Following are four e-mails which address this matter of Yahweh's timing for this Remnant bride.


May 17, 2001

"May Passover, 2001, Report"


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

As you may know, May 7-15 marked the Remnant bride's first anniversary. This important time was acknowledged by the gathering of Remnant bride representatives here in my home in Enumclaw, Washington. Let me provide you a report on this marvelous and highly attesting time.

There is so very much that could be shared, but I believe it best to focus this account on one outstanding point or repeated testimony. This will be done, but first allow me to share about the first moments we shared together.

We know that the bride starts out as a very small rib, and this is what we had at this first gathering. Others had planned to be here, but as you read this report, you will understand why this did not take place.

There were four men who were here the entire time. Others came and went, providing valuable conversation and testimony. There was David Houston from Mississippi, Jack Manning from Maine, Kyle Nixon from Seattle, Washington, and myself. This provided the four lepers needed to walk toward the enemy and put them to flight by Yahweh's amplifying power (2 Kings 7).

The first time ever for this bride to begin to come together took place in, of all places, a church building. My nine year old daughter, Grace, was playing in a cello orchestra, and we met there at this church in two groups - Kyle and David in one vehicle, and Jack and I in another. The music event was held in the church auditorium.

When we sat down, it just so happened that we four lepers sat beside each other in one row. As I said, here the Remnant bride came together for the first time! Hallelu-Yah! Before the performance began, I turned and saw a solitary man sitting directly behind us, definitely in prayer. He was crouched forward, with his head planted in both of his hands, much like Elijah would have been praying, with this head almost between his knees. I thought it strange that someone would be praying here, for preparations were well underway toward beginning the concert. Plus, there were ample places someone could have gone to pray, and not towards the front where we were seated. I turned my attention away, and later looked again; and still, this solitary man was in his crouched position directly behind us, clearly intently praying!

After the concert began, Kyle moved out of his position at the end of the row, and into the row immediately behind us for a better view. When I looked back at Kyle, there was no one else there! The row was empty, and the praying man was gone!

This was such a strange happening that immediately I began looking around for where he had gone. Had he moved to another location by some family member? But no, he was not anywhere to be seen! These events were so strange, particularly when realizing that this Remnant bride rib was together for the first time, that I wholly anticipated we had just been visited by a ministering spirit, an angel, who was praying for this Remnant bride. Do I really believe this could be true? Given the importance of this first time gathering and the very unusual circumstances, I am fully persuaded that the man fervently praying behind us was indeed an angel. Even after the event was over, we immediately searched for this man and he was nowhere to be found! But this event was to be marked by many other attesting and marvelous signs.

One apparent emphasis of this Passover time together was to rest in Yahweh. This we practiced over the ten days together (the men came early), and we wondered what the disciples did in their equal ten days of waiting. We had no agenda, but just enjoyed being together, sharing, praying, eating, and learning.

One of the new things brought out early in our gathering was that Tabernacles is a two-thirds/one-third pattern. The first (Trumpets) to the fifteenth (Tabernacles) is divided two-thirds/one-third by Atonement (which means covering) on the tenth. This was a most affirming truth that brought forth even further insight and emphasis, as you will see. Of course in this pattern, we are at the Atonement, or covering, period per the church.

On the morning of the last day, Joseph Herrin sent me an e-mail which mentioned the account in 1 Samuel 30 where David had pursued the Amalekites after they had taken their wives, children, and possessions from Ziklag. I read his e-mail, and afterwards went on a walk in the woods. I was not thinking about anything in particular, other than Yahweh and what He was doing. But there was one thing about this account that really puzzled me. I knew that Christianity is divided two-thirds/one-third, but in this account we find the reverse. Here, David left one-third of his army with the baggage, and took the two-thirds portion to defeat the enemy and restore their wives and children. This did not reconcile with the division of Christianity, for it is not the two-thirds part that defeats the enemy, Satan. So, I was greatly perplexed about this!

As I was walking along, suddenly without any specific pondering about this matter, Yahweh dropped the answer into my understanding. The first Remnant is the work that receives a single portion of the Spirit, while the second Remnant receives a double portion. The first Remnant failed to bring forth the Son of God and His pure kingdom; and like the group that stayed behind, they too "were too exhausted to cross the brook." The first Remnant is represented by the 200 who stayed "by the baggage."

But while the first Remnant was too weak to accomplish this victory over the enemy, the second Remnant double portion represented by the 400 men will succeed! There is also much to be discerned here by considering the Egyptian who had not eaten bread or drunk water in three days (the period given to the church). To revive his spirit, he was given a piece of fig cake and two clusters of raisins. From there David went on to overcome the Amalekites and regain their families and possessions.

This sets up a very interesting contrast. While Christianity is a two-thirds/one-third work; conversely, the Remnant is a one-portion/two-portion work. This is the same portioning, only in reverse order! There is something quite dramatic and relevant in Yahweh's regard for this repeated portioning. In Kyle Nixon's writing titled Lucifer: A Bride in Heaven, posted on the Remnant Bride e-group at (which I very highly recommend you read), we find that Satan is replaced by the Remnant. And we know that the angels were equally split this same two-thirds/one-third, with one-third cast to the earth (Revelation 12:4). This understanding on the 200/400 resolved the big question I had on this matter, and opened another revealing testimony about what is taking place now with the Remnant.

