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We have briefly seen the critical way in which this conflict is expressed in the family; let us also see this conflict as it is expressed in society and in the church.

Here in America (which is the only political perspective this writer can offer), there is a continual political conflict between law and mercy. On the one hand there is in America the Republican party that emphasizes and stands for law. On the other hand there are the Democrats who emphasize and stand for mercy. The consequence of these two party expressions have the same order and affect as that which was just described in the family.

On the one hand, if the Democrats continually had their way, the economy and moral fiber of this nation would collapse, with the sure effect as that of Eve's usurping choice in the garden. Appropriately, the Democrats poise themselves as being the voice of women, when in fact they are the voice of the female position of mercy. But mercy that is unchecked and unsubmitted is destructive. There must be the masculine order and headship of law, which the Democrats simply want to use and manipulate or coerce for their own advantage. The Democrats are like an unchecked and rebellious woman who is in constant devious conflict with her husband. (In equal testimony, the great majority of women who are not married and under the covering of a husband vote Democrat, while the majority of women who are married and under a husband's covering vote Republican.) Like a woman, the Democrats often rely upon emotions and forms of manipulation to try to get their way (of course, gratefully not all women are this way), when what is needed is that they find their place under the government and headship of law.

Primarily because of the Democrats, and the feminine attitude they represent, this nation is burdened with the disgrace and shame of abortion. Abortion for women is a feminine mercy consequence. It is based upon emotions, while the predominant Republican position is pro-life and personal responsibility. The pro-abortion attitude is - Do not offend other's feelings or make them uncomfortable by taking a position that would in any way limit or place any constraints upon a woman. Listening to and allowing this kind of mercy is the occasion when law has failed to prevail as it should. This is when masculine law must take its stand and forbid the cries of feminine mercy. This is when should law compromise with mercy and meet together with her, there results an illegal union. One has adulterated what is right, and the offspring are corruption and death. This is when law must take its place and prevail; there is no place for compromise, for law must stand alone.

Here we see that ideas can be male or female, even political ideologies, and these often irregardless of the gender of the individual. In fact, each person, male or female, or even society, or even the church, must reconcile these conflicts of the male/female ideas and positions. Radio talk show commentator Rush Limbaugh once said on his program that liberal ideas "capture the female mind, whether it be in the body of a man or a woman." This is so very true! This matter of male/female, law/mercy, is not isolated to a specific gender.

For example, noting another well known radio personality, Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a clear example of the prevalence of masculine law principles favorably prevailing over feminine mercy principles, even though she herself is a woman. (But of course, just because the woman is law in personality, this does not mean that she has a right to usurp her husband, but in recognizing her place in the home will yield to and honor her legal head, her husband. Unfortunately, a law oriented woman often marries a mercy oriented man, which places even more responsibility and difficulty on the woman. Hopefully that man will see his place and lead.)

So again we see that this matter of male/female, law/mercy, is not isolated to a specific gender. It is expressed in government, in religion, in family practices, and even in individual behavior, regardless of gender. And it is MOST important that in every case the wisdom of governing through law and mercy must be followed. When this does not occur, society, the church, families, and individuals suffer. There must be the order, the headship, of law, the masculine; while mercy must find its place in submitting to law. Law is to love mercy, even as the man is instructed to love his wife. Law must seek ways to be satisfied with mercy, even as a man is satisfied with his wife. Law must find the relationship afforded in a legal union with mercy in order to come together to bring forth fruit/offspring and not seek outside of its legal bounds to satisfy its own lusts. Mercy must find its pleasure and place in submitting to law in all things.

There are so very many distractions that would cause law to have a relationship outside of what is good, pure, and legal. Is it not most significant that the woman by-in-large is the one who dresses and prepares and presents her own body in such a way as to seduce the man? The woman often wears inadequate coverings, and the covering she does wear is often in design and fit intended to show off her flesh. When women wore exclusively dresses, they often designed them to show off their "figures," their flesh. Men wore pants, baggy pants; and now that women have moved in to wear pants, what do they do with them? In contrast to the man, they wear them tight, so tight that what is supposed to be hidden is now even more clearly revealed. Whether it be the top or the bottom of a woman, or anything in-between, the woman has the great tendency to want to show it off, to cause the man to be attracted to her body.

