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In the latter part of April, 1996, Yahweh showed me to write a legal statement, a legal proclamation, that as of Passover, April 4,1996, "the body of Christ church became legally dead." I wrote this up in legal format and signed it, and on April 26 sent it out to those who were receiving those writings at that time. Was I out of place in making this proclamation? Was I wrong in my statement? Let us look at this matter and see.

It is most important to note from the Scriptures what it means for the body of Christ to receive a legal determination of its death. When I issued that proclamation, I viewed it as a finality for the body of Christ, something that was obviously very negative. But even as Yahshua's crucifixion and death can be and certainly was viewed as being equally negative, in many ways it was extraordinarily positive. And even as this was true for Yahshua, it will be true for the body of Christ as well.

There should be little doubt to the reader that what happened to Yahshua, of necessity will happen to the body of Christ, the body being a fulfillment of the purpose and work of Yahshua Himself. As Yahshua, this purpose or work of necessity must include crucifixion, as well as death. Even as Yahshua died for man, so the body of Christ must and does die for man; once again, the body of Christ simply becoming the fulfillment of Yahshua. Otherwise, why is it called the body of Christ if it fails to follow Him? Even as Yahshua declared concerning His own life - that He came into this world for this very purpose, to die for the world - so the body of Christ was created to fulfill the same purpose - to die for the world. Yahshua is not only the savior of mankind, but He is a pattern for the body of Christ to be likewise. With this in mind, let us now address the matter of the legal proclamation issued in 1996.

In order to understand the significance of a legal proclamation like the one that was made, one must look at the legal determination that was made at the death of Yahshua. This determination, as well as its consequence, is most important to note; for again, as it went with Yahshua, so it will go with the body of Christ. These closing events in Yahshua's life are most important, are actually rather encouraging, and are most certainly very revealing.

At the close of Yahshua's crucifixion, we read that soldiers were sent to carry out the legal task of breaking His bones; but, upon their arrival to the place of His crucifixion, they found Him already dead. Having made this legal determination, instead of breaking His legs, a soldier thrust a spear into His side, and "there came out blood and water" (John 19:34). Very importantly, as Yahshua preluded and foreshadowed the body of Christ, here we find evidenced the fate of the body.

In April, 1996, I issued a proclamation that the body of Christ was dead. I was not wrong in this proclamation, being instructed by Yahweh to do so, but merely stating what was in fact the case. For 2,000 years kingdom man has died. As covered in the writing Death and the Passing of Christianity, this should not be the case in the kingdom of God; but it is! Kingdom man’s death testifies to the legal fact that Christianity is "dead" - death evidencing death. As Yahshua died, likewise the body of Christ dies. In whatever sense or degree it might have been, for Yahweh knows all things, the legal proclamation made in 1996 was like unto the soldiers coming to Yahshua and making the determination that He was dead. I likewise made the determination that the body of Christ was dead.

Yahweh knows how all of this is going to work out or how significant that proclamation in fact was (either just intercessorally for my own understanding, or in fact legally), but I am confident that He led me to make that legal proclamation published on April 26, 1996. And let me show you a most important consequence of a legal determination regarding the death of Yahshua, and likewise the death of the body of Christ.

When the soldiers came to Yahshua to break His bones, they determined that He was dead and thus took the alternative action of piercing His side with the spear. This, of course, resulted in the blood and the water coming from His pierced side. It is important to note here that if they had found Him to be alive, they would have broken His bones. So what is the pattern here? If at the appointed time of the judgment of Christianity it is legally determined that the body of Christ is in fact already dead, then its bones will not be broken. Therefore, instead of breaking its bones, a spear will be thrust into its side to bring forth the blood and water. What is the significance of all of this? This has great significance for the body of Christ.

We find here that there are two most marvelous consequences for this legal determination that the body of Christ is in fact dead, evidenced by Yahshua Himself. First, its bones will not be broken; and second, blood and water will flow from its pierced side.

What do we mean when we say its bones will not be broken? To answer this let us ask - What are bones? (You will want to read this paragraph very carefully.) Bones are the structure or government, if you would, of the body. Also, most importantly, bones are the source of the blood; and we know from the Scriptures that the life of the body is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11). Therefore, Yahshua’s bones were not broken, as evidence that He has the power of an indestructible life - the grave could not hold Him. And of great and celebrated marvel and wonder, the power of an indestructible life which Yahshua has, equally resides with His body, the body of Christ! The promise and power of this resurrection abides with the body of Christ, and that inherent power is not broken - its bones are not broken! This is the first benefit to the body of Christ's sleep/death - their identification with Yahshua in death prevents their bones from being broken.