This also brings light to a painful intercession in which I am presently involved. My children fit the first Remnant -> Christianity -> second Remnant pattern. I have two older daughters (the first Remnant), followed by a son (Christianity, or the masculine body of Christ), completed by two younger daughters (the second Remnant). To my great pain, my two older daughters are precisely like the 200 who were too exhausted to go into battle. They too want to stay by the brook Besor, or "cool water." I have been through many intercessions in the last 20 years, but they have been particularly painful in the last six years. For this reason, my daughters are too weak to go into battle; and like the first Remnant, they are headed back into Christianity and staying behind as I continue on. I am certain this loss is much more painful for me than it was for David, for I am losing them to Christianity. Thus, I have a very personal interest that the double portion second Remnant succeed. It affects the welfare of the loved ones I find myself having to leave behind.

I am an intercessor by calling, and I know that it is essential that I live out this present price and pattern, but it is painful! However, seeing this does help relieve some of the loss, and gives me hope for them. You will recall that when the victory was secured by the double portion second Remnant group, David declared that the share of the spoils for those who went into battle was to be equal with that for those who stayed with the baggage. I know that Yahweh is saying here that the first Remnant will receive the same rewards of the second Remnant who effect the needed victory. I trust my daughters will be reunited with me to be one in purpose and delight, and share in the spoils of the victory that I know I must continue to pursue.

This has been a most revealing testimony regarding the one-portion/two-portion, and the two-thirds/one-third. And furthermore, Yahweh provided even a third testimony to this in our Passover time together, that is seemingly very silly but most revealing.

Before my oldest daughter went to Dallas for three months, I asked her to sow up a long open slit in a seam in our couch that was created by a metal clasp on my son's knife. She did not get it done then, and for over three months it was open. She is home now, and just minutes before I got home from picking up Jack Manning, she closed the slit. The interesting thing about this slit was, one, that it was in the couch's side, in the front. And two, it was precisely at the one-third/two-third mark in the couch. (If you study the word "couch" in the Scriptures, you will see that the couch is prophetic of the kingdom of God.) When we came together for this May Passover, as strange as this may seem, I could not help but see that Yahweh was saying something through this. I believe the testimony He was telling us is twofold. First, that obviously we are at the two-thirds or 2,000 year point in the church. But even more importantly, we are at the one-third mark in this bride work, which is at the place of the closing of the opened side of the body of Christ.

This one-third or first year portion would represent those who were exhausted and stayed at the brook Besor. It would be a period of exhaustion and weakness, which I have personally experienced more than at any time in this period since 1994, or even in my life. It has also been marked by the loss of some who began this Remnant journey, but in growing weak have not continued. This includes my two older daughters, and nearly my wife. It is my sincere hope now that we are at the place of going on and building this bride who will be the double portion that defeats the enemy. This now postslit time should in fact be the bride-forming period - Adam's side was closed and Yahweh next fashioned the bride from the rib that was removed. Our experience indicates that this first year has been a time of weakness, smallness, and even loss, identified with the first Remnant. Now we should be entering into the double portion bride-forming period.

And very briefly, let us note that Esther likewise went through a one year period of preparation before she went before the king for examination - Esther 2:12.

In retrospect, unquestionably the one testimony that has continued to surface throughout this Passover gathering has been the one-third/two-thirds witness. Even in my personal evening Bible reading, it just happened that I was reading Isaiah 44 at the beginning of this time together, which is the two-thirds mark in the book of Isaiah (66 chapters long). Read Isaiah 45, which is the first chapter in the third part of that book, marking the beginning of the Millennial reign. In Yahweh's timing for the church, we are at the Isaiah 44 and 45 two-thirds/one-third transition period. This was yet a fourth witness.

Now for a MOST amazing conclusion! Already we had seen some amazing things from Yahweh, including some matters that have not even been covered here; but even more was in store!

Sometime towards the latter period of our gathering, we were sitting in the living room and Kyle Nixon stretched real big with his arms over his head, big enough that his shirt came up and I saw his right side. I noticed that he had a long dark mark on his skin about the size of a man's finger; but this was not the kind of thing one asks someone about, so I said nothing. On the morning of the sixteenth, after our gathering was complete and I would be taking Jack to the airport, Kyle called me. He told me that his son asked him - "What is that scar?," which he saw on his side. Kyle had no idea what he was talking about, and looked down to see the long dark "bruise" on the lower part of his side, the very thing I had seen only days before. What was this mark on him? He had absolutely no knowledge of what could have caused it. He had never hit himself or strained himself; but suddenly here was a bruise on his side precisely where the side of Yahshua would evidently have been pierced. Was it a stigmata? I'll let you decide, but here are the facts.

On the seventh and eighth days of the Feast of Dedication, January 27-28, 2001, Kyle and I went to Spokane, Washington to seek where Yahweh might have His Remnant bride to begin residing, as we put into practice the covering of the bride by holding all things in common. The day before we left, I received an anonymous gift of $700. While at the home where we spent the night on the 27th, Kyle was experiencing a pain in his right side and asked me to pray for him. (Recall that Yahshua told His disciples to cast the net on the right side of the boat, where they caught 153 fish - John 21.) I laid my hand on his side, and prayed for his healing as he requested. Looking back, I now see that I had laid my hand just about where that mark developed.

