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Yahweh Spoke From A Whirlwind

The Prophetic Testimony of Florida’s Hurricanes,

Tropical Storm Bonnie

Hurricane Charley

Hurricane Frances

Hurricane Ivan

Hurricane Jeanne


In the 2000 Presidential elections of the United States of America, George W. Bush was placed in the White House based on the election results of one critical state – Florida!  The incredible propheticness of that election was recorded and even predicted in the reports at that time found in the Election 2000 Information.  Basically, the testimony is:

Bush –> Clinton –> Bush


first Remnant –> Christianity –> second Remnant

There was so very much incredible prophetic testimony taking place then, most of which was covered in the subject reports, and the prophecy only continues!  Many have questioned why there have been so many hurricanes striking Florida this year.  The answer is – just like the election of 2000, they are prophesying!  Let us examine what that prophecy is; and, as you will see, it is extraordinarily clear and confirming.

In the writings, The Rod and A Lesson From Intercession, we learned how extremely relevant the rod is in its testimony of the kingdom of God, and particularly regarding the former and the latter rains.  If you have not read those writings, it is highly recommended you do so before reading this revealing testimony.  Taking into consideration that the rod of a man affords the testimony of bringing forth the Bride, is it any wonder that second-Remnant-representing George W. Bush received the Presidency by virtue of a rod as well?  Look at the state of Florida and what do you see?  You see a man’s rod.  This is Yahweh’s prophetic and intercessoral design upon this nation, and it is speaking loudly in this day!

You will also notice that the head of the rod of Florida has extending out from it the Keys.  These Keys prophetically speak of the keys of the kingdom of God that belong to the first Remnant.  “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades shall not overpower it.  I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven.”  This promise is only found in first Remnant Matthew 16:18-19, and it is the promise that Hades, which is the grave, will not overpower the first Remnant who died and now await the second Remnant.  These are the keys that are the rightful property of the twelfth apostle who stands in the office of Elijah (He Was Jealous With My Jealousy, page 2).

These are the keys that come with the former and the latter rains, which are the shemen, the Hebrew word for oil (from the olive), that gives life.  This is the testimony of the Keys coming out of the rod.  It speaks of the authority and the life that is in the former and the latter rains.  And these are the keys that George W. Bush received in 2000 from Florida, the keys that opened the White House!

The governmental head of Florida at the time of the 2000 election, as well as during the 2004 election, is George W. Bush’s brother, Jeb Bush.  But “Jeb” is a nickname, and his real name is John Ellis.  Appropriately we find here the “John” kingdom, and “Ellis” is actually from “Elias” which is “Elijah.”  So, the head of Florida is John Elijah Bush!  Thus we find Yahweh’s testimony of the Remnant in the head of Florida, and both first and second Remnant Bush have a legal link to that head – the first Bush providing that head, and the second Bush gaining benefit from it.  Florida is Yahweh’s prophetic and intercessoral testimony regarding the legal rights and responsibilities related to the rod, which finds its greatest fulfillment in the two-part Remnant!

Also, something must equally be said here regarding the 2004 election.  While Bush had to defeat the one who Gores (Satan) in the 2000 election, in 2004 there is another testimony taking place.  Interestingly, Kerry is a John also; but, he has an identity that is very revealing, one that has been the problem with the kingdom ever since the garden.  Kerry is known for his identity with France.  He spent time in France, has a number of relatives there, speaks French fluently, looks French, and his French identity is the brunt of many political jokes and ridicule.  Intercessorally, France is the flesh; and John Kerry intercessorally represents flesh man who has had the kingdom.  And, the kingdom can no longer be given into the hands of flesh man, any more than it can be given to Satan (the two are the same anyway).  Therefore, it seems evident that Kerry must lose the election, even as flesh man must lose the kingdom.  Second-Remnant-representing Bush must gain victory over the flesh in 2004, even as he gained victory over Satan in 2000.  Thus, 2000 and 2004 victories for Bush would intercessorally effect a two-blow death – to Satan and to the flesh.  And remember, the 2004 election is taking place in the third-part Shelah period of the church that is the Millennial reign (Shelah and Clay of Spittle). 

