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The third account is directly related to the rebellion of Absalom, and here again we will restate the matter.

3. Joab's slaying of Amasa, despite David's order that Amasa would be commander of his army continually in place of Joab

After Absalom's rebellion, despite Joab's rebuke, despite Joab's actions against Abner, David once again went mercy to the place of being harmful and irresponsible. Joining in with Absalom in his rebellion, in fact commanding the army that attacked David, was a man by the name of Amasa. In a move to win the hearts of the people, which is often the cry of mercy, David told Amasa that he forgave him and that if he would join with him, he would make him commander of his army continually in place of Joab. Obviously Amasa accepted this most generous offer; but would indeed this rebellious one replace Yahweh Father? Oh yes, who likes a father's discipline? This Joab is the one of whom David said was "too difficult" for him; and seeing David's great propensity toward misplaced mercy, no wonder he wanted to replace Joab. How many mercy people want to get rid of a just father type who corrects when needed for their sake and for the sake of the family. Oh, I can hear their criticisms now. And oh, they can be so convincing and make "you" look like the problem.

You see, to these mercy types, their solution is always to get rid of the father. They are the ones who have the problem, but the solution to them is to just get rid of the one who is addressing the problem. Thus, as I have often personally experienced, they attempt to turn the issue around and make you, the father, the problem. "If only you weren't so and so, then the problem would not exist." When you address their problem, they try to turn it to an attempt to tear you down. If they can just tear you down, then that removes the pressure for their problem. Their purpose, either consciously or unconsciously, is to get rid of the Joab. This is a frequent diversionary tactic (often practiced in politics as well, particularly by mercy Democrats), and anyone who will listen to this or give in to their pressure, will succumb to the same plan David had for Joab - replace him!

Replacing Joab is what my daughter, Rebekah, wanted to do with me as she began to listen to her Christian friends. She wanted me to stop requiring things of her. In other words, she was asking me to die as her father; not literally of course, but when a man abdicates his Yahweh-Father-given rights and responsibilities to either his children's own wills or to the influences of other sympathetic or persuasive observers, then that father is dead as a Yahweh Father. And this is precisely that which Rebekah wanted of me; and this is precisely what David wanted to do to Yahweh Father Joab. But I told Rebekah over and over that I would not kill myself as her father. So what did Rebekah do? Because of the influence of Christians, she killed me! She no longer regarded me as her father, her covering, as one whom she was to obey. Her reply to me was the religious answer - "I will obey Christ."

This is the chief problem with flesh kingdom-receiving man. The church for 2,000 years has been ruled by Satan, to the extent that he is even now its head. The reason for this is because Yahweh gave the kingdom to earthly flesh man who lives on an earth which Satan rules. Satan has thus become the head of the church, evidenced by its many practices including their division into 22,000 denominations and sects, their vast false teachings, their corruption, their inability to bring forth the Son of God, and many other like reasons, the major one we will now consider.

By far, the single greatest fault of Christianity is that which its head promulgates - removing the head from the body! This is the testimony of John the Baptist, the Elijah, who was a picture of the first Remnant, and whose head was removed. This is the testimony of King Saul, who as a clear testimony of Christianity had his head equally removed and placed in Dagon's temple (where the ark of the covenant had been placed). And this is precisely Satan's intentions. His purpose is to separate the rightful head, Yahshua, from the body of Christ; and as testified by these men, as well as others, as well as by the church itself, he has accomplished this purpose. Satan has removed the headship of Yahshua and replaced Him with himself. He is the original usurper, who was cast to this earth in the first place for his rebellion, and he continues to accomplish this in and through the church.

Who with eyes wide open can say with honesty that Yahshua is the functioning head of the church? If one says this, then this is truly an indictment against Yahshua; for as head, this would mean that He is personally responsible for all the corruption that is in the church. Remember, physical law dictates that the body only does that which the head dictates; and looking at the actions of the body of Christ, how can one even hint that all of this corruption that is in the church is the result of Yahshua as head? Yahshua is not the head of the body of Christ, for He has been separated from the body and replaced by the usurper, Satan.

