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This is a most exciting and obviously important discovery in discerning that which is necessary and must precede the return/coming of Yahshua. Now that we know the stated requirement that water and blood must precede His second coming as well, all that is necessary is to discern specifically what are the water and the blood. Of course this cannot be that which preceded His first coming, for He cannot come again by natural blood and water as He did the first time as a baby. Like any other man, the Son of God came through these natural means necessary for the birth of all men. This in part is referenced when John equally stated regarding obtaining the right to become children of God, that they were those "who were born not of blood." In other words, this birth was equally not natural - preceded by blood, whether it be the blood that flows in a man's veins that is the well-spring of natural life, or the blood of a woman's cycle that prepares the way for the egg to come forth. The water, of necessity, must be the water of the womb, which broke forth just before Yahshua's first coming. Therefore we must conclude that regarding the second coming of Yahshua, there must of necessity be a fulfillment of water and blood that is carried out in the spiritual realm. But equally true, this has to be something that brings Him forth even as did the water and blood at His first coming. What then is it that will precede Yahshua's coming this second time?

We begin to get a hint as to the meaning of this when we consider what the Scriptures say about water and blood. But outside of this revealing account here in 1 John, there are actually only two other places in the New Testament where water and blood are addressed together; but these two will be sufficient in helping us to discern what is being said here.

The most significant, important, and revealing account is the one in John 19:33-34 where we have already read - " but coming to Jesus, when they saw that He was already dead, they did not break His legs; but one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately there came out blood and water." The other account is found in Hebrews 9:19, which we will look at later (along with an account in the Old Testament).

So as not to delay our examination of this, let us get right to the point that, even as it has been stated in these writings many times, the blood and the water from Yahshua's pierced side is unquestionably the prophetic picture of the bride that is taken from the side of the body of the last Adam. Even as it was not good for the first Adam to be alone and he was put to sleep, his side was opened, and a rib was taken out, from which was fashioned for him a bride; so likewise, piercing the side of the sleeping last Adam with a spear pictured His bride coming from His side. But of course this literal blood and water that came from His side was a picture of that which was to be. The bride He would in fact receive would certainly be from His body, but of necessity this would be the body of Christ established in mankind. Clearly we see that the body of Christ must equally be put to sleep and a rib taken from its side. From this rib must be formed a separate and complete bride. This is the bride that is pictured by the subject blood and water. There can really be no mistake about this.

Thus initially we can answer the above question as to what is the water and blood that brings forth Yahshua by simply saying that it is the Bride, the two-part Remnant. But this in itself does not answer all the questions or afford sufficient affirmation of its validation. Let us look further at this.

We now raise the question as to why the bride is represented by both blood and water. This writer has stated before that the blood and water speak of the cleansing blood of the Lamb and the water of the Spirit. Generally speaking, this is true. But what we find uniquely evidenced in the Scriptures is a far more revealing, important, and legally based reason for these two element's representation of the Bride. Let us examine this testimony Yahweh has provided. We will now look at the next two verses in our original list of scriptures, these from the creation account in Genesis.

In the first chapter of Genesis, we find represented here these two elements of water and blood. On the second day of creation clearly we find the testimony of water, insomuch that the waters above were separated from the waters below by the "expanse." Here again let us read the verses from Genesis 1:6-8:

Then God said, "Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters." And God made the expanse, and separated the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so. And God called the expanse heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day.

The identification of the second day of creation with water is rather obvious; and before we move on to the sixth day of creation, let us make a few revealing and worthwhile parenthetical comments about these waters and this "expanse." This will take several paragraphs to unfold, and will be the subject addressed in the remainder of this section.

The Hebrew word translated here "expanse," or even "firmament," is the word "raqiya," and comes from the root word "raqa." To better understand the Hebrew word used here, we turn to the root word and its meaning. "Raqa" means - to pound out or to expand by hammering into thin sheets or plates. Thus the expanse spoken of here in creation carries with it this connotation of sheets of metal pounded out with a hammer. This expanding by hammering thus produces this "expanse."

What then is this "expanse" spoken of here? In the book titled Coverings, we address the place that this "firmament" had in providing a second covering over the earth. When Adam and Eve sinned, this covering was removed and was replaced by the substitutionary covering of the ozone layer. But when looking at this further, there is more to this.

From Ecclesiastes 1:9 we understand that there is nothing new under the sun. Everything Yahweh performs is according to His divine patterns. Why? Because these are His ways; and they reflect His very person. These ways and patterns are those things that make up His very nature, His government. Yahweh is not capricious, therefore He is unchanging; and everything He performs reveals that which He is, as well as His order. The separation of the waters by the "expanse" is no exception. What is that unchanging pattern or way of Yahweh we find here in Genesis 1:6-8?

