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Everything you keep seeing per the Bride is the administration of law.  The feasts, the calendar, the curses, and the reverse of the curses, are all a matter of law.  Even when it finally comes down to it, the hurricanes, the baseball games, the elections, are all law.  The kingdom of heaven we know today is law.  Satan’s rights to desolate the church for the last 2,000 years is strictly law.  The formation of the second Remnant today is possible because of law.  The Remnant’s rights to begin receiving the things we are receiving now are all a matter of law.  As of Passover, 2004, man entered into the Millennial reign and therefore we can legally begin receiving things that before were illegal.  Thus, many of the things the Remnant carried out in the past without the expected results were critical intercessions, seeds, waiting until it was legal to receive that for which we had actively believed Yahweh to perform.


It is very significant and telling that the first Remnant did not and could not see these legal matters regarding the kingdom, nor did or could Christianity.  They were both premature, before the time, even as Saul and Judas’ premature departure from Passover represented.  That legal right has been reserved for the second Remnant.  Why?  Because only now is it time that these things can even take place, can be fulfilled; and understanding and acting on these legal matters now is entirely essential.  Case in point – we simply acted by gathering at Trumpets, and Yahweh provided the needed results.  We act, He provides the results.


In the writing, Joab, which came about from Kyle baptizing me into death in 2002 when he rejected me, we saw the critical purpose of law versus misplaced feminine mercy.  “Joab” means “Yahweh father,” and his testimony reveals Yahweh as law.  That is what this man is as well.  As pointed out in that writing, I am a Joab, law, and I cannot change this.  Yahweh has so made me as law, and I see everything in that light.


Law is the only way in which the kingdom can be changed and provisions from above can be effected and obtained.  If Yahshua restored the original garden through the legal act of the vow of the Nazirite, how much more important and relevant is it that the Elijah second Remnant, who lead the way into that Millennial kingdom, equally restore all things by legal means?  There is no other way possible.


Evidence of this necessity of law to effect for us that which is from above is the revealing testimony of how Jerusalem (the type of Jerusalem above) was obtained by David who had just been made king over all Israel and Judah. 


The Jebusites possessed the city, and it was called Jebus.  The name “Jebus” means “trodden down,” and it was in fact a type of Christianity, the kingdom of heaven that has been trodden down by Satan and kingdom man for 2,000 years.  So how was Jebus to be captured and become the city of David, Jerusalem?  By law!  Very importantly, Joab, who is law, led the way up the water tunnel and was the first to strike a Jebusite, making him chief and commander and securing the city (2 Samuel 5:6-10, 1 Chronicles 11:4-6).


We saw in Shelah and Clay of Spittle, page 7, that the “water tunnel” whereby Joab secured Jerusalem is a type of our entrance into the third-part Shelah/Siloam Millennial period.  But equally true and very importantly, as you will see here, it is also the ability to ascend alive into Jerusalem above.  The Hebrew word used here for “water tunnel” (#6794b) is the root word for the word used in Zechariah 4:12 in identifying the two “golden pipes” (#6804) that “empty the golden from themselves.”  In The Golden Image, we see that the golden pipes, the golden rod, the golden image, and the golden hemorrhoids all speak of the same thing – the twelfth apostle.  Added to this list is the water tunnel.


When Joab went up the water tunnel to take Jebus and become the chief and commander, he revealed the work that, through law, would take the kingdom of heaven from Satan and Christianity for the Son of David, Yahshua.  Again, this is done so by law, by a “Yahweh father” masculine law work, by a Joab, understanding and implementing government.  That is why this man is law.  It is the only way the kingdom can be taken away from Satan and restored and the Remnant ascend alive into heaven.


Thus you see why Yahweh has led us in effecting numerous legal acts.  At Atonement, 2004, Yahweh had us to contractually transfer the office that Satan has had the right to for 2,000 years, to go to this man (Legal Transfer of the Office of the Twelfth Apostle).  And on April 26, 1996, a proclamation was made concerning the Remnant’s legal removal from Christianity and Satan (Proclamations of the Remnant).  This is also why we have gone through all of these intercessions, and far more than you or I can even be aware of, including going to Georgia in 1996 (Cursed Time and Blessed Time) that eventually cost me my family.  They are all legal endeavors and requests. 


