must perish, so that the greater and far more blessed new heavens and new earth can be brought forth. May the brevity of this comment in no way reflect upon its great importance. Let us now see this creation pattern.

Genesis 1 and the six days of creation lay out the following pattern. We will list what was created on each day.

Day 1 - God created light

Day 2 - God created the firmament, separating the waters below and above

Day 3 - God gathered the waters into the seas and brought forth vegetation and trees

Day 4 - God created the sun, the moon, and the stars

Day 5 - God created living creatures in the sea and in the air

Day 6 - God created living creatures on the land, beasts, cattle, and man and woman

Day 7 - God rested

Even as there were six days of creation that brought forth distinct and orderly additions to the natural heavens and earth, so there will surely be six "days" of creation that bring forth distinct and orderly additions to the new heavens and new earth. What will these additions be? They will follow the pattern of the original creation, but on a much longer time scale. How long? Let us see.

We have already considered that the kingdom of heaven follows a Jubilee time frame. This is similar with the new heavens and new earth. Jubilee is the great climactic event of mankind! All economy was to be based on the fifty year cycle of the Jubilee. Thus, the formation of the new heavens and new earth, which looks to the restoration of all things, will undoubtedly take a Jubilee of time. How long will that be in years? Legally 50,000 years, since the heavenly is on the thousands level. How does this work out? Let us see.

Combining the six days of creation and the Sabbath rest with the Jubilee period, one would arrive at seven "days" of 7,000 years each (seven periods of seven at the thousands level). In other words, seven "days" with 7,000 years in each day would be 49,000 years. (In a sense, they are a week of weeks; or even in summation, and this could be most revealing, they are Daniel's seventy weeks at the thousand's level!) The completion of these seven "days" would bring one to Jubilee - the forgiveness of all debt or sin. Let us lay this out for you to visually consider.

What has just been explained is what would happen in pure legal time; in other words, if time is effected in uninterrupted chronological years. However, we have already seen that sometime Yahweh cuts time short, even as He will do with the church's six "days," cutting them to five. Yet very interesting, another way Yahweh shortens time is by stacking it, putting time on top of time, or a "day" on top of a "day." Let us consider how Yahweh does this. To look at it, we first have to bring once again into focus the purpose or requirement for the church.

As has been stated, there are two things that the kingdom of God is required to bring forth. One is offspring into immortality and perfection. And of course someone might answer that there is no one who can effect this. No one in the flesh has the power to ascend to Yahweh and enter into perfection. In obvious contrast, all men have instead gone to the grave! As strange as it might seem that Yahweh would require kingdom men to have this power and ability to fulfill this requirement, one must realize that this obvious inability does not change Yahweh's expectation or His requirement. Throughout the entire history of earthly mankind, man has never been able to come up to Yahweh's expectations or requirements, and the church thus far has been no exception.

The second requirement upon the kingdom of God is that the church prepare the way and bring forth the Son of God. Let us look at this more thoroughly.

In creation we see that on the first day Yahweh created light (Genesis 1:3); but we also find that He did not create the sun, moon, and stars until the fourth day, separating the day from the night. So we ask the question - If the sun, moon, and stars were not created until the fourth day, what was the light brought forth on the first day?

We are told in John 1:9 that Yahshua is the "true light." He is not the light like that which was created on the fourth day; but instead, He is the true light that in fact was brought forth on the first day. When Yahweh brought forth light on the first day, He in truth brought forth the "true light" of the Son of God, Yahshua. So we see in pattern that the first day of Yahweh's creation is reserved for bringing forth the true light of the Son of God. This is MOST important!

This is likewise confirmed insomuch that it was equally on this first day that Yahshua came forth from the grave. Thus, once again we see the bringing forth of the Son of God on the first day. Very importantly, let us now look at this per the purpose of the church, the kingdom of God given to man. This is best considered by looking at the time schedule on which the church exists. Read this next paragraph very carefully.