Just a day or two before our Passover gathering, I received from the same person for the second time another anonymous gift of precisely the same amount of $700. And it was in these now Passover events that a bruised side mysteriously came upon Kyle, right where I had laid my hands during the Feast of Dedication!

Why Kyle? For a number of reasons, but one in particular. Kyle has been led through a series of intercessions where he was placed in the intercessoral position of Yahshua - repairing the breach and in the prophetic position of both the first and the second Remnants. (And I might add here that this intercession was entirely directed by the Spirit, often without the foreknowledge of Kyle.) Per this intercession, Kyle was the proper person for this testimony of Yahshua to appear.

Why a bruised side? I believe there are two main testimonies we need to see. First, when I prayed for Kyle, laying my hand on his side, we had just received $700. Then when Yahweh placed this sign on his side, likewise we had just received the identical sum of $700. These two "7" witnesses are the same testimonies seen in Jacob obtaining his two brides - he worked 7 years and 7 years - and the dove was sent out by Noah with two 7 day periods in-between. Why? Because in both of these instances, it looks to the two-part bride coming out of the body of Christ, or Christianity. This is the Nahor -> Terah -> Nahor testimony in the taking out of the Rebekah bride for Isaac as addressed in the writing, The Promise (, where we find that the meanings of those names result in the following testimony: piercing -> delay period -> piercing. This pattern lays out the two Remnant bride, with the 2,000 year delay period of Christianity between.

Thus, it is evident that Yahweh was giving testimony to taking out the two-part bride - once with the laying of hands on Kyle's side, and finally with the stigmata of the bruised side. Why is it bruised, or as Kyle's son asked - "What is that scar?" I believe that Yahweh provided this sign to tell us the identical thing He was telling us with the couch - that the side of the body of Christ has been closed, and it is now time for the bride to be fashioned!

The very fact that I saw the stigmata is a testimony. I saw no one else's side during that time; but Yahweh had it that I saw Kyle's side and the testimony of the wound. My name is Gary, meaning "sharp spear," and Yahweh showed me the attesting sign that was given on the place that during the Feast of Dedication I had laid my hand.

What will these testimonies mean for the Remnant bride? Let us see what happened on another occasion when a man's side was struck. In Acts 12, we read of Peter's imprisonment where he was bound between two soldiers. It was equally on a Passover when an angel came into the cell and "struck Peter's side and roused him" from his sleep, telling him - "Get up quickly." As he stood, his chains fell from him and he was led out of the prison, the gate opening before him. We see then that not only was Yahshua's side struck during Passover, but Peter's side was also struck during Passover. And now in 2001 at Passover, Kyle's side was struck! And as all of this took place with Peter by the presence of an angel, it was an angel who prayed for us as we gathered together for the first time. Our hope now for all members entering into this bride is the same testimony evidenced with Peter - fetters will fall away and they will be led out of prison.

In similar testimony, we read that when Yahweh closed the side of the ark, the rains began to come upon the earth (Genesis 7). If all the testimonies we received about Yahweh closing the side of the body of Christ are in fact signs of the time, then what we can expect now is the flood waters of the latter rain to begin to cover the earth! These would not be floods of destruction, any more than the 3,000 saved on Pentecost were slain the way the 3,000 were slain on the first Pentecost (Exodus 32:28). This flood will be the flood of the Spirit that raises a Remnant up alive from the earth.

Every indication from this Passover gathering was that the side of the body of Christ has been closed and it is now time for the bride to be formed. The first year first Remnant period of weakness, exhaustion, and loss is complete, and it is time for the two year victorious period to begin. This corresponds with my own life as well. May I share some affirming personal testimonies here?

It has been seven years since the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me in June, 1994. Seven is the number marking completion. Seven periods of seven likewise bring one to Jubilee. Thus, eight is the number of new beginnings. And nine is the number of fruit. Likewise, seven presidents died in office every twenty years. The eighth president in this sequence was Reagan, who defeated death. The ninth is George W. Bush, our much welcomed present president.

Additionally, in 1972 I failed to enter into the ministry upon His calling. Seven years passed until He renewed that call in the eighth year, or 1980. Then in the ninth year, He fulfilled that call and placed me into ministry.

Furthermore, specifically 100 years ago in 1901, my cousins, the Wright brothers, were testing their glider off of Kill Devil Hill on the east coast. That year was a very difficult time for them. In fact, they had experienced so little progress that they considered their trip a failure; but they kept going. 1902 brought new advances in their progress, and in 1903 they were the first to ascend alive into the heavens with power. If 2001, 2002, and 2003 follow the same pattern of my cousins in 1901, 1902, and 1903, then for those who want to ascend alive in power off of "Kill Devil Hill," the next two years could be very important and MOST revealing!

As I said, many other signs and evidences occurred, but these are the most important for you to understand. It is now with great anticipation that we look to Yahweh to complete what He has begun.

May Yahweh be praised for His exceeding greatness!

Blessings to you,





May 21, 2001

"Three witnesses"


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

Since the "May Passover, 2001, Report," something has continued to press in my heart and mind. We noted that the second Remnant work is evidently following a one-part/two-part pattern. This is according to the Remnant pattern as a whole, where the first Remnant is the single portion work and the second Remnant is the double portion work. And for this reason, it seems evident that even this second Remnant (as an intercessor and fulfillment of the whole) is following this pattern - the first year being a period of weakness and loss, while the next two years obtain the much needed victory.

