Eli-Yah and Eli-Shua


Let us consider a most interesting and important testimony. The two-part Remnant is clearly evidenced in the two prophets - Elijah and Elisha. At the end of their journey together, these two men were separated by the chariot of fire and horses of fire, even as Christianity has separated the two Remnant.

But most significant and revealing is the meaning of their names. Elijah is actually a combination of "Eli" and "Yah," or Eli-Yah. "Eli" means "Most High," and "Yah" is the name of the Father, or Yahweh. On the other hand, in Elisha we find the same first part of Elijah's name, or the "Eli," but the second part is "sha." The "sha" is actually the same word we find in the second part of Yahshua's name - Yah-shua. The "sha" in Elisha and "shua" in Yahshua are the same word and mean "savior." It is for this reason that the Savior's name, Yahshua, reveals His purpose as the Savior of all mankind, for His name actually means - "Yahweh Savior."

Since these two men are the prophetic types of the two Remnant, if you combine together their names Eli-Yah and Eli-shua, even as the two Remnant are in fact one, then one finds that the two names when united actually reveal the Son of God. Eli-Yah plus Eli-shua become Eli-Yahshua! Thus we see evidenced here that the uniting of the two Remnant are in fact the revelation of Yahshua! What does this mean for us today? A great deal!

The first Remnant was the beginning expression of Yahshua through mankind. For a year and a half they revealed Him in power; but then the breach came and the anointing went to Christianity. Since then the body of Christ has become the crucified Savior - suffering even as He suffered. The body of Christ has become blinded, even as Yahshua was blindfolded. The body of Christ has been beaten, afflicted, spat upon, defiled in many ways, and the cares of this world, the wreath of thorns, have been placed upon its head. Though the body of Christ may wear the purple/scarlet robe and have in its hand a reed, possessing the appearance of reigning, the fact is this is only a delusion and they are in bondage.

The true testimony of Yahshua when not in bondage is the two-part Eli-Yah and Eli-shua Remnant. What does this mean for today when the second Remnant is being formed? Most promising, it means that the testimony of Yahshua that began in the Eli-Yah first Remnant, will now be completed in the Eli-shua second Remnant! More specifically, it means that the works the first Remnant performed with power and authority, clearly setting them apart from the established religious order of the day, must be completed in the second Remnant, and this in a double portion! Thus, even as the first Remnant was indeed set apart by power, so the second Remnant must be set apart from Christianity by power.

In order for Yah to become the complete Yah-shua, that which was begun under the first Remnant in demonstrations of power, must now be completed in a double portion by the second Remnant, the preceding "Yah" demanding the fulfilling "shua"! Only as this power is released to the second Remnant can the full and complete testimony of Yahshua's ministry be fulfilled! Just as Yahshua promised to the first Remnant apostles who received the Holy Spirit whom He asked the Father to send, so it must be for the second Remnant - "he who believes in Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to the Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son" (John 14:12-13).

Do you apprehend the import of this? In order for Yahshua's complete ministry through men to be effected, there must be another work that will finish that which was only begun through the Yah work. What we can expect in the time from May, 2002, to September, 2003, is the completion of the work of Yahshua expressed in the second Remnant! It will be Yahshua walking in power upon this earth through men, completing that which He began! While Yahshua was the seed, that seed must increase in and through men in order for it to be effective, fruitful, and proven true, bringing forth the fulfillment of the two-part Yah-shua work.

This clear testimony provides us great hope for this coming Passover and the days following. And adding to what is already written in Ascending Alive, what we as the Remnant will receive as the completing "shua," is an "early" partaking of that which is above. From the writing titled Passover, located under the Bible Contradictions section on The Remnant Bride web site, we read that the second Remnant enter into the promised land on Passover. Yet in the writing Ascending Alive, we see that the second Remnant is taken into heaven on a Trumpets, a year and a half after that Passover. So which one is truly the promised land? Isn't our entrance into heaven actually the promised land? Yes it is, but that which the second Remnant experiences now, is in fact a prelude to what we will receive in full in heaven. Another way of saying this is that the second Remnant receives the latter rain as an "early" in-part fulfillment of that which is soon to be received in full. The promised land is actually entered into by the Remnant even while we are in earthly flesh, beginning to enjoy now what we will experience more completely via ascension.

The Remnant legally enter into the promised land, or heaven, by heaven coming to them on a Passover, even as the sons of Israel entered into the promised land on Passover. But in fact, the complete fulfillment of this preluding time will come on a Trumpets when the Remnant will ascend into heaven and remain there for fifteen days, returning with Yahshua on Tabernacles to establish His kingdom upon this earth forever.

This "early" impartation of the promised land via the latter rain is just one more example of the divine overlaps that Yahweh performs. (Read Ascending Alive for an explanation of this.) The promised land overlaps with earthly man by Yahshua giving the second Remnant an expression of that land via the latter rain a year and a half before the Remnant actually enter into it in full by ascending alive into heaven. This is Yahweh's way of tying things together - He overlaps things!

In closing, let us consider some highly attesting evidence. In The Issue - II, we read that the flood of Yahweh's Spirit that is to cover the earth was to come at the completion of 120 Jubilees from the fall of Adam. As we point out, that period was completed in 1993, and according to the laws of Yahweh, the flood should have come in that year. But as pointed out in The Test - 2002 and the Latter Rain, that promise has been delayed ten years, calling for its fulfillment in 2003.

But MOST interesting and clearly attesting, in 1993 when that rain was supposed to have come, the United States experienced the most devastating flood disaster in its entire history! The Great Flood of 1993 encompassed an area of nine states and 16,000 square miles, flooding the great Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers and their surrounding areas!

Yahweh provided this physical testimony as a signpost telling us what will happen in 2003, as well as providing signs as to what we can expect in May, 2002, through September, 2003, per the latter rain for the second Remnant. Most revealing, the Great Flood of 1993 took place in those identical months, only associated with one year of course. That attesting flood occurred from May to September, 1993!

Yahweh says - "That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done, so there is nothing new under the sun" (Ecclesiastes 1:9). That which Yahweh is going to do is evidenced first in the natural, the natural always revealing and preceding the spiritual. Thus it is of no little significance that in May through September, 1993, when legally the flood of Yahweh's Spirit would have come upon all the earth at the end of 120 Jubilees from Adam's fall, the most devastating flood in US history occurred, some states literally receiving a double portion of their normal rain!

Yahweh of hosts, send us your double portion rain!

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