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This e-mail was sent out on March 8, 2003, as a special report on the conflict with Iraq, providing revealing information on the prophetic significance of Russia.  Its purpose was to address the question as to whether Christianity is working.



Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,


“Christianity’s working!”  That’s what Christians would like you to think.  But, Christianity is as effective in overcoming Satan, as the UN has been successful in disarming Satan-representing Saddam Hussein!


Yahweh is providing the handwriting on the wall in these current events.  We have already noted the immensely relevant and clear testimony of the first Remnant, followed by 2,000 year breach Christianity, concluded by the second Remnant, clearly evidenced in George Bush senior, followed by two-term Clinton, concluded by George W. Bush.  If you want to know if Christianity will be effective in overcoming Satan, just look at Clinton’s effectiveness in overcoming Saddam Hussein.


As the prophetic first Remnant, George Bush senior bruised the head of Saddam.  Clinton, on the other hand, did nothing to overcome him or to check his escalation, other than that which was for show and to placate the situation (the same techniques Saddam uses).  But, who can doubt at this time the resolve that second-Remnant-representing George W. Bush has in overcoming Saddam?  In the face of much opposition, we observe the certain resolve the second Remnant must likewise have.  But, what about all the voices who urge Bush to show more moderation, more patience, more understanding, giving peace a chance?  “The UN sanctions are working.”  That is what we are hearing from some.  That is what France, Germany, and Russia want us to believe.  And all the while in this, Yahweh is showing us the attitude of Christianity.  Christians think that their dealings with Satan are working, but they are TOTALLY deceived in this.  If you want to know if Christianity will ever defeat Satan, look at those who want to appease Saddam Hussein.


In an e-mail sent out January 25, 2003, we saw that France prophetically represents the flesh.  This seems rather obvious.  Also, we saw that Germany represents Christianity.  Germany had two world wars in which they were defeated, all the while planning to be the Third Reich, or the Third Kingdom.  Christianity was supposed to get a third 1,000 year period of the kingdom; but like Germany, they have been so utterly defeated for two parts, or 2,000 years, they will equally not be given the right to fulfill the Third Kingdom.  That right must be taken from them; they must be put to sleep and the right given to the second Remnant, which is happening now.  With this understanding, is it any surprise that flesh France and Christianity Germany are resisting the overthrow of Satan-representing Saddam Hussein, the head of old Babylon, or prophetic mystery Babylon, and opposing the efforts of second-Remnant-representing Bush?


The only other player of these three naysayers we have in action here that has not been addressed is Russia.  Let’s now take some time to see what Yahweh is telling us about or with regard to Russia.  Again, these events are entirely too prophetic and timely to ignore.  And remember, this conflict is inextricably identified with the second Remnant, insomuch that this was the one event set forth in the 2000 election reports ( ) that was to take place in the future.  Everything else soon took place, but this conflict is yet outstanding.  And here we are now, at the doorway of its fulfillment!  Let us examine what is Russia’s testimony in this highly prophetic and intercessoral conflict at the nations level.


In Steve Jones’ book, Secrets of Time (1996 printing), he points out that Russia possessed a very unique but clear relationship with the Babylonian captivity of Jerusalem.  In 604 BC, Jerusalem was taken into captivity by Babylon, a captivity that, as prophesied by Jeremiah (Jeremiah 29:10), lasted precisely 70 years.  But this 70 year captivity was repeated 2,520 years later from 1917 to 1987 AD.  In November, 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution began Communist Russia.  Precisely 70 years later, in 1987, under the leadership of Gorbachev, Communism in Russia was dismantled.


As we are learning, not only is Yahweh sovereign in the affairs of man, but He is performing His works in a very orderly way so as to fulfill His patterns, His ways.  Let us look at this. 


As Steve equally points out, 2,520 is a very important and revealing number.  It is two periods of 1,260 years, a number that is recognized for its propheticness – Revelation 11:3, or Daniel 7:25 and 12:7.  There are other telling and significant testimonies to this number, 2,520.  We find the house of Israel began to be taken into captivity in 745 BC; then precisely 2,520 years later in 1776 AD, restored Israel, America, was born.


What is the relationship of the 70 years of Babylonian captivity, and the 70 years of Communist Russia?  Even as we see that the house of Israel and restored Israel, or America, are the same, so the 70 years of Babylonian captivity and 70 years of Russian Communism are the same.


We have noted in other writings that Christianity is mystery Babylon.  This is the reason Saddam Hussein represents Satan – like Saddam, who is the ruler over natural Babylon (even calling himself the reincarnated Nebuchadnezzar), Satan is the ruler over Christianity, mystery Babylon.  Getting straight to the point, the captivity of the remnant of Jerusalem in Babylon, represents the captivity of the Remnant Bride in mystery Babylon.  The number 70 in both the Babylonian captivity and Russian Communism, is prophetic of Christianity, particularly regarding its leadership.  We see that 70 is simply the number 7 elevated to a higher level.  And, of course, 7 is the number of the mark of the beast which Christianity possesses, allowing Christians to buy and sell (Revelation 13:16-17).  (As we saw in “Gary, you have a beautiful face.”(blue), 72 is the number of the Remnant.)


