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Following are four e-mails providing important information pertaining to current events. The first two were notices sent out announcing the writings - The Love of Money and Upon What Foundation Will You Build?. But each notice contained timely current events information. The third and fourth e-mails were sent out specifically to address current events. You will be surprised what Yahweh is using to provide the "handwriting on the wall" regarding these critical days in which we live, including:

Bush vs. Saddam Hussein
The Billy Graham ministry

Al Gore
Senator Trent Lott
Cardinal Law
The North Korea conflict
30th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade


This first notice was sent out on October 22, 2002, and includes information regarding George W. Bush's determination to replace Saddam Hussein of Iraq. This matter was first addressed by Gary in the 2000 Elections, and what he pointed out at that time is highly relevant today.


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

I have been working on a writing for about two months; in fact, I may have never spent so much time on one piece. At page 19, I thought I was finished, but then came the twenty's, then the thirty's, the forty's, and into the fifty's. The only other time I have ever embarked on such an endless writing was two years ago, just before and during Tabernacles, when it seemed that the truth concerning holding all things in common would not end. That resulted in the three writings - One Thing You Still Lack, Tabernacles and Devoted Things, and Prepare the Way! Now here we are at Tabernacles, from the evening of October 21 to the evening of the 29th, and the Spirit of Yahweh has once again clearly dealt with me concerning this same subject.

If you think you have everything all figured out, you need to read this newest writing titled The Love of Money. If you want to know what is next for the Remnant Bride and what the government of the Remnant will be, read this writing. If you want to know what Yahshua meant concerning faith that would move two different mountains, and even cast the fig-mulberry tree into the sea, or even why Zaccheus came out of a fig-sycamore tree, then read this writing. Or, if you want to know the seed testimony that Ananias and Sapphira provide concerning the guilt of the church, read this writing. If you want to know why Yahshua was buried in a rich man's tomb, why the ram was caught in a thicket by its horns, even why Jonah had weeds wrapped around his head while in the belly of the great fish and Yahshua had a crown of thorns on His head, then read this writing. And if you want to know who the "antichrist" is and who has the mark of the beast already, and what it means to not be able to buy or sell, read this writing.

And this is not all. If you want to know what Yahshua said concerning how to obtain the kingdom of God, and what our response must be today in order to enter into His coming kingdom, then read this writing. Is it not imperative that we should seek to understand and exclusively obey the specific instruction of the One whom we anticipate His return, especially if we truly desire to reign with Him? Very much so!

And finally, if you really want to understand all that is written in The Love of Money, it is strongly recommended that you read this writing, not once, not twice, but at least three or four times. I assure you, it will take at least that many times for you to begin to fathom all that is covered in it.

Now for some brief comments on some highly relevant current events. During the 2000 Elections, several e-mails were sent out addressing the immense propheticness of those events, stating beforehand that which indeed took place - the nine-member court overturned the seven-member court, and second Remnant Bush defeated the one who Gores. These reports can be read at . As has been pointed out, our most recent Presidents clearly reveal a first Remnant -> Christianity -> second Remnant pattern, or Bush -> Clinton -> Bush.

Furthermore, and highly relevant to today, in an e-mail sent out on October 14, 2000, and posted on The Remnant Bride web site, a link was provided with some information regarding Saddam Hussein. In it was written the following: "It is very likely that Saddam Hussein of Babylon will receive his final death blow under a second Remnant George W. Bush." (The entire report can be read at .)

Then in an e-mail posted on the Remnant Bride e-group on December 17, 2000, the following was stated: "Looking to the future per this second Remnant President, George W Bush, what do we see? From the standpoint of prophetic patterns, the most watched event before us right now will be relative to what might happen to Saddam Hussein." And I continue, "So, what will Bush do with Saddam Hussein? It all depends on what Yahweh wants to testify. If He wants to testify what He planned to carry out against Satan in wrath, then Saddam will receive wrath. If He wants to testify Satan being cast into bondage, then under Bush He will place Saddam in some form of imprisonment. Or, if He wants to testify what He will do in His mercy, though it seems Saddam will have to give up his place over Babylon, he will not be destroyed - Bush will have mercy."

Many of you are watching the events of Iraq with one eye on prophecy; I certainly am. Whatever President Bush does with Saddam Hussein will be highly telling. But most certainly, prophetically Hussein MUST be removed by second Remnant Bush. And let me point out here that even as Christianity has had 2,000 years to deal with Satan, but has failed, in stark testimony Christianity Clinton had his chance to deal with Hussein as well. In 1998, Congress approved a policy under Clinton "to support efforts to remove from power the current Iraqi regime and promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace the regime." Was Clinton successful? No more successful than Christianity has been in replacing Satan. Yahweh is prophesying here if we have eyes to see; and I am MOST encouraged to watch the testimony of second Remnant Bush in his undaunted efforts, though highly tested and criticized, to do what Christianity Clinton failed to do.

Despite the hypocrisy of the Democrats, despite the bias of the US news media, despite the criticism of some nations, despite the reluctance of some key nations with veto power in the UN Security Council, despite the weakness of the United Nations, despite the deceptive mollifying antics of Hussein (Satan is very deceiving and even lulling in his actions, persuading the weak), second Remnant Bush pursues with unceasing resolve that which he knows is essential!

Even as President Bush has gone to great lengths to lay out his case and carry it out against Saddam, you will find in this new writing, The Love of Money, our own case for the destruction of the true head of mystery Babylon, Saddam Satan, and his reign over Christianity. Provided here is implicit evidence that Satan must be defeated and how it must be accomplished. That which President Bush relentlessly purposes to accomplish on the nations level, the second Remnant is purposing with like resolve to accomplish on the kingdom of heaven level, and both are uniquely transpiring at the same time. Who will win in each contest? I can most certainly assure you, neither Saddam nor Satan/Christianity will prevail. Their days are numbered, and those days are quickly and will suddenly come to an end! Babylon, even mystery Babylon, will fall in one hour! How does one destroy the father of lies? How does one cast out darkness? With light, with TRUTH!

But some will say - "But Gary, you were wrong about your expectations at Passover of this year." Was I wrong? Have you not read that "That which you sow does not come to life unless it dies" (1 Corinthians 15:36). Nothing that is performed in true faith is loss; but like a seed, it goes into the ground so that it can bring forth fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixty, and some thirty (Matthew 13:23). If I must sow Passover seeds of death, then sow it will be. But I know that time will tell that we WERE NOT wrong in what we did and what we expected during Passover of this year. I simply am the patient farmer who waits for the crop, even as we were instructed during Passover.

So meanwhile, you can watch a visual testimony that will tell whether this man is right in that which he says. And, when you read The Love of Money, you will see that we have a case and a sure plan against the head of mystery Babylon - Satan. Furthermore, when you read The Love of Money, you will see most certainly that that which the Spirit of Yahweh is revealing to His second Remnant, is nothing short of amazing! Read it once, read it twice, read it four times, and each time you will marvel.

Yahweh has opened a way for us that no one will shut, and He has shut a way (Christianity) that no one will open (from second Remnant Philadelphia - Revelation 3:7).

You can read The Love of Money at: .

I hope to receive your response.




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