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Another outstanding and MOST revealing witness to what we see here regarding the "new thing" Yahweh will do, is evidenced in the conjugal relation of a man and a woman. I will seek to be very discreet here, but the mere venturing into this requires some somewhat explicit description.

Yahweh is the one who created procreation, as well as all the human organs involved. And as with all of Yahweh's creation, He did so with divine and highly prophetic purposes (as is true with every element of the entire human body). Keep in mind that these earthly bodies are mere patterns for that which will be - the physical preceding and foreshadowing the spiritual. Thus, when Yahweh designed the man's reproductive organs and the woman's reproductive organs, every part of them, as well as the experience and sequence of that reproductive process, speaks great prophetic truth. It is in this process of procreation that we see a most revealing testimony to the covering provided by the bride for the masculine body of Christ.

Before a man is circumcised, Yahweh has so designed him that in his reproductive capabilities, his "head" is covered. There is a fleshly covering over the head of a man's reproductive organ that is present according to the order and testimony afforded in 1 Corinthians 11.

The "head" of an uncircumcised man is covered by a covering of flesh until he is aroused to have relations with his wife. If you read the book titled Coverings, you will understand that this issue of coverings is CRITICALLY important! As we find explained in that writing, the removal of a covering demands judgment! Thus, when the man is aroused for reproductive purposes, his "head" becomes uncovered, and judgment must come unless a substitutionary covering is placed upon the uncovered "head." (You must read Coverings to understand the thorough validity of this.)

What is this substitutionary covering that must be placed over the "head" of the uncovered man? Of course it is the woman, his bride. Thus, even as written in Jeremiah 31:22, the woman performs the "new thing." By Yahweh's prophetic design, the uncovered "head" of the man enters the woman and she literally fulfills Jeremiah 31:22 and thoroughly encompasses the man. By this act, the man is then under a substitutionary covering, averting Yahweh's wrath, until such time that the man can restore Yahweh's original flesh covering over him.

This entire issue of having offspring takes place with one great vision - the ultimate bringing forth of spiritual offspring into immortality. And we are not talking about being "born again," in the sense that Christians think of this. No, the true "born from above" experience we need, and what Yahshua was truly talking of, is to be born into immortal incorruptible bodies. This is the sole great need of man!

So when the woman encompasses the uncircumcised man, becoming his temporary substitutionary covering, what is this speaking of in the higher fulfillment? It is the bride that enters into immortality first. The bride is the first resurrection into immortality. And like the testimony of the uncircumcised male, the body of Christ will remain in the flesh until it too later enters into immortality. Thus, from a spiritual standpoint, when the glorified Remnant bride labors on this earth with the still fleshly body of Christ to bring forth offspring, the glorified bride becomes the covering of the body. Then the promise of the woman encompassing the man will be fulfilled at the highest possible level.

So what about the body that remains in the flesh? The body must be circumcised in/of their flesh. It is no coincidence that the foreskin of a male is often simply called "the flesh." Why? Because it is the flesh that earthly man needs to put off, to have circumcised. When the body of Christ enters into immortality with the bride, they will be circumcised of their flesh. Thus, instead of having the flesh as their covering, or even the bride as a substitutionary covering, we know from 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 that Yahshua becomes their permanent covering. For now, while Christians remain in their earthly bodies, their covering remains the flesh. That flesh must be circumcised and they must receive new immortal incorruptible bodies.

So we see once again the remarkable testimony that until the body of Christ can be circumcised of their fleshly bodies, it is the bride work that must first ascend alive into heaven to receive incorruptible bodies and become the substitutionary covering of the uncircumcised masculine body.

Much more could be elaborated on here. For example, the spear is also a male type of implement with its equal shaft and head. Can a man bear offspring? Obviously not! The man is NOT equipped for this process. And the problem with Yahweh's kingdom thus far is that it is a masculine body! So how can He get offspring into immortality from a male body? There is only one way. The woman is equipped with a slit in her body that is designed to accommodate natural birth. Not so for the male. If there is to be any offspring from the body of a male, then he too must have a slit placed in him. Thus, in order for Yahshua to facilitate and foreshadow this spiritual reproductive process, He too as a male had to have a slit placed in Him - at the cross!