That which has been impressing me has to do with the next two years of the Remnant bride being the two years of His power. You will recall from the last report that the flood waters came upon the earth only after Yahweh closed the opening in the side of the ark. This we have said is where we are today. Yahweh has taken a rib out of the body of Christ, and as of this time, is now closing that opening. What must happen next? The same thing that happened to Noah and his family - the rain must begin falling!

Because of my wonder about this, I asked Yahweh to show me three witnesses that these three parts of the second Remnant are true, and He showed them to me. The first witness to this was of course the one we reviewed in the last e-mail. After obtaining the priestly ephod, David and his men pursued the Amalekites. But one-third of David's men were too weary to go beyond the brook Besor, or "cool brook." So David continued the journey with the remaining two parts, who secured the much needed victory! Thus we see the very pattern that called for two additional witnesses.

To begin with, we can be certain that when the waters of the flood came, they rose gradually. Yahweh did not suddenly drop an entire world of water on them in one great slosh. No, instead the waters rose incrementally. Even as it began to rain, the ark remained on this earth, the ground; and it remained there until there was enough water to lift it up. We see the identical truth in the latter rain testimony of the waters that came out from under the eastern gate in Ezekiel 47. Those waters first appeared as a trickle. They were only deep enough in which to wet the soles of Ezekiel's feet. Do you remember what Yahshua said to His disciples at the Passover meal regarding washing their feet? "If I do not wash you, you have no part with me" (John 13:8). Feet prophetically represent rights to the kingdom of God. This is why Yahshua washed their feet - it spoke of their preparation to receive the kingdom rights. Thus, the first Remnant was the feet washing of Christianity. That cleansing work was sufficient for the entire body, concerning which Yahshua instructed Peter who wanted to be washed further.

Therefore, when the latter rain waters came out from the eastern gate, first only deep enough to get the soles of a man's feet wet, Yahweh was speaking of washing the second Remnant's feet to prepare us to receive His kingdom. This the latter rains thus far have accomplished!

But, the waters from the eastern gate did not stop there. What followed were three incremental increases. First, the water increased to the knee level. In previous writings we have seen that the knee speaks of blessings; in fact the Hebrew word for "knee" even means "blessing." The second level is the water to the loins, which speaks of strength. And finally, the water rises to the point that it actually lifts a man off this earth, which is precisely what happened to the ark.

These three levels are the same as the three years of the second Remnant. The first year has brought us to the knee level. We are at the place in this work where we receive the blessings of Yahweh. But coming to this place required endurance, and there has even been the suffering of loss, accompanied with weariness. Frankly, it is quite difficult to progress on a small portion of His Spirit. Thus, this first year has been liken to those men in David's army who had to remain with the baggage (and there is lots of baggage we carry around!).

Before continuing, let us interject another testimony to what we are seeing here. Since Yahweh does nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9), His pattern and plans are constantly repeated.

In 1 Kings 18:41-44, we read of Elijah's prayer for rain. Remember, this is the Elijah who sets the pattern for preparing the way for the return of Yahshua. And here we see him praying for the rain that comes at the end of the drought; or prophetically, at the end of the period of Christianity.

Note that Elijah prays specifically with his head between his knees. Why his knees? Because this marks the first year period of the Elijah work that waits and prays until the water is up to the knees. It is not a time of action, but of waiting. The time of action comes only when the knee period is successful. Is our knee period successful? Absolutely! We as a second Remnant gathered in my home over the May Passover, and Yahweh gave us attesting signs that He is closing up the opened side of the body of Christ. His work is being carried out according to His design!

What happens after the knee period? According to the witness of Elijah, it is time to gird up our loins, for the rain is coming! I believe that this is the work of girding up the loins of our minds with the truth that Yahweh is pouring out to us regarding these Remnant matters. And what does this girding bring? RAIN! LOTS OF RAIN! And MOST importantly, why was it so necessary that Elijah beat Ahab to Jezreel? Because the Elijah work must surpass the body work (the Ahab) to avert Yahweh's wrath. "Jezreel" means "scattering," with the idea of being struck! Elijah prepares the way so that the stones of wrath do not cry out for judgment. Elijah prepares the way so that the "great and terrible day of Yahweh" does not come and Yahweh "smite the land with a curse" (Malachi 4:4-6)! Yahweh must perform an anointed Elijah work that is endowed with a power that exceeds the strength of an Ahab and his steed, or Christianity, in order to avert wrath on Christianity.

So not only do we see this witness of specifically the knees then the loins concerning the water from the eastern gate; since this is the identical work, we see the same witness in the second Remnant Elijah task of obtaining the latter rain, first after the knees work, then with the girding up of the loins. Now that we have completed this first year and obtained the knees blessing, our next hope is to receive the loins level. This will occur with the ever increasing waters of the latter rain, an ever increasing knowledge of the Holy One.

The third level of the water from the eastern gate is the "water to swim in." This is the fulfillment of the Elijah promise to ascend alive, even to lift the ark from the earth. This is the work of the Spirit that causes the second Remnant to ascend alive into heaven in order to obtain our immortal bodies. Once receiving them, we will return with Yahshua to this earth to set up His kingdom during the Millennium.