This is also why Yahweh has given us the understanding of the necessity of holding all things in common as a legal covering over the glory.  This is why Yahweh gave us the truth concerning the rod and entering into the Millennial reign in 2004.  And most importantly, this is why Yahweh gave us the truth about the new Millennial calendar and the mirror images and the critical necessity of adding the eighth.  It is all law and government, and only by law and government can the kingdom be restored. 


This is also why Yahweh showed this man (who is only a man) that he is the twelfth apostle, standing in the office of Yahshua, and that it was critical that a last days one-and-twelve government be restored.  It was absolutely critical that He showed us the Curse of 1920, and the need to restore the government of the twelve apostles with the legal prophetic testimony of reversing that Curse, as well as show us the curse that has been on the church from the outset by the establishment of the seven, and legally how to reverse it. 


And very importantly, this is why Yahweh moved this man to Salem, Missouri, and then brought twelve people into this home in order to establish the twelve stones erected in the camp (Joshua 4:8), the twelve apostles.  Even as Joab ascended the water tunnel so as to secure Jerusalem, so Yahweh secured the twelve foundation stones of Revelation 21:14 by sending twelve immensely common people to the twelfth apostle’s home in Salem.  Yahweh does all things well and governmentally, using the foolish and the weak to shame the wise and the strong.


And VERY significantly, and absolutely critical, on Atonement, October 25, Yahweh showed this man what you are about to learn – the legal rights to ascend alive!


The Day of Atonement is also the Day of Jubilee when all debts were released (Leviticus 25:8-12).  That which we will address here specifically relates to this hope-filled promise, not only because it was revealed on the first ever acknowledged Atonement per the Millennial calendar, which is indeed significant, but because it relates to a very significant and highly revealing truth regarding our ascending alive.  Let us consider this. 


When the sons of Israel came to the promised land for the first time and sent in the twelve spies, it was at the time of Tabernacles, one-and-a-half years after leaving Egypt.  But of even greater significance, this was not just any Tabernacles, for it was in fact the Tabernacles/Day of Atonement precisely at the Jubilee of Jubilees!


Fifty Jubilees are 50 x 49 years, or 2,450 years.  As addressed in Secrets of Time by Steve Jones, the twelve spies were sent into the promised land in the fall of 2449 from Adam.  Steve explains – “This was actually ten days into the next year, the year 2450, because the Hebrew year began in the fall” (p. 22, 1996 edition).  He then goes on to say – “The point is that Israel was supposed to blow the trumpet and decide to inherit the Promised Land on the day the 12 spies gave their report. … If Israel had chosen to inherit the land at Tabernacles of 2450, they would literally have returned to the inheritance that they had lost in Adam – the redemption of the body (Rom. 8:23)” (p. 23).  This is very important to note, and we will restate it here for emphasis – entrance into the promised land via Tabernacles is the redemption of the body, entering into an incorruptible immortal body.  Let us hold this for now and add something else that is very important to this matter.


In John 3:13, Yahshua said – “No one has ascended into heaven, but He who descended from heaven:  the Son of Man.”  And in John 8:23 He also said – “You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world.”


Recorded only in first Remnant Matthew 6:9-13 and second Remnant Luke 11:2-4, we find Yahshua’s prayer that included this important request:


“Your kingdom come.

Your will be done,

On earth as it is in heaven.”


We have been learning that Yahweh creates mirror images.  This is true with the kingdom of heaven as well.  There are actually two kingdom of heavens.  There is the one which is above from which Yahshua said He had come and into which no one has yet ascended.  No one has yet to enter into the first resurrection (Revelation 20:5-6) that takes man into that heaven, Jerusalem above, to be born from above and receive his incorruptible immortal body.  This is the true and perfect kingdom where God dwells. 


But even as there is the perfect kingdom above, so there must be a mirror image of that kingdom as well, which is the kingdom of heaven that Yahshua prayed would be established on this earth – “on earth as it is in heaven.”  This is the kingdom of heaven, the garden of God, that Yahshua restored via His Nazirite vow and gave to man.  But the fact is, He did so before the time, too early, creating a Saul work that could not do the will of Yahweh, even a Judas work that betrayed Him.


The timing of the true kingdom of heaven on this earth was not to come for 3,000 years.  But that time had to be cut short to 2,000 years and Yahweh go ahead and effect that work today, now.  This is where we are in His timing, and Passover, 2004, marked the beginning of this new Millennial kingdom on the earth.