This was the identical problem that existed with Adam. It was not good for the man to be alone, so how could Yahweh get an offspring from him? Yahweh had to put Adam to sleep, place a feminine slit in his side, take out a rib, close his side, and from the rib fashion a bride. Of course this is a totally unnatural process for the man, but totally necessary in order to make it possible for ongoing natural procreation to take place. Yahweh first had to personally perform something completely unnatural, in order for the natural to continue. He had to create the equipped woman - the bride work!

Also, it is most important to note that Yahweh would have to fashion a mature bride for the man; for not only did Adam lack the ability to naturally bring forth any offspring, but he could not feed it as well - he had no breasts to provide it milk! Thus, Yahweh would have to perform a completely mature work.

With His own body, Yahshua showed forth what would have to take place in His spiritual body, the body of Christ. And even as Adam did not possess the ability to bring forth offspring, so the body of Christ does not possess the ability to bring forth Yahweh's desired immortal offspring. So what must take place? Let us look to the cross and see.

As with Yahshua, the body of Christ is put to sleep and the masculine spear enters the side, foreshadowing a reproductive process. The feminine childbearing slit is made in the side and the beginnings of an unnatural procreation process begins. Blood and water came from Yahshua's side. Why? These are the two elements associated specifically with women. From the woman's reproductive opening comes forth blood and water. This is not true with the man. While water comes forth from a man, blood is unnatural and indicates that something is frightfully wrong. This is not true with the woman. Blood from her is an indication of the renewed ability to bring forth offspring/life. So when blood and water came from the pierced side of Yahshua, it clearly spoke of bringing forth the woman, the bride.

In order for the body of Christ to produce offspring to immortality, it has been put to sleep over the last 2,000 years (Christians have all had to die and are sleeping); and now at the close of its allotted time, its side has been pierced, a rib has been taken out, the side has been closed, and a bride is being fashioned. This piercing took place in Passover, May, 2000, and every indication is that the side of the body was closed in Passover, May, 2001. This means that the next two years will afford the fashioning of the bride. (See the writings titled, "May Passover, 2001, Report," and, "Three More Witnesses," for evidence regarding this.)

As further testimony regarding what is now taking place, the man writing these truths was given the name "Gary" by his parents. "Gary" means "sharp spear," and this man is the sharp spear that pierces the side of the body of Christ in order for this bride to come forth.

Let us digress on this somewhat. As has been said, the spear is definitely masculine with its head and shaft. Of course with the normal insertion of the male organ into the slit of the woman, that process introduces seed that results in the outbirth of the child. The process is - the "head" enters the slit, the seed is implanted, the seed unites with the living egg, maturation occurs, and the outcome is the birth of life. So when the "Gary," the sharp spear, is inserted into the body of Christ, what do we have taking place? The same process; yet because of the limitations of the masculine body, they are slightly modified.

With "Gary's" insertion into the body of Christ, his head introduces something that in time brings forth life from the body. What is it? It is the seed of TRUTH! Truth enters into the body of Christ, and out comes a bride!

Yahshua declared - "The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head" (Matthew 8:20 and Luke 9:58). When Yahshua said this, He was not talking about His lack for a residence, any more than He was talking about the literal temple when He said He would tear it down. The lack of a place for Yahshua to lay His head was His way of saying that there was no one who could receive the truth which He possessed in His head - "the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head."

But this is now changing! The Remnant bride is now receiving His head, and He is imparting to us truths that have never been shared before by Yahweh. Thus, when the "Gary," the "sharp spear," is being inserted into the body of Christ, what is it that is imparted from his head? Those truths that Yahshua began placing there since 1994 when the Spirit of Yahweh hovered over him as He did with Mary. What qualified Gary to receive this? Nothing, in that he is totally unworthy and best qualifies according to 1 Corinthians 1:26-31 - "God has chosen the foolish ... the weak ... the base ...that no man should boast before God."

What again is the outcome of this head inserted into the body? The same as occurred in the side of the first Adam, as well as in the last Adam - a bride comes out! Now very importantly, note from Adam that this bride is not developed inside the body. While the bride may have had its initial development in the body as a rib, it cannot stay in the body for its complete development. This necessary separate development is further attested in that neither did Yahweh take out a rib and create a baby for Adam to nurture to maturity. No, Adam was not equipped with the abilities to nurture and feed a baby, so Yahweh had to personally develop this new creation to its full maturity before awaking Adam.