Thus we see the second witness to this matter that there are three years or three parts to the establishment of the second Remnant. They are the three levels of water that come from the eastern gate (along with the affirming testimony of Elijah).

The third witness to this is equally attested in a matter involving water. We know that after 120 years of probation (Genesis 6:3), Yahweh brought the flood over the face of the earth. Likewise, as we learned in the writing, THE ISSUE - II, page 11 at, now at the end of 120 Jubilees as of 1993, it is legally time for the flood of the Spirit to come. At the conclusion of Noah's flood, a most telling picture took place. I hope to be releasing a writing in the near future titled, The Raven, that addresses this more completely, but let us take a look at Noah's three releases of the dove from the ark.

The first time the dove was released, she "found no resting place for the sole of her foot." Knowing what the foot means prophetically, the first outpouring of this dove, like the water from the eastern gate that was only upon the sole of Elijah's foot, did not find the full kingdom rights. So, the dove returned to the ark to be released a second time. What happened at that second release? She returned with an olive leaf in her mouth. Ah, success!

The second outpouring of this dove brought the sign that is related totally to the Remnant - the olive leaf! Thus we see the Remnant bride beginning to be formed in this second release of the dove. This is of course precisely what begins to happen with the rib after it is removed from the body's side and the side is closed - it is fashioned into a bride, the olive leaf! And may we say here that the dove that is being sent out here is feminine in gender ("yonah," or "dove," is grammatically feminine), and the pronouns used here are feminine. Thus we see again that the work being prophetically performed here with this female dove is nothing less than the calling out of the feminine bride of Yahshua.

So what happened next? A third time the dove was released, but she did not return to the ark. Why? Because she had ascended and found a place in which to abide. This is the same work of the water deep enough in which to swim, or the ark ascending up from this earth. It marks the third year or third part in which the Remnant are prepared to enter into immortality, when the Spirit never leaves us but finds in our now perfect bodies a place in which to inhabit forever. We do not die!

Do you see the same message in all three (even four) of these accounts? Was the one-third part of David's army successful? No. Was the water to the knees from the eastern gate sufficient to raise a man off of this earth? No. Did Elijah's prayer time with his head between his knees get him to Jezreel? No. Was the release of the first dove successful? No. Is our first year as the Remnant bride sufficient? No. Our first year was no more sufficient than was the first Remnant's work at the beginning of the church. But in each of these cases, was this first part necessary? ABSOLUTELY! Yahweh could never have a bride if He had not performed this first year of taking the rib out of the body. His work now is to take that rib and begin to fashion a bride. And according to all these evidences, He will do this in these next two years of this concluding two-part or two-portion work.

What testimonies do we find regarding these two parts? They will be the two parts of David's army that overcome the enemy in order to regain all that has been lost in Christianity. They will be the waters of the Spirit that first rise up to a man's loins and then raise him up off of this earth. They will be Elijah's girding up of his loins and the essential overcoming race to Jezreel. They will be the second and third releases of the dove that succeed on both occasions. They will even be the prophetic two years of my cousins, the Wright brothers, who learned to ascend alive from Kill Devil Hill in 1902 and 1903. They will be the two presidents, Reagan and Bush, who in the twenty year death cycle defeat death and in the end see the return of Yahshua. They are even the two years in which I was called back into the ministry and did indeed enter in. They will be the two years in which the signs we saw manifested at our Passover gathering, will mature into the wonders as well - signs and wonders. They will provide the much needed victory for the second Remnant, and eventually for all mankind!

These are three witnesses, and even more, that Yahweh gave this man when he asked for His confirmation. And again there is more! I will be sending you soon a writing by Joseph Herrin, who was writing on this identical matter the same time I was writing this.

And finally, I believe in being open, and I will be so with you right now. As I said, I am working on a writing titled, The Raven. As a young man, I raised five ravens over a 24 year span. One day my third raven, Louie, flew several miles to land immediately outside the bedroom window of the girl I was dating, who in time was to become my wife. He had NEVER been away from my home; yet, out of the 360 degrees in which to fly, and an infinitesimal span of distances to fly, and a vast multitude of houses to go to, not to speak of bedroom windows to call out to, that bird was led to the precise location of the one who was to be my bride, and called to her! The chances of that happening go exceedingly far beyond probability!

For the last several years, I knew that this was indeed a miracle like unto the ravens who fed Elijah, but I never understood its meaning; not until recently. Early one morning Yahweh just dropped the understanding into my head, and there it was! Now for the clincher. I am almost out of finances, and if I have to go back to work, I cannot write. So, if you care about this Remnant work, it is now time for you to participate in it. This is the second year for this bride, and will you now get involved?

So there it is. As I said, I believe in being open and honest, and I leave the rest to you and Yahweh. Now you know. If you want to help, my address is:

Gary Naler

39805 - 212 Ave SE

Enumclaw, Washington 98022

For your information, a check would be made to my name, Gary Naler.






June 4, 2001

"The voice of one crying in the woods"


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

"Isn't it astonishing that all these secrets have been preserved for so many years just so that we could discover them?"