George W. Bush, as a testimony of the second Remnant Bride who touches the head of the rod and receives the kingdom rights, received his Presidency from the rod, from Florida.
  And it is this rod that is even now, during this 2004 Presidential contest, affording incredible prophetic testimony.  The record hurricanes impacting Florida are speaking to us if we have ears to hear and eyes to see, declaring a message that Yahweh has been unveiling to us for the last ten years.  And their timing is highly relevant!  It was “out of the whirlwind” that Yahweh spoke to Job at the end of his period of affliction and death by Satan (Job 38:1); and with eyes and ears of understanding, today we too can hear Yahweh speaking once again out of these “whirlwinds” at the end of this greater 2,000 year period of affliction and death by Satan – the 2004 end of the two-parts that have been “cut off and died.”  Let us see what this clear message is.

Five hurricanes have hit Florida since August 12, 2004.  Actually though, Bonnie was not a hurricane, but a tropical storm.  Bonnie hit the panhandle of Florida at a place called Apalachicola, which means – “people on the other side,” and essentially went no further than Georgia and died.  Here is a map of its course.

The first hurricane this year to hit Florida was Charley, a category-4 hurricane.  It made landfall the next day on Friday, August 13, striking the west side of the rod and crossing over it.  Here is a map of its course.

The second hurricane to hit Florida was Frances.  It was a category-2 hurricane.  Frances came in on the other side of the rod, on the east, and like Charley equally crossed over the rod.  Frances was supposed to have made landfall in the first days of September, but delayed and came in on September 4, twenty-one days after Charley.  Here is a map of its course.

The third hurricane was Ivan, a massive category-3 hurricane that killed 70 people in the Caribbean before coming onshore in America on Trumpets, September 16.  First it looked like it was going to make a direct hit on the head of the rod, the Florida Keys.  Then it looked like it would strike Apalachicola once again, but finally took a course where it only touched with its outer edges the western side of the rod and at the eleventh hour turned away from New Orleans and struck Mobile, Alabama.  But its greatest impact was once again on the Florida panhandle.  After making a trip up to the Washington, D.C. area and then uniquely looping back to the Gulf, Ivan again increased in strength and rehit Louisiana as well as Texas as a tropical storm.  Here is the map of its unique course.

Touching the rod
Touching the rod

The fourth hurricane was Jeanne.  Its greatest devastation first came to Haiti, where over 2,000 people were killed.  It too, like Ivan, did not cross the rod, but passed onto it and then took a northern course up it.  Jeanne made landfall on the Day of Atonement, September 25, once again twenty-one days after Frances.  A category-3 hurricane, Jeanne was actually reaching Florida as Ivan completed its most unusual journey and was then over Texas.  Ivan had a life of three weeks.  Jeanne then went up to essentially the same location as where Ivan turned around, and went out to sea.  Here is a map of equally unique Jeanne.

So, let us review this in a nutshell.  First, Bonnie went ashore at Apalachicola in the panhandle.  Then there was the one-two blow of Charley from the east and twenty-one days later Frances from the west, crisscrossing the rod.  This was concluded by Ivan once again from the west, brushing the rod and equally hitting the panhandle.  And while Ivan made a return to the area, simultaneously Jeanne came in and up on the rod but did not cross over it like Charley and Frances.  Let us lay this out.

Bonnie touched the panhandle with a tropical storm.

Charlie and Frances came from the west and the east, crisscrossing the rod.

Ivan and Jeanne came from the west and the east, brushing and touching the rod but not crossing it.

Now let us add something else – the meaning of their names.

Bonnie means “good, sweet, or fair” – “me bonnie bride.”

Charley means “man,” and Frances comes from France, which clearly is prophetic of the flesh, thus together we have – “flesh man.”

Ivan comes from John, and Jeanne is the feminine form of John as well.  Thus we have a double John, meaning “Yahweh is gracious.”

Therefore we have the following.

The good, sweet, and fair bride coming on shore at “people on the other side.”

“Flesh man” firmly taking the rod in a crisscross fashion.

Kingdom John not taking the rod but only touching it.

Are you beginning to get the picture, the testimony, that Yahweh is providing us?  Let us lay out the fulfillment of this testimony and you will surely see.

The first Remnant,
who are “on the other side,” waiting for the second Remnant.  They are told not to take the rod.

Breach Christianity,
which is a work of flesh men who are told to take the rod.

The second Remnant,
who are the completing John work and are equally told not to take the rod. 