Thus we see these two evidences of the kingdom of heaven.  There is the kingdom that is above, from which the second, the earthly kingdom, is a mirror image.  Even as it is written, this earthly kingdom is “a copy and shadow of the heavenly things, just as Moses was warned by God when he was to erect the tabernacle; for, ‘See,’ He says, ‘that you make all things according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain’” (Hebrews 8:5).


So what kingdom do we truly need to enter?  Both, for sure; but the greater and exceptionally more necessary kingdom to enter is that one which is above, the more perfect Jerusalem above where we must enter by ascending alive and therein receive our born-from-above incorruptible bodies.  So how is it that we can enter into that kingdom?  This is an extremely important question!


Christians falsely think that any day now there will be the “rapture” and they will all be caught up in the air.  Of course they have absolutely no cognizance or even the remotest understanding of the vital need for an Elijah to make possible this event and, as Yahshua said, “restore all things” (Matthew 17:11).  And even as Yahshua equally said, Christians “practice lawlessness” (Matthew 7:21-23), and thereby cannot and will not ascend alive.  They have absolutely NO idea what it takes to do so, being lawless; and like the two loaves (2,000 years) of leavened Pentecost bread, will not ascend to Yahweh as a burnt offering.  All they can do is sell their end time books, recorded messages, videos, and seminars as moneychangers.


To begin to understand what it legally takes in order to ascend alive into the kingdom of heaven above, let us return to our testimony regarding the sons of Israel.  Yahweh gives us two separate testimonies regarding entrance into the kingdom of heaven, the promised land.


  1. A Tabernacles entrance at a Jubilee of Jubilees wherein that entrance would follow the sending out of the twelve. 


  1. A Passover entrance that is preceded by a period of wilderness wanderings, a transfer of leadership, a Jordan crossing, and the warning to stay 2,000 cubits back.


Though this may confuse you at first, these two entrances into the promised land reveal the two entrances into the two kingdom of heavens.  The Tabernacles entrance is the entrance into the kingdom of heaven that is above, while the Passover entrance is the entrance into the third-part Millennial kingdom that is on this earth.  Even as both are the kingdom of heaven, so both testimonies are related to this matter of the promised land.  But the former is per the kingdom of heaven above, and the latter is per the kingdom of heaven here on earth.  Let us first consider the latter of these.


It has been evidenced in other writings that the wilderness period of the sons of Israel clearly represents the period of Christianity (Shelah and Clay of Spittle, page 3).  The Jordan crossing is the entrance into the Millennial reign, evidenced by the testimony of the two witnesses which in fact are the same as the two piles of twelve stones, one in the Jordan (the first Remnant twelve apostles) and one in the camp (the second Remnant twelve apostles).


It is very important to note that the fulfillment of this prophetic testimony per the Passover entrance into the promised land west of the Jordan came in 2004 when four members of the Bride met in this man’s home in Enumclaw, Washington, and shared Passover together.  This marked the entrance into this third-part Millennial kingdom, the promised land, which was immediately followed by numerous incredible revelations that were presented in the writings beginning with The Rod, including Shelah and Clay of Spittle that revealed this Millennial entrance.


Thus we see that our entrance into the promised third-part kingdom of heaven here on earth was indeed at Passover, fulfilling that testimony.  But what about entrance into the heavenly kingdom above?  What will it take in order to come to the place of effecting that vital entrance?


First, you will notice the testimony of sending out the twelve.  Is that not precisely what Yahshua testified when He sent out the disciples, along with the testimony when the Levite sent out the twelve parts of his concubine (Sending Out The Twelve)?  Thus, in order to be able to experience this Tabernacles that leads to entrance into the heavenly kingdom above, there must be the establishment of the twelve apostles, and there are only two works that would qualify for this – the first Remnant and the second Remnant.  Of course this excludes Christianity already, for they cannot provide those twelve governmental witnesses.


So did the first Remnant qualify to ascend alive into the kingdom of heaven above via their twelve?  No.  The fact is, when they reached a Tabernacles equally one-and-a-half years following Passover/Pentecost, they failed to enter in, even as testified by the sons of Israel.  Even as the sons of Israel picked up stones to stone the true witnesses, Joshua and Caleb, so after Yahshua sent out the twelve disciples men picked up stones and stoned the true witness, Stephen.  If the first Remnant were to ascend alive, it was at that Tabernacles that they would have done so; but they could not, and there was a very important legal reason for this.


