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People do not realize how destructive the confusion of the sexes is.  Just look at the fruit of homosexuality today and you will see its ultimate outcome.  Distinct visible social lines drawn between the sexes in the home and in society are absolutely critical for healthy relationships.  Women wearing women’s clothing, and men wearing men’s clothing, and the two not mixing their appearance is critical.  This was in fact the seed that was planted in my heart when my daughter was twelve or thirteen, which began all of this understanding.  If this critical distinction and separation were not true, then Yahweh would not have warned – “A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to Yahweh your God” (Deuteronomy 22:5).  America has thus become an abomination to Yahweh.


It is critical that one does not have to study someone and wonder if they are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman.  Men should wear their hair short, even as nature and the Scriptures tell us (1 Corinthians 11:14).  And women should wear their hair long, even as the Scriptures instruct (1 Corinthians 11:15).  It is socially destructive when men have long hair like a woman, and equally destructive when women wear their hair short like a man.  Likewise, men should not shave their faces and conform their image to that of a woman, equally producing the ill confusion of the sexes.  The ill social effects of these aberrations of Yahweh’s design and instruction, are beyond what people today can imagine or understand.  Yet on the other hand, sadly those ills do not have to be imagined.  For all one has to do now is open their eyes and see what is around us.  These are the ills, the resulting abominations, of disregarding Deuteronomy 22:5 and other like means of confusing the sexes.


One of the outcomes of this confusion, initiated by the woman seeking to be like and equal to the man, is homosexuality, even as we see erupting today.  It is this man’s personal observation that many times a man who enters into homosexuality comes from a home where the mother was the controlling and dominant figure.  This does not address the problem of being pulled into this sin because of being molested, which is a terrible tragedy.  But otherwise, there appears to be a correlation between homosexuality and a dominant mother.  This is not always true, but it seems to be a prevalent evidence, which of course is highly likely, knowing that the source of the moral failure of this nation is rooted in this matter of the woman abandoning her place.


And it is necessary that some comments are made concerning the question that undoubtedly comes up that the pants women wear are not men’s pants, but women’s pants.  This is of course precisely what Satan would want one to think, or to question.  Keep soberly and warily in mind – Satan has come on the fourth “day” to deceive the nations, and on this one point of convincing women the clothing they are wearing is not that which belongs to the male, is exactly what he wants them to think (other than for the women who deliberately want to take the place of the man; Satan is more than willing to work both sides of the aisle).


For the entire 300 years of American history in its preparation period, without exception, women wore dresses down to their ankles.  Likewise, pants, or trousers, were worn exclusively by the men.  In colonial times these were in the form of knee-length breeches or pantaloons (where we get the abbreviated word “pants”) with knitted stockings; and in the early 1800s men began wearing the trousers that are essentially the same as what men wear today.


Pants were then and continue to this day to be the outstanding testimony of authority in the home.  Why?  Because pants possess the longstanding history of being the clothing of men.  The original Webster’s Dictionary in 1828 defined “trousers” as “a garment worn by males.”  In 1913, Webster’s continued with – “a garment worn by men and boys.”  This identification of pants or trousers as a male garment did not change in Webster’s until 1961, with women beginning to were pants publicly in the 50s.  And based on this clear 340 year identification of pants with the men, any woman today wearing any form of this garment, wears men’s clothing.  It’s just that simple.  Satan and Yahweh know this quite well!


The very statement, “wearing the pants in the family,” or the older statement, “wearing the trousers in the family,” clearly speaks of pants as being men’s clothing.  In fact, when one goes back to the old silent movies that depicted the women suffragists and their threat to the family structure, in order to visually dramatize the woman as out of her place, they put her in pants, which were totally unacceptable at that time, and showed her bossing her husband around.  By placing the woman in pants, they clearly visually made their point!  So, just because a woman today has a different designer label on her pants, does not make them any less men’s clothing.  Putting man’s pants on a woman does not make them women’s pants, any more than putting a bra on a man makes it a man’s bra.  From the founding of this nation and up to World War II, for 340 years pants were worn exclusively by men.  It was not until the absence of men in World War II that women ever stepped into them, literally when taking their place, and that is clearly the message they continue to speak today.  Only those who would desire to justify or extend this ill demise would offer such an argument, continuing in the spirit of the deceived Eve.


This very statement afforded by pants and their clear specific historical association with authority in the home, is Satan’s legal means of getting the woman to sin, providing a legal overt testimony of her sin.  Women may wear what they call “lady’s” pants, but the old adage still speaks and tells the story concerning what they have truly set themselves to do through the women’s rights movement, and that is to enter into the place of the man and wear the pants.  It is very important that one look at the bigger picture of what pants speak to, and how Satan is using this to cause women to sin.  “You’ve come a long way babe” when you can wear the man’s pants and now call them your own! 


Yes, women are more and more wearing the pants in the family, and they attest to it and reaffirm it every day by their outward visible testimony, even as portrayed in the silent movies.  And in thoughtful reflection on 1 Peter 3:1, but with a shameful twist and to our detriment, “without a word by (your) behavior,” ladies, you now turn men to disobedience.  Where is your shame?


What would you do if someone came into your presence wearing a swastika?  I think you would shrink back in horror!  Why?  Because of what that symbol speaks.  If someone wore a Peace Symbol, what would you think?  Certainly by the message of the symbol you would wonder if they were still in the 60s.  Or if they wore a fish, an Ichthys, you would know by that symbol they were a Christian.  Pants are no different.  Despite the commonness of them on women today (which itself is a grievous testimony), socially, historically, and legally from the standpoint of Satan, wearing pants is a testimony of the woman taking the place of the man.  One can be certain, the woman who puts away her pants and wears modest dresses, makes a clear, outstanding, and victorious statement of returning to her place as a wife, as a woman.


