What kind of Car does Yahshua Drive?

On January 27, 2002, the following e-mail was sent to those who are the Remnant Bride by virtue of their covering tithe. It is being published here because of its relevance and its revelation regarding what is taking place today.

The Remnant Bride is a small group; but at this time, it is better to be small than to be large, to be a little David Remnant than to be Goliath Christianity. Yahweh uses the small and the weak, so with this smallness I am both encouraged and strengthened. If one would stop and think about this, they would flee from Christianity.

The great significance of the Remnant's smallness is dramatically seen in this e-mail that follows, along with an amazing testimony regarding this contest that we are now in -Carmel! Today is the most impacting and decisive time since Yahshua, and as you will see when reading this, scriptures are being fulfilled in a way that no one ever expected and with dramatic results! Here is the e-mail I sent out to the covering Bride. I will add a few brief comments afterwards.


Dear Covering Bride,

This is my second special e-mail just to those who are providing the covering for the Bride and Christianity. There is so very much I wish I could share with you. Many things rush through my head, but I cannot write them all.

I want you to realize how significant and important your participation in this covering is, and to encourage your continuing faithfulness. As I wrote recently, this year is the most significant and culminating year in the history of mankind, effecting the fulfillment of the flood of Noah per the Bride; and though the tithe of a few people may seem to be small and insignificant, you cannot even begin to imagine how significant it truly is, though you are about to find out!

I am going to answer the question as to what kind of car Yahshua drives, but before I do, let me address just how incredibly significant your part in the Bride is per your tithe. This is one of the most wonderful and exciting things I have seen of late, and that is saying a lot!

Can anyone doubt the significance of a seed? It too is obscure and small, but looking at what that seed can produce, one gains greater appreciation for a tiny and seemingly insignificant beginning. Your tithe right now is the seed that begins to prepare the way for Yahshua's return!

Yahshua declared - "if you have faith as a mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it shall move; and nothing shall be impossible to you" (first Remnant Matthew 17:20). What mountain was He talking about? Obviously, knowing what "this mountain" refers to is most critical to understanding what He was even saying here. Clearly, "this mountain" that Yahshua was addressing was the mountain they were standing near. And what mountain was that? It was the mountain from which Yahshua and three of His disciples had just descended! "This mountain" to which Yahshua was obviously referring was clearly the mount of transfiguration!

Yahshua had just come down from that mountain where He had been transfigured with His two Remnant representatives, Moses and Elijah. So when He addressed moving "this mountain," quite obviously He was specifically referring to moving the mount of transfiguration! In fact, when He made this statement, He very well could have turned to that very mountain, and motioning to it, declared these words - "you shall say to this mountain."

Why? What is the significance of this obviously important statement? Why would anyone want to move the mountain of transfiguration? Pay careful attention. Because the mountain of transfiguration was not supposed to be ascended until the end of the church's 3,000 years. Men were not to be transfigured until the church's 3,000 year period was complete. But, and oh how important this is, because of the faith of a seed, a mere twelve people who believed and were willing to tithe, the mount of transfiguration has been moved to NOW! The "faith as a mustard seed" work of twelve people moved the experience of transfiguration forward 1,000 years!

What else did your faith accomplish, if this was not already enough? In second Remnant Luke 17:6 where the disciples asked Yahshua to increase their faith, He similarly declared - "If you had faith like a mustard seed, you would say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and be planted in the sea'; and it would obey you." That "mulberry tree" is Christianity, equally seen in Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar's tree that was cut down. This tree is also called a Sycamore tree, the tree that little Remnant Zaccheus climbed into in order to watch for the coming Messiah, and was called out from in order to have a private dinner with Him - the dinner we are now eating. What was this little Remnant man's response? He gave! Once again we see that the faith of a mere twelve people, a little Zaccheus, was the seed that uprooted the vast tree of Christianity and cast it into the sea of death! Your faith fulfilled both of these scriptures!

What then is to personally be your response to these amazing and marvelous things? Read the remaining account here for yourself, and you will see that Yahshua concludes this by saying to you and to all who follow in believing - "So you too, when you do all the things which are commanded you, say, 'We are unworthy slaves; we have done only that which we ought to have done.'" Oh Yahweh of Hosts, You are using your Remnant people to Your glory alone! You have performed these great things! We are humbled by You! Continue leading us by faith, we ask!

