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In September, 1993, this man and his family moved into a 5,600 square foot home we had built on a 100 acre ranch by the labors of volunteers. The purpose of this beautiful home was to provide care for battered, abandoned, and displaced women and their children. Construction was not complete when we moved in, so labor continued for several months afterwards. Once open, a lady with five young girls came for help; but surprisingly, these would be the only ones who would come to this home, for its construction was to be for a much higher purpose - a seed to be sown.

Nine months after moving in, on June 11, 1994, this man was standing in the kitchen at one end of the service island, visiting with his wife, daughter, and another lady. All of a sudden, without any particular provocation, a curious knowledge came to this man's understanding. With slow, deliberate, and methodical thought and contemplation, I proclaimed out loud what I suddenly knew within to be true. Standing at the one end of the island, I stated - "What God performed at the beginning of the church," and then thoughtfully walking down to the other end of the island, I completed the sentence, "He will do again at the end." All of a sudden this man knew the truth of the two Remnant, one at the beginning of the church, and one at the end. From there Yahweh began to open the Scriptures and show this man the vast testimonies of these two vital works in the kingdom of God.

One week later, on June 18, while driving back to the ranch, there was a nagging question in this man's mind that was most puzzling! At the time this man was writing on and just beginning to discover the wonderful and most marvelous truths about the Nazirite vow, and how through that vow Yahshua identified with the sins of man and restored the kingdom of God. But in this truth, there was one most puzzling thought - If the man is the image and glory of God, and the woman is the glory of man, and since hair is a glory, then why was it that Yahweh ordered that men have short hair (limited glory) and gave the long hair to the woman, which is her glory? This made absolutely no sense! Consistent with all of creation, it seemed that the man, who was the glory of God, would have the long hair. I concluded that I absolutely could not figure this out, and determined that I would go home and ask the ladies about this. Maybe a woman would know?

But I had barely come to that decision when suddenly Yahweh spoke to me the answer; not audibly, but He told me - "Because I will not give My glory to the masculine body of Christ, but I will give it to the feminine bride!" Wow! This blew me away! I went home and told the ladies the amazing news!

After this, for a week and a half the Spirit of Yahweh came upon this man, and an earthquake began taking place in my beliefs. Most of what I had been taught and believed was turned upside-down! I could ask Yahshua anything, and He would tell me the answer. I could be completely blank and puzzled about a question, not having any way to figure out the answer, present it to Him, and He would tell me the answer. And when He did this, it would totally blow the top of my head off! I would be completely and overwhelmingly amazed with what He told me! After He spoke, I could not stand still or sit, but paced about in praise, amazement, and exaltation to Him for what I had just learned.

During that time He showed this man the truths of the Nazirite vow and the two Remnant, both of which no man had ever seen or understood. He told this man how the side of the body of Christ would be pierced, and out from it would come His bride. He showed my daughter the truth of the application of the gospels to the various works in the kingdom. He told this man what the legal covering of the bride would be. On and on and on He would reveal wonderful truth. For a week and a half I got very little sleep. I would go to bed late from studying and reading the Bible, and be awakened early, often requiring no more than two to four hours of sleep a day. His Spirit empowered this body to where it needed little rest. There were times in which I would actually ask the Spirit to not show me anything else because my poor little brain could not hold any more; and then once again, boom, off would go the top of my head with new truth and understanding. Oh what a wonderful and marvelous time it was! I felt there was not any questions in which I did not have access to the answer.

Then after a week and a half, He began to take that anointing from me. When He did, my body would be totally exhausted. Then He would come back on me and my body would be full of strength. Back and forth this went until that unique presence and power was not there as it had been; but still, Yahweh was opening His word.

Shortly thereafter, the little book that had been oh so wonderfully sweet as honey to my mouth, became oh so very bitter to my stomach (Revelation 10:9-10). Others did not see these things or feel the way this man did, and it was not long before our family was being pressured to leave the ranch house we had built. On the morning of my birthday, Yahweh told me to move to Washington state; to leave everything we had built and established over the last twelve years in a ministry to the poor, and give it to the one who was persecuting us the most. Thus we departed for Washington.