In Zechariah 4 we find the seven-branched lampstand separating the two olive trees, one tree being on each side of the lampstand. What is this lampstand? It is an "expanse," separating the two olive tree works, the "two sons of fresh oil." We know that these two olive trees represent the fresh outpourings of the Spirit to the church, or the former and latter rains. Thus, on this second day of creation we find the identical testimony. Even as the lampstand was an "expanse" separating the "two sons of fresh oil," so the "expanse" separated or divided the waters into two. And even as the outpouring of the Spirit is clearly pictured in the fresh oil, equally it is clearly pictured in the waters of the former rain and the latter rain. What then is the "expanse"? It is Christianity, separating the former and latter rain works of the Remnant.

Briefly we will look further at the meaning of this Hebrew word for "expanse," and then examine some revealing testimonies regarding it. We have noted that the Hebrew word used here for "expanse" has the connotation of plates of metal that are pounded out with a hammer. This would of course look to the metal used in the tabernacle and the temple in which the wood was covered by sheets of hammered gold.

Since Christianity is mystery Babylon (see THE ISSUE - II, Page 16), we thus find a commonality between Babylon and the "expanse." The "expanse" is hammered out plates of metal, while we read in Jeremiah 50:23 that Babylon is equally identified with the hammer - "How the hammer of the whole earth has been cut off and broken! How Babylon has become an object of horror among the nations!" Thus once again we see Christianity, which is mystery Babylon, identified with this hammered out "expanse."

Furthermore, in the comparison of the gospels we find that Mark is equally identified with the hammer. Among the meanings of the name, Mark, is the meaning - "hammer." Thus we find once again that Mark Christianity is the "expanse" of hammered gold. Let us now look at some other revealing testimonies regarding the "expanse."

In Hebrews 9:1-10 we read that the holy place, which is a "symbol (or shadow) of the time present," must be torn down so that the way into the holy of holies can be disclosed. What then was "present" at the time when Hebrews was written? Christianity was present, both then and today. Christianity is the "holy place" that must be torn down in order that the way into the holy of holies work of Yahweh can be revealed. What is the holy of holies? It is the Bride. Even as Yahshua had to die in order that the blood and water could flow from His side, even as the body of Christ must be put to sleep in order to take out a Bride, so in like picture Christianity as the holy place must be torn down in order to reveal the Bride or holy of holies. And this is precisely what we see again concerning this "expanse."

When can the latter rain come? To answer this, we must equally ask - What is the latter rain? As we have seen in THE ISSUE - II, Page 11, the latter rain in its fullness is the flood that covers the entire earth following the 120 Jubilee probation, even as Noah's flood covered the entire earth following Yahweh's established 120 years probation for man (Genesis 6:3 and Jasher 5:8, 11). This is the hope for all mankind, a hope that is revealed in that which was prophetically declared concerning Noah - "This one shall give us rest from our work and from the toil of our hands arising from the ground which Yahweh has cursed" (Genesis 5:29). Clearly, this promise was in no wise fulfilled by the literal Noah. Noah did not bring rest for man from the toil of the ground that was cursed. Man died instead and the curse went on. Like so many Scriptures, this promise looks to a fulfillment that is to come later at a higher spiritual level - the latter rain! And what was it that triggered that foreshadowing natural flood? For one, it was the death of the longest living man on the earth - Methuselah.

Methuselah's name means - "when he is dead, it shall be sent." A chronological examination reveals that Methuselah died the year of the flood. Fulfilling the meaning of his name, when Methuselah died "it," the flood, was sent. And since that which has been is that which will be, and Noah's flood foreshadows the latter rain flood, it is rather obvious that in order for the latter rain to come, a "Methuselah" must first die! Who is that Methuselah? Even as Methuselah was the longest living man ever on the earth, Christianity is equally the longest duration work of Yahweh ever on the earth. And if Christianity received their entire 3,000 years as planned, they would be even more so the longest. Thus we find once again that in fulfillment of living prophecy, Christianity as a Methuselah must die in order for the latter rain to come and cover the whole earth - "when Christianity is dead, the flood shall be sent."

We have noted that Christianity is in fact the "expanse" that separates the waters of the former rain and the waters of the latter rain. And we have now seen four testimonies (the holy place, sleeping Adam, Yahshua, and Methuselah) that Christianity must die or be torn down in order for the concluding latter work to be fulfilled. Let us now add a revealing fifth testimony to this.

In the writing Coverings, Chapter 3, we find that the "expanse" or "firmament" was in fact a second covering over the earth. In order for Yahweh to judge the earth, He first removed this covering and then brought the flood. Once judgment was effected, the "expanse" or "firmament" was replaced by the substitutionary covering of the ozone layer. Once again this foreshadowing event speaks to us in light of all that we are seeing and learning here. We find that even as the holy place must be torn down so the way into the holy of holies can be opened, and even as Methuselah had to die in order for the flood to come, and Adam had to put to be sleep in order to receive a bride, and even as the "expanse" had to be removed in order for the flood to come, so the "expanse" of Christianity must equally be torn down so that the flood of the Spirit can come.