As you can see, I am in nowise exaggerating in the least the significance of your little seed tithe. Yahweh uses the foolish to shame the wise, the weak to shame the strong, and this He has chosen once again to do through you. Through this little seed of faith of twelve people tithing, we will see a work take place that will cause a host to ascend alive into heaven. And even affirming what is said here, this slight act of obedience by the Remnant is in grave and attesting contrast to similar teachings of Latter Rain Movement pioneer Oral Roberts. Has Oral Roberts ever been able to get his offering to ascend alive with his seed-faith giving teachings? No, his followers all die! To these Carmel participants who have performed all these miracles and cast out demons, Yahshua will declare - "Depart from Me, all you evil doers," "I never knew you" (Matthew 7:15-23, Luke 13:22-27)! But as the Elijah work, your faith will cause a people to ascend alive! Why? Because it is Yahweh's will, it is His work, and it is the correct timing! He has performed this; our sandals are removed from our feet! Now is the time of the evening offering on this day of Carmel, and THIS sacrifice WILL ascend! Let us see more as to why this faith covering is so very important and why it will succeed.

Kyle learned recently from a celestial testimony that when he began sharing about the tithe in the writing "Elijah and the widow," Yahshua was in fact breathing on us, even as in the evening He breathed on His disciples and imparted the Holy Spirit - John 20:22. (You can read this at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RemnantBride/message/427 .) In August, 2001, Yahshua breathed on us and as a result twelve people began tithing, two more than the required ten. You are that divine seed, the product of a mere breath that looks to and promises the coming of the "rushing mighty wind" in just three months (though our rain starts out smaller and ever increases).

Do not despise your tithe! As you can see, it is an incredibly effectual seed! Because of it, Yahshua has promised that "nothing shall be impossible" to us. This includes His latter rain and all that we will experience under that rain (it will be most interesting to see what that will be), as well as the marvelous act of ascending alive! As He has spoken, "nothing shall be impossible" to us, His Remnant Bride! Equally has He said in the incredibly prophetic chapter of Isaiah 55 regarding the Bride - "So shall My word be which goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it" (verse 11).

So need I say - do not faint in providing this covering you have begun! Yahweh will give His rewards to those who persevere to the end, and we must have perseverance! Yahweh has given this man the strength to persevere through almost eight years of loneliness and often great sorrow (when I have even apologized to my bride for marrying her), and I trust you will persevere for three months. I always rejoice, and am even relieved, when I receive your tithe, knowing that you are continuing to be faithful.

Let us now look at a brief and unique testimony to confirm where we are right now. It is here we will learn what kind of car Yahshua drives. I am sure this is something about which you have often wondered. Right?

I have shared recently about the great significance of these 54 years from the beginning of Carmel in 1948, to today. At this 54 year mark, we can be confident that Yahweh will give to His Bride the ESSENTIAL latter rain. Already the little Bride has legally effected moving the transfiguration experience by 1,000 years, and Christianity has been cast into the sea of death, so rain for the Bride is now seemingly inevitable! Legally, this work has been secured by the Bride. Legally, we have it!

My own bride has been used of Yahweh to often provide intercessoral and prophetic testimony of Yahshua's Bride. Let me give you a few brief examples.

Mavis and I were married in 1969. She was a Parkinson. Have you seen the movie, The Awakenings? If you want to know what is now occurring and what will occur through the Bride, watch that movie. It is a true story. People who had been essentially asleep, literally frozen in time for nearly thirty years, awoke from their sleep by the administration of a drug that was normally used in treating Parkinson's disease. When did all of these dramatic events take place? In the summer of 1969 when I married Mavis Parkinson! When I was joined to my bride, these people awoke from their sleep!

There are many parallels to my life in this movie, and they have at times given me great encouragement, including that the man who brought these people out of their sleep is Dr. Sayer, which is what I do - I "say" the truth. But suffice it to say that in 1969 when at the identical time I married my bride, Yahweh provided a testimony of the purpose of the Bride in bringing a people out of their frozen sleep!

After Mavis and I were married, we drove to Amarillo, Texas, and spent our first night together there as husband and wife. Amarillo is where Mavis was born, and the first group to meet together as the Bride was in Amarillo. In fact, in 1996 (which strangely are the same numbers in 1969, but reversed) when I knew that Yahweh was going to kill many pastors (but instead He had mercy, providing me a great Jonah experience), four pastors in Amarillo died suddenly and strangely.

