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Now that we have seen this most important garden pattern or preluding testimony from the earth's foundation, let us look at the next highly important and equally attesting evidence of the work of Yahweh to replace the first earthly covering with His heavenly covering. While Adam and Eve marked the beginning of mankind, our next witness marks the beginning of faith mankind - Abraham.

In Genesis 17 we read where Yahweh came to Abraham, or actually Abram at that time, and announced the covenant He would establish with him. "As for Me," Yahweh declared, "behold, My covenant is with you." The sign of this covenant was to be the following - "And you shall be circumcised in the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be the sign of the covenant between Me and you." Then Yahweh made a most important statement for all mankind - "thus shall My covenant be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant" (verse 13).

What we find operating here once again is the issue or law of coverings. Yahweh made a covenant with Abraham, one in which He was going to watch over and fulfill Himself. The sign of this covenant was pictured or evidenced in the circumcision of Abraham, as well as every male in his household; not just family, but male servants as well. What do we see here? The exact thing in principle which occurred in the garden of Eden; and, as we will eventually see, a most wonderful testimony of what Yahweh will do in bringing man into glorification. Let us now look at this covenant in relation to Adam and Eve. Also, this will lead us to a very insightful look at the teachings of Paul concerning coverings.

Before Yahweh made this covenant with Abraham, in his reproductive organ Abraham was not unlike any other man on the face of the earth - foreskin covered him. This foreskin we read of here is characterized specifically as "the flesh." This is a most significant term, since we find throughout the Bible that "the flesh" is viewed by Yahweh as being most contrary and at odds with Him or the Spirit, being very corrupt and defiling. The sign of Yahweh's covenant with Abraham was to remove "the flesh" that specifically covered the head of the organ that would bring forth all the offspring promised to him. These circumcised offspring were to "multiply exceedingly" so as to become "a multitude of nations." Yahweh was taking full responsibility for this, and thus in reality personally became the covering of the promise. Now, note this very carefully. The foreskin covering was removed from Abram, and Yahweh took the place of that covering, thus becoming the greater covering or guarantee. No longer were Abram's offspring an impossible obligation dependent upon the flesh, but now they were a promise with the personal covering and obligation of Yahweh. In becoming his covering, Yahweh personally took responsibility for bringing forth the offspring of Abraham and would fill the earth with them. (And may we note here that one cannot understand the natural fulfillment of this promise, apart from knowing the truth concerning the dispersion of Israel throughout Europe following their captivity in Assyria and their rapid proliferation there.) Let us now make an important comparison of this covenant with Abraham with that which occurred in the garden of Eden.

In the garden, Adam and Eve covered their nakedness with that which was of the earth - fig leaves. But Yahweh knew the inadequacy of this first earthly covering and thus provided His covering, replacing the earthly fig leaves with "garments of skin." This is the identical truth or principle seen here with Abraham. Abraham was equally covered with that which was inadequate and even defiled, identified as being "the flesh."

 Even as Yahweh replaced the first inadequate covering of Adam and Eve with His own covering, so Yahweh replaced the inadequate covering of Abraham's ability to bring forth offspring with His own covering - a covenant or promise. No longer were Abraham and all the males in his household to be covered with flesh, they were now to be covered with the covenant of Yahweh. Yahweh became their covering in the realm of reproduction.

This truth and application of the coverings of Yahweh are identically revealed in the teachings of Paul. We read In 1 Corinthians 11 that any man who prays or prophecies with something on his head "disgraces his head." In the case of the man, we read that in God's order of authority, his head is specifically Christ - the head of the woman being the man, the head of the man being Christ, and the head of Christ being God.

But we find that this order in which a man goes before God specifically with his head uncovered, has not always been this way. In fact, in times prior to Christ, to have gone before God with one's head uncovered meant certain death! A man today who has called upon the name of Yahshua to be His savior has entered into the priesthood of God - the priesthood of the believer. In this role of priesthood before God (i.e., prayer) or on behalf of God (i.e., prophecy), a man cannot perform either with his head covered. But in the original covenant with man, this was not so. In Leviticus 10:6 we read that if the anointed priest uncovered his head, he would die. Thus, as we see in the laws of Yahweh in the old covenant, a priest had to go before Yahweh specifically with his head covered. This is not the case in Christ. Now if a man goes before Yahweh in his priestly position with his head covered, he shames Christ. Why the difference? The answer is the same as we saw with the covenant with Abraham.

Abraham's "head" in his reproductive organ was covered by the flesh; but, when Yahweh made a covenant with Abraham, in which Yahweh became Abraham's covering, He removed the former to establish the latter. This is exactly what Yahweh did with Adam and Eve - removing the former - the earthly fig leaves - He established the latter - providing His own covering of skin. And this is what Yahweh has done for the head of regenerated man. He has removed the earthly covering of a priestly turban, and provided the spiritual covering of Christ. In each case, Yahweh's purpose is to remove that which is earthly, fleshly, natural, in order to provide that which is perfect, spiritual, and eternal. This is a most important point to realize concerning the ways of Yahweh.

Do you see the wonder and marvel and very significant nature of this matter of coverings? What ever you see now though, is not going to be all; for as you will find, this matter of coverings predominates all of the works of Yahweh. In fact, it can well be said with assurance that one cannot understand the works or the plans of Yahweh apart from examining them according to this government of coverings.

How can someone understand the actions of a nation apart from understanding the government of that nation? It would be like manipulating oneself blindfolded in a skating rink, with an obstacle course. To understand a nation, one must understand their government. The nation is their government. Even more so, you cannot know or understand Yahweh God apart from understanding His government. And, the major aspect of the government of God is nothing less than the law of coverings. Think about it. It was this law of coverings which was the first act of Yahweh towards restoring fallen man - Adam. And, it was this law of coverings which was the sole distinguishing command of Yahweh to faith man - Abraham. An understanding of the laws of coverings is absolutely essential to understanding all that Yahweh has done, and all that He will do.

In this regard, there is much more that we can and will learn concerning the application of Yahweh's laws of coverings. But before going on, let me urge the reader to obtain and read at some time this writer's book entitled Coverings. It will give you a far greater understanding as to how this law of Yahweh is expressed throughout His creation.

Now that we see the great significance of the circumcision of Abraham - the removal of the fleshly covering from the head of that which produced the promised offspring who would fill the earth, and its replacement with the spiritual covering of Yahweh's covenant - let us examine this for further insight. In doing so, we will find that it holds for us some most marvelous and revealing truths.


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