In November and December of 2000, I sent out a series of e-mails now under the title "Election 2000 Information" in which I was stating beforehand what to expect from the election and post election conflict between Bush and Gore. I was able to do this because those events were following, to an extraordinary degree, divine patterns revealed in the Scriptures. I said then that according to these Bible patterns, the nine member Supreme Court would have to get involved and overturn the seven member state court, and Bush would have to become President.

This was a very difficult time for me, for I was speaking these things before they ever took place! At times I was very anxious because I was placing all that I saw and believed on the line. If I was wrong, then it could obviously be concluded that the patterns I saw and taught were wrong, and thus the teachings regarding the Remnant were wrong. That was a lot to place at stake; BUT, the patterns were being followed so precisely and completely, it was too much to ignore or to be silent about. Thus I wrote these things, and everything turned out to be correct!

I thought that as a result of this accuracy, the world would recognize that something was going on here that deserved attention; but time went on and few seemed to notice. But oh what a relief it was for me personally when those final results were in.

You will also find on this site another writing on the 2001 World Series. This too was following a divine pattern, and I considered placing something on the site beforehand so that when it was fulfilled, others could once again see that these patterns, and thus the teachings, were valid; but I did not. Nonetheless, listening to that final decisive game between New York and Arizona was quite suspenseful, especially when New York went ahead! Whether others knew what to expect from the patterns or not (as only a few knew about this), if the pattern did not work, the personal affect of this on me would have been very great! I cannot stand on something that I do not personally know is thoroughly valid. So when the Diamondbacks defeated New York in the ninth inning of that last game (just like the nine member Supreme Court decided the fate of the election), once again oh what a relief and joy it was!

Even before this I sent out an e-mail on the fall of the twin towers, reporting that they were a picture of the fall of the false Remnant in one hour. From my understanding and from what we were seeing take place, this was most clear. But then to discover afterwards when I sent out a report on the plane that fell apart into the Queens, that these two towers were on Church Street, this was immensely confirming to what I had already said. (Both of these reports can be read by clicking here.)

Why do I point these things out? Because once again I am at a place in which what I see and believe is to be tested, and this is the largest test yet!

In a series of e-mails made available in the FAQ section (click here), I provide considerable evidence that we should be able to expect a large outpouring of the Spirit of Yahweh in or around May, 2002. The purpose of what you are reading now is to affirm that assertion, more clearly state the evidence for this hope-filled time and event, and proclaim it before others for it to be tested.

In the first three gospels, we find a reference to salt and its saltiness. From the account in Luke 14:33-35 we read:

"So therefore, no one of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions. Therefore, salt is good; but if even salt has become tasteless, with what will it be seasoned? It is useless either for the soil or for the manure pile; it is thrown out. He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

If what the Remnant sees and believes has any salt to it, then what we are saying about not only the Remnant and Christianity, but also about what to expect this year, can be trusted. In fact, I would even go on to say that if this year does not produce the results which I see and speak, then these things are tasteless, useless, fit for the manure pile, and can be thrown out. Why would I even say these things and put everything on the line like this? Because what we are seeing is either true and can be trusted, or it is not. If what we are seeing is real, is indeed true, and comes to pass even as I say, then it is worth giving our lives and all we possess in order to obtain it! If not, let it be so demonstrated now so that we can find that which is true. Then again, if it proves to be true, then it is fully worth the price of giving everything you have for it, even as Yahshua clearly stated, and it is the teachings of Christianity that are tasteless, useless, fit for the manure pile, and must be thrown out.

So, we have a test this year in 2002! Either what we see is true, will be fulfilled as we are seeing and saying, and is worthy of your giving up everything in order to possess it, or Christianity is true. Either what we say is salt, or Christianity is salt. Let me go on to explain why we take this confident position.

