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This e-mail was sent out on April 20, 2003, to provide further definition regarding the prophetic testimony of the war with Iraq, specifically the testimony of Tony Blair.  We also look at the significance of the ten years from 1993 to 2003.



Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,


While the war with Iraq has wound down considerably, it has not been declared by the U.S. to be over (though this will undoubtedly follow soon).  Even as this war has raged, accomplishing that which was reported here in 2000, I have hope that it is indeed a tangible intercession for the Remnant Bride.  During these days in which the battle to kill Saddam Hussein and overthrow his regime has raged, the Remnant Bride has been coming together to hold all things in common, which will defeat Satan.  Of course this is the entire testimony concerning Hussein – he is the prophetic representation of Satan, who is the head over mystery Babylon Christianity, and he must be killed.  Prophetic second Remnant Bush has accomplished precisely that which the true second Remnant must now accomplish.


In previous e-mail reports concerning the war, we have addressed the clear prophetic testimonies of flesh France, Christianity Germany, false Remnant Russia, and even misplaced feminine mercy North Korea (who is singing a different tune, now that they have seen what the U.S. can and will do).  But there has been one remaining nation, and even individual, I have not been able to understand prophetically - Tony Blair of the United Kingdom.  However, upon reading a news report from Fox News on April 18, his prophetic place is now evident, and most encouraging. 


The title of the article was – “Blair Was Ready to Quit Over Iraq Vote.”  Frankly, it was a timely article for me to read, for only the day before (on the regular scheduled Passover), I was so overwhelmed by Satan that I was at the place of wanting to quit.  Would I quit?  No, I won’t quit; but many times over the last nine years I have wanted to!  Instead, under incredible pain, I prostrated myself on the floor before Yahweh in hopes to gain strength from Him.  This I did basically all night, and the next morning I read this news report, which we will now consider.


In it Blair said that before the war began, his decision to join the U.S. in this fight might cost him his job and he would have to resign if a majority of lawmakers from his Labor Party had opposed him.  “It was always possible that you could be in that position,” The Sun quoted him.  “In the end, if you lose your premiership, well, you lose it.”  His children were worried that he might be ousted.  “I did sit down at one point and I explained that this was going to be extremely difficult and it was possible that the thing could go against me,” he said.


Furthermore, the article pointed out that he had trouble understanding the intensity of the opposition to his tough stance.  “I found it very frustrating and at times extraordinary that there were so many people against something that seemed to me in principle so obviously right,” he said.


The article reported that “Blair acknowledged he’d been worried at times about the coalition’s military process.”  “There were times when it looked like we were getting bogged down and 10 days in you were worried about how long was this going to go,” Blair said.  “Had we miscalculated the degree of the depth of resistance?”


Blair was thrilled to see the U.S. troops and Iraqis on television toppling a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad.  “It was great,” he said.  “I was relieved.”  Recent polls show a majority of Britons now support his decision to stand with the U.S. on this and send in British troops. 


So why is this report provided here?  It is provided in order to give you a feel for the struggle, possible price, and even possible peril that was before Blair in his decision to stand with the U.S. in this war.  Who does Tony Blair prophetically represent?


We find in the Scriptures several testimonies that while the Remnant cooperate with the will of Yahshua in the establishment of His kingdom, it is in fact Jerusalem above that makes all of this possible.  Two excellent examples of this are Jacob and Solomon.  We must be brief here.


While Jacob received the birthright from Esau by buying it with a bowl of “red stuff” (Genesis 25:27-34), the blessing from his father was entirely orchestrated by his mother, Rebekah.  She was the one who heard Isaac’s plan to bless Esau, and orchestrated every event so that the blessing went to Jacob (Genesis 27).  All Jacob had to do was to obey his mother, which he did.


Likewise, while Christianity Adonijah held his celebration that he would sit on the throne of his father, David, this was not the plan that either the prophet Nathan or Bathsheba would accept.  These two went to David, and Bathsheba reminded him that he had sworn to her that Solomon would be the king after him and sit on his throne.  What was Solomon doing?  Once again, all he did was cooperate with that which his mother instructed.  Thus Solomon was anointed king at a place meaning “bursting forth.”


So then, who is Tony Blair in this entirely prophetic conflict?  Blair represents the flesh man that we are, the one who, like Jacob and Solomon, does not have the ability to get to the place where Jerusalem above knows we are to be.  Jerusalem above is the Rebekah and Bathsheba who knows the promises of Yahweh and knows how those promises must come about.  While it seems that there are others who will get the kingdom of heaven rights to reign, more notably Esau and Adonijah Christianity, Jerusalem above knows better and will insure that that natural plan will be overturned and these rights will go to the Remnant.


Could Tony Blair have implemented on his own that which George Bush has accomplished with Blair’s united help?  Absolutely no way!  The only way Blair was successful was that he agreed with and cooperated with the will and purpose of Bush.  Who is Bush in all of this?  We have been saying that he is the prophetic second Remnant; but in this union with Blair, Bush more fully represents the will and might of Jerusalem above that works on our behalf.  Bush is the promise and assurance to the second Remnant that they will receive the kingdom and Satan will be defeated, and Blair represents flesh man who seeks to cooperate with the will of Jerusalem above; and together these two, united in purpose, have been successful.