And why is it that while men and women both wear shirts, with very few exceptions men do not wear shirts that are low cut or left unbuttoned or sleeveless or fit the body so tight that they reveal every form of the upper torso.  Yet women constantly do this.  Men keep their neckline essentially closed, but women regularly wear clothing that directs the eyes to the breasts, and is sufficiently disclosing so that when they bend over it leaves little need for imagination.  Women wear tops that are so tight that again little imagination is needed.  Men have enough trouble as it is with their thoughts and feelings, without women provoking them.  Why do women want to advertise themselves?  It is quite evident that since 1920 women have dressed to lead men into sin.  Why?  Because once “Eve” ate from the forbidden fruit, she once again wants to hand it to the man and cause him to sin as well.  This she has done effectively with her clothing.


Considering the way women dress today, which is a result of the radical departure of women from modest dress immediately following 1920, one clearly sees that Eve is passing along the forbidden fruit to get men to sin.  And where does this leave the man?  As with Adam, he is now forced to either accept or deny the forbidden fruit liberally offered to him by the woman, and not just with her dress, but as we are seeing, by the corrupted ideas of home and civil government, by her desire to enter the man’s workplace, by the ideas of “safe sex,” by abortion, by the resulting sin of homosexuality, all these things and more which are consequences of the women’s rights movement.


Even Christian women dress the way of immodesty and gender confusion, tempting men just like the world, and give absolutely no thought to it at all (other than the thought of how to look attractive and sensual).  Is the woman entirely mindless about her actions?  When are women going to wake up?  Why do women allow themselves to be manipulated this way?  Women want to have a right to their own bodies, when in fact they are giving their bodies over to Satan.  Instead of gaining the rights to their bodies, they have in fact lost those rights to Satan, and he is using them.  Instead of finding freedom, they have in fact entered into his bondage, even Christian women.  Women call this movement – Women’s Liberation.  That is a lie!  Like anything Satan does, he turns it around, calling “evil good, and good evil.”  This is not Women’s Liberation, but Women’s Bondage!  Bondage to Satan!


In the same spirit of having a right to their own bodies, women kill the child in their womb.  But in either case, the effect is the same – one kills a child, and the other by her immodest dress kills the morals of the men of this nation.  As it is written in 1 Peter 3:1, women have the ability to influence men by their actions, by their example; but the sober choice is – Will it be for good or will it be for evil?  For the sake of the man, for the sake of the children, for your own sake, for the sake of the nation, for the sake of the world, for the sake of the kingdom – choose to give testimony to that which is good!


Ladies, you are the ones whom Satan used to get us into the cursed state we are in right now, and you are the ones who by your repentance and obedience can get us out.  Consider what you are doing; have shame and sorrow and do what is right.  Return to what you left in 1900, and as Yahweh declared in the curse of Satan in the garden (Genesis 3:15), let enmity or hatred be between you and Satan for the way he has deceived you and used you for the devastating ills of the last 100 years.  Repent and find your place in the home under your husband, and cast off your harlotry with this world and cover yourselves.  This is your hope of overturning what Satan has done to and through you.  This is our hope as a church and as a nation.


Women today will be very wise to recognize that since Women’s Suffrage, clothing has become a very vulnerable, but to Satan a quite important, place for the woman to sin and to fall into the trap of being the weaker vessel (1 Peter 3:7).  The very fact that women do this should be a grave warning concerning pants as well.  By wearing the man’s pants, the woman is simply further using her clothing to sin and to be a part of the rebellion with which Satan has tempted the woman in the women’s rights movement.  It is most certain that Satan’s deception is to cause man to rebel against God.  And let it be said again, he does this by DECEPTION!  Satan has deceived the nations by leading them into the women’s rights movement and all that has become associated with it and accompanied it.  Once again, as in the garden, Satan has accomplished his work by tempting and deceiving the woman, and then using her to lead the man into sin.


We thus find that in three primary ways Satan has accomplished this deception, and all three are related.  First and foremost, by causing the woman to want to be equal to the man, producing the women’s rights movement which began with Temperance and Women’s Suffrage.  Second, by the woman leaving the home and entering into the man’s workplace.  The woman was never supposed to pursue the things of this world, which Yahweh gave the man the responsibility to perform; and when the woman stepped into that place, she was cursed, evidenced by what has happened to the home and family ever since.  And third, Satan has deceived the woman and led her into sin by her dress.  He has appealed to her vanity and caused her to be wholly immodest and sensual, and to step into the place of the man by wearing his clothing. 


In 1 Samuel 2:12-17 we read about the sons of Eli, the high priest, who were “worthless” and “did not know Yahweh.”  When the people brought their sacrifices, “the priest’s servant would come while the meat was boiling, with a three-pronged fork in his hand.  Then he would thrust it into the pan, or kettle, or caldron, or pot; all that the fork brought up the priest would take for himself.  Thus they did in Shiloh to all the Israelites who came there. … Thus the sin of the young men was very great before Yahweh, for the men treated with contempt the offering of Yahweh.”


Today this is being fulfilled.  For the last 100 years, a three-pronged fork has been thrust into men and women alike while their flesh has been boiling, in order to draw them out for equally selfish gain and purposes.  These are the three prongs of (1) the women’s rights movement, (2) the woman leaving the home to work, and (3) the woman altering her dress for sensuality and wearing the man’s clothing.  Until this ill three-pronged fork is destroyed, Yahweh’s people, this nation, will be continually troubled by this “worthless” evil pictured in Eli’s troubling sons.



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