In like manner, the rib that comes out of the body of Christ will not and cannot be nurtured or even fed by the body of Christ in its development. The bride must be a work that is developed entirely separate from the teachings or influence of Christianity. Though it may have come out of Christianity, its development must be a totally separate work, not under the influence or input of Christianity. As it is equally written in Revelation 18:4-5: - "Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive her plagues; for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities."

Only after this fully developed bride is complete, will Christianity wake up from its sleep to behold what Yahweh has done for it. Like sleeping Adam, the overwhelmingly vast majority of Christians are asleep in the grave. They do not know that right now, in our time, a bride is being formed. (Even the vast majority of Christians alive now do not know about this work.) Some day all Christians will be brought back into their earthly bodies, and when they awake from their sleep, BEHOLD!, they will see an immortal bride standing before them - the glorified Remnant!

Sleep has a way of bringing healing to the earthly body. When one is sick, they go to sleep in order to overcome the illness, and to escape the discomfort. Like the disciple's response to Yahshua when He told them that Lazarus had "fallen asleep," so it is often true - "Lord, if he has fallen asleep, he will recover" (John 11:12). This is why the body of Christ has fallen asleep for 2,000 years - in the hopes that they will recover from the affliction of the flesh and Satan. Christians have fallen asleep for 2,000 years, and in their sleep, Yahweh will perform a work of healing for them - Satan will be bound and the tree of life Remnant work will be brought forth that brings healing to ALL men. This is of course the Eve bride, whose name, once again, means "life." Christians will receive life by being put to sleep. They are the Adam who was put to sleep in order to get Eve, or the Abram who went to sleep while Yahweh carried out His word and fulfilled the covenant. They are the three disciples who slept on the mount of transfiguration while the two-part Moses and Elijah Remnant were glorified with Yahshua. Christianity sleeps for 2,000 years so that they "will recover."

One of the strengthening and assuring aspects of all that is presented in these teachings, is the consistency of what is being found. For example, we see here that the flesh of the man, his earthly body, is his first covering (attested by "the flesh" foreskin as well). We are also seeing that Satan is the first covering over the body of Christ. Thus, one wonders if there is any correlation between Satan and the flesh? Absolutely!

It has been pointed out in the writing, The Signs That Cause Belief, that the natural uniting of the sperm of the man and the egg of the woman to produce earthly offspring, is nothing less than the picture of Satan being cast down to the earth. Satan is identified with the serpent, and the male sperm is clearly fashioned in the form of a serpent. Likewise, the egg clearly has all the appearance of the round earth.

In Revelations 12:9, we read that Satan, "the serpent of old," was "thrown down to the earth." And we see precisely the same thing pictured in fertilization - the serpent-appearing sperm is "thrown down" to the earth-appearing egg. So what is the outcome of the serpent sperm and earth egg? Earthly flesh is produced, which the Scriptures clearly tell us is "hostile toward God" and "cannot please God" (Romans 8:7-8), produces all kinds of ill deeds (Galatians 5:19-21), is full of evil lusts (Romans 13:14) and corrupt desires (2 Peter 2:10), opposes and sets its desire against the Spirit (Galatians 5:17), is wretched and follows the law of sin (Romans 7:24-25), and the heinous list of ill products goes on! Notice that everyone of these qualities of the flesh are equally descriptive of Satan! Thus, Satan and the flesh are one in nature!

Is it no surprise then that this flesh that is so resistant to God as to possess his very nature, is given to us by the serpent sperm being thrown down to the earth egg? And is it no surprise that the "head" of the man is first covered by "the flesh," and that first covering is intrinsically representative of the first covering of Satan, which is replaced by the substitutionary covering of the woman, who is prophetic of the bride? Oh how marvelous and consistent are Yahweh's ways and His testimonies!!!

In closing this section, of course the bride is not exempt from the need for a substitutionary covering herself, either naturally or spiritually. For the woman, her own literal head is to be covered by a substitutionary covering when she comes out from her covering (her husband) and goes to Yahweh either in prayer or prophecy. This process is likewise prophetic, and speaks of the need for the bride of Yahshua to have a substitutionary covering while she comes out of the body of Christ. This specific and highly important covering is addressed in a series of writings under the heading, "The Covering For The Bride Of Yahshua."


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