You have already been provided the links to the evidence of the 2000 Elections and the 2001 World Series. In the "2000 Election Information," we briefly mentioned that the Wright brothers, who are my cousins, evidently foreshadow what we are seeing and can expect in 2000 to 2003. Their attempts to ascend alive with power from Kill Devil Hill is precisely what we as the Remnant Bride are attempting. We too desire to ascend alive with His power and kill the devil (i.e., overcome death). My cousins accomplished this incredible and never before understood feat in a mere three and a half years, precisely one hundred years ago in 1900 to 1903.

In 1900 they began their initial tests. 1901 was a particularly difficult year for them, and they considered quitting, but did not. In 1902 they perfected the glider to the extent that they could then concentrate on a power source. Then in December, 1903, they ascended alive under power from Kill Devil Hill. I believe this pattern is what we can expect for the Remnant Bride.

We too began just before the change of the century in May, 2000, when at Passover suddenly a few people believed and came out of Christianity. 2001 was a year of testing as to whether, for one, we would come under the covering tithe. We did this, Yahweh providing ten people plus as we requested and needed in order to secure a covering for ourselves and Christianity. (For a report on this, click here.) Now as we enter into 2002, I believe Yahweh must and will give His Remnant a measure of success that further assures us and equips us to prepare the way for Yahshua and ascend alive. When will we ascend alive? Based upon this and other evidence, it seems we would ascend alive around the time the two-part Wright brothers ascended with power - the latter part of 2003.

Thus what Yahweh marvelously performed with the Wright brothers precisely one hundred years ago in a three and a half year work, seems to provide evidence, a preluding pattern, for what He will do today in yet another three and a half year work! Their objective then and our objective now are one and the same - the Elijah work of ascending alive with power!

As a foretelling evidence to both that which their work foreshadowed, as well as what we as the fulfilling Remnant must perform, on the first occasion in which Wilbur arrived at Kitty Hawk to begin their work, the first one to greet him and lead him to the home where he would stay, was a young boy by the name of Elijah! My cousins, Wilbur and Orville, were a preluding Elijah work, testified by the young boy, Elijah, who greeted Wilbur, foreshadowing that which was to take place exactly one century later - flight at the highest and much needed realm by the second Remnant ascending alive from this earth!

The significance of the two-part Wright brothers, and the timing of these critical events today at the beginning of the twenty-first century, is further evidenced in that one hundred years before them, two-part Lewis and Clark prepared the way to open the West to America. In January, 1803, at Jefferson's urging, Congress approved the plan for this dramatic expedition, and Lewis and Clark began making preparations for it. In May, 1804, they departed from St. Louis and returned most successfully in September, 1806, once again providing at the beginning of a new century another dramatic testimony of a three and a half year endeavor performed by two notable men!

Yahweh is quite consistent with His patterns and timings. Of course these three and a half years testified in the beginning of the 1800's and 1900's, and anticipated in the three and a half years of the Remnant from 2000 to 2003, all follow the pattern set out by Yahshua, whose own successful ministry was equally three and a half years in length. Thus any period of three and a half would speak of a significant divine work.

In Revelation 11, the two witnesses presented there are the two Remnant - the "two olive trees," likewise seen in Zechariah 4, and the "two lampstands," also attested by Smyrna and Philadelphia in Revelation 2 and 3. This is further evidenced in the two testimonies we just considered: the 1800's prophetic two - Lewis and Clark, explorers of the West; and the 1900's prophetic two - Wilbur and Orville, explorers of the heavens. These are the forerunning two-part two Remnant testimonies of the beginning of a new century that beg to be fulfilled in the 2000's.

In Revelation 11:11-12 we read regarding these two witnesses - "And after the three and a half days the breath of life from God came into them, and they stood on their feet; and great fear fell upon those who were beholding them. And they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, 'Come up here.' And they went up into heaven in the cloud, and their enemies beheld them." Thus we see in a parable the "breath of life" entering into the Remnant at the end of a three and a half period, and Yahweh proclaiming the Elijah call to them - "Come up here." (This is the same message recorded in 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18.) According to what we see here and what is taking place now, the Remnant will enter into the clouds at the end of a three and a half period, or three and a half years.