And in keeping with their father, Satan, Christians, like the Pharisees, equally do the will of their father. I have had several bad experiences where the intentions of Christians are to do the will of their father and remove the head from the body in my family. "Mavis (my wife's name), you and the children can come over; but we do not want Gary to come." These are "sweet" model Christians who have done this. But in doing the will of their father, they seek to separate the head of this family from the family, the body. And this is precisely that which those Christians did of whom Rebekah sought counsel. In doing the deeds of their father, they too separated the head from his body, his daughter.

In fact, most interestingly, when this statement was spoken to Mavis by a family, it was precisely at that time that Yahweh showed me the head of Satan in Africa. (Click here to see the picture in The Signs That Cause Belief.) And, it was this stark testimony of Satan that caused my oldest daughter, Christi, who was being drawn to that family at the time, to see that what they were doing was wrong. In fact, when I showed her that picture of Satan, I never had to discuss this issue with her any further. The source of their actions were evident. I, as her father, was MUCH relieved for this.

And this rebellious act happens all the time in the church. Either by defection to the destructive feminine spirit of "mercy," or by direct action of undercutting parents, or by the false teaching that once a child gets to some obscure age they do not have to obey and honor (the two are inseparable) their father and mother any more. This teaching of their father is one I heard all the time, to which I generally responded that at the age of thirty-three, the Son of God certainly did not try to overturn that command. Constantly in kingdom John, we read that the Son of God only did the will of His Father!

Likewise, Isaac was thirty-seven when Abraham bound him and laid him on the altar and stretched out his hand against him; yet at thirty-seven this son did not fight or resist his father. Hear the intimate words of a son who truly honored his father in both words and actions, even at thirty-seven, and a father who truly loved his son and entrusted him to Yahweh, even as he raised his hand against him. Isaac asked - "'My father!' And he (Abraham) said, 'Here I am, my son.' And he (Isaac) said, 'Behold, the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?' And Abraham said, 'God will provide for Himself the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.' So the two of them walked on together." Isaac was a willing and trusting sacrifice who was to be offered to Yahweh, because he, even at the age of thirty-seven, honored and obeyed his father, even to the point of death. This is the relationship that truly allows a father and his son or daughter to "walk on together."

If Isaac at the age of thirty-seven did the will of his father, even in the face of death, and if the Son of God at the age of thirty-three did only the will of His Father, even unto death, should it not be good enough for our children as well to obey their fathers, even to the death of their own wills? The problem today in the church is that they would rather obey the teachings of the god of this world who hates that command and does all he can to usurp it. He does not want a son or daughter to obey their father; he already knows what that can lead to. He knows that if he can get the church to follow him in this, then he can corrupt the kingdom. And this he has done, evidenced not only by that which Christians did to my daughter, but by many such equal examples of teachings and attitudes about being independent. Christians have been far more concerned about teaching their children how to gain the world, than how to gain an identity with the Son of God by doing the will of their earthly father.

"Oh, children need to learn to be independent in this world," so they say. But where is that in the teachings of Yahweh? It is not there! His teachings and ways are clearly divine order and submission. The father is the head of the home (1 Corinthians 11:3). The wife is to submit to him "in everything" (Ephesians 5:22-24, Colossians 3:18, 1 Peter 3:1). And the children are to obey their parents "in all things" (Ephesians 6:1, Colossians 3:20). But the church under the headship of Satan teaches otherwise by their words and their actions, bringing strange fire into Yahweh's temple, for which Yahweh Father will judge them.

This is a shocking and highly destructive thing that Satan-inspired man, even kingdom man, encourages. At the most vulnerable time in a child's life when hormones are racing through their veins and the spirit of rebellion is entering into their lives, when of all times they need most a wiser counselor to help and guide them, the world and worldly Christians are teaching that these vulnerable young adults need to learn to be independent! Have they not read the instruction and warning of Ecclesiastes 11:9? "Rejoice, young man, during your childhood, and let your heart be pleasant during the days of young manhood. And follow the impulses of your heart and the desires of your eyes. Yet know that God will bring you to judgment for all these things." Just when our youth need wise counsel and instruction like this, the world abandons them to this idea of learning independence. This is the teaching of the god of this world, the god of rebellion, but he just calls it being "independent."

