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This e-mail was sent out on January 25, 2003, as a current events update, and covers the US conflict with North Korea and Saddam Hussein, as well as the prophetic and intercessoral significance of the thirtieth anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

Work continues on the newest writing regarding the passing over principle.  It is incredible what Yahweh is opening to us, and I look forward to its completion.  But it is necessary to take some time out from working on it and make a few comments on current events.  There is much happening, and it is very telling, providing information essential to our understanding and actions.

There are three major items that need to be addressed - the conflict with Korea, the conflict with Saddam Hussein, and the thirtieth anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.  Let us begin with the conflict with Korea.

The two major news events going on right now are Korea and Iraq, and both of them are highly prophetic.  We have been addressing the test of Carmel between the Remnant and Christianity that has been taking place since 1948, and will be resolved by Tabernacles of this year.  We have previously noted some prophetic current events that have pointed to this test.  Al Gore, prophetic of the one who gores (or, Satan), was born in 1948, and recently decided to not seek the White House.  Trent Lott recently lost his leadership in the Senate for comments he made regarding the 1948 election bid of Strom Thurmond; and thus Lott, the covering (the meaning of Lot's name in the Bible), was removed.

But today Yahweh is providing yet another prophetic and revealing testimony of this test of Carmel, one to which we should be giving watchful and responsive attention.  As we have seen with other key events per Carmel, is it surprising that both North Korea and South Korea became nations in 1948?  And adding to this already prophetic testimony, the Agreed Framework anti-nuclear accord that North Korea has been under but is setting aside today, thus causing the present conflict, was established in 1994.  This, of course, is the same year that the Spirit of Yahweh came upon this man and began showing him the Remnant Bride truth.  Thus we see not one but two dates that are highly relevant to the test of Carmel - 1948 and 1994.  But what testimony is taking place here?

North Korea's fickle, unpredictable, and even highly emotional behavior is representative of the feminine misplaced mercy spirit addressed in the writing, Joab (  It is a spirit that is irrational, lawless, reactionary, and is willing to lay aside previous commitments because of personal desires and feelings.  The two dynamic forces of masculine law and feminine mercy are continually at odds at every level of mankind - in every man and woman, in the family, in society, in government (the Democrats in many ways exhibit feminine mercy, while Republicans exhibit masculine law), among the nations (as we are witnessing now concerning North Korea), and most significantly in the kingdom of God, the church.  In every place and at every level, the conflict of law and mercy rages. 

Thus Yahweh's testimony to us today regarding North Korea is the temptation to set aside that which Yahweh began in 1994 when He first gave this man the marvelous and determining truth of the Remnant Bride.  The test today is whether in feminine weakness one will abandon that truth that was established in 1994, or hold to it in faithfulness and resolve.  As for this man, I have absolutely no plans to abandon it.  The question thus set before you right now is that which Yahweh is prophesying in North Korea - Will you abandon the Remnant Bride truth?  If you do, then you cannot judge Korea as being wrong in setting aside their 1994 commitment, when being guilty of setting aside the work Yahweh began in 1994 with the Remnant.  If you fault Korea, then you judge yourself; and you have the greater offense.

What is Bush's response to North Korea's feminine behavior?  First, as it is written in 1 Peter 3:7 that the husband is to live with his wife “in an understanding way, as with a weaker vessel, since she is a woman,” Bush has been patient and understanding with North Korea.  However, being understanding does not and can never mean compromising that which is right and established by law.  Thus, in the spirit of the masculine law, while Bush is being patient and understanding with North Korea, he is likewise firm and refusing to give in to them, refusing to reward their rebellion (which is the path of the feminine spirit; and may we say here that the feminine spirit does not just operate in women, but even as we see here in the masculine leaders of North Korea, this test is not always gender related).

Thus per the 1948 initiated test of Carmel, we see this revealing testimony from 1948 initiated North Korea, of not giving in to the weak compromising feminine spirit.  This is the spirit that emotionally justifies setting one's hand to the plow and then looking back, going to say goodbye to one's family, when in fact it will lead one to changing one's mind (second Remnant Luke 9:59-62). 

Contending with this feminine spirit is a battle I have had to personally fight on many fronts in my own life, even now; and it is no more profitable to give in to that spirit than it is for Bush to give in to North Korea or Saddam Hussein.  So, while you are watching the test between North Korea and the US, you should be very wise and discerning and aware of the far more determining like test that is taking place in your own life right now.  Will you in weakness set aside that which Yahweh gave the Remnant Bride in 1994?  It is entirely your choice as to what you will do.  Let us now look at Saddam.