Those words sound eerily familiar to what we could say today about all the wonderful things we are being shown regarding Yahweh and His kingdom. For too long kingdom man has been blind and ignorant to all that Yahweh has been doing and will do. So very much of what we have been taught is mixed with so much error, that men are blind and ineffective in pursuing that which must take place in order for Yahshua to return and His kingdom be established upon this earth. What we are learning now will give us the rights to the prophetic "thirty linen wraps and thirty changes of clothes" promised to those who can tell the meaning of Yahweh's riddle (Judges 14:12). It is the knowledge to speak "what is right," and thus qualify the second Remnant to receive the double blessing of Yahweh, even as declared by Yahweh regarding Job, versus his three "friends" (Job 42:7).

Who could have penned this above quote in such starkly similar words to what we as the Remnant bride are now discovering? These were the words of a man who died the same year I was born, in 1948. He wrote these words after researching what others had discovered regarding the design of propellers, only to find that he and his accompanying brother were "unable to find anything of value." They thus concluded - "we worked out a theory of our own in the subject, and soon discovered, as we usually do, that all the propellers built heretofore are all wrong." Why was he interested in propellers? Because he and his brother would need them to be the first men to ascend alive into heaven under power. These were the words of my cousin, Orville Wright, who later that year in 1903 with Wilbur, flew for the first time their motorized Flyer from Kill Devil Hill.

Now precisely 100 years later, we are learning things that have equally been "preserved for so many years just so that we could discover them." If my cousins were in fact a pattern for what we as Yahshua's Remnant bride will follow, what can we expect for the next two years?

Even after writing you concerning the three witnesses, I continue to ask Yahweh what to expect. In fact, just the other day I was walking in the woods and cried out to Him regarding this. The question I asked and what I have found, is the reason for writing you now.

As I walked along, my cry to Him was - "When is this John the Baptist going to leap in the womb?" I asked this really out of a sense of frustration, in that I am ready for something to happen that is more substantial. I surprised myself when asking this, for it immediately came to me that John's leaping in Elizabeth's womb possibly had been a two-thirds/one-third experience. Later I looked this up; and sure enough, the Bible tells us specifically that John, the one who came "in the spirit and power of Elijah," leapt at the two-thirds, or six months, mark (Luke 1:26 and 44)! If we are indeed correct in that these 3 1/2 years from May, 2000, to the fall of 2003 are the period of the Remnant's development, what can we expect in the two-thirds time remaining?

First, every testimony tells us that the final year or year and a half is the great climax of this time. This is the water deep enough in which to swim. It is the release of the dove the third time. It is Elijah outrunning Ahab to Jezreel. In addition, if we look at the period of the church, the 2,000 year or two parts period leads to the great third part or Millennial reign period when Yahshua returns and sets up His kingdom. All of these confirm that the third part (or May, 2002, to fall, 2003) will be the period we have all looked and longed for. This is the 2003 that coordinates with the 1903 when my cousins added power to their equally 3 1/2 year effort to ascend alive into heaven from Kill Devil Hill.

So when I walked in the woods recently and cried out - "When is this John the Baptist going to leap in the womb?" - we see once again that John also leapt in the womb of Elizabeth at the beginning of the third part of his development. This is the part, the year, we can all hope for and labor towards! But, really my question before Yahweh has been - What can we expect in this next year from May, 2001, to May, 2002? We know from the testimony of David's pursuit of the Amalekites that these next two years should produce the victory we all need, but what will this next year bring? Let's look again at what the patterns tell us.

This is the period in which we should see the water rising to the loins. Similarly, it is identified as the period in which Elijah girds up his loins. Concerning my cousin's progress in this same period from 1901 to 1902, it was a time in which through much study and risky testing they overcame some of their greatest challenges, even rewriting existing aerodynamics tables in order to get the lift they needed to succeed. All of this preparatory work allowed them to perfect the glider they would use for their next step of adding power to it.

Furthermore, in Mark 4:28 we see the same pattern expressed by Yahshua concerning the kingdom of God - "first the blade, then the head, then the mature grain in the head." This first year from May, 2000, to May, 2001, has produced the mere "blade." What then can we expect for the next year?

When looking at the testimony of the loins, particularly regarding Elijah, we see the testimony that the loins must be girded up. We could perform an extensive analysis of the loins and what they reveal, but for now let us simply note two verses. In Ephesians 6:14 we are instructed - "Stand firm therefore, having girded your loins with truth." In like manner, in 1 Peter 1:13 we read - "Therefore, gird your minds for action." Both of these passages deal with the mind, with the assimilation of truth, even as we saw with the normal growth process of the kingdom of God - "first the blade, then the head ...."

What then can we expect for the coming year? The girding up of the mind with truth so that that which is in the head can mature, and be made ready for harvest. From the practical standpoint, this next year should provide the expansion of the truth of the Remnant bride, both personally as well as numerically.

In June, 1994, when the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me and told me these marvelous truths, I sent my two oldest daughters to our garden there in Texas to pick the corn. But, their idea of picking corn and my idea of picking corn were two different things. They went to the garden and proceeded to pick all of the corn, without looking to see if it was ready. The outcome was that they brought every ear back to the house, and none of it was ready!

The girls went ahead and started shucking it anyway, but it was too personal a matter for me to help them. The pain of harvesting the corn before the grain was mature in the ear was more than I could bear. I knew that Yahweh was showing me that this Remnant truth was not mature in my ear either; and it has taken these seven years for it to mature. Thus I can understand entirely why an extra year is needed to mature the grain in the head.

