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Dear Remnant Bride,

Greetings from the state of Texas.

There is a lot of significance to the eastern gate. The water from the temple comes from it, as well as it being the gate from which the Prince returns (Ezekiel 46 and 47). His return will not be through that gate in the land named Israel, as Christians teach, any more than the latter rain will literally flow from it. I am finding more and more (though I need to get home and research this) that the east looks to the Remnant, and the north to Christianity. For example, Ezekiel was led out of the north gate and went to the east gate; or, the bride comes out of Christianity/the body to receive the water and be the beloved and favored bride. Also, you will recall that the magi came out of the east in search of the anointed child. (I wish I could share with you the two Remnant seen in the contradiction of the magi finding baby Yahshua in Matthew, then the family being led into Egypt, and the shepherds finding Him in Luke, then going to the temple and directly to Nazareth, and no Egypt. Baby Yahshua was not sought in Mark.)

At this point the east has every indication of representing the Remnant (though I need to look better at this). In light of all of this, particularly the truths of Ezekiel 46 and 47, and this most significant and prophetic contest to see who gets the rights to the kingdom of heaven, or America, as well as the truth that it is the second Remnant that will kill Satan (or Kill Devil Hill, where my uncles were trying to get off the ground precisely 100 years ago on the east coast), I do find it MOST significant and telling that in east Texas, not too far from where I am here in Dallas, there is an oil town with a nice little college. Governor Bush of Texas, a prophetic second Remnant state, in many ways has a prophetic purpose that is looking better and better as Atonement draws near - to defeat or kill the Gore, or Satan, and take the kingdom of heaven. Like Kill Devil Hill on the east coast, the name of that little east Texas oil town with its little college is Kilgore!

Only Yahweh, who knows the beginning from the end, could perform such telling and sovereign wonders.

From Texas, blessings to you,



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