Furthermore, even as these dramatic events occurred at the beginning of the preceding two centuries, and are once again anticipated to be fulfilled at a higher level at the beginning of the present new century, so Yahshua's work was at the beginning of a new millennium - the beginning of the fifth millennium. Let us now look at a most recent and encouraging evidence of this hope for 2002.

In the report on the Queen's crash of flight 587, we pointed out the dramatic timing of these two prophetic strikes on the rock, New York. Let us look further at this. When the first true Rock spoken of in 1 Corinthians 10:4 was struck, in other words Yahshua, fifty days later the waters of Pentecost came out. If one counts fifty days from the prophetic second striking of the rock of Queens, New York, on November 12, then one comes to the date January 1, 2002. This is the first day of the year 2002, and seems to speak of the great significance of this highly important year - that it is the year in which the water will come out with the second-blow striking of the true rock, now the body of Christ.

As additional evidence of this timing, corroborating the three and a half years we just considered, in an "Election 2000" writing we talked about the gestation period for a woman and how this relates to the Remnant. Mary was a type of Elijah. The Spirit overshadowed her and nine months later the Son of God was brought forth. As an Elijah type, Mary literally prepared the way for Yahshua. In June, 1994, the Spirit of Yahweh overshadowed this man ( click here to read about this), and a nine period or nine year gestation would cause the birth of an offspring in 2003. (Remember the decisive nine-member Supreme Court that secured the election for second Remnant Bush, and the ninth inning that determined the outcome of the World Series.) What would be this offspring? As the Elijah work, these nine years would prepare the way for the coming of the Son of God. If all these patterns are true, Yahshua's return will take place on Tabernacles, 2003, fifteen days following the Remnant's ascension on Trumpets. (Read Ascending Alive for more on these fifteen days in heaven.)

As an added testimony to the great significance of 2003, we must also mention, though with unfortunate brevity, that if one adds ten years to 1993, one would equally arrive at 2003. Why is 1993 so significant? As pointed out in The Issue - II, page 8, 120 Jubilees from Adam places one at precisely 1993, affording the promise of a flood for mankind on the highest realm. Equally, 1993 marks the end of forty Jubilees from the beginning of the church, or the end of the forty "years" of wilderness wanderings. Now that we see the great significance of 1993, what then is the significance of these added ten years?

First, "ten" has been identified as a period in which one waits for the rain of Yahweh's Spirit. The disciples "tarried" ten days from the time of Yahshua's promise of the outpouring of the Spirit (Luke 24:49), to its fulfillment on the day of Pentecost. Thus from 1993 there would equally be a ten year tarrying for the rain of His Spirit that is to be experienced by mankind as promised per the completion of the 120 Jubilees. (More on this later in this writing.)

Next, the sign that Hezekiah would be healed as Isaiah prophesied, was, per Hezekiah's choice, the shadow would "go forward ten steps or go back ten steps" (2 Kings 20:9). While Hezekiah preferred that the shadow go back ten steps, here we see the shadow more naturally going forward ten "steps," or ten years, delaying until Yahshua's return the rain that is to be given to mankind.

And in Steve Jones book, Secrets of Time, we read that the period from the laying of the foundation of Solomon's temple until its dedication, was equally ten years. These ten years were divided seven and three - seven years for constructing the temple (1 Kings 6:1, 37), and three years for constructing the furnishings for the temple (chapter 7). In like pattern, seven years from 1993 would place one in 2000, the year the Remnant believers began to come out of Christianity; and three more years would once again place one in 2003, the year all the patterns point to for the ascension of the Remnant and their return with Yahshua.

Thus we see three testimonies relating to a ten year delay from 1993, after which Yahweh's Spirit would be poured out on mankind in 2003. Let us now proceed to another testimony regarding a latter rain for the second Remnant that, as a divine and essential overlap, must come prior to 2003.