Referring back to the original creation week we have been examining, the church thus far occupies two days in this week - the fifth "day," as well as the sixth "day." This brings us up to where we are today, at the end of the sixth day. But in its own separate creation timing starting in 33 AD, the church's supposed three days preparation period would have extended it through the seventh day of the original creation week (5, 6, and 7), or the true Sabbath. Then next would have come the first day in the second blessing period, which would have been the church's own "Sabbath," or "the Lord's day," the first day in the next creation week.

What again was one of the important purposes of the church? To perform the Elijah work. To bring forth the Son of God, the "true light." Do you now see that if the church had been successful in their 3,000 year preparation work, it would have prepared the way for and brought forth the Son of God on their Sabbath - the first day of the week, or the "Lord's day" - and there they would have entered into their rest. Thus Yahweh gave kingdom-receiving man the responsibility to bring forth the Son of God, the "true light," on the required first day.

But the church with all of its error and corruption has not been successful towards this, and would neither be successful if given their additional 1,000 years. They have not been able and cannot bring forth the Son of God, preparing His way as an Elijah. Nor can they bring men to ascension to the Father and to immortality. Neither of these requirements are of the remotest possibility! The church is corrupted by Satan and the flesh, and there is absolutely NO WAY it could succeed at these! As we have seen before, if given 3,000 years the church would be three "hours" of darkness with the final cry in the end of being forsaken, or three "times" in which it denies Yahshua before the cock crows.

Since the church would fail to bring forth the "true light" on the first day, then what is Yahweh's solution? This is very exciting! To solve the problem, Yahweh stacks time! Let us see what is meant by this.

How many times did the Pharisees object that Yahshua was "working on the Sabbath"? Many, many, many times! "My Father is working until now, and I Myself am working" (John 5:17), answered Yahshua to their continual objections. So why was He working on the Sabbath? And why was this point repeatedly made in all four of the gospels? Since the Scriptures are MUCH more than just some historical account, but vital instruction, light, and revelation, what is it that we are to learn from these obvious repeated messages? The answer to this question once again lies in Yahweh's timing.

Since the church will not be able to bring forth the Son of God on the creation ordered first day, Yahweh must solve the problem for man - He must send Yahshua to this earth a "day" early, on the true Sabbath! Thus, in order to meet all the requirements of the Law, and in order to save man and the kingdom from Satan, as well as their own destruction, Yahweh must bring Yahshua to this earth one "day" early, performing on the Sabbath that which He was legally supposed to perform on the first day! The net result of this is that He stacks the first day on the seventh day!

What does this mean regarding His works that He must perform in order to bring light on the first day? Yahshua was to have set up His kingdom on His "true light" day, the first day; but now He finds it necessary for man's sake to come early. But there is a problem with this - it is the Sabbath! So what Yahshua has to do is exactly that for which the Pharisees criticized Him so much - He has to work on the Sabbath! Thus, when Yahshua walked on this earth, He worked on the Sabbath as a testimony that He is going to come again and labor on the Sabbath, performing the first day "true light" works on the seventh day Sabbath rest!

So we see this graphed out in the following way.

Now, what has Yahweh in affect accomplished by this overlap? He has once again shortened time! And taking this one step further, what would this shortening of time by this overlap mean for time at large? This is a MOST interesting question, which we will consider for a moment.

The question per time at large is - If Yahweh shortens time in this beginning week in order to effect His purposes, will He do this again in the subsequent weeks? If He does, this will affect the timing of the Jubilee (not that this affects us too much right now, but it is a provocative and enlightening question). How will it affect it? It will have the end result that one "day," or 1,000 years, will be "lost" in each 7,000 year day. So instead of there being seven days of 7,000 years each, for a total of 49,000 years, there would be seven days of 6,000 years each, or a total of 42,000 years. This does not affect the end result that Jubilee would be carried out at that time, for in "legal" time, it still remains 49,000 years; Yahweh simply stacks some days in order that He may show forth His grace, which He always works out to be legal.

