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Dear Remnant Bride,

There are many prophetic testimonies of the Remnant and Christianity, and each testimony gives a part, often a different part, of the evidences and qualities of these two works. Here is one which is very appropriate for this highly revealing election.

In the first book of Kings, we read the account of the transfer of power in the kingdom of David, as David approached his death. Adonijah, the son of David, exalted himself and said, "I will be king." He was very handsome, and all Israel followed after him, including David's captain, Joab, and the high priest, Abiathar. In fact, he was so confident in obtaining his place as king, that he held a banquet and all the people were saying, "Long live King Adonijah!"

But, there was a prophet in the wing and a mother who had a promise that her son, Solomon, would rule. At the urging of Nathan, Bathsheba went into David's bedroom and told him of Adonijah's plans, as well as reminded him of his promise to her regarding her son's rights to the kingdom, concluding - "And as for you now, my lord the king, the eyes of all Israel are on you, to tell them who shall sit on the throne of my lord the king after him."

That right to the kingdom belonged to Solomon by a promise. Thus, David had Solomon placed on his mule, taken to a place called "bursting forth," Zadok the priest anointed him with oil, a trumpet was blown, and all the people shouted, "Long live King Solomon!" What happened at Adonijah's ill-timed banquet? All the guests crept out silently. Their plans failed, for there was a new king - Solomon! Shortly afterwards, Adonijah, as well as Joab, were killed.

The battle for the kingdom of heaven is between an Adonijah, who in the eyes of all is attractive, supported by those in power, and is expected to rule the kingdom, versus one whose right to the kingdom is obscurely yet strictly held by a promise. This is the contest between popular and recognized Christianity, versus the promised and hidden Remnant. Who will win? The elections in America are clear evidence that the battle is very difficult, just as it was in the transfer of the kingdom of David to Solomon.

If one had frozen time at one point in the transfer of the kingdom of David, every indication would have seemed that Adonijah would be king. Why do we see these similar testimonies as revelaed here by Solomon and the close elections? Because during the transfer of the rights to the kingdom of heaven from Christianity to the Remnant, there will equally be times when it seems MOST troubling that Christianity, with Satan at its head, will prevail. But, it cannot, for there is a promise by the One to whom all the kingdom looks, who will indeed show us who will reign in His kingdom. Who will that be? The promised Solomon Remnant, the Bush Remnant.

My heart thrilled last night when I watched on TV first Remnant George Bush and second Remnant son George W Bush confidently waiting together for the election results. What did we behold when we saw this? The two Remnant, the two witnesses, united as one for the sake of the kingdom! United as one for the promise that the two true Remnant would indeed be united together as one Remnant, having been separated by 2,000 years of Clinton Christianity! Let us further examine this most important election.

In the e-mail sent out concerning Clinton and his prophetic role as Christianity (see for this important and revealing information), we noted that in fulfilling that role, there were two "rocks" struck in his administration. The first rock was struck at the beginning when during Passover he and Reno (Reno's have horns that gore too, you know) savagely struck and slew the Branch Davidians at Carmel, Texas. The second rock (the innocent citizens of this heavenly kingdom of Amer-ric-a) was equally struck at Passover when once again Clinton and Reno struck the home of Lazarus (as his name means) and took out little Elian (Eliam means, "God's people") Gonzalez. These were the two Passover rocks struck by the Clinton/Gore administration.

Let us now ask some very important questions and make some clear observations. What state is it now that determines who will be President? Clearly it is down to ONE state - second rock Florida! The entire election now hinges on this second rock!

Many commentators are talking about this and that which determines the election results in Florida - the elderly, the Jews, etc. But, there is one group that will determine this election - the family and friends of Elian Gonzalez who were brutalized by Clinton/Gore/Reno at Passover of this year! This administration struck the rock of Amer-ric-a and there must come out a Remnant - a second Remnant Bush! By their own ill actions, Clinton/Gore/Reno have determined what these election results will be. The kingdom must be turned over to another. This is the testimony Yahweh has given us in this narrow and highly revealing prophetic election!

Much could be shared about Yahweh's testimonies regarding each state's election results, but we will not go into these here and now. Every state voted according to their prophetic testimony - California, Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and of course Florida.

And let us not forget the witness of Stephen Manning, who was the first to come out of Christianity as the Stephen witness. Stephen Manning (his last name meaning, "son of man") led the way in the formation of this little Remnant bride rib, and clearly looked to the establishment of the second Remnant, built upon and picking up where the first Remnant left off - the death of Stephen who saw the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God. Stephen Manning lives in second-rock Florida!

What can we expect? The second rock of the kingdom of heaven/Amer-ric-a was struck at Passover in Florida, and it is time for the second Remnant Bush to come out from there. These are Yahweh's patterns, and we should see their fulfillment.

I will be back to you with more.


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