In Ascending Alive, we find that the dimensions of the ark of the covenant were quite prophetic (which should be expected). While its length was two and a half cubits, its width and height were one and a half cubits by one and a half cubits. Why is this significant? As we read in that writing, this would be the length of the period of the former rain, which was from Pentecost to the stoning of Stephen, or one and a half years, and the length of the period of the latter rain, which would provide the second one and a half year dimension. A latter rain in April/May, 2002, and ascension in September, 2003, would provide the second and fulfilling one and a half year dimension of the ark. The total of these two one and a half year periods together would be three years, a number that speaks of completion.

This one and a half year period of time is equally evidenced in Hosea 3. First, and most importantly, we find that the prophet Hosea was a clear testimony of Yahshua and His two brides. The name "Hosea" is actually the second part of Yahshua's name, providing the "savior" message, or "Yahweh savior" - Yah-shua or Yah-Hosea. The last part is the same Hebrew word, which means "savior." Thus, when we find that this "savior" had two brides, we know that the Savior will have two brides. Let us now look at those two brides in Hosea and see how the second speaks clearly to us today and what we are expecting in 2002.

The first bride Hosea took to himself speaks of the first Remnant and the corruption that followed, evidenced by the names of her offspring. The second bride Hosea took to himself was purchased, and she is the second Remnant. Let us look at this telling purchase.

In Hosea 3 we read that this second Remnant bride was purchased for "fifteen shekels of silver and a homer and a half of barley." It is often stated in these writings that barley always speaks of the Remnant (in contrast to wheat for Christianity). Here we see that in addition to the fifteen shekels of silver (which is the number of days from Trumpets to Tabernacles, and is thoroughly addressed in Ascending Alive), we see that the number "one and a half" is again evidenced per the purchase price of a second bride. (It is interesting to note here that 15 is simply an elevated 1.5.) Thus we see two important witnesses to this period of one and a half years in relation to the Remnant Bride - the dimensions of the ark of the covenant and the purchase price of Hosea's second bride.

Let us now add two interesting testimonies per the actual number 2002. You will notice first that 2-00-2 is a testimony of the two-part Remnant separated by the "worthless" breach. Two is a number identified with the Remnant. In 2-00-2 we see two twos, one on each side of the breach 00. This is of course the picture seen in Zechariah 4 with the two olive trees and the lampstand that separates them, or in Zechariah 14:4 where the Mount of Olives is separated by the "very large valley."

This is the pattern seen likewise at the very beginning of the Bible in Genesis 1:1-3. First we see the testimony of the first Remnant, who walked with the Son of God, the Word - "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." But that work was interrupted by the breach, as attested in verse two - "But the earth became formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters." This is Christianity. It is "zero and zero," "formless and void," and the Spirit of God has moved over the face of this period of darkness for 2,000 years - "zero and zero," 1,000 years and 1,000 years. Next there is the second Remnant work that restores all that has been lost - "Then God said, 'Let there be light'; and there was light." This is the light of the Son of God, whose way is prepared by the second Remnant. Thus we see in this remarkable testimony of 2002 the very pattern of the two-part Remnant and the void of Christianity that separates. This simple testimony seems to be Yahweh's continuing handwriting on the wall for us today, even as we recently saw near Wall Street when the Church Street twin towers fell in one hour.

A second testimony to the number 2002 is that it is the multiple of 26 x 77. In the book Theomatics II, by Del Washburn, we find that the number twenty-six is the number of Yahweh. Del gives multiple evidence of this, including the mere fact that "Yahweh" has a numerical value itself of twenty-six. He goes on to say - "The entire structure to do with God is based not only on multiples of 13, but more often on multiples of 26, which are the even multipliers of 13" (page 206).

In Michio Kaku's intriguing book Hyperspace (which was referred to in the writing here titled Two Trees in the Garden), page 173, we find that physicists have discovered that all space and time exists in a full twenty-six dimensions. This is something they have calculated to be true, yet they neither know why or how this exists. The fact is, Yahweh, whose gematria is twenty-six, is Lord of all, and the twenty-six dimensions they have discovered are in fact Him in His fullness.