We will not talk about the issue of timing here, for the fact is they could not ascend alive because it was too early.  They were before the time.  There had to be the breach period of the church that would follow, or in continuing type, there had to be the wilderness period of Christianity.  But also, there was a legal reason they could not enter, a VERY important legal reason, critical to the second Remnant ascending alive!


The first Remnant had received the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a regular Pentecost fifty days following Passover.  We read in Hurricane Katrina and the Curse of 1920, page 4, that this Pentecost is the third-part body of Passover.  There are two things to consider here regarding this Pentecost.  First, it is the Pentecost that is carried out with leavened bread, specifically two loaves of leavened bread.  This of course speaks of the church that would follow – 2,000 years of leavened Christianity.  But it is also very important to remember that this 2,000 year work is also a breach in the promise.  What is the promise.  In the simplest of answers, the promise is to not die but to ascend alive.  This is the promise of Passover.  Keep in mind that the original Passover was held for one reason and one reason only, and Passover speaks of that one thing – the ability of the first-born to escape death.


So did the first Remnant not die but ascend alive as promised by Yahshua (Luke 9:26-27, John 11:26)?  No!  Even as Stephen was stoned at a Tabernacles equally one-and-a-half years following Passover/Pentecost, so the first Remnant died.  So did Christianity fulfill the promise of Passover and not die but ascend alive?  Of course not, for they have been the promised “two parts” that have been “cut off and die” as foretold in Zechariah 13:7-9.  Then can Christianity now fulfill this promise and have their “rapture”?  Again, the answer is clearly no, and you will now see why.


The promise to ascend alive is given specifically to the Remnant.  It was given to the first Remnant, but because they were too early and there had to be the first bird for the cleansing of the leper, they had to die and that promise would go to the second Remnant, the second bird that ascends alive (Leviticus 14:1-7).  This is the same testimony seen when Zerah first extended out his hand and captured the scarlet thread, then took it back in, followed by the birth of Perez, the breach, and then came the true recipient of the right of the first-born – Zerah, the light.  This is of course the second Remnant, that has the legal right of the first-born (the scarlet thread) via the brief first Remnant.


So, the first Remnant could not ascend alive, nor could or will Christianity.  How is it then that the second Remnant can ascend alive, or enter into the promised land?  There are two answers to this, for it is in fact the second Remnant that fulfills both attested entrances into that promised land – the earthly, as well as the heavenly.


First, we have seen that the second Remnant held a Passover in 2004 that effected the entrance into the Millennial period.  Legally, how was that possible?  That Passover was made possible via the Pentecost former rain.  Remember, it is the fulfillment of a Pentecost that affords the associated feast a body, thus making that associated feast alive.  Without that body, the associated feast is dead.  As evidence of this, how can your spirit and soul function without a body?  It cannot.  Without a body, your spirit and soul are asleep.


When the former rain came on Pentecost, that made Passover (the Passover promise) alive.  But there was only one problem.  Even though Passover was now alive and men could enter into the promised kingdom of heaven on earth, the coming of that kingdom was too early and it would be corrupted.  This is what took place per that promised Passover kingdom for 2,000 years.  The wilderness period of Christianity began, and it would continue until the second Remnant could effect the entrance into that promised Millennial fulfillment via the promised legal Passover entrance.  This promised entrance was finally afforded on Passover, 2004.  Thus, at the earthly level, the kingdom of heaven could finally be legally entered via the fulfillment of the promise by the second Remnant.


You may say – But there has been no observable change to the earth.  There was no visible change to the earth when the Son of God was born either; but it marked a beginning that would change the earth.  Such is the case with what the second Remnant effected as well.  What took place on Passover, 2004, marked the beginning of dramatic effectual changes to come; but they must be worked out.  As has been noted, what was not legally possible before that all-important Passover, is now possible, now legal.