This overlapping of days or time is what we have already noted that Yahweh performs in the Jubilee calendar or cycles. While the Jubilee is at the fiftieth year, He overlaps the fiftieth year with the first year of the next cycle, so that Jubilee time is actually calculated in multiples of 49. As we have already seen, forty Jubilees is not 40 x 50, which is the "legal" time of 2,000 years; but rather, 40 x 49, or actual time of 1,960 years. Again, Yahweh shortens time by performing this, effecting His grace on man. (And may we point out again that the flood likewise effected the shortening of men's lives.)

Thus, with what we find in calculating Jubilees, and what we see taking place in this first transition between these first two weeks, it seems quite evident that in fact Yahweh will have an actual grace 36,000 years (6 x 6,000) of uninterrupted legal labor leading to the Sabbath and then His great Jubilee! This legal labor on these legal-time 7,000 year days, is entirely consistent and harmonious with the long-term week. In other words, from the grand scale of the legal seven 7,000 year days, six days of labor is actually essential. Thus, looking at the days on this larger scale actually dictates that of the seven days, labor must continue uninterrupted for six days. Therefore, the shortening of time due to the overlapping seventh and first days effects this greater legal requirement so that uninterrupted labor can legally continue for six days. From the standpoint of laboring, the higher level "week" dictates the purpose of the lower level "weeks" - to labor.

And before looking more closely at each of these days and considering what it might be that Yahweh will be adding to His new heavens and new earth on each day of creation, let us take one more important look at this requirement that the church prepare the way for the Son of God, bringing His return and His glorious kingdom, as well as draw an important observation and even affirmation regarding the Sabbath.

We have noted that the church fails in its ability to bring forth the Son of God. Even if the church was given their full 3,000 years, it would not be able to prepare the way for Yahshua's return. But, His way MUST be preceded and prepared! So what will Yahweh do? By cutting short the 3,000 years to 2,000, Yahweh solves the church's problem by sending His Spirit to earth and pouring Him out upon the church to provide light and truth which He has not provided before - providing a foretaste of that which is to come with the return of His Son. But the actual "mechanical" process of this outpouring is that initially it will not alter the entire church, but only a remnant out of the church. The latter rain effects the calling of His second Remnant bride out of the body of Christ. What is the outcome of this act per Yahweh's greater purposes? It provides the required Elijah that MUST prepare His way! While the church-at-large fails to be that Elijah work, dooming them as well as the kingdom, Yahweh Himself must once again step into earthly man's dilemma and provide the answer - a remnant who will perform the required function.

Thus, while the church up to this point has failed in its requirement of preparing the way for Yahshua, Yahweh is calling out a remnant, a bride, an Elijah, who will prepare His Son's way so that He can return to this earth and restore His kingdom which earthly man and Satan have corrupted, bringing hope and salvation to all men! The Elijah second Remnant that is being formed right now is Yahweh's answer to the church's failure to prepare the way for Yahshua's return.

Yahweh's greatest testimonies of His works and His plans, are evidenced through those things carried out and prophesied in His laws and in the administration of those laws. This Elijah work and the church's timing is no exception. Let us examine this matter of the Elijah a bit further; and in so doing, we will also consider what Paul, the primary teacher in Christianity, evidenced regarding Yahweh's timing. In fact, let us begin by examining what happened to this teacher of Christianity.

Revelation 19:20 tells us the beast will be "thrown alive into the lake of fire." Significantly, this is exactly what happened to the "beast," or viper, that attached itself to Paul's hand on the island of Malta.

