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Earlier in this writing we noted the important testimony the Kenites consistently reveal per the second Remnant.  Jael, Zipporah, as well as the outstanding Rechabites were all Kenites, and we have seen how each one represented in their own way the second Remnant.

So let us now ask another question.  What do the Kenites and the son of promise, Isaac, have in common?  The answer - both of them were miracle provisions!  But you might inquire in puzzlement - How were the Kenites a miracle provision?  Let me ask you a question - From were did the Kenites originate?  As we noted before, they are the descendants of Cain.  So, how then can there be Kenites in the Bible when we read that the flood killed everyone on the face of the earth except for Noah and his family?  Cain was before the flood, and it is obvious that all his descendants would have been wiped out with the flood.  But we know otherwise, for the Kenites are the descendants of Cain.  What is the answer to this?  Like we have said before - the Bible does not have to make practical sense, but it MUST make prophetic sense!  This is just one more of those cases in which the prophetic message prevails over the practical.  In fact, the practical is there for the specific purpose of serving the prophetic.

Thus you see why we just said that the Kenites were a miracle provision, for the only way they could have made it beyond the flood was prophetically by a miracle. Why did Yahweh do this?  Because the Kenites were in a prophetic and intercessoral position of the second Remnant; and various testimonies, including this one, consistently bear evidence that the second Remnant will be a miracle work.

The Kenites were a miracle; second-Remnant-representing Isaac was a miracle; even Mary, as the second Remnant Elijah picture, brought forth the Son of God only because the Holy Spirit overshadowed her and a miracle occurred.  Likewise, John the Baptist, upon whom was the spirit of Elijah, was a miracle birth, revealing the necessity that the second Remnant Elijah must be a miracle work.

Each one of these testimonies bears the same truth.  And this is the same message we see in Yahshua's response when He said that it is as hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God as it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.  To this His disciples questioned who then could even be saved.  Yahshua then stated concerning this impossibility - "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26).

I see this impossibility going on right now with men and women.  Even when they believe and marvel at these truths concerning the second Remnant, they yet struggle and even faint at the act of actually obeying the words of Yahshua and giving up everything (Luke 14:33).  Once again we witness the stark reality that the second Remnant will not and cannot come into fulfillment without it being a miracle work of Yahweh.  That which is impossible with man, must be made possible with God.

In like testimony, even as King Hezekiah (the king who held the delayed double Passover) so uniquely and prophetically expressed to Isaiah when Jerusalem was surrounded by the armies of Assyria, so it is with the second Remnant - "for children have come to birth, and there is no strength to give birth" (2 Kings 19:3).  This is precisely where some of the Remnant Bride are right now.  They are children that need to be birthed, but there is not the strength to birth them; thus they wait in the womb.  And there are many more who need to hear and be birthed as well.

The truth of the Remnant Bride message has gone out and the enemy, Satan, has encamped about some, threatening, as did the Assyrian army, that their doom is at hand.  But through Isaiah, Yahweh answered fearful Hezekiah - "Do not be afraid (the same words Yahshua said when He told His followers to "Sell your possessions and give mercifully," Luke 12:32f) because of the words you have heard, with which the servants of the king of Assyria have blasphemed Me.  Behold, I will put a spirit in him so that he shall hear a rumor and return to his own land.  And I will make him fall by the sword in his own land" (19:6-7).  Our trust is in Yahweh and His miracle provision for the birth of the Remnant children.

This work must be a miracle Isaac, Kenite, Mary, an Elizabeth-birthed work, or even a besieged Hezekiah.  Yahweh must perform a miracle, or the second Remnant will not happen.  We have removed our sandals, and are not even worthy to unlatch Yahshua's; for it is He alone who has the authority and the power to perform this work.  Our need for a miracle/miracles is evident, and we press on in faith, looking to Him to perform His word.  We do not wait back, but in faith we step out on the water and trust Him to cause us to walk over the sea of death to join Him where He is.

This writing now brings us to our present day.  The second Remnant first began to form at Passover, 2000.  In 2001, a handful of men came together for the first time as the Remnant Bride to celebrate the eight days of Passover.  Then in 2002, three times the number of men and several women came together as the Bride to celebrate Passover.  On this second occasion, Yahweh showed us that we were to celebrate nine days.  Moses went up on the mountain eight times, but in fulfillment of the promise made to Moses in Exodus 33:17-23, Elijah later went up on the same mountain for a ninth time.  (This is the same pattern of the 70 and 2, where we equally see a promise made to one, but a removed remnant fulfilling it - once again the Elijah.  We are also now in the ninth year of the Remnant Bride work which began in 1994 when the Spirit of Yahweh came upon this man.)

As you might recognize, the Remnant Bride has now celebrated two Passovers together.  While the first was marked by miracle testimonies, and the second was indeed an intercessoral period, neither possessed the power nor the fulfillment the Remnant Bride must experience.  In each case the Bride was either uncovered or inadequately covered, though we had anticipated that the last Passover would provide the power to perform this covering.  In the eyes of man, once again we could be viewed as failures per these two gatherings.  But as you have seen here, this is in fact the way of Yahweh, and our past failures encourage us that the fulfillment is now before us.  "An inheritance gained hurriedly at the beginning, will not be blessed in the end," and our hope even now is that Yahweh will perform that work that He alone can accomplish in this upcoming third Passover.