This next year should be a year in which the head begins to develop and fertilization begins. It should be a year in which many of the Remnant bride who are out there and have not yet heard, will discover these truths and fertilization will take place.

Now let's get practical. All of these truths can unfold to us, but unless this bride begins to take steps to make herself ready, then it will not go anywhere. For example, you would not even know these marvelous truths unless this man sat down one day and began to persistently work at getting them on the web. Take that step and apply it to what you could do, and once again you will see that your actions will produce the much needed and desired results. It is keeping on knocking so that you will obtain. I don't want God to fail me, so I don't want to fail God. That may not be the best of theology, but it should keep us active in seeking and doing His will.

What can you do? Tell others about these truths. Get in a news group and talk to others on the web. Tell people personally. Send them to And, are you ready? This man is going back to work this week because I have to have money to pay my bills. If you would rather that I spread this Remnant truth, you alone can keep me away from my hammer.

Also, and this is very important to me, it would be very good if Joseph Herrin could come to Washington the latter part of this month; but he does not have the money for the tickets. I have recently provided you some excellent writings that he has been used to bring forth; and the Remnant bride would benefit greatly for us to spend some time together. The cost for him and his daughter to fly here would be about $400 to $500, if we can get a good price on tickets. But, I would rather that his wife, Tony, and their son fly here also; so double that amount. If you have some frequent flyer tickets available, or if even someone you know has some, or if you can send something to help pay for their tickets, then respond right away, indicating the specific purpose of the gift. As you know, tickets can be purchased at a good price only if they are purchased in advance, so I need to hear from you right away. I really want to spend some time together with them! If one can put 1,000 to flight, two can put 10,000 to flight! We need help getting Joseph and his family here.

In 1 Corinthians 9:9, and repeated in 1 Timothy 5:18, we read that, "You shall not muzzle the ox while he is threshing," as well as the exhortation - "If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we should reap material things from you?" Since you are receiving these spiritual things from Yahweh's marriage table, is it not appropriate that Joseph and I receive help from you so this truth can go to others? The first Remnant even sold their possessions so that needs could be met. There are present needs, and I am asking for your help, and this to your own advantage - 2 Corinthians 8:10. Now you know the need. I have done my part; will you help and do yours?

I am most glad to be able to share these things with you, and to look to the future with great hope and anticipation for what Yahweh will do. "Through God we shall do valiantly" (Psalm 60:12).

Blessings always,




June 12, 2001


"Gestation and the Remnant"


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

The other night as I was about to go off to sleep, something dawned on me that I want to share with you. You may be wondering why I keep dwelling on this, but I have a habit of sharing those things that are pressing me, and it seems that this subject will not go away. Joseph Herrin once said I get out on a limb where there is no one else out there with me. I don't think this is the case on this necessarily, but I know I am out there; but none the less, this is what stays on my heart and continues to unfold in my understanding.

Three recent e-mails have dealt with the matter of timing. Timing is VERY important to Yahweh. Even the demons knew that timing was critical, as they implored Yahshua to deal with them based upon His being there "before the time" (Matthew 8:29). Because of their discerning of the time of Yahweh, even those demons got their request. How much more will we His Remnant bride receive our request if we too accurately discern the time of our calling?

Elijah knew the timing of his own ascension alive, as well as did the sons of the prophets at Bethel, Jericho, and the Jordan. Equally Enoch discerned the timing of Yahweh and knew when he too would ascend alive (Book of Jasher). So if we seek with the hopeful wisdom of the Remnant bride to discern the time of our own calling, we too will do well. Let me explain what came to me as I began to drift off to sleep. It has to do with this continuing matter of the ministry period of the second Remnant.

It seems evident that this period of the development of the second Remnant will be the same pattern of Mary's period for the development and bringing forth of Yahshua - insomuch that both have the same purpose. Mary brought forth the King of kings, which is precisely our purpose as well. Mary brought forth a work that was wholly impossible for her, which is equally true for the Remnant. How long did it take Mary to accomplish her work? Obviously it took the normal nine months of gestation. Nine is Yahweh's number of completion and fruit.

Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit around December 24, thus bringing forth the Son of God nine months later in September, most likely specifically at Trumpets, but certainly by Tabernacles. Thus we see the first coming of the King of kings at the time of Tabernacles. This is what we can expect again, as the King of kings comes once again to tabernacle among men, restoring and establishing His kingdom upon this earth. So how does this relate to the second Remnant? Let us see.

At the end of September, 1993, my family and I moved to a ranch home we had built for women and children. (For a more complete story of this, go to Then in June, 1994, the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me for a week and a half and taught me things that no man has ever understood before. These truths and the new direction we were to pursue brought us into great disfavor with the man who actually owned the ranch, and he asked that we leave immediately. On August 7 Yahweh told me to move to Washington state, and on September 1 we arrived there.

A woman who was a dear and most important part of those dramatic events at the ranch, pointed out at that time a most important truth. She noted that our time there from our arrival in September to the June overshadowing, had been nine months, and concluded that Yahweh was birthing us into an entirely new direction and purpose in our lives. It now seems that this timing was a forerunner of what this Remnant bride will experience.