In Acts 28:3-5 we read where Paul, shipwrecked on the island of Malta, was carrying a bundle of sticks to place on a fire. When he placed the wood on the fire, "a viper came out because of the heat and fastened to his hand. ... However he shook the beast off into the fire and suffered no harm." The Greek word for "beast" used here is the identical word used in Revelation to identify "the beast." And let us note here that a "bundle of sticks" is no less than a bundle of rods, which turn into snakes, even as Moses' and Aaron's rods turned into snakes. Equally, as we saw in the comparison of Matthew, Mark, and Luke in a previous writing, the church has the rod (or right to rule); and now we see affirmed here that that rod brings forth a snake (Satan) that attaches itself to the church's hand (their works).

Even while Paul was carrying this bundle of wood in order to have a fire, and from this labor he would have, and even should have, died; so we find another man who equally carried a bundle of firewood and died. In Numbers 15:32-36 we read:

Now while the sons of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man gathering wood on the sabbath day. And those who found him gathering wood brought him to Moses and Aaron, and to all the congregation; and they put him in custody because it had not been declared what should be done to him. Then Yahweh said to Moses, "The man shall surely be put to death; all the congregation shall stone him with stones outside the camp."

Notice here that the man was carrying this load of firewood specifically on the Sabbath. He was laboring on the Sabbath. Was this legal? Certainly not! This was the Sabbath, and this man was laboring, carrying "rods."

Let us now ask a very important and telling question. What would happen if Christianity continued to carry their rods into the Sabbath day? Precisely the same thing that happened to this man - they would be stoned! Strange as this may seem to you at first, this was the message Yahshua declared when He rode into Jerusalem and the people were preparing His way by laying their garments and the branches (Tabernacles) before Him. These events were a clear prophetic picture of the return of Yahshua to this earth. And what was it He told the Pharisees who objected to their labors and their cries? He told them - "if these become silent, the stones will cry out" (Luke 19:40).

What were these preceding heralders accomplishing? What work did they foreshadow? They looked to the Elijah work that would in true and greater fulfillment prepare the way for the return of Yahshua. These were the Elijah, the preparers of the way. And what would be the consequence if these Elijah people did not come and prepare Yahshua's way? The stones would cry out! What stones would cry out? The same stones that cried out against the man who carried the wood on the Sabbath, effecting his death! If Elijah does not come and perform his required work just before the true Sabbath, then the stones of judgment would cry out against Christianity for laboring on the Sabbath! Their third-part labors would carry them right into the Sabbath. Would their labor be legal? Not at all. They would be carrying wood on the Sabbath! While Christians know almost nothing about the Laws of Yahweh, you can be MOST certain that Yahweh knows His laws, and keeps them!

So what must and will Yahweh do? He will send His Elijah one day early (at the end of the sixth day) to prepare Yahshua's way; Yahshua will return, and by overlapping or stacking the first day over the Sabbath, He can legally allow Christians to labor, to carry their firewood. (Remember, this third part of Christianity is purified by fire.) This is what we see testified by Paul as he carried his wood. What has been the problem with Christianity? Satan, the beast, has been in their rods and has brought death to them for 2,000 years. What will be different in the third part? As we have seen, the third part falls on the Sabbath; and it is at the beginning of the Sabbath, with Yahshua's return with His Remnant, that the beast will be "thrown alive into the lake of fire." This is precisely what happened to the "beast" that latched onto Paul's hand (the hand represents works) - as a prophetic picture of Satan, it too was cast alive into the fire.

Even as Paul escaped death by the power and work of Yahshua, so the third part of Christianity will escape death because Yahshua returns and casts the serpent into the fire, stopping death that has been ongoing in the church for 2,000 years. The stones that cried out against the man who bore his wood on the Sabbath will be silent, because the Remnant will cry out and prepare the way for the Son of God. The first day is stacked onto the Sabbath so that Christians can equally labor with Yahshua and not be guilty of violating His Law.

Interestingly, and in equal testimony, by cutting the 7 days short to 6, the mark of the beast 7 is altered to a 6, or man, fulfilling the eradication of the beast and his fatal affects upon man.

Having noted this most important testimony regarding the Sabbath and the beast, let us now proceed to further consider what might take place on each of these seven days of creation of a new heavens and new earth.