What took place in that MOST important year of 1994? At the completion of the 120 Jubilee probationary period ending in 1993, our family moved to that ranch we had built for women and children. Legally, Yahweh could now bring the flood of truth to mankind. For the first time in the history of mankind, after nine months gestation at that ranch, in 1994 Yahweh brought a flood of never before understood truth to the mind of a man. Never before had man known about the two Remnant. Never before had man known about the absolute corruption of Christianity, its failure, and that its rights would be taken from it and given to another, to the second Remnant. Never before had man known about the work of Yahshua through the Nazirite vow in restoring mankind and the kingdom of God. Never before had man known who would be the Elijah that would prepare the way for Yahshua's return, averting Yahweh's wrath. Never before had man known the truths the Spirit was revealing to this man.

These are all marvelous truths that in the middle of 1994, Yahweh opened the mind of a man to see and understand for the first time. He opened his blinded eyes and showed him mysteries that had been concealed for 6,000 years! He removed His hand from a man so that he could see His back and behold all the marvelous and wonderful things He had done while He had passed by man in his blinded cleft-of-the-rock state. Yahshua touched the eyes of a man a second time in 1994, and caused him to see all things clearly. These are the profound marvels of what you are reading here and in other writings on this site. They are all truths that have their beginning in June, 1994, after the 120 Jubilee probation period had ended just the year before, when the nine period bondage to Egypt was complete on that very year (nine months were likewise complete at the ranch), and the 70 period bondage of the intercessions of the church were equally complete on that year.

1994 was the turning point for all mankind when Yahweh gave to a man the truths of His kingdom, beginning the higher fulfillment of the covenant made with Abram that could not come until the fullness of time (9 x 430 years), beginning the final release of the second Remnant from bondage in order to dine and reign with the King, beginning for one man the marriage supper of the Lamb where Yahshua feeds us His truth that is from above.

Shortly after moving to Washington, as I lay in a bed that was not my bed, and slept in a house that was not my house, I awoke with a nagging pain for the loss of all that we had just given up. The ranch home we walked away from, I had help build every part. From the very beginning of planning and construction, to the varnishing of the beautiful oak banisters, I had been there. The beautiful baby grand piano we had purchased that sat in front of 500 square feet of windows, was now gone. A new fifteen passenger van we had just miraculously purchased, was gone. There as I lay in bed, I felt the pain of that loss. But out of that pain Yahweh spoke to me. He told me that this man was to be a Rizpah (meaning, "glowing coal"), and even as Rizpah took sackcloth and spread it over a rock and sat upon it, this man would do likewise (2 Samuel 21). As Rizpah sat on that rock from the beginning of barley harvest to the time that water was poured out from heaven upon her, so this man was to do likewise. Do you have any idea how hard, uncomfortable, lonely, and testing a rock with sackcloth gets? It gets VERY hard!!!

Not long after that, this man was feeling the difficulty of this waiting period, and in that pain expressed to his family that there were two questions bothering me that I did not understand, and for which I could not discern the answers. They asked me what they were, and I began by telling them the first question. No more had I expressed it, than immediately Yahweh told me the answer. I then explained the answer to the family. Then they wanted to know what was the second question. And here it was.

Rizpah sat on that rock from barley harvest (barley is prophetic of the Remnant) until water was poured out from heaven upon her. Likewise, this man was waiting for Yahweh to pour out water from heaven in the form of the latter rain. But while sitting there, Rizpah also guarded the bodies of her two sons in order to keep the birds of the sky from resting on them by day, and the beasts of the field from devouring them by night. And THAT was what this man could not understand. I knew this was important, but was completely blank concerning its meaning! So I posed the question to the family, and immediately once again, Yahweh told me the answer! Here it was.

Even as Abram had to guard the two sets of covenant parts from the birds of prey that came to devour them, equally Rizpah had to guard the bodies of her two sons. This guarding of the two sons from the birds and the beasts, was the same thing that Abram had to perform while waiting for Yahweh to come and perform the covenant. What Rizpah and Abram performed was the act of guarding the covenant parts. I knew then that as I continued to believe what Yahweh had shown a man, this was guarding the covenant parts which He would someday pass through!

And recall, Abram performed this deed on the day that initiated the 9 x 430 year bondage in Egypt cycle. So here I was, at the completion of that cycle, performing the same thing Abram had performed upon its initiation.