I have been pointing out that for numerous reasons, we should see the ministry period of the Remnant take place from May, 2000 (the time we know it began), to Tabernacles, 2003. These three years would be the fulfillment of the replete three-part-work pattern. But while laying there in bed, it suddenly came to me that, very importantly, these three years complete the period of gestation for birthing! Let me share with you what I believe has happened and what will take place.

Even as the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, and the Son of God was conceived within her womb, so I believe that when the Spirit of Yahweh overshadowed me in June, 1994, the fulfillment of this most important pattern was begun for bringing forth the Son of God once again - His way being prepared this time by the Remnant. As Mary's gestation period for the Son of God was nine months, the higher fulfillment of this gestation period for a Remnant people will not be in months, but in years - nine years. Thus, the development taking place within and among us that brings forth the Son of God, would take place in the time period of June, 1994, to Tabernacles, 2003, or the gestation period of nine years. This is consistent with Mary's gestation, and this is consistent with the nine months at the ranch causing me and my family to be birthed into an entirely new purpose and understanding.

Most remarkably, we see this same important pattern for mankind. The birthing of man is of course associated with the number nine. Furthermore, we see that man has been on this earth for 6,000 years, or six periods of time. In the writing titled, THE ISSUE - II, we consider the timing we can expect for the establishment of the body of Christ in their immortal bodies (see As pointed out in that writing, for a number of reasons Christians will not enter into immortal bodies for another 3,000 years from now. Add the 6,000 years thus far to the 3,000 years that Christianity has remaining in their earthly bodies, and what does one have? Of course a nine part or 9,000 years gestation, which brings the body of Christ into immortality!

Though the bride will be the first to enter into immortality and encompass the body of Christ for a season (see The Raven, at, it is the body of Christ from which all immortal men come forth, including the bride. Within the loins of the body of Christ are all men who will enter into immortality. Even as we read this truth in Hebrews 7:10, so it is true with the body of Christ. Though the bride is first to enter into immortality, opening the way for all others to enter into this essential state, it is the entrance of the body of Christ into immortality that mankind greatly awaits. Thus, though the bride comes forth into immortality early, it is the completion of the gestation period of the one in whom is the seed of all other men that mankind awaits - this entrance of the body of Christ into immortality 9,000 years from Adam.

Please allow at this point some related parenthetical observations and comparisons. These last few writings have sought to address and gain understanding from the two-thirds/one-third pattern. It is most revealing that in this nine part or 9,000 year period, we find the identical division! Precisely at the two-thirds mark, or at 6,000 years, the bride is called out early into immortality! And most remarkably, this is equally true with Yahshua. He too came early at the two-thirds mark by coming the first time at 4,000 years from Adam, then to bring His final fulfillment at the completion of 6,000 years.

Adding further evidence to this pattern, we find that this correlates with the two-thirds/one-third work seen in Moses' 120 year life where at the two-thirds mark (eighty years), he delivered the sons of Israel out of Egypt. Equally, at the two-thirds mark of the first three kings of undivided Israel (following Saul's forty year reign and David's forty year reign), Solomon began his forty year reign and the construction of the great gold temple of Yahweh which He filled with His glory (2 Chronicles 5:13-14).

And today as this Elijah bride work is being established, we find nothing less than this identical pattern being followed. Of the nine years afforded the bride in preparing the way for Yahshua's return, it was specifically at the two-thirds mark of six years since 1994 that the rib was taken out and men began to believe! This correlates precisely with the sixth month in which John leapt in Elizabeth's womb. This John work that we as His second Remnant are entering into, truly leapt in the womb in May, 2000, as we began seeing for the first time its outward development. (Because of their importance, I suggest you thoughtfully reread these last three paragraphs.)

Over and over in very important applications we see this pattern repeated, and are even now experiencing this third part fulfillment at one level with the outward development of this bride work; yet on another level we look forward to its fulfillment in the third year of this bride's development. Let us now return to our observations regarding the body of Christ.

Of course this entire matter concerning the resurrection of the body following 9,000 years, is affirming hope that the Son of God, the true Christ, will be victoriously brought forth at the equal end of nine years in this Remnant bride work. This is undoubtedly why the number nine keeps showing up in other prophetic testimonies as well, including the ninth president in the 20 year death cycle - the 43rd and highly prophetic president, George W. Bush. His place as the ninth president in this MOST unusual cycle provides hope that the King of kings will come during his administration.

In June, 1994, the Spirit of Yahweh overshadowed a man and revealed to him truths that had never before been seen. Even as a seed was placed in Mary's womb, which nine months later brought forth the Son of God, so the seed of truth that will set men free was placed in a man's mind, and there is the great hope that nine years later, the Son of God will once again be brought forth.

When the Spirit overshadowed Mary, there was no fanfare. No one but Mary and those with whom she may have shared knew of it. But what took place from that time on was destined to change the world! Likewise, in June, 1994, at a remote ranch in Texas, with relatively no one else's awareness, the Spirit of Yahweh overshadowed a man and gave him truth, and the final outcome will be even more dramatic! This time the Son of Man will come to reign upon this earth as the fulfilling King of kings! The first time, when His way was prepared by Mary, she brought forth a little child who grew in favor with God and men (Luke 2:52). This second time His way is prepared by the Remnant, and He will be brought forth as the King who will reign forever and ever (Revelation 11:15)1

Blessings always to you,