First, where are we now in Yahweh's creation plan of the new heavens and new earth creation? Only the first day; and even then we still have 1,000 years legal time left in this day - the Sabbath. And what will Yahweh create in this first 6,000/7,000 year long day? As we have seen - light! Much needed light! Yahweh is speaking into existence in these first 7,000 years the presence of Divine light! Has the light appeared? Not entirely. Yahshua came as the light, but men loved darkness rather than light and rejected Him. His light was removed from the earth. Is Christianity that true light? No. As spoken by Yahshua, the light the church was supposed to be was only darkness - "if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!" (Matthew 6:22-23). Christianity is not the fulfillment of the light created on the first "day." Then who is? Yahshua with His two glorified mount-of-transfiguration Remnants will be light. Revelation 22:5 states:

And there shall no longer be any night; and they shall not have need of the light of a lamp nor the light of the sun, because the Lord God shall illumine them; and they shall reign forever and ever.

Yahshua and His glorified Remnant reigning in the Millennial period will be the first true sustained kingdom light for the earth - the first day light! Up until now, in prophetic truth the world's light has been natural. At the return of Yahshua and His Remnant bride, the earth will, after 6,000 years of darkness, be illumined by the true light of His heavenly kingdom. Thus we will see the creation of the true light on this first day of the creation of the new heavens and new earth.

Have you noticed that if Yahweh had left it up to Christianity to bring forth the Son of Man on the first day of the second creation week, that this would have brought forth the "true light" on day two of creation? Of course this could not be, and this was only one more legal reason why Yahshua had to come on the Sabbath of the first day - to be the first day "true light." Again, it is amazing how Yahweh works all of His laws together!

What will happen in days 2, 3, 4, and so on in this greater Jubilee week? Only Yahweh knows for certain. There are an innumerable amount of people throughout the last 6,000 years of history who must all be resurrected back into their earthly bodies to pay their debts against other men. And one can be certain, all debts will be paid - not just money and material things, but the debt of love, the pain of causing sorrow and loss to others, the disregard and judgment of others, the cost of lies, ways in which men have afflicted and disregarded others. And one can be certain - men will pay their debts in full. As Yahshua warned - "Truly I say to you, you shall not come out of there (debtors prison where payment of debts were worked off), until you have paid up the last cent" (Matthew 5:26). Can you imagine the debt that Adolph Hitler will come back into the flesh and pay? People who thought they were getting away with things will be brought back to life, exposed, sentenced, and be required to pay their debt. Proverbs 16:11 says - "A just balance and scales belong to Yahweh; all the weights of the bag are His work." You can be certain, after Yahweh resurrects all men and weighs out judgment, it will be just. And equally important, it will be restitutionary, with the goal of bringing all men and all created beings to restoration; and eventually for man, immortality.

Of course it is on the second day of the Jubilee week that Christianity comes into resurrection; and as we have seen in the book, Coverings, we know that the firmament, created on the second day, is a covering over the earth. From this we can conclude that with the establishment of both the Remnant and the body of Christ into immortality, there would then be some covering established over the new heavens and new earth. Of course a man and a woman form a covering for the family, and with the body and the bride being established in order to bring forth offspring, it seems quite appropriate that this family covering of these first two works in the kingdom would be formed on this second creation day.

What will be the extent of Yahshua's restoration? Again, all things! Even Satan? Yes, even Satan. What was created on the fifth day? The sea and air creatures, including "the great sea monsters." Satan has the power of death (Hebrews 2:14), and he is great Leviathan that makes sport in the sea of death. He is the great sea monster! Surely after 35,000 years, even Satan can be taught not to sin, kill, and destroy. Surely his great and staggering debts can be paid to man by then. Does not Yahweh's word teach - bless those who curse you? If so, then Leviathan would equally be brought into the progressively created new heavens and new earth. And equally testified, those fifth-day birds (fallen angels) that Yahshua said get into the kingdom's mustard seed tree and in Nebuchadnezzar's church tree to nest, will surely be restored with Leviathan the sea monster. The fifth "day" could very well be the "day" to restore in whole or in part the forces of darkness that have corrupted men for these first 6,000 years.