For every personal care or beauty product in a store for the man, there are ten times that amount for the woman, along with an entire retinue of products with which a man would have nothing to do, including cosmetics. Instead of properly covering or adorning themselves, intentionally or otherwise, women tend to manipulate their appearance in order to seduce or attract men, to draw their attention. Following in this female practice, mercy is often very seductive, and attempts to woo the law from what is right. This is true personally, politically, in society, and in the church.

Equally, there is another factor that works against the law. It is pictured or seen in the drive within the male to desire the female. Do you think that all of these male/female issues are expressed in creation as nothing more than meaningless behavior, or random forces that exist just to test man? These natural drives in men and the titillating acts of women reveal the ways and order of Yahweh. They are natural expressions of important truth that are being experienced in higher realms of man. Whether it be in individuals, between the sexes, in families, in society, or in the church, these divine conflicts between law and mercy take place with equally telling relevance and expression.

Why is it that Yahweh has so designed the man to desire and even lust for the female? Why is it that politicians, pastors, and princes alike have all been willing to jeopardize or even sacrifice their own positions and all they have accomplished in their entire lives, all for a relationship with a woman? What is it that rushes within a man's veins that can so drive him to blindness and cause him to lose focus on that which is more lasting and of far more value? Why is it that man so lusts for that which is purposefully supposed to be under a covering and reserved for legal and fruitful union? Men are often driven to grave error and the affliction of great pain, all for the lust of female flesh. Entire industries exist in destructive pornography, sensuality, and fashion, all for the purpose of propagating and feeding the lust that man has for women's flesh. Prophetically, why is this so?

Quite obviously, part of this reason is the lust that man has for the feminine practices that are aligned with mercy. It is good to be attracted to a woman; but when one finds a wife, practices in that relationship are carried out that outside of that relationship are illegal and forbidden, necessitating restraint and order. Though one may constantly be tempted to do otherwise, the ill consequences thereof makes that aberration intolerable. Likewise, male law needs not to be drawn away into feminine mercy when it is illegal, though there is a strong and attractive urge to do so. Just because a wife or a child wants or even demands to do something, does not make it right. (A clear example of this is the errant mercy cries of a selfish and rebellious teenager.) Law must bring forth what is right. Just because a Democrat wants to do something, it should be law that determines what is right. (Not "the courts," but masculine law ideas.) Just because any mercy position or place wants to find expression in any place, does not make it right, no matter how seducing it may be, for law must do what is right.

One of the prevailing tests in the church is the application of law and mercy. Once again, all law and no mercy is not right and is harsh. On the other hand, mercy without law is equally wrong and without proper order. Neither can produce godly fruit. There are groups who are harsh in law, which results in death; but then there are many more which so follow the feminine mercy, that there is no godly order.

Let us give an example of mercy without law. Several years ago, this writer published a book on beards and head coverings. The most common objection to this truth is that it is legalism, that we are called to grace. Here is a clear example in which mercy misleads one from what is right and an important part of the government of God. Any time someone in the church does not want to do what Yahweh directs, they use the feminine excuse of mercy or grace to condone it. This is what has led to abortion in society (and even in the church), this is what has led to women not being covered (either in modesty or in proper head covering), this is what has led to the destruction of the family and our children, this is what has led to the destruction of society. It is following feminine law-rejecting practices that lead to rebellion and eventual destruction.

The church far too often relies on mercy, when they should be seeking law and obedience. One will never understand proper mercy, apart from understanding law. Law not only comes first, but law must govern mercy. Mercy is the feminine; it is the weaker vessel (1 Peter 3:7). Like Eve, mercy is easily seduced by the serpent; while masculine law is not seduced, but unfortunately can follow the feminine (1 Timothy 2:14). Thus, Yahweh's word instructs the woman to be entirely submissive to her husband in everything (Ephesians 5:24, 1 Timothy 2:11). Such must likewise be the feminine ideas of mercy. Unquestionably mercy is important and occupies a vital role; but, it must be submissive to law.

Does this mean law is to never regard mercy? Of course not (though mercy may emotionally cry such an accusation); but law is to love mercy and seek to legally unite with her, to be as one for the sake of legal fruit bearing. For, once again, it is only in the union of law and mercy that fruit can ever come about. However, there are times when the union of law and mercy is entirely illegal.

Unfortunately, everyone will interpret and apply this according to their own experience or propensity, some to the continuation of their own selfish gain, and some righteously. But the purpose of this writing is to lay out truth, and those who love truth will seek to apply it righteously.

In this next section, we are going to initially introduce some new information that is necessary in order to cover valuable ground per this matter of law and mercy.


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