And this is what this man did for six years, and even continues to do. From June, 1994, when shown the mysteries of the kingdom of God, until 2000, when a second Remnant bride rib began to come out of the body of Christ, this man guarded the covenant parts, guarded the TRUTH, and sat on that rock with sackcloth until Yahweh began to pour out upon him/us the latter rain waters from heaven. For six years this man believed when no one else did. For six years this man told others these truths, and no one believed. For six years this man walked around Jericho, and there was silence - no one believed. Finally, on May 13, 2000, a man believed and boldly confessed coming out of the body of Christ. Like the name of the one whom the death thereof marked the completion of the period of the first Remnant - Stephen - so the name of this first one to believe and confess was equally a Stephen. And like the vision that Acts Stephen saw - the Son of Man standing at the right hand of the Father - so this Stephen was not just any Stephen, but Stephen Manning, meaning Stephen "son of man." Acts Stephen saw the Son of Man, and May 13 Stephen was Stephen "son of man." Oh what a great work Yahweh is performing! Oh what great hope we have of His complete fulfillment!

Following Stephen, others have believed. And now Yahweh is increasing the water of His Spirit upon His second Remnant. Unlike the first outpouring that came with a bang, the latter rain starts slowly, a trickle, and ever increases until there is enough water in which to swim (Ezekiel 47). The six years of sitting on that rock with sackcloth are complete. The birds and the beasts that came to devour not only the truth but also the man, had been turned away. The water has begun to come down upon us from heaven. The promised barley harvest is coming in. The six years of marching around Jericho are complete; the shout has come forth, and the walls of error in a Remnant's mind are coming crashing down. This is what is now happening! A second Remnant bride is being formed!

So what dramatic event took place at the completion of 120 Jubilees from Adam in 1993? What was the dramatic outcome in 1994 when nine periods of 430 years were complete from the time Yahweh made His pivotal covenant with Abram? And what dramatic event took place in 1994 when Jehoiachin's full 70 periods of imprisonment intercession were complete? One man received new truth and believed!

One man was given truth - truth from Yahweh, truth that had never been given to mankind ever before, truth that was oh so sweet to the mouth, but became oh so very bitter to the stomach. Truth that is calling a second Remnant bride out of Christianity and will change mankind forever. Truth, oh so much needed truth; truth that is foolishness to the blind, but a spectacle of wonder, marvel, and beauty to those who have eyes to see! Truth, oh so wonderful truth; truth that will set men free, all men. Truth, marvelous truth; greatly needed truth! TRUTH came in 1994!

Before closing this section, may this writer point out a few personal items that give hope, and may attest to the continuing Divine order and ways of Yahweh? 1948 is a very significant and dramatic year in the history of man. In 1948, the Latter Rain Movement began, affecting the church ever since. Billy Graham began his openly ecumenical evangelistic meetings and formed his evangelism team which men have respected for half a century. Likewise, Oral Roberts began his ministry. Highly prophetic of the second Remnant, Harry Truman won an historic surprise election victory over Dewey. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, and Israel became a nation.

Though these dramatic events alone cause the year, 1948, to stand out in history, there is something else unique to this time that causes this highly initiating year to seemingly be even more significant. While the events we have mentioned here all took place in AD, there was another 1948 that was equally marked by infamy. Beginning time from the creation of Adam and Eve, 1948, or 1,948 years from creation, produced two most significant events. The land of Shinar was settled and Babylon was founded in 1948 (Secrets of Time; Jasher 7:34-43). But also that same year, the father of faith was born, the one with whom Yahweh made His dramatic and most significant covenant.

So 1948, based on time from creation, and 1948 AD have proven to be very dramatic years. But something else happened in 1948 AD, in fact two things - one noted in our history books, and one little known.

On January 30, 1948, my cousin, Orville Wright died, who in 1903 had ascended alive into heaven from Kill Devil Hill in the first ever power-driven flight. But even while my cousin's life was drawing to a close, my mother carried within her the developing child that would be her second son. And while my cousin drew his feet up into his own death-bed; because of bleeding, my mother would soon be committed to her own bed in the remaining six months of her pregnancy in order to prevent the loss of the child developing within her womb. Later she would see why it had been so critical for her to remain in bed those long months. Her placenta was torn, and any activity would have caused further ripping, threatening the life of both mother and child, and in the end marveling the doctors that a full term pregnancy was ever completed. Finally, on August 7, 1948, her son was born.

In 1948 from creation, a child was born who would later gather together the instructed covenant parts and guard them to insure that when Yahweh came, He could fulfill the covenant. Then in 1948 AD, a child was born who in 1994 was likewise called to begin guarding the covenant parts to insure that Yahweh could once again pass through and fulfill His promised works. This second child is this writer.