Seventy-seven is the number of "the day of the Lord." This is equally pointed out in Theomatics II, page 300 and following. Thus twenty-six times seventy-seven, or the fullness of Yahweh at the place of the day of the Lord, establishes one at 2002, the very year we are expecting Yahweh to perform a work that begins the transformation of all mankind! This is the "day of Yahweh" spoken of at the closing of the Old Testament, in which the coming of Elijah is promised in order to avert His wrath (Malachi 4:5).

So what can we expect in 2002? I'm not exactly sure. I do know that all of this truth regarding the Remnant began when in June, 1994, Yahweh spoke to me that what He did at the beginning of the church under the outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost, He would do again at the end! But exactly what that means, I do not know for sure. I do know that He has already given us some of the most incredible truth, hidden manna, that man has ever received, for which I am very grateful! We are seeing things that no man has ever seen before. This alone is a remarkable outpouring! It is Yahweh's bread from heaven, His marriage supper of the Lamb! It is the "consecrated bread of the Presence" that David and his men seemingly illegally received after he fled from the house of Christianity Saul when being driven out by a second spear, that spear that is thrust into the side of the body of Christ to bring forth the second Remnant bride (1 Samuel 19:10 and chapter 21).

We have already seen some incredible truths, evidenced by the writings and reports seen here at The Remnant Bride; but, the best work must still be before us! If we are right in what we are seeing, we do not have much time left as we face the final year and a half that is the completion of the period that was so dramatic in the first Remnant and abruptly ended by Stephen's stoning.

Will there be an increase in knowledge? Certainly we are already experiencing a vast increase in knowledge now, even as promised in Daniel 12:4. Whether it be an even greater increase in truth and knowledge, or a dramatic increase in the spreading of this truth, or both, we will have to wait and see. But certainly there must be a dramatic increase in those who receive this truth.

Likewise it seems evident that in this last year and a half, the Bride will have to come under the covering of holding all things in common. There have been a small number of Remnant Bride who have covered the church with their tithes. This has been good and necessary for the time leading up to now. But a day must come soon when more is required and performed. In order for this more complete covering to be applied, it is obvious there must be a great move of Yahweh's Spirit.

Will there be miracles? According to the former rain, it would seem so, but there are few highly prophetic indications that tell us this. One of course is that the second one and a half years are a completion of the first one and a half years, which were certainly exemplified by miracles. Another interesting testimony is found in Matthew 14:1-2. When Herod heard the news about Yahshua, he said - "This is John the Baptist; he has risen from the dead; and that is why miraculous powers are at work in him." We see here the assertion that if John the Baptist was to rise from the dead, the results would be "miraculous powers." Well, the second Remnant is in fact John the Baptist rising from the dead, evidenced by the coming to life of the two Remnant witnesses in Revelation 11, Lazarus, the second bird in Leviticus 14, and other like testimonies.

Thus we find, and in fact do anticipate, that the second Remnant should be endued with "miraculous powers." In fact, unless Yahweh sets this second Remnant apart with power, we are nothing more than number 22,001 - just one more sect and denomination of Christianity. Surely, Yahweh must affirm the second Remnant with His power - to set it apart, to prepare it for His more perfect kingdom, to equip it to prepare the way for Yahshua's return, to complete the work He began, and to provide a divine overlap with what He will perform in the Millennial Reign. One thing that is evident though - when Elijah went out of this earth, he went out in a whirlwind! A whirlwind is ever increasing activity, and the second Remnant will gain greater and greater impact until they exit this earth in a whirlwind of activity by His attesting and empowering Spirit.

So what can we say will happen in 2002? What ever it is, it will have to be something remarkably evident. It will have to be something equivalent to Elijah girding up his loins and then by the Spirit miraculously outrunning Christianity Ahab to Jezreel. This must happen in order to prevent Yahweh's Jezreel, His wrath, on Christianity. Does it have to come with a boom at Passover, 2002? Testimonies indicate either way, but most certainly the race is on at Passover of this year. It could begin gradually and ever increase, or it could begin with that boom. We will have to wait and see. Either way, a move of the Spirit of Yahweh in 2002 is absolutely critical!