We have presented some things here that, if you have read these writings before, you already know.  But for the sake of confirmation, the first Remnant is seen in Revelation 6:9-11 where they are underneath the altar presenting their prayer to Yahweh.  Thus, they are the “people on the other side,” the bonnie Bride, and even as Bonnie was cut short and died in Georgia, they too were cut short and died in Christianity.  And as covered in the writing, The Sandals and the Staff, the first Remnant were instructed by Yahshua to not take the rod, thus Bonnie never crossed the rod of Florida.  And even as Christianity quickly took the place of the first Remnant, so Charley immediately came in on the heels of Bonnie.

On the other hand, breach Christianity was indeed told to take the rod, thus you see the unmistakable testimony of “flesh man” clearly taking the rod by crisscrossing over the rod of Florida.

The second Remnant John work was likewise instructed to not take the rod, so the two Johns (Ivan and Jeanne) in each case only touched the rod and did not take it.  And, their presence, in a most incredible way, was even simultaneous, insomuch that Ivan turned around so as to be present when Jeanne came ashore.  Thus we see that these two attest to a simultaneous work.

But also we see that even as the second Remnant must be built upon the first Remnant, so Ivan made landfall at essentially the same place as Bonnie – the Florida panhandle.  The news reports described Ivan as having an impact from Apalachicola (were Bonnie hit) to New Orleans – from the first Remnant to the Curse of 1920 (more on this).  And while Bonnie was cut short in its impact, Ivan gave the Florida panhandle a double portion, even coming across it twice.

You will also notice that there were twenty-one days separating Charley from Frances.  Even as the church period is a three-part period of 3,000 years which exists in darkness and has the number 7 mark of the beast, so the number 21 reveals this same identity insomuch that it is 7 – 7 – 7.  The number twenty-one has the meaning of “exceeding sinfulness.”  Its significance is clearly attested when Daniel fasted and did not anoint himself with oil and prayed for twenty-one days, whereupon Gabriel then appeared and strengthened him, declaring that his prayer was actually granted the day he began to pray, but was delayed by a heavenly battle with the prince of Persia (Daniel 10).  Equally, when the first Remnant was first formed, Yahweh granted their request; however, the breach of Christianity has delayed it while Satan has battled during this period and kingdom man has fasted from eating the true word and the anointing oil has not been applied.  These twenty-one days clearly represent breach Christianity when the promises of Yahweh have been delayed.

Therefore, in like manner the twenty-one days between Charley and Frances once again speak of this exceedingly sinful period of the church when flesh man fasts from the word and the oil, waiting for the promise to come.  But let us now expand on this period of the church which is identified by these two John hurricanes.

As has been addressed before in these writings, and is critical to know in order to understand the kingdom of God, the church was given a three-part period of 3,000 years.  Obviously, the church has passed through two parts, or 2,000 years, of that period.  This has been the two loaves of leavened Pentecost “flesh man” Christianity testified in the two hurricanes, Charley and Frances.

But the church, which has thus far been Christianity, is supposed to receive another 1,000 years.  However, since Christianity has been a work of death and the corruption of the kingdom, what would it mean to receive that next 1,000 years in the same manner as it has existed for the last 2,000 years?  It would be Yahshua’s three hours of darkness on the cross, whereupon at the end thereof He cried out – “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”  It would be Peter’s three denials of Yahshua before the cock crowed.  The fact is, Christianity cannot receive another 1,000 years, but its time must be cut short to 2,000 years and Yahshua come back early and perform what they have utterly failed to accomplish.  And this is precisely that which is attested in these hurricanes.  Again, Yahweh is speaking from a whirlwind.

While we have noted that Ivan and Jeanne are the two testimonies of the period/work of the second Remnant, there is actually much more being evidenced here, truth that is very remarkable and very important.  Quite clearly from Yahweh’s most accurate testimonies in these hurricanes, while Ivan is a specific testimony of the second Remnant which does not take the rod but only touches it, Jeanne told a uniquely different story.

As Jeanne approached Florida, she was in fact approaching the rod on the very course that her twenty-one day predecessor, Frances, took.  Jeanne struck at the identical place as Frances, and her course was following that of Frances.  And why not?  Prophetically, Jeanne was the third period of the church, the third-part or third 1,000 years granted to the church.  And keep in mind that this preceding period of Christianity was and is the period which is commanded to take the rod, and that was precisely what the forecasters and news media were expecting and reporting.  If Yahweh had not done something to change the course of the church at the outset of its third part, it would have followed in the corrupted way of the last 1,000, even 2,000 years!