Thus we see the final fulfillment of adding the former-rain body to Passover – the entrance of the second Remnant into the Millennial reign fulfillment of the kingdom of heaven at the earthly level.  But, how then can man gain entrance into the kingdom of heaven above and have the legal right to ascend alive?  The second Remnant finally effected the beginning of the Millennial reign kingdom of heaven, and it is the second Remnant alone who have been given the authority and thus the understanding of how this must equally be accomplished – once again by adding the all important eighth!


Yahweh has in His government certain feast days that He calls “holy convocations.”  These are special feast days in which the people are commanded to gather together and no work can be performed.  They are sabbaths, days of rest.  Let us count the number of these holy convocations. 


First, there are the holy convocations of Passover and the last day of Unleavened Bread, for a total of two.  Then there is the holy convocation of Pentecost, for a total of three.  In the fall feasts, there are the holy convocations of Trumpets, Atonement, the first day of Tabernacles, and then the added last great eighth day of Tabernacles.  These four added to the three in the spring feasts totals seven, the mark of the beast!  As long as there are only these seven holy convocations, the feasts can only lead to a curse and death, which they have clearly done thus far.  So what, once again, is the solution?  Very simple – add the all important eighth!  All that has to be done to reverse the curse on the feasts in their shortfall state is to add an eighth holy convocation.  And how is this done?  Very importantly – by giving Tabernacles a body, by adding the Tabernacles Pentecost!


As presented in Hurricane Katrina and the Curse of 1920, page 4, Tabernacles without a Pentecost is dead.  This is why Tabernacles up to now has never been able to effect anyone to ascend alive, not even the first Remnant.  They received the former rain on a Passover Pentecost, giving Passover a body and allowing the second Remnant to cross the Jordan and enter into the promised land Millennial period of the kingdom of heaven on earth.  But at that time Tabernacles was still dead, having no body; so when they came up to the place of entering into the kingdom of heaven above when Stephen gave the true witness, they could not ascend alive.  All they received was Stephen’s witness of seeing Yahshua standing at the right hand of the Father (Acts 7:56), and they then entered into the breach, the wilderness.


So what then will it take to ascend alive?  We have already seen the critical necessity of being able to send out the twelve.  As of Trumpets, 2005, we now have the ability to do this, Yahweh having established the last days twelve apostles.  But there is another critical element that must take place as well – there must be the addition of the vital eighth holy convocation.  Tabernacles must have a body, a Pentecost!


Herein lies the critical legal difference that sets the Remnant Bride apart from Christianity, or any religion that seeks to enter into heaven – they are given the ability to ruminate and to see things no other man has ever seen, to see truth and government that will literally set them free from this earth.  They are given the ability to both see the need for and have the authority to establish a body for Tabernacles by celebrating in the Millennial reign under the new Millennial calendar for the first time a Tabernacles Pentecost.  This is done so through the legal means provided by Yahweh’s established laws and government, and will take place for the first time on December 25-26, 2005 – the test of Carmel!


By adding this feast, this eighth holy convocation, Tabernacles Pentecost accomplishes for Tabernacles what Pentecost did for Passover – it legally engages it, it makes it alive and thus effectual!  In reality, it makes it possible for Tabernacles to take a people into the promised land at the heavenly level, to ascend alive, fulfilling that which was foreshadowed when the sons of Israel first came up to the promised land but could not enter in because of unbelief.  What the first Remnant could not do because their outpouring was on a Passover Pentecost, the second Remnant can do because their appointed outpouring will be on a Tabernacles Pentecost, giving Tabernacles the much needed body, adding the essential eighth, and making Tabernacles alive and now legally effectual in its appointed purpose – to afford men entrance into the heavenly kingdom of heaven from which Yahshua came.  This is the promised and foreshadowed and much needed Jubilee of Jubilees!


For some, you may think this to be too complex.  That is OK.  When you get on an airplane to fly somewhere, you are not required to have a knowledge of how the plane works.  All you have to do is get onboard.  But you can be sure, someone needs to know very well how that plane works, and can keep it working correctly.  What you just read is critical to understand for those who are responsible to get this Bride, by Yahweh’s grace, to where it has to be; and it is for those whom this information is provided (as well as for those who love to learn and marvel at what Yahweh is doing).  So for you who get onboard, as stated by Tank in the highly prophetic movie, The Matrix, when the crew was going into the Matrix to see Oracle – “Everyone please observe:  the fasten seatbelt and no smoking signs have been turned on; sit back and enjoy your (flight).”



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