So, here is the test of salt - Will the second Remnant begin to receive in the year 2002 the power they need to effect what the first Remnant began? I say we will. I say the second Remnant has a covenant of salt with the Son of David, as pointed out in The Issue - II, page 20, and He will complete the work He had begun in the first Remnant. I say that we have salt, with which we will return to earth in new vessels, in new immortal bodies, to stop the death and unfruitfulness that has been in Christianity for 2,000 years. (To read this from Ascending Alive, click here.) I say we have salt, because the Remnant will be the "salt of the earth," as uniquely recorded in first Remnant Matthew 5:13.

So here is the test of salt, recorded in Isaiah 43:8-9. It is the test between Christianity and the Remnant.

Bring out the people who are blind, even though they have eyes,
And the deaf, even though they have ears.
All the nations have gathered together
In order that the peoples may be assembled.
Who among them can declare this
And proclaim to us the former things?
Let them present their witnesses that they may be justified,
Or let them hear and say, "It is true."

I say the message of the Remnant is salt and is true!

Here now is our hope. Not only is there the hope of the patterns. Not only is there the hope of the Scriptures. Not only is there the hope of how Yahweh has led me. But our hope is how Yahweh has led this Remnant Bride as well. Let me explain.

Beginning in August, 2001, Yahweh started dealing with the Remnant Bride about the importance of coming under the fig leaf covering of the tithe. Several people obeyed, despite the objections of some, and this obedient covering was established. Let me get right to the point.

Yahweh acts according to His law, and it does not take a great deal for Him to reckon on something so as to fulfill it in a great way. In Malachi, the book that is the most relevant to the Elijah work, we read a very important verse regarding both tithing and what could very well speak directly to the latter rain. In chapter 3, verse 10 we read - "'Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this,' says Yahweh of hosts, 'if I will not open for you the windows of heaven, and pour out for you such a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it .'"

If indeed Malachi is a message relative to the Elijah Remnant, then what we are reading here and what Yahweh just led this Elijah Remnant through per the tithe, provides great hope! "'Test me in this,' says Yahweh of hosts," and this is precisely the posture the Remnant has and is taking. Legally, since the Bride is now tithing, we have entered into the place where we qualify for the promise that He will open the windows of heaven, and pour out for us such a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it! In order for Yahweh to send His latter rain, from what we read here in Malachi, it is evident that the Remnant first had to tithe, which we have fulfilled. This is a legal matter, much like Yahshua taking the Nazirite vow was a legal matter - seemingly obscure, but vitally important!

This leading of Yahweh and acts of obedience by several Bride members, provide GREAT hope that through this test we will receive the much needed latter rain from heaven to such a degree "that there will not be room enough to receive it." This we anticipate in ever increasing measure beginning in 2002.

Let me close with two more general yet very provoking and telling evidences regarding the latter rain, evidencing a very important reason this rain must come - to reveal the great error of the church!

King Saul is highly prophetic of the first 2,000 years of the church. (Click here to see the evidence of this testimony.) Though Yahweh established and kept Saul as king for forty years, from the beginning He was not pleased with him, any more than He is pleased with the first 2,000 years of the church, though it is equally His work. When Saul was established as King, Yahweh performed a most unusual sign that is in fact MOST revealing!

To attest that the people had done wrong in requesting this king, that there deeds in establishing him were great wickedness to Yahweh, Samuel declared - "Even now, take your stand and see this great thing which Yahweh will do before your eyes. Is this not the wheat harvest today? I will call to Yahweh, that He may send thunder and rain. Then you will know and see that your wickedness is great which you have done in the sight of Yahweh by asking for yourselves a king." Did Yahweh send that attesting rain? Most certainly! "So Samuel called to Yahweh, and Yahweh sent thunder and rain that day; and all the people greatly feared Yahweh and Samuel" (1 Samuel 12:16-18).