Once all are restored to Yahweh's kingdom following 36,000 years of chronological time, or 42,000 years legal time, then creation enters into Yahweh's Sabbath rest. Then after that rest comes Jubilee in the legal 50,000th year! All creation is released from all debt. Then what? Who knows all that Yahweh will have in store for His then completed new heavens and new earth kingdom!

Hopefully this has brought to you a larger picture of how all of this can fit together according to Yahweh's established patterns. His patterns are repeated over and over and over again - on a personal level, on a national level, and on a new heavens and new earth level.

This is a rather expansive and climactic way to complete this matter of the 120 period of probation and testing; but by it, hopefully we can understand more about what the kingdom of God is, how both manifestations of the kingdom to earthly man fit into Yahweh's plan, how the Remnant and Christianity fit into that plan, and all-in-all, how this present light-forming first day of creation of the new heavens and new earth fits into Yahweh's plan for restoring all of creation. This is Yahweh's ultimate goal - a new heavens and new earth encompassing all of His created beings!

Let us now finally return to the question of Jeroboam's rebellion against Solomon for closing up the breach of the city of David, or Jerusalem, as well as the question as to how this breach will be repaired. Prior to this lengthy consideration of when is the "season" for the kingdom to bear fruit - bringing men to resurrection, to immorality - we noted that Jerusalem prophetically represents the kingdom of heaven. What then is this "breach" in the kingdom that Solomon repaired? We have already seen that the kingdom was first given to the first Remnant. We have now seen that it was not the right season for the fruits of the kingdom, being 2,000 years too early. So at the stoning of Stephen, the kingdom went into the nearly 2,000 year long breach period.

Today a second Remnant is being established in order to complete and fulfill the work begun by the first Remnant. Therefore, to repair the breach of Jerusalem, as Solomon did, requires uniting these two separated Remnants. This requires taking the Moses first Remnant and Elijah second Remnant up to the mount of transfiguration and glorifying them in the presence of Yahshua. Repairing the breach is uniting into one the split Mount of Olives two Remnants that have been separated by the very large valley breach of Christianity. Repairing the breach requires lifting up and uniting the "two sons of fresh oil" olive trees that have been separated by the seven-branched lampstand and golden bowl. Repairing the breach requires restoring the communion of an Elijah and Elisha who had traveled together, walking and talking, until a chariot of fire and horses of fire separated the two of them. Repairing the breach of the kingdom requires uniting the two Remnants into one resurrected Remnant that will reign with Yahshua. Why would Christianity-representing Jeroboam be angered by this? Because it means the temporary rejection of Christianity from the kingdom and its refinement as silver and gold.

This has been a very long and revealing journey in answering this question on repairing the breach of Jerusalem; but it is hoped that by adding these lengthy sections on the proper "season" for the kingdom to bear fruit, it helps to understand why the kingdom had to breach - it was not yet time for Yahweh to resurrect men into imperishable, born from above, glorified bodies. The fruit-of-the-kingdom first resurrection could not legally come until nearly 2,000 years after the first Pentecost following Yahshua's resurrection, thus the hope of and promise to the first Remnant had to be breached (i.e., a Perez, meaning "breach," was born - Genesis 38:27f). The breach church period continued for the necessary legal 2,000 years; and now at the 1993 completion of the 120 Jubilee probation period for the original garden kingdom, Yahweh is finishing the work He began, completing the Remnant work by establishing a second Remnant (a Zerah - the scarlet-thread-bearing second son of Judah's twins). And by raising these two Remnants to heaven to be united and glorified, Yahweh will thus entirely repair the breach in His kingdom work, and have the long awaited and much needed first fruits from mankind!


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