As Jeanne approached, hurricane forecasters were saying that she would follow the path of Frances insomuch that she would cross over the rod, which prophetically would have meant that the third period of the church would take the rod as well.  Prophetically and intercessorally, that would have been disastrous!!!  Taking the rod would have been to give an extension to the period of the church in which Satan has ruled!  What happens to that rod?  The same thing that happened to Moses’ rod in the wilderness – it turns into a serpent!  This has certainly been the case with the church for 2,000 years; and, this is certainly evidenced quite graphically in the image of Florida.  While Florida is in fact a man’s rod, look at it again and you will clearly see that that rod turns into a serpent!  The very large round Lake Okeechobee pictorially evidences the large round eye of the serpent, and the Keys become the extended tongue that licks up dust man.  Located directly behind the eye of the snake is Lake Istokpopga, meaning “many men died here!”  Behind the eye of Satan, many men have died indeed!  (You  will recall Kill-a-man-jaro in front of the eye of Satan on Africa – The Signs That Cause Belief, page 5.)

The 2,000 year period of the church we have known as Christianity which was told to take the rod, is the period in which that very action has manifested Satan.  And it is critical that that period be cut short to two and that the third part not take the rod!

When Jeanne first appeared to be coming toward Florida, forecasters said that it would only brush the eastern coast of the state.  That would have been a perfect testimony prophetically, and this man rejoiced.  Then they next forecasted that it would go inland a bit and go back out to sea.  That prophetic testimony was fine as well.  But as Jeanne approached, they kept moving the track of the storm further west until they said that it would cross the state and go into the Gulf!  That was totally unacceptable, and as accurate as these hurricanes had been prophetically thus far, that would have been terrible!!!  It would have meant that the third part of the church would take the rod, which would have testified that Satan would continue to prevail for another 1,000 years!

Jeanne began to come onshore Saturday, the Day of Atonement, September 25.  Just before midnight the eye struck Florida, precisely where Frances hit.  By Sunday morning she was making her course for the Gulf.  Insomuch that I live on the west coast in Washington state, this man is three hours behind Florida time.  Obviously, I was VERY concerned that Jeanne NOT go into the Gulf!  Prophetically, this would have been tragic!  And early Sunday morning when I read that this was precisely what the forecasters were now saying, I reacted with great concern.  In fact, I spoke out loud a command directed entirely at the storm, commanding it to not go into the Gulf!  “Do not go into the Gulf!,” I emphatically stated out loud.  Did I really fully believe that that command would be successful?  Of course I wondered.  But all I knew was that Jeanne’s course to the Gulf would have meant that it takes the rod, and that was devastating prophetically!  A rod cannot be taken as long as the contact with it is longitudinal, which a course inland up the state would attest.  That would still only be the act of touching the rod.  To take a rod means that the hand must extend diagonally across it so as to grasp it, even as Charley and Frances had demonstrated.

Later I discovered what happened.  As the eye of Jeanne reached Polk county in central Florida around 10:00 a.m., it began to dramatically depart from the ways of Frances and took a northerly course.  In fact, the course changed so dramatically, it defied the forecaster’s anticipated course and longitudinally went up into and through the rod, NEVER entering into the Gulf, and thus NEVER taking the rod!  The timing of that change, given the three hours difference and insomuch that I was up early that morning, would have been shortly after this man commanded it to not go into the Gulf.

What does this mean?  It means that because an Elijah commanded contrary to that which represented the third part of the church taking the rod, Yahweh heard and stopped it.  That Hurricane did not obey just because I commanded it.  But rather, my command was in harmony with and represents that which will take place in the days ahead – because of the establishment of Elijah, Yahweh will not give Christianity the third part of the church, the Shelah period (Shelah and Clay of Spittle).  The work that was commanded to take the rod (Christianity) will not receive this period, but it will go to the ones who are commanded not to take the rod – the two Remnant.  Furthermore, it means that Satan, the one whose presence is a result of the church taking the rod (the rod that turns into a serpent), will likewise come to an end.  Thus, even as it is written in Malachi 4:5-6, because of the Elijah, Yahweh will have mercy on the church! 

The truth of this we will see even further, but before we proceed to the next material part of this writing, we need to note something here about the 2004 election.  You already know that “Jeanne” comes from “John.”  But what you probably do not know is that it is in fact the French form of “John.”  And even as French Jeanne/John had to be prevented by a second Remnant man from taking the rod, so French John (Kerry) must likewise be prevented by a second-Remnant-representing man from taking the rod.  Let us now proceed.

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