Remarkably, the sign that the people had performed wickedness in desiring a king over them, who was Saul, was rain! Thus we see most clearly one of the main purposes of the latter rain we expect in 2002 - to evidence that Christianity is the premature period of the Saul kingdom that is not pleasing nor acceptable to Yahweh, and has done wickedly in His sight! This rain will bring great fear upon the church as it reveals the error of their ways, though this will obviously not occur for the church whole until the Remnant ascends alive.

The latter rain also brings the thunder of His truth, His message - the sound of His thunder that comes from His light and declares His presence (Job 36:32), the sound of His thunder that is in the work of the Elijah whirlwind (Psalm 77:18). So very much more could be said about this testimony seen here regarding Samuel and Saul, but we must close.

On Mount Carmel, a test took place between Remnant Elijah and the prophets of Baal. The occasion of that test was not just a showdown between these two, but it was the event that preluded the end of the drought that had prevailed on the land. Thus very importantly, that deciding contest cannot be removed from the context of the termination of the drought that was on the land.

In 1 Kings 18:1 we read that the drought-breaking rain came "in the third year." On the other hand, in James 5:17 we read that it came at the end of three and a half years (the significance of this number we have already seen). Why the contradiction? Because there is the rain that is given to the Remnant before the three and a half year period is complete - "in the third year," one and a half years before the Remnant are taken to heaven to be glorified with Yahshua. But there is also the rain that comes at the end of the three and a half years that will cover the entire earth. Even as the flood of Noah covered the earth, upon Yahshua's return the flood of Yahweh's Spirit will cover the earth. Thus we see the reason for this contradiction - it tells of the latter rain that not only comes upon the Remnant "early," providing a divine overlap, but also the rain that extends to the entire earth with the return of the Son of Man and the Remnant.

In fulfillment of these parables, these foreshadowings, or even intercessions, there is a contest which once again must precede the drought-breaking latter rain - Will Baal Christianity prevail, or will the Elijah Remnant prevail? Or, who has the salt? Even, who has the truth? I say the Remnant has the truth, and the salt! If Baal Christianity prevails, there will be no latter rain, for the praying Elijah will be silenced! So in order for the latter rain to come, the Elijah Remnant must prevail!

This is the test, this is our hope, and we present it before you. May Yahweh perform what He has begun and foretold, and may He be glorified! Come quickly, Lord Yahshua! Cause your second Remnant to prevail and succeed, and send us the much needed latter rain of Your Spirit!



In 1948 (when I was born), Christianity received a move of the Spirit that was called the Latter Rain; but where is that rain today? It ushered in Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, the Pentecostals, the Charismatic Movement, and even of late the bizarre Toronto Blessing. In fact, the Toronto Blessing began the very year that the Spirit came upon this man in 1994. So has Christianity's "latter rain" been successful? I say it is a failure, even as the prophets of Baal were a failure. Never has it taken a people alive into heaven, never has it caused their offering to ascend to Yahweh, for they all still die and continue to corrupt the kingdom of God! Their work has remained on this earth!

Like the prophets of Baal on Carmel, Christianity has had its time with its own Latter Rain. It has had 54 years, and is now time - at the evening of the church - for the Remnant to have their far briefer period of a rain for a year and a half that will in the end cause this offering to ascend alive. What began in '48 when I was but a baby, what began with a boom in '94 in Toronto when in the same year the Spirit came upon me, will not be blessed in the end - "An inheritance gained hurriedly in the beginning, will not be blessed in the end" (Proverb 20:21).

When the Spirit came upon this man in '94, though the truth was oh so sweet to my mouth, it was oh so bitter to my stomach and cost me everything I had built up as a Christian. For seven and a half years I have suffered, and even now suffer; but the hope I have is that "Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting. He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying his bag of seed, shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him" (Psalm 126:5-6). While those works began with an abrupt blessing, this man since '94 has sat on a rock with sackcloth and guarded the covenant parts from the vultures and beasts, waiting there until the rain falls on me from heaven (2 Samuel 21:10). I believe it is now time for that rain to fall. I believe, as it is written, that Yahweh has opened a door for the Remnant that no man can shut (Revelation 3:8), and this year, 2002, will strongly attest to this with the latter rain!

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