Passover, 2003, begins on the evening of April 15.  Of course the Remnant Bride will once again gather here in Washington for this event.  But, this Passover we will gather together fully covered.  Remnant Bride members are already initiating selling all their possessions, even as Yahshua required in order to be His disciple, and will be here at that time to hold all things in common.  The first time the Remnant came together, we were totally uncovered.  The second time we came together, we were covered under the partial covering of the fig leaf tithe.  At this Passover, we will gather under the adequate garments of skin covering of holding all things in common.  

Another relevant testimony to what we have experienced since Passover, 2000, and what we can expect in Passover, 2003, is found in Isaiah 20.  Before we look at it though, let me share something personal.  One time the Holy Spirit asked me to ask for an example in the flesh for my life.  I thought He would tell me that my example would be a pastor that I highly esteemed at that time; but upon my solicited request to Him, His answer to me was a man named Rees Howells, whose life is recorded in a book titled Rees Howells, Intercessor.  As revealed by the book's title, Rees was a true intercessor; in fact, you will not be able to fully understand what I am about to say without reading the book.

On pages 119-120, we read the following regarding Rees - "The Lord then told him that he must be open to be taken by Him into any position (of intercession) that the prophets or apostles took.  'I saw how the iniquity of the nation was laid upon Ezekiel,' he said, 'but I wasn't afraid of being tested in food like him.  Neither was I afraid of Jeremiah, but I was afraid of Isaiah!  There was never a prophet like that man, of royal blood, and one of the greatest statesmen and writers, but I saw how the Holy Ghost humiliated him in what He called him to do (Isaiah 20).  The only comfort I had was that by starting to read in Genesis, it would take me about two months before I reached him!'"

The intercession to which Rees was referring was when Yahweh had Isaiah to go naked with his buttocks uncovered and barefoot for three years.  And though Rees never seemed to have entered into that intercession, following after my Spirit-ordained example in the flesh, I have had to go through it, and am, in fact, in it right now as I write this!  How is this so?  It is an intercession that Yahweh has placed on me and all the Remnant Bride since Passover, 2000!

We cannot go into all the testimonies from this chapter in Isaiah, but most certainly since Passover, 2000, the second Remnant has been both naked and has removed its sandals.  "Go and loosen the sackcloth from your hips, and take your shoes off your feet," instructed Yahweh.  This issue regarding the sandals is a Remnant issue, evidenced in many ways, including when Yahweh gave an equal command to both Moses just before he delivered the sons of Israel from Egypt, and to Joshua when they had just entered into the promised land - the two-part Remnant testimony.  (Read The Sandals and the Staff.)

Since Passover, 2000, the Remnant Bride has been in an Isaiah intercession in which we have had to go about both naked with our buttocks uncovered and barefoot.  This has been a state of immense vulnerability, uncomfortable exposure, trust, obedience, and endurance.  It has been a time of unseemly appearance and even weakness.  This obedient act by Isaiah aptly explains the intercessoral walk of the second Remnant for the last three years, even in this time leading up to Passover.  With exception to the weak and insufficient loin covering we had for a brief six months, it has been a time of complete nakedness.  And these three years are the precise period of time that Isaiah went about uncovered.  Passover, 2003, marks the end of the Isaiah period of three years of nakedness when the Remnant Bride will come under the adequate garments of skin covering of holding all things in common.

The reader cannot know how much Rees Howells' testimony has meant to me over the years.  It has meant life and truth and hope and comfort and inspiration and joy to me; and it gives me a great sense of fulfillment and hope that, like Elijah who later fulfilled the promise given to Moses in Exodus 33:17-23, this man has been led into the very intercession Rees feared.  Rees seemingly never got to Isaiah in his intercessions (his equally prophetic "two months" delay), but as with other fulfillments, it was given to another.  I/we in the Remnant Bride have successfully been led through it!  Once again we see Yahweh completing in the latter, that which He began in the life and work of the former, while the two are separated by a breach.  It is the pattern of the removed Elijah who fulfilled the promise given to Moses, or the removed Eldad and Medad who prophesied after the 70 had quit.  For me personally, it is a great satisfaction to know that I have fulfillingly walked in that which my ordained example in the flesh did not and could not enter.

Passover, 2003, thus marks the completion of the three years of nakedness for the Bride work.  When we come together at Passover as the covered Bride, the time of that intercession will be fulfilled!

Intercessorally, in these last three years we have passed through the 3,000 year period of the church.  Yahweh has taken  us through this three year period of weakness and seeming failure so that we can stand in the place of its failure; and by Yahweh now delivering us, this opens the way for the first Remnant's and Christianity's own deliverance.  This is the power of intercession.  As we learned in Seedtime and Harvest, ..., the former work must enter into intercession for the latter work, so that when the former is saved, it insures the deliverance of the latter.  Yahweh has caused us to be weak for three years, so that others can be made strong.  He has humbled us, so that others can be exalted.

As Remnant Bride members sell their possessions and move here in the days leading up to Passover, we will gather together for the first time as the covered Bride.  Everything points to the fact that within the months of February through April, or even a delayed Passover in May (if we must), we will begin to witness the culminating fulfillment of the Remnant Bride.  Exactly how this will happen and precisely when, we will have to watch and see.  As was just stated, we have removed our sandals and this is a work that only Yahweh can perform, though we must obey and do all we must do to cooperate with, further, and implement His works as His willing vessels.  

We will have to see how this all transpires, but we know pattern-wise that we are positioned to receive all the promises of Yahweh pertaining to the second Remnant Bride.  Even our two previous Passover gatherings point to, affirm, and opportune this, as well as the dramatic testimony of Isaiah 20.

We are in need of a miracle, and both intercessorally as well as prophetically, we are at the right place and the right time to receive it.

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