My new bride and I next went to Colorado Springs, Colorado, for our honeymoon. Since we were there in 1969, Colorado Springs has become the Mecca for Christian works. This is a testimony of the work of the Remnant, and the importance of the Bride uniting with Yahshua. The kingdom of the world will become the kingdom of our God, and it will never end. Colorado Springs has flourished spiritually as a testimony of the coming of Yahshua and His Bride, that city's spiritual fervor being initiated by taking my new bride to Colorado Springs in 1969.

Have you read the writing, The Raven? You will recall that Yahweh sent one of my ravens several miles across town to land outside my girlfriend's bedroom window and call out to this one who would some day be my bride. This was unquestionably a miracle! There was NO natural way that raven could have done that, once again providing testimony to the unique purpose and place of my bride.

Why do I point these things out? Because when I began dating my bride, I had a car that she just loved, and still talks about today. My bride-to-be and I spent many hours in that car; in fact I proposed to her in it and in it placed on her finger her engagement ring. The car was a Ford that I had painted "royal red metallic."

One day on my way to work, I narrowly missed slamming into a car, and my little Ford was struck on the right side, just like the body of Christ is struck on the right side, the side where Yahshua told the disciples to fish and they received 153 fish. This was the only wreck I ever had in that car. That Ford that brought forth my bride was in many ways a testimony of the body of Christ, out of which Yahshua obtains His bride. This was also the first car I ever had (my father made arrangements for it, though I purchased it), much like Christianity has been the first spiritual body He has ever had (the Father made arrangements for it, though His Son purchased it).

Thus as you can see, prophetically that car was not just any ordinary car (as none really are). But this is not all! For this was not just any old Ford either; this red pierced first time car that my father arranged for me to have from which I got my bride, was a 54 Ford! This is the very number of years from the beginning of Carmel in 1948 to 2002, and we fully expect this Passover to be the beginning of the latter rain at the "deep enough in which to swim" level so that Yahshua can have His Bride as well!

Considering all the sovereign ways in which my bride has testified to the Bride of Yahshua, as well as the many and obvious testimonies of this car, I do not regard this witness as insignificant. Yahweh provides along the way signs of His works that are to be, and it is evident that once again He has provided one that He alone can fulfill. Even as I got my bride while in a 54 Ford, from 54 years of Carmel Yahshua will get His Bride! I can just see Yahshua driving my 54 Ford right now! He has a smile on His face! Yahshua is driving a 54 Ford!

There is mounting incredible evidence that this year, 2002, is the year in which Yahweh will send His Spirit to His Bride to prepare the way for the Son of God; and as unbelievable as it may seem, you are the seed of faith that effects that work. Your seed work evidenced by your tithe has indeed moved the mountain of transfiguration experience to us today, and has plucked up the mulberry tree of Christianity and cast it into the sea!

Now, knowing these amazing things, be most faithful in your tithe, sending it with great joy, confidence, gratitude unto Yahweh, and hope, knowing that you are a part of the most wonderful opportunity ever afforded to mankind!

Blessings to you all,


PS - If you might have any lingering thoughts that the body of Christ can win the race, I raced that red 54 Ford at the Amarillo race tracks once and lost! The body of Christ will never win the Amarillo Bride race! I know, because I lost it already (in more ways than one)! I got a bride out of that car, but it was a loser at the Amarillo tracks!

PPS - Per the latter rain and 9-11, read Isaiah 30:23-26 for some eye-opening evidence!


Now let me make an invitation to you. There is only one body that is clean before Yahweh, and it is not the body of Christ. The clean work is the Bride. The body of Christ is corrupted and is not pleasing to Him. And there is only one way you can enter into the Bride. It is very simple - hear, believe, and act by coming under the covering which these twelve Bride members entered that moved the mountain of transfiguration and cast the tree of Christianity into the sea. Tithing to the Bride is the covering that legally makes you a part of the Bride. I will be very clear about this - if you do not tithe, then you are not a part of Yahshua's Bride. As I have shared in these writings, your tithe is the fig leaf covering, and without it you are naked and unclean. I would suggest you read Tithing, and the Remnant Bride.

I will provide my address if you want to be a part of the covering about which you just read.

The Remnant Bride
250 CR 6400
Salem, MO 65560

I will not hype you, as do others; I will not plead with you. I will not emotionally manipulate you. I will give you the facts and offer you the opportunity. The rest is up to you.

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