Next we see that instead of breaking the body of Christ's bones, there will be another exceptionally important act - a spear will pierce its side! When Adam was put to sleep, his side was opened and a bride, a rib, was taken from it. When Yahshua was put to sleep, a soldier equally opened His side and out came "a bride" - blood and water. That which happened to the first Adam, happened to the last Adam, which also happens to the body of the last Adam So, what do we see here? A second point of immense importance!

Upon the legal determination of the body of Christ's death, the body escapes from its bones being broken (maintaining the power of an indestructible life); but, a sword pierces its side and a bride comes out. The name of the one writing these things is Gary, meaning "sharp spear;" and per these writings a bride is now being taken out of the sleeping body of Christ (the body of the last Adam), even as a bride came out of the side of the sleeping first Adam. Yahweh will not sorely and destructively judge Christianity as He planned and as they deserve (He will not break their bones); but instead, He will pierce its side and take out a Remnant bride. This Remnant bride is the second work, the Bride work, in the kingdom of God. This is the second benefit to Christianity's death/sleep - it obtains a bride.

Christianity believes that they are both the masculine body of Christ, as well as the feminine bride of Christ. But how can this be? If the first Adam, who was alone in the beginning, received his bride from his opened side, having been put to sleep; and the last Adam was equally put to sleep with the results of having a spear thrust into His side in order to bring forth water and blood; then is it not obvious that the bride of Christ, the bride of the last Adam, must equally come from the opened side of the body of Christ, the body of the last Adam? Christianity is the masculine body of Christ that is the first work in the kingdom of God, and that body labors alone, even as did Adam. What is its need? It is not good for the body to be alone; therefore, a bride is being taken out of it. (See The Covering Bride.) But before this could happen, there had to first be the legal determination that the body of Christ was in fact asleep or dead. This is what the proclamation in 1996 legally stated, and the forthcoming establishment of the Bride is the hope of this writer (as well as the unknown hope of all of mankind).

In 1996, I viewed the legal proclamation that was issued as being a conclusive statement which would be followed by the severe judgment of the church. Little did I know then that the determination of death for Christianity could have in fact been its salvation - having been found dead, this precluded the act of breaking its bones, which would have been a most destructive and final act for them. This would have been a severe act of interrupting and breaking its power of resurrection. But, praise Yahweh, that power remains with the body of Christ - the power of an indestructible life which Yahshua Himself possessed. Christianity's identification for the last 2,000 years with Yahshua in death, insures that they equally possess His power of an indestructible life!

There are always two sides to a coin, two poles of electricity, two poles of a magnet; and here we see the two sides of death. Death is the enemy of Yahweh. Satan, who has the power of death, is the enemy of Yahweh. But in all the negative that this antithesis affords, Yahweh still uses it for His good purposes, including expressly for man's good. Yahshua was turned over to Satan to be killed. This was bad, of course, but necessary; eventually working out for man's good. Likewise for the body of Christ - death is bad; the enemy, Satan, is having his way over the sons of God. But as we see here, because the body of Christ is declared dead, it, as His body, retains its power of an indestructible life and will rise from the dead!

A very important point to realize concerning the body of Christ is that it is not a body that exists just today, at this very moment in time, which is a common thought or perception. One has to realize that probably 99% of the body of Christ is physically dead, in the grave, asleep. Yahweh declared in Zechariah 13:7-9 that two-thirds, or 2,000 years, of the sheep of the Shepherd would be cut off and die. This is precisely what has happened. 2,000 years, or two-thirds, of the body of Christ are in fact cut off from the kingdom of God established here on this earth by Yahshua and the Holy Spirit. Like the 2,000 swine into which Legion entered, they have all run to the sea of death. This is all very negative, of course, but as we see, it in fact works out for good, insomuch that it is an identification of the sons of God with the Son of God - they too die! And as we have stated and repeat here again - this works for their good in that a legal determination of death, as was proclaimed on April 26, 1996, insures that their bones will not be broken and that a bride will be taken from its side.

Thus, the proclamation of April 26, 1996, was a valid legal proclamation ordered of Yahweh. In reality, it, in whatever measure Yahweh deems relevant, protected the body of Christ’s bones from being broken, and made it possible for the Bride to come forth. And most certainly, it was an intercessoral act of faith that helped make it possible for this man's eyes to be opened to Yahweh's mercy factor - for His name's sake He would act out of mercy and not harshly judge Christianity for their corruption of the kingdom.


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