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We have departed from the titled purpose of this writing of revealing the prophetic testimony of the raven. But in doing so, we were able to look further at this entire process of a bride coming out of the body of Christ, and how this provides a covering for the body. Having presented some most revealing information which Yahweh has graced upon His bride in preparation for Yahshua's return, let us now return to the original question raised at the opening of this writing - Why did Yahweh send Louie to my wife-to-be's home to call out to her at her bedroom window? We now have enough information to answer this.

We have seen that the raven is prophetic of Satan. We have also seen that Satan is the first covering over the body of Christ, and is replaced by the covering of the two-part bride. With this information, we can see what Yahweh was witnessing by sending Louie over to my future bride's bedroom window. My wife-to-be represented the bride of Yahshua, and Louie flying to her identified the certain relationship between Satan and the bride. When I arrived, I gave Louie three chances to come to me. But like the raven of Noah's day, he would not cooperate. Equally, the church would be under Satan for 3,000 years if Yahweh gave it its full tenure. But instead, Yahweh is cutting their time short to 2,000 years, will displace Satan, and replace him with the two-part bride. Thus, when Louie would not come to me, I left him for my bride-to-be.

This is the amazing testimony Yahweh provided in this miracle of Louie flying to my future wife's home and calling to her. The bride will replace Satan in his covering role.

In closing this writing, let me briefly tell you just a few other revealing stories about these ravens. I am sure there are many more prophetic witnesses, but I will just mention a few that are most telling.

Not only did Louie bear testimony to Satan, but equally did George. George was a female, and she was extremely jealous of my wife-to-be, whose name is Mavis, meaning "song bird." In fact, George was so jealous of her that she would fly down out of the sky and pluck at her hair. If George was in her cage and Mavis came out, she would feverishly try to get out to attack her. Of course this very much scared Mavis, who for this reason had nothing to do with George.

But George not only despised Mavis, she equally despised my firstborn child, Christi. She was never aggressive towards any of my other children, but at every opportunity would seek to afflict Christi in any way she could, which of course made Christi very afraid of her also.

Prophetically, this is the relationship of Satan and the Remnant bride. Satan is very jealous of the Remnant and would love to pluck out her glory, her hair. Satan, like George, is jealous because his place is being threatened by the Remnant. He killed the firstborn first Remnant, and would love to kill the second Remnant as well; but will not be able to. Their victory, their choice, is certain! The Remnant bride will prevail, even as I went away with Mavis and not Louie.

Another remarkably evident testimony has to do with Yahweh's timing. This writer does not yet fully understand the meaning of the number 3 1/2. This is the number of years of Yahshua's ministry. And it cannot be coincidental that on one occasion, George was gone for 3 1/2 months, then came back home (someone had captured her). And on another occasion, my brother accidentally let her out and she was gone for 3 1/2 days. Definitely, the number 3 1/2 was testified to by Yahweh through this raven.

Another interesting fact had to do with her death. George was a very special pet to me. I had her for twenty-two years, and as far as she was concerned, I was her mate. When I married Mavis, I gave George to a neighbor; but because she loved me so much, out of grief she quit eating. I went to visit her one day, and she was so weak from lack of nourishment that she could not even sit on my arm. Immediately, Mavis and I moved out of campus housing and into a duplex where I built her a cage. Her strength returned and I had her for many more years. Every time we made moves after that, I would move George with us, along with her big outside cage.

George was so faithful and loving to me that often I prayed that when she died, she would go peacefully, and in the end she did. She had lived twice her expected life span in the wild, and one day became too weak to fly or even sit on a perch. One morning shortly thereafter I found her peacefully lying in the bottom of her cage, permanently sleeping. When I buried her, I thought I could be mature about her loss, and be grateful for the twenty-two years I had her. I wrapped her sweet body in one of my favorite shirts and we laid her in the ground; but even with the decision to be mature about this, we all cried like babies.

George's death was most interesting though, and still I do not fully understand its significance. Two weeks and two days before George died, our fourth child, Katheryn, was born. Then two weeks and two days after George died, my mother-in-law, Mary Katheryn, died. The timing of that has always puzzled me; and given the highly prophetic nature of these ravens, I know it bears meaning. Prophetically, Katheryn is the first of our two second-Remnant-testifying girls. Mavis and I have five children. Testifying in many ways of the first Remnant, we have two older girls, followed by a masculine body-of-Christ-testifying boy, concluded by our two second-Remnant-testifying younger girls. Like the second bird in Leviticus 14, Katheryn was "dipped in blood" at her birth. Mavis had partial placenta praevia, where the placenta was partially in the birth canal, which made Katheryn come out with blood all over her. Evidently her birth as a second Remnant witness who defeats Satan by overcoming death relates to George's death two weeks and two days later, and possibly Mary Katheryn's death two weeks and two days after George's death speaks of the first Remnant who had to die. May Yahweh give us insight.

And even as Mavis and I have five children, all in all I raised five ravens over twenty-four years. First there was Edgar Allen Poe (a name that needs no explanation). I hand fed him in the beginning due to his very young age. Then came George. Next was Louie. Then one day a young raven flew to my house. I went up on the housetop and simply went over and picked him up, took him to the cage, and he stayed around as well. Then later, to try to have another mate for George, I bought Sam. But George would attack him; for as far as she was concerned, she already had a mate - me! In the end till her death, I only had George, the dearest of pets.

Why did I have five ravens? Remember, I would have only had four if that young one had not flown to my house and stayed there. The answer - because five is the number of the Remnant; and the Remnant will replace the covering role of Satan over the body of Christ. Five is the same number of children Yahweh has given to us. And five is the number of girls we took in at the ranch we built for abandoned women and children, just before the Spirit came upon me in June, 1994. 

May Yahweh be glorified in these most unusual testimonies.


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