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Dear Remnant Bride,

Just a note to let you know that there will soon be a new writing coming out, and also to add a bit of Election 2000 information that cannot be overlooked, which significantly relates to the new writing.

The writing will be on the subject of communion. For almost twenty years I have said there is something to communion that is VERY important and is not understood. I have sought to understand it all these years, but knew I had never discovered it. Just recently I told my family that I would not take communion until I understood it. Little did I know that in less than 24 hours, everything I needed to know and had longed to understand for almost twenty years, became wonderfully clear! The long hunger I had for understanding, and His provision at this highly important time, is very exciting to me! While I cannot go into everything here, let us look at one item that relates directly to our recent Presidents and the election battle taking place right now.

We have seen case after case after case after case of prophetic representations in these recent elections: the "Bush -> two term Clinton -> Bush/Gore battle" prophetic picture of the first Remnant -> Christianity -> second Remnant/Satan battle for the kingdom of God. The writing that will come out soon addresses, for one thing, the leavened teachings of Christianity that have corrupted the kingdom. This mixing of the evil with the good is seen in the wilderness where the sons of Israel, though initially having the the pure bread or manna from heaven, wanted flesh to eat. Doesn't this sound uncomfortably familiar? When man is given the pure word of Yahweh, what does he long for instead? The food of the flesh.

So at their request, even as the church has desired, Yahweh sent the sons of Israel more flesh than they could ever eat. A wind came out from the sea (which speaks of death) and tons of quail came descending on the camp until they piled up "two cubits deep"! Thus there was a mixed diet in the camp - the manna from heaven, and the quail from the sea of death.

What happened when the sons of Israel ate the quail? We read - "While the meat was still between the teeth, before it was chewed, the anger of Yahweh was kindled against the people, and Yahweh struck the people with a very severe plague" (Numbers 11:33). Let's get straight to the point.

Yahweh gave His pure word to His disciples via His Son, the true manna from heaven. Did they want His word only? No! There is absolutely no doubt that as soon as Yahshua was taken up, they were hungry for the flesh. They wanted quail! They were hungry for the flesh even before this. How many times did Yahshua have to rebuke His disciples for wanting fleshly results, fleshly ideas, and fleshly positions in His kingdom? MANY TIMES! So what makes one think that when Yahshua departed, it would be any different? Even the set-apart Spirit battles with the flesh; and unfortunately, the flesh most frequently wins!

So what we find in the wilderness is once again an exact representation of what has taken place in the church. The church was given the manna from heaven, Yahshua, but they wanted flesh. So, Yahweh gave them what they wanted; but while the meat was still between their teeth, before it was even chewed, Yahweh struck the church with a severe plague - death!

Restating this more explicitly, even while the first Remnant was just getting started, when the teachings of the flesh in the church had not yet even been chewed, it was still between their teeth and had hardly entered their mouth, Yahweh smote them with a curse - Stephen was stoned, the first Remnant was disbursed, and leavened Christianity with its inhabiting serpent began. How much flesh then did the church get? Plenty! Enough to last them their entire tenure - "two cubits deep," or Christianity's 2,000 years of flesh!

So from where came the curse to the church? It came even from the first Remnant, while the flesh was "still between the teeth," or just entering the mouth. (Likewise, the bride ate the forbidden fruit and then gave it to the masculine body of Christ.) Where were the quail introduced, and what was their outcome? They were introduced in the first Remnant, and the outcome was judgment.

In the last e-mail we saw the great significance that James Baker has held as the first Remnant in this Election 2000 battle. Of course elder George Bush has the distinct prophetic significance of equally occupying that place - the first Bush, separated from the second Bush by two-term Clinton Christianity. But as we see from the Scriptures and note from history, George Bush had a problem that caused a curse - he desired his own quail, that is Dan Quayle, who was a political liability that contributed to Bush's presidential demise.

Quayle was Yahweh's prophetic testimony to the identical witness He performed in the wilderness - eating the quail and being judged. So, what is the meaning of Dan Quayle's first name, Dan? It comes from the tribe of Dan and means, "judge or judgment." So, in his name we have - "judgment quail." And that is precisely what there was in the wilderness - judgment quail; and that is precisely what took place in the church at its first Remnant beginning - judgment quail; and as we see here, that is precisely what is testified in first Remnant George Bush's administration - Dan Quayle. Truly, "there is nothing new under the sun," absolutely nothing!

So where are we now in the new developments of this highly prophetic and intercessoral Election 2000? Second Remnant Bush has won the very important battle for the chad/Chad, insuring Satan Gore's death. Even still, Gore heavily contests this, seeking victory in his best possible place - the mark of the beast seven member State Supreme Court. However, what might we expect? The battle for the chad/Chad is won; all that seems to be left in order for this pattern to be conclusively settled is to remove that mark of the beast; and this may well be done very soon with a quick decision rendered by the nine member Federal Supreme Court. From there, Bush's victory is imminent; and whatever the nature of the course of events that follow, one thing is most certain - second Remnant Bush's victory will be sudden!

We will watch with great interest. Yahweh's perfect prophetic pattern continues.





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