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Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

There are two new writings on The first is a continuation in our examination of the elections here in America. The second is an examination of the matter of communion. Let us address the election momentarily before telling about these two new writings.

While our nation remains embroiled in the conflict for the Presidency, what no one realizes is that this whole process is progressing entirely according to Yahweh's perfect intercessoral and prophetic plan. The names of people, their positions, and numbers, all tell the story of what Yahweh is performing in His higher kingdom, giving us much needed insight, as well as bearing witness that what He is performing concerning the two-part Remnant, Christianity, and the kingdom as presented in these writings, is undeniably true.

On Monday, December 4, the nine member United States Supreme Court took a bold step toward the removal of the seven member State Supreme Court's mark of the beast off Katherine Harris and Bush's election. We pointed out in the e-mail on the battle for the chad/Chad, found at , that fulfillment of Yahweh's prophetic pattern would seemingly lead to the removal of this mark of the beast "seven" by the greater "nine," or judgment.

Furthermore, as this political process unfolds, on the same day substantial victory was gained by Bush in the battle for the chad/Chad, which is the other thing we have said would need to take place. Bush must win the chad/Chad, the foretelling second-blow death to Satan. Judge Sauls' court decision on Monday was yet another decisive blow to Gore towards this purpose.

The name "Saul" or "Sauls," as we find with this judge, is a MOST significant prophetic name. King Saul is clearly a prophetic picture of Christianity. King Saul was looking for his father's donkeys (Pentecost), was made King during Pentecost, prophesied as they did on the day of Pentecost, and was given two loaves of bread as offered on Pentecost (1 Samuel 10) - all of these being clear witnesses to Pentecost Christianity. Furthermore, Saul was not faithful as king, lost his rights to the kingdom, an evil spirit tormented him, and in the end his fate was sealed be falling on his own sword. These are all representative of Christianity's plight. And establishing this identity even further, "Saul" was the name of Christianity's chief teacher, later changed to "Paul," which means "little;" likewise, Saul was "little" in his own eyes (1 Samuel 15:17).

"Saul" means "desired or asked," and Saul was made king because the people desired and asked for a king PREMATURELY (1 Samuel 18). Likewise, Christianity is the "Saul" work that seeks to reign prematurely - men have received the pure kingdom of God while still in earthly flesh, which has corrupted the kingdom. Saul is Christianity. And in the highly prophetic environment of these elections, the name of this judge - Sauls - is far too significant to ignore!

We read in 1Samuel 31:4 that Saul killed himself; and adding to the mystery of this man, in 2 Samuel 1:8 an Amalekite claimed to have killed Saul, at Saul's request. And if these dramatic facts concerning Saul are not enough, in the end Saul's head was taken into the Philistine temple of Dagon, where we have seen before in these writings is precisely the prophetic place of Christianity's ark of the covenant in this fish god's temple. Figuratively, Saul was head of Dagon's temple.

In light of the complexity of Saul's life and his death(s), what can we see here with this judge whose name is Sauls, who has just passed a ruling undoubtedly lethal to Satan Gore's election battle? How can Saul Christianity betray Satan? It appears that the answer is in Saul's death - he fell on his own sword.

There are numerous testimonies regarding Christianity's fate, as we see here with Saul - it takes its own life. So in this election, we see Satan Gore getting the sword of fellow Demo(n)crat Sauls in this battle for the chad/Chad. All that Gore needs now is an Amalekite to finish him off. The death that Saul sought to afflict against two-Remnant David - the two separate spears that removed David out of the house of Saul (1 Samuel 18:11 and 19:10) - was later self-inflicted in a time of great defeat. There is something about the death of Christianity that is a self-inflicted act, even as we see Sauls rendering a decision that is a deadly blow to Gore's election battle.

What next? Yahweh knows, but it seems evident that the mark of the beast needs to be removed from Katherine Harris' work (though her victory is already secured, despite that mark). And, if that mark is next ominously placed on Gore's bid to the seven member State Supreme Court by upholding Sauls' decision, that appears to be the end for Gore's battle for the White House. Though Katherine Harris has survived the "seven," Gore would undoubtedly not.

Not all of Yahweh's testimonies are so mysterious as Saul's/Sauls'. The most recent report on these elections mentioned at the beginning of this e-mail is not near so complicated, and can be read at . It is titled, Decisive End Soon. Click on this address, or copy and paste it onto your browser. You will be amazed at what Yahweh has attested in this remarkably prophetic contest for the Presidency of Amer-ric-a.

Then after you have read that short piece, here is another writing that is MOST powerful! We are now seeing and understanding things that man has not seen in his 6,000 years of history. And in this writing, you will see why He is opening to us these truths. Following is the description of this newest writing as listed on the home page:

> COMMUNION - For almost twenty years this writer has sought a better
> understanding of communion, knowing all that time that there was something
> missing in our understanding. Recently one evening this writer stated - "I
> will not take communion again until I understand it;" and in less than
> twenty-four hours, Yahweh opened the most marvelous understanding of this most
> important testimony. You will be amazed at what you learn from this highly
> revealing witness as to what Yahweh is accomplishing and offering in His
> kingdom.

Click here to read this at .

Yahweh is performing some wonderful works, and they will only get better and bolder and bigger. The world is at the threshold of a New Renaissance! Like the one beginning in Remnant Italy in the 1300's, it will provide a "rebirth" for mankind, bringing life and truth that men have never known. Leaving the "dark age" in which we presently live, Yahweh will bring man into such marvelous wonders that the contrast will be stark, even as the Renaissance brought. The Renaissance was a foretelling prelude to what man is getting ready to experience, much like these elections foretell in capsule form what is taking place in the kingdom of heaven. Yahweh has planned wonderful good for man, and not tragic adversity!

I hope you enjoy these two writings, and I hope to hear back from you. As I said, these are marvelous times that lay before us.

Blessings to you,



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