And may we look at two final but brief and related testimonies? Earlier in this writing we discussed the necessity that Yahweh cut down the tree of Christianity so that He can bring forth the new growth of the Remnant. This is precisely the same pattern that Yahweh performed in Babylon. The prophecy we looked at was spoken in regard to Nebuchadnezzar. But the same pattern was seen in Babylon per se. Yahweh said that He would cut off Babylon; and He did. He just did not do it with the wrath that He said He would. He fulfilled the "defeat," but without the wrath. The Medes and Persians conquered Babylon, but did so without the destruction Yahweh planned. Why did He do this? For the same reason that He will not destroy Mystery Babylon Christianity. In both cases, there was/is a remnant within that must build His temple in Jerusalem. In either case, if He destroys Babylon, He destroys the remnant!

Yahweh will have mercy. He will bring the tree down, even as He did with Babylon; but He will perform it in such a way so as to preserve the remnant that is within. Now to the personal testimony.

In 1989, my family and I were at a music festival in Glenrose, Texas, that lasted late into the evening. We were enjoying it so much that we did not want to leave. We had a long drive to get home, but just did not want to pull ourselves away. Finally, one of those Texas storms started approaching in the distance with its great lightning displays, and this seemed to be our cue to leave; so I gathered the family and we left.

Later, I saw a man named John Abraham who had been at that festival, and he told me this story. Just after our family left our front row benches, the wind got up and a massive tree blew over and crushed the then empty seats. His response to me was interesting. He said - "I knew you were a man of God when I saw that happen."

But more importantly, I believe there was a message here that was far more significant and relevant. Yahweh is going to bring the tree of Christianity down, even as we have seen. But in doing so, He will bring a Remnant out alive, as He brought this Remnant man and his family out alive from the tree that, upon its fall, would have caused us to perish. This is truly a very encouraging thing to this man. Yahweh once preserved my family and me alive from a toppled tree, and I am confident He will do likewise for many more in a way that is far more important!

In Daniel, we read in the prophecy to Nebuchadnezzar - "Chop down the tree and cut off its branches, strip off its foliage ...." I had already experienced the bringing down of the great tree and the narrow escape from its powerful fall, but also in that same year I experienced a MOST unusual and certainly miraculous testimony to the foliage being stripped from the tree.

One evening I had taken my two oldest daughters and another young lady to a meeting where, on this occasion, we were to lead the music. This was another ministry to the poor, and I was helping them with their work. After it was over, we took the young lady over to a friend's home where she would spend the night. This couple would later confront me after the Spirit came upon me in 1994, and seek to persuade me not to go to Washington.

When we pulled up in front of their home that night, I parked the car in the street under a large live oak tree. No more had I pulled under the tree and parked, than all of a sudden a great rain of leaves began to pour down upon us. We all thought it most unusual, and began to talk about this strange experience. It sounded like a big Texas' rain. I had noticed something else most unusual. The leaves had only fallen on the car; none had come down on the other side of the tree. Since this was the case, we guessed that the oldest son of this household must have hidden in the tree and was shaking the limb above us as a prank; so I got out of the car, certain that I would find him in the tree. But no, there was no one in the tree! Completely puzzled at this, we went into the house to ask if the son had been there. But no, he obviously knew nothing about it. We had just been through a most unusual experience, and there was no explanation for it; not until now.

This family has been and clearly are representative of the best of Christianity; they are model Christians. And the reason for the stripping of the foliage from the tree in front of their house onto this Remnant-man-to-be is now very clear. Beyond any question, what took place that night was only miraculous. Without any wind, without any physical shaking, suddenly we were covered in a downfall of foliage, and only on us. Why? Because Yahweh was attesting to what would happen later when the foliage of Christianity was stripped from its great tree, and once again foreshadowing this feeble man's part and the second Remnant's place in being the benefactors of Yahweh's work. Yahweh does have foreshadowing testimonies in people's lives, and this one for me was most telling and now very encouraging as I seek to do His will regarding this Remnant bride.

Abraham Lincoln commented once regarding the vain boasts of a general, that one should learn from the hen who does not cluck until she lays the egg. This man is not clucking, only pointing out some things that encourage and give hope. Only Yahweh can perform this work. We must only believe, obey, and act according to His word.

A man cannot boast in something in which he has no control. How can a man take credit for something in which he is only a passive participant - a baby in a womb, a man on a bench, or a man sitting in a car? These things are mentioned not for the cause of credit, but only in hope. He who gives and preserves life for all men, who takes away and brings forth life and light according to His own counsel, is the only Sovereign to whom we can look to and take hope. To Him, to Yahweh, to Him who gives life, do we look.


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