Will we succeed?  We will succeed in the same way Blair succeeded – we will cooperate with the will and plan of Jerusalem above.  We will succeed in the same way Jacob and Solomon succeeded - by cooperating with their mother’s instructions.  Assuringly, our success is not determined by our own limited abilities, especially when it appears that someone else has the rights to the kingdom, but by cooperating with the will and plan of Jerusalem above.


Are we as flesh men taking a risk?  We are taking a risk, in the same way Blair took a risk.  Do you respect Blair for what he did?  If you do, this is the same risk you will have to take in order to defeat Satan.  Without taking a risk, Blair would have been  relegated to the same obscurity in which others have followed.  But he was willing to do what was right, and to stand up for it, even knowing that it could cost him his place of leadership in the U.K..  It “could go against me,” he said, it could be “extremely difficult,” he said; but, he was willing to take that risk, knowing that what he was doing was worth it.  The second Remnant has an equal risk and even difficulty, but for the sake of both truth and the defeat of Satan, the risk and the difficulty are worth it.


Do you have the resolve and belief in what you are reading here, so as to stand with Jerusalem above and be counted?  Are you willing to lose everything for what you know is right, in order to defeat Satan and obtain the kingdom of God?  Yes there is a risk and a cost, even as there was for Blair.


Blair said - “I found it very frustrating and at times extraordinary that there were so many people against something that seemed to me in principle so obviously right.”  This is the same response I have had concerning those who cannot see the Remnant truth.  I have been disappointed and surprised that others cannot see the obvious application of these truths.  And yes, I too have been worried at times at the progress of the Bride, even today.  But, Jerusalem above must work all of this out.  And yes, I too will be thrilled to see Satan toppled, even as Yahshua exuberantly rejoiced to see Satan fall like lightning (Luke 10:18-21).  And some day soon, others will finally understand and likewise support the Remnant Bride as well – “And those who err in mind will know the truth, and those who criticize will accept instruction” (Isaiah 29:24). 


In closing, we read that Blair said - “it looked like we were getting bogged down and 10 days in you were worried about how long was this going to go.”  It seems rather unmistakable that Blair’s reference to “10 days” spoke even further truth, as you will see. 


One of the brothers here pointed out the relationship of Blair’s statement to Revelation 2:10, where it says first Remnant Smyrna would “have tribulation ten days.”  “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life,” was their instruction. 


What is the significance of “10” that we see here?  The 120 Jubilee probation period for mankind ended in 1993, and as has been pointed out in The Issue –II, page 8, Yahweh has given the Remnant Bride an added 10 years in order to be established, bringing us to Tabernacles, 2003.  In 1994 the Spirit of Yahweh came upon this man and revealed to him these Remnant truths.  I assure you, the little book of truth from which I began to eat, has been VERY bitter to my stomach – a very hard time, even up to this day!  In all truth, the time from Tabernacles, 1993, when we moved onto the ranch we built for women and children, to this day, has been for me in many ways ten years of sometime almost unbearable “tribulation”!  And in all of these years, I can say that despite the great price I have had to pay as the legal representative of the Smyrna first Remnant, Yahweh has mercifully given me the grace to be faithful; and thus I have the hope of receiving the “crown of life.” 


Additionally, this passage in Revelation 2:10 directs us to another equally revealing passage.  In Daniel 1:11-14 we read that Daniel and his three friends likewise asked for a test of 10 days.  This test was a diet of “vegetables and water” (which Yahweh also called this man to enter when the Spirit came upon me in 1994, and has been continued to this day), and they did not eat any of the “king’s choice food.”  At the end of these 10 days, “their appearance seemed better and they were fatter than all the youths who had been eating the king’s choice food.”  And, “God gave them knowledge and intelligence in every writing and wisdom; Daniel even understood all kinds of visions and dreams.”  This is indeed the hope and promise and even the experience of this man concerning the kingdom of God on behalf of the Remnant Bride.


And with such wonderful promises and hope that there are for the second Remnant at the completion of this 10 year extension of the probation period, what testimony do we find for Christianity?  In 1 Samuel 25:38 we read of the Bride testimony, Abigail, who came out of the house of her worthless husband, Nabal, to become the bride of David, who became king.  When did she come out?  When Nabal died!  And when did this body-of-Christ-representative die?  We read in verse 38 – “And about ten days later, it happened that Yahweh struck Nabal, and he died.”  There is obviously a testimony Yahweh is setting forth here by waiting “ten days” to strike Nabal; and as we are seeing in all of these testimonies, everything points to the fact that it prophesies of worthless Christianity’s death at the end of the 10 year Remnant Bride period.  While after 10 years the Remnant Bride receives the “crown of life” and excels in knowledge and intelligence and comes out of the worthless body of Christ to be joined to Him who will be King, the body of Christ is struck dead.


Again I ask you - Do you have the resolve and belief in what you are reading here, so as to stand with Jerusalem above and be counted?  Are you willing to lose everything for what you know is right, in order to defeat Satan and obtain the kingdom of God?  Blair was willing; are you?  If you desire to wear the crown of life, you must join the work to which it is legally promised – the Remnant Bride.






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