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On the evening of March 19, 2003, the war with Iraq began.  This e-mail was sent out on March 27 to provide a current events report on the war.  It looks at the prophetic significance of two UN resolutions, and provides an update on the formation of the Remnant Bride.



Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,


The battle between Bush and Hussein that this man reported back at the time of the elections of 2000 as having to occur ( ), is now raging.  This is a battle that Christian prophecy teachers have predicted everything from the judgment and destruction of America, to the destruction of Israel.  But, once again they will be entirely wrong!  America will prevail and the nation called Israel will not suffer destruction (though they may deserve it and escaped that destruction in 1996).


I wrote back in 2000 that while first-Remnant-representing Bush senior bruised Saddam Satan’s head, it would be second-Remnant-representing George W. Bush who would drive the tent peg into his head.  (Of course these two works are separated by corrupt two-term Clinton Christianity, who did nothing to defeat Satan Saddam.)  This tent peg work is that which you are seeing take place at this very moment.


So what will happen next?  Saddam Hussein will undoubtedly be killed, if he is not dead already, Babylon will fall, and America will restore and rebuild that land of Babylon.  How do we know this?  How did we know before that Saddam would have to be defeated by Bush?  Because of divine intercessoral and foreshadowing patterns and pictures. 


This land of Babylon with its reincarnated Nebuchadnezzar who lies, unmercifully kills his own people, and attacks others, is in a clear prophetic position of Satan and Christianity.  Christianity is mystery Babylon, which has Satan ruling over it with his death, lies, and oppressive affliction.  And while the first Remnant bruised Satan’s head, the one and only work that must now utterly defeat and remove him is the second Remnant.  We alone, by Yahweh’s design and work, must drive the tent peg into his head.  We alone, at this point in Yahweh’s redemptive work, have the ability to set Christianity free.


Once mystery Babylon Christianity is set free, like Iraq it will have to be restored.  During the Millennial reign, the glorified two-part Remnant will begin restoring what the grasshoppers have devoured in the kingdom for 2,000 years.  The Remnant, under the reign of Yahshua, will rebuild the kingdom that Yahshua began 2,000 years prior.


So, what further do we find evidenced in this conflict with Iraq?  In the last few e-mails, we have repeatedly seen that 666 is the number of the Remnant.  This fact is one of the boldest testimonies of the complete corruption of Christianity that teaches entirely the opposite – that it is the beast.  This difference marks the bold distinction between entirely corrupt Christianity, and the unleavened Passover Remnant.  Even as it is written, Christianity calls evil good and good evil, substituting darkness for light and light for darkness – Isaiah 5:20.  We will now see one more telling example of this truth regarding Yahweh’s identification of the Remnant with the number 666.


Even as the Remnant will restore mystery Babylon once Satan is killed, so we see this clearly and even dramatically testified in the two-blow death of Saddam Hussein.  In 1990, the United Nations anticipated that if Iraq was severely afflicted in the Kuwait War, afterward there would be the need to feed, heal, and strengthen the people.  This is precisely that which we have said must take place with Christianity once Satan is defeated.  So, in order to plan for this restoration of Iraq, the United Nations passed a resolution on September 13, 1990, instructing and encouraging this prophetic relief of “human suffering.”  And, would it not thus be quite appropriate that this prescribed Remnant-representing work of restoration would be none other than United Nations Resolution 666?  Indeed it was!  The 666 Remnant will feed, heal, and restore Christianity after its fall in one hour.


On November 8, 2002, UN Resolution 1441 was passed ordering Saddam Hussein to disarm or face “serious consequences” (which he is now experiencing).  This man could not help but notice that the first conference call that the Remnant Bride had on 2-26-03 cost us $41.14, or 4114.  My sensitivity to this was a result of communication with a lady by the name of Anna, who has pointed out to me the relevance of mirror numbers.  In this case, 1441 and 4114 are the same numerals – 14 and 41 – only reversed in their order.  Then Anna found the following information that made this even more revealing.


On the internet, a man by the name of Bob Ware in a writing titled The Circle of Time, pointed out that the fall of the Twin Towers on 9-11-01 occurred on the 1441st day of the last 19-year Jewish calendar cycle.  The Jewish calendar (which is lunar) is on nineteen year cycles, the last one beginning 1-1-5758, or 10-2-1997.  We have already noted in the past that the fall of the Twin Towers in one hour, clearly represents the fall of Christianity.  Of course in testimony of this, the Twin Towers were located on Church Street.  Now, add to this that the Towers fell on the 1441st day, tying this event precisely to the destruction of equally prophetic and equally representative Iraq via UN Resolution 1441, and this association with Christianity becomes unmistakable.  This is the handwriting on the wall for the fall of mystery Babylon Christianity!