No, people do not like a Joab. Those who espouse "independence" like to, once again, distract from the truth and attempt to tear them down by labeling them as a "dictator," as I was called by that family. But even as David learned, you cannot get rid of Joabs in the long run. They are Yahweh Father's divine government and order, and they are granted His authority, which He upholds.

When Joab found out what mercy David did, once again his just Yahweh Father actions had to correct the destructive problem. Here again through David's mercy we see the attempt of Satan: to justify rebellion, even under the guise of "good intentions." These Christians who both encouraged and supported Rebekah's rebellion had "good intentions," but their actions must equally be overturned by Yahweh Father.

As David's newly established commander, Amasa was immediately sent out to stop the rebellion of another man named Sheba. The name "Sheba" is actually the number "seven," and seven is the mark of the beast on the church. (Read "The Mark of the Beast" in The Issue - II.) Sheba was from Bichri, which has an equally applicable and relevant meaning of - "youth." At what period does one generally enter into rebellion, but in one's youth? At what point did the mark of the beast come on the church, but in its youth? So let us think about this. Here is a man who rebelled against the king, and now he is going to be sent out to put down another rebellion by a man whose name is the mark of the beast and is from a place of youth? That is like asking the fox to guard the hen house! It is also like asking Christians to solve the problems of the kingdom! Hello? How can Christians ever solve those problems when, while continually doing the will of their father, they are the problem?

There is only one who can remove the mark of the beast. Feminine mercy has placed that mark on the body, letting Satan have his way, and only the just judgment of Yahweh Father can remove it and stop its rebellious actions.

David directed his new commander, Amasa - "Call out the men of Judah for me within three days, and be present here yourself." That was a simple order, but mercy-installed Amasa could not carry it out. At the end of three days, Amasa did not show up. David knew he was in trouble, assured that mark-of-the-beast Sheba would now do more harm than Absalom. Joab was therefore sent out to solve the problem, and when he came across lingering Amasa, Yahweh Father carried out the much needed correction and Joab killed him. Yahweh Father's just and much needed judgment was once again carried out by His Father representative, Joab.

From there Joab went and found Sheba, and as is fitting to the testimony of the Remnant Bride, the head of mark-of-the-beast Christianity Sheba was delivered to Joab by "a wise woman." The city of Abel Beth-maacah (or, "meadow of the house of oppression," or the house of Christianity that is oppressed by Satan) was spared from Joab's destruction by this Remnant-Bride-representing wise woman.

We have been discussing this matter of Satan being the head of the body of Christ, and some people find this very offensive and hard to accept. Many reject it outright. But for your benefit, let us look further at this.

In the beginning, Yahshua was the head of the church. He was personally here with the first Remnant and led and taught the church. But if you have read Coverings, you know that if Yahweh is going to judge something or someone, He must first remove the second covering and then carry out His judgment. This is precisely what He did to the church.

This matter of the covering of the church is really two stories that occur at the same time, both being applicable. Let us see what we mean by this. On the one hand the covering of Yahshua was removed when the first Remnant "little sister" (Song of Solomon 8:8-9) was not the door and could not bring about the return of Yahshua; that door was barricaded with cedar. Thus with Yahshua not returning, the covering He afforded by His presence on this earth was removed. This was evidenced by the first Remnant equally being removed. Stephen was stoned, persecution began (testifying to that which Satan would do for 3,000 years if given the full period - he would destroy the kingdom), they ceased holding all things in common (the covering of the Remnant), and were run out of Jerusalem (or, the pure kingdom) in more ways than one and were dispersed. Yahweh thus removed the covering and judged the church for their ill actions.

