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It is interesting and strange to me that Christianity holds to a Christ/bride truth, yet fails to address the question or to note the immense relevance of why this Christ/bride relationship is established. Why the male/female, why husband and wife, why Christ and a bride? What is the purpose of this union in this obviously deliberate characterization?

It is essential at this point in this examination of the covering bride to reaffirm why this body of Christ/bride of Christ relationship will exist, as well as to consider who specifically these godly offspring will be that are a product of this heavenly designed relationship. "What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate" (Matthew 19:6, Mark 10:9).

The purpose of the union of the body of Christ and the bride of Christ is to bring forth godly offspring. The union of the male and the female in matrimony has one most important designed purpose. Companionship is important, mutual help is important, but the one element that is strictly unique to the union of the male and the female is the bearing of offspring.

This union of the body of Christ and the bride of Christ should evoke the question as to who will be the offspring? For Yahweh to unite the body and the bride, they must be joined together in order to bring forth godly offspring. Who will these godly offspring be? Many denominations fail to address this question at all (I personally have never seen it addressed once), and some denominations believe in such cataclysmic and wrathful end times, that there is absolutely no room for the bearing of any offspring in the future. One MUST keep in mind that the union of the body of Christ and the bride of Christ is exceptionally purposeful! This highly important union would not occur without the anticipation that there will result from it the procreation of godly offspring.

The answer to this question of who these offspring will be, necessitates being addressed with the understanding of the immensely higher and vastly greater state which the bride of Christ enters into by being born from above into heavenly bodies, as well as the equal state into which the body of Christ will in time enter. It must be realized that by entering into this state of resurrection, one enters into perfection — perfect understanding, perfect knowledge, perfect truth, perfect behavior, in general, being capable of providing a perfect response. This definitely is not the case for man now, even Christian man. The fact is, Christian man, as well as all men, desperately need to undergo this essential change — to be born from above. Until this change occurs, any spiritual offspring are not in truest form godly. Any spiritual offspring effected by Christian man are a mix, being a product of both the good of Yahweh, as well as the evil of carnal man, along with the input and corruption of Satan.

When the bride, the two-part Remnant, enters into this incorruptible state of being born from above, and thus becoming the covering over the still carnal body of Christ (the woman encompassing the man), the two will reside upon this earth with Christ for the purpose of providing truth, justice, peace, harmony, order, everything good that is to be under the theocratic government of Christ as Lord of lords. Under this order of the reigning Christ with the glorified bride of Christ, as well as the still carnal body of Christ, for the first time in history the world will have truth availed to it as it has never had.

With the body of Christ still uncircumcised of its flesh at this point, as with Abram it will not be possible for there to be children of promise as of yet - the Isaac. These sons of promise, these true godly offspring, can only come when an Abram becomes an Abraham and is circumcised of its flesh. Until the body is circumcised of its flesh, the only offspring it can expect is through a relationship with a Hagar, and the birth of an Ishmael. How all of this does or might work out is to be seen. We do know that at the close of the Millennium, rebellion still occurs (Revelation 20:7-10).

As we have already noted, the 2,000 year old body of Christ is far too old to be a bride without spot or wrinkle. And as an uncircumcised Abram, the body of Christ is incapable of bringing forth the promised offspring through the bride of promise, the Sarai. It will not be until the body of Christ is circumcised of its flesh that the true sons of promise can be brought forth.

Once the body of Christ is circumcised of its flesh, receiving its promised imperishable heavenly-born bodies, then the union of the two like parties, the spiritual bride and the spiritual body, will result in the bearing of "Isaac" - the children of promise, the truly godly offspring. Who will these offspring be? Let us now see.

If one has the false idea that Yahweh is going to annihilate men or send them into an unlawful and unjust everlasting fiery punishment, then they cannot possess the truth concerning the purpose and reason for which the union of the body and the bride will unite — to bear offspring after their kind. It is important to note here that these offspring will be derived from the same womb from which the preceding body and bride came forth — the earth. The spiritual offspring which the body and the bride will bring forth will be from those who have preceded them on this earth — the multiplied millions and billions who have resided upon this earth from the beginning of man. The purpose of the union of the body and the bride is to bring all of waiting mankind into union or oneness with the Heavenly Father. This perfect union occurs when men put off the corrupt state of this earth and are born into their heavenly incorruptible bodies. The first shall be last to enter into this immortality, and the last (the bride and then the body) shall be first to enter into immortality. In the end, as presented by Yahshua in Matthew 20:1-16, all men will receive the same pay for their labors on this earth — immortal incorruptible life. But in order for this to be so, men must enter into this union via the works of Yahweh preceding them — through the established union of the body and the bride. From this union, others will be born, again, after their kind — i.e., possessing spiritual bodies.

These offspring will be the spiritual offspring from the union of the body of Christ and the bride of Christ, preceded, of course, by both the bride and later the body entering into that glorified state. These offspring will be the spiritual offspring who, as it is written, "each in his own order" (1 Corinthians 15:20-24) will be transformed from their corrupt earthly existence into their perfect heavenly-born existence, "on earth as it is in heaven." These offspring will be the spiritual offspring who in total will come forth from the dark womb of this earth, having been formed in it, and are in desperate need of being born into His perfect light and breath. These offspring will be the sons of God, as well as those united with the family, the restoration of all things, the perfect establishment of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.


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