Furthermore, Mr. Ware points out (and it should be noted that all this information was reported prior to Resolution 1441) that as recorded in Matthew 1:17, King David was the 14th generation from Abraham, while Yahshua was the 41st generation, once again providing the 1441.  Also, the 14th prime number is 41, a mirror image relationship that is unique to this number only.  What can all of this mean?


Clearly, it is the union of the Remnant (the 14), of whom it is evidenced in numerous testimonies that we possess the covenant of David, and Yahshua (the 41), that will defeat Satan and set Christianity free!  The union of the Remnant, the Bride, with Yahshua produces the sum of 14 and 41, or 55.  The number 55 is the number of “government or rulership.”  Examples of this are the 550 rulers that Solomon placed over his kingdom (1 Kings 9:23), as well as such words as “rulers,” “a rod of iron,” “eagle,” or even “bride” or “spouse,” each having a Hebrew numeric value of 550.  The union of Yahshua with His Bride thus produces the government or rulership that is set up in the Millennial reign – Yahshua with His twenty-four elders.


Another noteworthy point as these highly significant final days of the test of Carmel unfold, is the fact that President Bush’s 48 hour ultimatum to Saddam Hussein, which he is now making good, was precisely the two days of Purim - March 18 and 19.  Of course Purim is the feast in which the decision rendered by the casting of lots by Haman was overturned and he was defeated, not only preserving the lives of the remnant of Judah, but decidedly turning this to their victory.  The likelihood of these two things coinciding without being highly significant, especially in the climate of these closing hours of Carmel, is highly improbable.  We can only hope and trust that Yahweh is performing a Purim work that we are seeing evidenced at the nations level.  Yahweh has overturned the decision of the lots cast by the eleven that was not at the direction of Yahshua (Acts 1:15-26), and has placed on notice the fall of Satan by the second Remnant.


In closing, let me provide a report on the establishment of the Remnant Bride, which is taking place even as this war with Iraq is being waged.  The timing, work, and order of Yahweh is that His Bride come together at Passover of this year to hold all things in common.  At this writing, there has already been a lady, Anna, along with her son, as well as a family, Byron and Gayle Reagan and their three children, who have made this move.  At this present time, we are now coming under the covering of holding all things in common, having one purse, which belongs to Yahshua.


Likewise, there are six other separate individuals who are making equal plans and will begin arriving here within a couple of weeks.  All in all, Yahshua is beginning to establish His Bride under the covering He personally placed upon His disciples when He came the first time.  Presently we are gathering here at my home in Enumclaw, Washington, and will continue to be here until Yahweh establishes otherwise.  As has been reported, as present-day Rechabites we will live in RV’s (Rechabite vehicles).


But you say - “That is a very small work.”  Rightly so; and remember, in Zechariah 4 where we find the testimony of the two sons of fresh oil, Yahweh instructed – “For who has despised the day of small beginnings” (vs. 10)?  And equally remember, it is mustard seed faith that moves the mount of transfiguration 1,000 years (Matthew 17:20) and casts the fig-mulberry tree into the sea (Luke 17:6).  Do not despise the small beginnings of the Bride, for it was a small stone that brought down giant Goliath.  We may be a mustard seed beginning, but that is the way of Yahweh.  He uses the weak, the foolish, the small to perform His mighty works.  Ask barley bread Gideon and he will tell you.


And though we be small in number at this time, there is equally no question that these few are mighty in resolve and purpose, and most of all in sacrifice and trust in Yahweh.  I will not even begin to point out the commitment these are showing as they pay a price for others – “being poured out as a drink offering upon the sacrifice and service of your faith” (Philippians 2:17).  After Gayle became a believer in 1985, she always said that she longed to meet someone who paid the price.  Little did she know that she would have this opportunity.


You have the opportunity to come to Passover as well, scheduled now for April 15.  But if you come, do so to hold all things in common with the Bride, following Yahshua as His disciple (Luke 14:33) and entering under the covering that He personally provided when He came the first time.  You too can be a part of the 666 Bride who rebuilds Christianity in the Millennium.


Yahshua said to two-part-Remnant-representing Thomas, the twin – “Because you have seen Me, have you believed?  Blessed are they who do not see, and yet believe” (John 20:29).  Blessed are the second Remnant Thomas believers who today believe and act upon Yahshua’s command to sell all of one’s possessions to become His disciple, His Remnant Bride.  Will you obey Him?






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