But as we learn in Coverings, Yahweh having now removed the covering and carrying out judgment, must next place upon the church a substitutionary covering in order to stop any further judgment (which the absence of a covering demands). But a substitutionary covering is not permanent, only temporary. Clothing on our bodies is not supposed to be a permanent covering, but is a temporary substitutionary covering that is placed there until the original covering of Yahweh's glory can be restored. Likewise, the ozone layer is only a substitutionary covering until the curse on the earth can be removed and the firmament can be restored. The different colored cloths were only temporary coverings over the furniture and utensils until the tent was restored. And the atonement money was a temporary covering until the cloud could be restored. So since the original covering over the church has been removed via the putting away of the first Remnant and departure of Yahshua, what will be and has been the temporary substitutionary covering over the church for the last 2,000 years? The obvious answer - the "anointed cherub who covers," the "covering cherub," the king of Tyre/this world, Satan (Ezekiel 28:11f). There is no mistake to this; Satan is the substitutionary covering of the church.

But in all of this, Yahweh actually plans good. First, for one who comes out of Christianity into the Remnant Bride, this is most important to know, for it helps them to know the vital necessity of coming out of Satan-headed Christianity. But furthermore, this is even good for Christianity in the long run. This may sound strange, but Satan being the head of Christianity actually works for their good, even as promised in Romans 8:28. Let us see why.

First, if Satan was not the substitutionary covering over the body of Christ, then Yahweh would be carrying out great wrath on it. As a covering, even if it is Satan, this still averts the wrath of Yahweh. Furthermore, with Satan as the head of Christianity, in order for Yahweh to deal with the church for their corruption, all He has to do is to remove or carry out His actions against the head! This is seen in the example of Babylon, which is a type of mystery Babylon Christianity. Yahweh declared that He would utterly destroy Babylon and all of its inhabitants, but in fact when the Medes came to carry out the prophesied destruction, the only one to lose his life was the head - Belshazzar. Equally, when Yahshua comes to judge mystery Babylon Christianity, all He now has to do is likewise kill the head - Belshazzar Satan! Thus, since Satan has been the head of Christianity, this actually works for their protection, for it is the head who will take the death blow for the body, Satan thus becoming precisely that which Yahshua, the original covering, was - the savior of the body by giving up his life!

This is an incredible thing that Satan, actually by taking the position as head in place of Yahshua, is thus obligated to die for the body, even as the One whom he replaced had to die for the body. Not only does Yahshua take up His cross and die for the body, insomuch that this was the judgment that Satan effected upon Yahshua, Satan must do likewise (albeit not of his own will). "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap" (Galatians 6:7). Thus, even as Satan judged the Son of God unto death, which was in fact for the sake of the body, so he too must be judged unto death for the sake of the body - "in the way you judge, you will be judged" (Matthew 7:2). Thus we see that in truth Satan himself as the substitutionary covering becomes the Belshazzar savior of mystery Babylon.

And might we add here in wisdom, if Satan being evil steps into the place of Yahshua and must die for the sake of others, how much more should we (who are evil as well) who desire to be used of Yahshua, equally die for the sake of others?

What then will be the outcome for the body of Christ or Christianity once the substitutionary covering of Satan is removed? Yahweh must then restore the original covering which is the presence of Yahshua on this earth, along with the completed Remnant (the covering Bride, the new thing of the woman encompassing the man, even the two cherubim who cover). Thus it is that the original head or covering of the church will be restored.

So we see in this account that Yahweh Father must kill the rebellion of Amasa Christianity and remove the mark of the beast off the church. Likewise we see that Christianity cannot accomplish this, any more than rebellious Amasa could do so at the appointed time. David gave Amasa three days to get his forces together, but Amasa failed to do so. Equally, in fulfillment of this prophecy, if Yahweh gave the church their entire three days, or 3,000 years, as we see here, they too would fail to fulfill their "David" expectation. Thus, though Yahshua purchased the right for the church to have 3,000 years, those days must be cut short and Yahshua Himself must complete that which kingdom man has thus far failed to accomplish as a rebellious and ill chosen Amasa.


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