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Rob and Holly

This writer has stated before that what is written here is a product of the set-apart Spirit coming upon me in June, 1994. At that time I shared with a few others what I had been shown, and in time received many most disappointing responses. One couple I shared with was particularly meaningful to me for a number of reasons, which I cannot go into here. As I shared with them about this covering of the bride - selling all and holding all things in common - they related to this entirely in a most unusual and confirming way.

Prior to this visit, the husband, Rob, had been very successful in real estate. He had been a partner in a very large real estate company, owned shopping centers in Dallas, had his own exotic game ranch, ranch house, and stables in Texas, and a big home in Dallas, filled with fine furniture they had bought while visiting other countries. Then the real estate crash came and financially wiped him out, along with many others. To try to survive the crash, Rob eventually had to sell his home (or it was to be repossessed). It was, needless to say, a very hard time for them.

Rob and Holly shared with my wife and I a most unique experience relative to what I had shared regarding "selling all." They told how a man had come to their home to look at it, and upon examining it declared to them that he wanted to buy it. He gave them his offer, then he added - "I want the home and everything in it, totally."

Rob and Holly assumed that he meant the home and furnishings; but no, he meant that he wanted everything - the furnishings, the pictures, family heirlooms, wedding presents, a valuable book collection, appliances, truly everything! He wanted all the items that could never be replaced, items that had been handed down for four and five generations. The only things they were to be allowed to keep were their clothes and a crystal set and a china set (both of which were replaceable).

They did not know what to think. Obviously, this was a most unusual request. They had things in that home that personally meant a great deal to them - photos, gifts, family collections; but he wanted everything and offered them one price for it!

Rob and Holly were in a very tight spot. They had to sell, or the bank would repossess. There were no other offers but this one. But, they had affection for so many items in their home.

Over and over they wrestled with their decision; struggling with parting with everything. Finally they came through and decided they would give it all up. Oh what a hard choice it was, but it was settled within them and they called the man. They told him that he could have it all at the price he offered, and he said - "No, I change my mind; I don't want it." That was it.

When I told them the Remnant must sell all, they understood what this decision could mean, for they had gone through it already. I will never forget Holly's cry to us on that clear moon-lit night in Texas as Rob and she left the ranch house we had built for women and children. As they drove away, she rolled down her window and hollered out - "Full moon, full light!"

I believe that, and the reason this is shared with you here is (1) because this couple's experience, who are so very dear to us in many ways, was an affirmation of what the set-apart Spirit had already shown me, and (2) to give you the sense of what His Spirit is asking of us - give up everything, your home, your business, your car(s), your possessions, your keepsakes, everything! Everything you have must become "devoted" if you wish to be a part of Yahweh's first fruits. The decision Rob and Holly had to make, is the decision you must now make.


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