Thus we see once again that the tearing down of the "expanse" at the coming of Noah's flood is a divine testimony of the tearing down of Christianity at the latter rain. What then will replace this covering? What is the substitutionary covering that must be put into place in order to avert further judgment? Of course it is the "new thing" - the woman encompassing the man (Jeremiah 31:22), or the Bride becoming the covering over the body. Is this a contradiction to that which was stated in the writing, JOAB, regarding Satan and his role as a substitutionary covering? Not at all, for patterns are followed even when involving similar subjects, as you will see here.

This mystery of how the body is first the covering of the Bride, and then the Bride becomes the covering of the body, is clearly set forth in 1 Corinthians 11:11-12 - "However, in the Lord, neither is woman independent of man, nor is man independent of woman. For as the woman originates from the man, so also the man has his birth through the woman; and all things originate from God." As Yahweh establishes His church, it is in fact a two-part work that will be highly interdependent, fulfilling what we read here. Does the Bride come from the body? Is she under the covering of the body for a period of time? Absolutely! But this truth does not nullify that the body must equally come from the Bride, even as nature tells us and as we read here in 1 Corinthians. When the Bride enters into immortality as the first fruits from man, she becomes the covering of the body until they too can be birthed into immortality. Thus as it is written - For as the Bride originates from the body, so also the body has its birth into immortality through the Bride; and all things originate from God.

In further examination of this matter of an "expanse," you will notice that the original expanse was an extended space or distance that separated two waters. Similarly, another name for an "expanse" separating two waters could be a drought, separating the waters of two rains. And this testimony is precisely that which we find once again per the church. Like the "expanse," a drought is equally a span that separates two waters. Let us briefly look at this per the testimonies of the Scriptures regarding Yahweh's droughts. Even as He created the "expanse," so He has equally ordained testifying droughts.

The second Remnant is the Elijah work that prepares the way for the Son of God. Thus it is quite telling that the account introducing Elijah begins with his proclamation that it would not rain except by his word. Quite significantly, this is the identical message per the two witnesses in Revelation. Like Elijah, they too had the power to stop it from raining. And equally like Elijah, they too represent the Remnant, in fact in a unique testimony both the first and the second Remnant. But more specifically, it is the first Remnant who had the power to stop it from raining, represented by both Elijah and the two witnesses. How long will it not rain? According to Elijah's testimony, it will be three periods of time (1 Kings 18:1), or the allotted period of the church of 3,000 years. Unless Yahweh does something to cut those days short, the latter rain will not come for another 1,000 years. Thus we see evidenced in both of these cases that Christianity is the drought of the Spirit between the former and the latter rain Remnants.

Another testimony of this "expanse" we are here seeing as a drought, is the equally testifying three year drought that came to Israel under David. In 2 Samuel 21, we find that this drought was caused by Christianity-representing Saul's attack on the Gibeonites. Why did Yahweh wait so long to avenge the Gibeonites, long after Saul was dead and even at the end of David's reign? Strictly for the sake of prophecy.

We have thus far seen five testimonies that Christianity must die, be put to sleep, or even be torn down, in order for the latter rain to begin - the holy place, sleeping Adam, Yahshua, Methuselah, and the "expanse." We are now getting ready to add a sixth.

In reading this account, we find that specifically seven sons of Saul had to die in order for this drought to end. Prophetically, why seven sons? Because as we have seen in THE ISSUE - II, Page 5, seven is the number of Christianity and the mark of the beast that it receives. Thus, when Christianity-representing seven sons of Christianity-representing Saul were killed in order to stop the drought on the land, how much clearer repetitive testimony is needed regarding the death of Christianity in order to stop the drought of the Spirit? Rizpah, Saul's concubine, took sackcloth and spread it on a rock and sat there from barley harvest until water was poured out from heaven on her! Once again, how much clearer testimony is needed to evidence precisely that which we have been seeing and saying here? When mark of the beast Christianity dies, Yahweh has evidenced that He will send His rain.

And tying everything together that has been said in the preceding paragraphs, it is quite revealing that Babylon was itself an "expanse" or even "drought," if you would, between two waters. Babylon was a land located between two waters or two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, once again vividly evidencing the "expanse" of mystery Babylon Christianity located between the two rivers of the former rain and the latter rain. This is most remarkable, especially insomuch that the Bride representative, Rebekah, was equally obtained from Mesopotamia (Genesis 24:10), or literally "Aram of the two rivers" (i.e. - Babylon), and specifically at Nahor, or "piercing." Thus the bride was taken from the land between the two rivers (the body of Christ, or Christianity) by going to "piercing." As has been said before, and once again dramatically evidenced here, the Remnant message is indeed one seamless garment of uninterrupted truth.

This concludes our comments regarding the "expanse" and the waters that were set forth on the second day of creation. Let us now get back to the original intent of this writing and consider the significance of the sixth day.


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