So, since both of these 70 year periods, separated by 2,520 years, are the same, then we can equally see that Communist Russia is Christianity as well.  But even as Germany has a testimony unique to its own circumstances and representation, so Communist Russia has its own unique message, a message that is entirely relevant to this specific time in which we live.


Communism is unique in that it is an attempt to implement the very thing that is necessary to effect the death of Satan – holding all things in common.  But the failure of Communism is the very reason for the failure of Christianity - mixing the ways of Yahweh with the ways of the world.  While this divine form of government of holding all things in common is supposed to effect equality, Communism seeks to fulfill this by earthly means.  Under Communism a man is supposed to enter into holding all things in common, “that there may be equality,” yet he has to labor in the economic system in order to get his pay.  This is mixing the divine covering of holding all things in common, with the ways of the cursed world.  And for this reason, Communism fails!


And, for this reason Christianity fails, for this is precisely that which Paul taught.  Leaving everyone in the work-a-day world, Paul likewise sought in the church the equality that comes by holding all things in common – “For this is not for the ease of others and for your affliction, but by way of equalityat this present time your abundance being a supply for their want, that their abundance also may become a supply for your want, that there may be equality.”


That which Paul sought was a shortfall and failure, for the divine government that can and must accomplish this was not yet opportune.  Thus, that which followed was the period of bondage and corruption evidenced in these two common testimonies.  What Paul taught is precisely that which is prophetically effected in 70 years of Russian Communism, and as we see is directly associated with the 70 years of Babylonian captivity. 


The covering of holding all things in common that was placed upon the first Remnant personally by Yahshua, is His divine way for overcoming Satan and the world.  Communism takes this principle and unites it with the world, which is precisely the problem with Christianity.  Christianity is a work that is given the kingdom of God, which carnal man then takes, unites it with the world, tries to implement it with worldly ways, and as a result corrupts the kingdom and makes it entirely ineffective in accomplishing the works of Yahweh which the kingdom must effect – e.g., conquering Satan.


Thus we see the two separate yet clearly related messages afforded in these two 70 year periods – the Babylonian captivity and Russian Communism, separated by 2,520 years.  These two vividly represent both the bondage and the corrupt mixture that Christianity is.  And, even as we see in this highly prophetic scenario that is unfolding before our very eyes, Christianity is a work that, because of its association with Satan, will never be able to overcome him.  Flesh France, Third-Kingdom-failing Christianity Germany, and kingdom-corrupting Russia, all evidence in a vivid testimony that which is taking place in the kingdom of God right now. 


Who then will defeat Satan?  There is only one work that can do this.  While the first Remnant has bruised Satan’s head, there is a tent peg that must be applied, and that work will be accomplished only by the second Remnant that comes out of mystery Babylon, the body of Christ.


Concerning this tent peg, recently a lady named Anna pointed out to the Remnant Bride some most interesting and revealing truth.  She notes that Dr. Frank T. Seekings, in his book titled Hebrew Word Pictures, tells how our alphabet has evolved from Hieroglyphics to letters.  Communication at one time was through word pictures.  Furthermore, the Hebrews did not have numbers, so they used letters and combinations thereof to communicate numbers.  She further notes that the number “6” is the alphabetical letter “vav.”  And, in the ancient word pictures, this letter was represented by a tent peg or nail!  Anna thus asks – “Now, does 666 sound like the mark of the beast, or his defeat?”


If Satan was legally defeated by tent pegs or nails holding Yahshua to a cross (two or three, depending on the means of crucifixion), is it not equally necessary that the 666/tent peg, tent peg, tent peg second Remnant be used to effect his final death?  Satan used (possibly three) tent pegs to effect Yahshua’s death; thus, a three-tent-peg work will be used to effect his own death - the 666 Bride.  Satan will reap what he sowed.  By his own judgment, he will be judged.  He too will now perish by the tent peg - the 666 second Remnant.


Also, in my last e-mail we noted something else Anna had pointed out about the 666 - that the Greek word “pleuran” has a numeric value of 666.  This is the word used for “side,” wherein Yahshua’s side was pierced and out came the blood and water.  This, once again, is the 666 Remnant Bride which comes from the pierced 666 side of Yahshua.  (Read for more information on 6666.)


So again, is Christianity indeed working?  As the scenario on the world scene attests, one’s opinion on this depends on who you ask.  But, as we are about to see, the final outcome is divinely inevitable and will be equally revealing, in both outcome and in exposing the lies of Saddam Satan!


Now, one last question of revealing prophetic nature - Will Saddam voluntarily step down?  Read Revelation 12:12 and you will know the answer to this.  Satan must be defeated!  He will not give up!  And neither can we!


On behalf of the Bride,




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