While many in the world want to follow in that same feminine emotional spirit and give the father of lies, Saddam Hussein, much more time, second-Remnant-representing Bush will not allow it.  In fact, there are two primary nations that want to be soft in this matter - France and Germany.  (Russia has now joined with them, but for the sake of time and space, I cannot address them here.)  For several years now I have seen that, quite understandably, France prophetically represents the flesh, and Germany (the home of Martin Luther) represents Christianity.  This is why Germany suffered defeat in two world wars - they represented the two parts (2,000 years) of Christianity that are cut off and perish (Zechariah 13:7-8).  Everything in history speaks both intercessorally and prophetically, and we could understand it all if we had the eyes to see.  But at least we see this clear testimony, for Yahweh has given us eyes to see it so that we can live.

So when flesh France and Christianity Germany object to Satan-representing Saddam Hussein's overthrow, should there be any surprise?  The flesh is weak and has always given in to Satan.  Likewise, Christianity is under the control and deception of Satan, and by its actions and beliefs does not want his displacement, even though they think they do.  Christianity has been so duped by Satan with all the prestige and authority and wealth and false doctrines and worldly pleasures he has given to them, they do not know the difference between his deceptions and the true kingdom of God.  They cannot give up Satan, because he has given so much to them (which is the same reason these countries do not want to interfere with Saddam).  The flesh and Christianity are always willing to compromise and vacillate, the very practices invoked by the feminine spirit, and this is being prophetically evidenced by France and Germany's objections to Bush's forthright commitment to overthrow Saddam. 

Thus we see that there is only one work that will defeat Satan.  It is not the flesh.  It is not Christianity.  The only hope for defeating Satan is the law work of the second Remnant.  This is the testimony Yahweh is providing in these intercessoral and prophetic events that are unfolding before our very eyes.  And those who have eyes to see will respond to and obey all that He is showing the second Remnant concerning how Satan must be defeated - in truth, coming under the covering of holding all things in common and establishing the one and twelve government.

This man wrote in 2000 that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein must indeed take place under Bush.  This was obvious then because the prophetic patterns were so clear.  Today, those patterns continue to unfold before us and Yahweh continues to speak to us through them; and those who will hear and believe and obey will be saved.

The third current event to be addressed is the thirtieth anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, which just took place on January 22.  For thirty years the United States, the kingdom of heaven on the nations level, has judicially sanctioned the shedding of innocent blood of millions of babies.  And you can be MOST certain that innocent blood cries out to Yahweh, even as the innocent blood of Abel cries out (Genesis 4:10, Matthew 23:35).

First, it seems highly telling that the 1973 Supreme Court decision was a seven and two decision, the seven of course implementing nationwide abortion.  Seven is the mark of the beast, and two is the number of the Remnant.  Thus we see once again the two opposing testimonies taking place in the church today - mark of the beast Christianity and the Remnant.

It is quite significant that this anniversary of Roe vs. Wade falls in this critical year of the test of Carmel - 2003.  Yahweh causes everything to work for His purposes, and this thirtieth anniversary of shedding innocent blood is no exception.  This is the year in which the Remnant Bride must see Yahweh work in power on our behalf, and innocent blood is one of the things that can order that power.

Even as the blood of these unborn children cries out to Yahweh, so does the blood of the unborn first Remnant.  In Revelation 6:10 we read their cry how long, O Lord, holy and true, will You refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?  This is the cry of the first Remnant who failed to enter into the ministry to which they were chosen, and had to die instead.  What is the prophetic time for entering into ministry?  Joseph ascended to be second to Pharaoh at the age of thirty.  David became King at the age of thirty.  Yahshua and John the Baptist both entered into their time of ministry at the age of thirty.  Thirty is the time of entering into ministry.

There are two powerful and like blood cries taking place right now, though in effect they are only one - the cry of the blood of the first Remnant whose ministry was cut short and was never entered, and the cry of the blood of millions of innocent children whose lives have been cut short for the last thirty years.  Thus we see that in the very year in which the cry of the first Remnant must be heard by Yahweh, for Him to act on their and our behalf, that cry has been empowered, made effectual, and attested to in this hour by thirty years of innocent blood that has been poured out in America.  Blood speaks to Yahweh, and the blood of millions of innocent children intercessorally occasions and enjoins Him today to hear the cry of the first Remnant and to respond.  This united chorus cannot go unheard by heaven, for they offer up a just and legal cry!  On the heals of these thirty years of innocent blood, it is now legally time for the ministry of the second Remnant to begin.

Blessings to all who obey,


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