Midpoint state of the Remnant address

Sent out November 4, 2001


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

With so much to say here, where do I start? As I write this, we have now entered into the Feast of Tabernacles that is evidenced to be on the true spiritual timing of Yahweh - thirty days after the Tabernacles the world acknowledged in October. As shared before in a previous e-mail, this Tabernacles marks the middle of what we anticipate to be the duration of the Remnant Bride. The Bride was begun in May, 2000. All evidence points to the fact that this is a three and a half year work, taking us to Trumpets and Tabernacles, 2003. At that time, the Bride would be taken up as the Elijah, to ascend alive and conquer death, and prepare us to return to this earth as the glorified Moses and Elijah two-part Remnant seen on the mount of transfiguration. As this time unfolds, we will see whether we are indeed discerning the signs of the time. Elijah knew the time of his ascent, and I trust that we as the true Elijah will likewise.

Thus, as has been pointed out previously, this month being the middle of this work should mark a period of change for the Bride. I believe that we will look back and see that November, 2001, was a time of change, with the most significant change anticipated in May, 2002. Again, we will watch and see. All I can do is proclaim what we see in prophetic pattern; and I find it quite remarkable that the mid point in the Bride work falls specifically in a corrected Tabernacles, when we trust Yahweh will perform a work that is a turning point for the Bride. Yahweh always has and always will perform His major works on His feasts. Thus, if you are a part of the Bride, then seek Yahweh in this Tabernacles time from now to the evening of November 9. (The Tabernacles period was delayed one day according to Kyle Nixon, based on the sighting of the crescent of the new moon. You can read his report by going to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RemnantBride/message/413.)

But, let's add some more hopeful news as we are at this hope-filled point in the Bride. For several weeks now we have been talking about the covering tithe. This all began with the Elijah writing of Kyle Nixon in which he asked at least ten to tithe to the Bride (actually to me) in order to cover her. I refer to Kyle's initial writing as an Elijah writing itself, for that is exactly what the Elijah work is - it initiates that which Yahshua must complete. Likewise Kyle initiated something that Yahweh has shown me must be effected, and I am most glad to report that it has been!

I will tell you more about the specifics of this fulfillment, in other words regarding the people, but first we need to see why this had to be done. Kyle's emphasis was that the Bride was naked and needed to be covered, at least with the fig leaf tithe. This is most certainly true, and he referred to Abraham's intercession that if ten righteous were found, Yahweh would have averted the wrath against Sodom that He had planned. But, the angels did not find the ten, and wrath did come on Sodom.

But even so, did that wrath come on Lot and his two daughters? No! We read in the book, Coverings, that Lot's name means "covering," and that even as there are two Remnant who come out of Christianity, Lot was taken out of Sodom two times, the second time with his two daughters, followed by Yahweh's wrath upon the city. I must get directly to the point here.

The purpose of the Remnant Bride as the Elijah is to avert Yahweh's wrath. This has been addressed in several recent writings. The covering of Lot was sufficient to guarantee the deliverance of the two-part Bride representatives out of Sodom - the deliverance of his two daughters. Likewise, if there had been just two Bride members who began tithing, there would have legally been enough to guarantee the success of the Bride work. So, with Kyle and David Houston alone, I knew we, the Bride, were OK. But why did we need ten?

What would have happened if there had been ten people who came under the covering of Lot? What would have happened if the two male body-of-Christ-representing sons-in-law and five others in the city had come under Lot's covering? According to the promise of Yahshua to Abraham, Yahweh would have preserved the entire city of Sodom from His wrath and destruction. But did he find ten? No!

What about us, His Elijah work; what then if we could find ten who are righteous by believing and coming under the covering tithe, the Lot? What would this mean for the true Sodom - Christianity? According to what we find foreshadowed in this account in Genesis 18 and 19, it means that Christianity would escape Yahweh's wrath! AND THIS IS PRECISELY THE PURPOSE OF THE ELIJAH REMNANT - TO AVERT YAHWEH'S WRATH ON CHRISTIANITY! Did we as the Bride get ten people under the tithe covering? To Christianity's salvation - YES!!!!!

Thus in summary, the fig leaf tithe we were called of Yahweh to provide for the Bride has satisfied Yahweh's wrath against the church whole, including Sodom Christianity. That covering was not just for the Bride, but also for Christianity. You will recall from the writing, The Raven, that it is the Bride who will become the covering over the body of Christ, replacing Satan as the covering. Thus what we just went through in these days leading up to Tabernacles, was to perform a LEGAL work that insures not only the deliverance of the Bride from Yahweh's wrath, but even more so, to provide a legal basis for the deliverance of Christianity from Yahweh's wrath! Where there was failure in saving Sodom, our ten-member covering today will not fail in saving Christianity!

Does Yahweh really do things like this? If He doesn't, then you would not read of it in Genesis 18 and 19, which is a foreshadowing pattern for that which is to come. If He doesn't, then you would not have seen Yahshua under the legal vow of the Nazirite in the garden interceding for the garden of God, the kingdom of God. If He doesn't, then Abram would not have guarded the covenant parts to insure that they were not removed so that Yahweh could pass between them. If He doesn't, then Rizpah would not have equally sat on a rock with sackcloth, guarding her son's dead bodies until David saw her and responded by moving the headless bones of Saul to Zela/"rib." If He doesn't, then men would not have set up stones as legal memorials/contracts with Yahweh. If He doesn't, then .... Yes, Yahweh both establishes and fulfills legal contracts with and through man, and He just set forth one with the Bride insuring that He will have mercy on not only the two-part Bride, but also on Sodom Christianity. Let us rejoice in Yahweh for His goodness and faithfulness!!!!!

And most striking and even confirming, people whom I have recognized from the beginning to be first Remnant testimonies did not join in to be a part of this vital covering, even though they told me they would. There were in fact three who failed in this regard, even as there were three Nazirites who failed - Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist. Why did they not fulfill their commitment? Because the first Remnant equally failed to be the covering for the church. Instead, they were deceived and gave that covering over to Satan. Likewise, these three first Remnant individuals became deceived by Satan and shrank back, not enduring to the end of this test.

Yahweh performs all things according to His ways. Does this mean that these cannot now be a part of the Bride? Not at all, but they must repent of their error and deception and put into place the covering of the Bride by tithing. These three are intercessoral testimonies, but they need not continue in their error. Remember, the first Remnant are united with the second. For even as faltering Peter, whom Yahshua knew would fail following his own bold promise of commitment, they too can be strengthened. Recorded only in second Remnant Luke we read the words of Yahshua to Peter - "Satan has demanded permission to sift you like wheat (Christianity); but I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail; and you, when once you have turned again, strengthen your brothers" (Luke 22:31-32).

There are two periods within time that are most significant to Yahweh. (Though these divisions are not limited to time alone, but to any numbering or accounting.) The first is the middle, the second is at the two-thirds/one-third division. We cannot elaborate on this any more than to show the significance of this in the church, and then apply it to the Bride.

We have said before that the church is a 3,000 year work; thus, the mid point of the church would be 1500 AD, and the two-thirds point would be 2000 AD. So, if this truth about these two points of time is relevant, then something most significant would have happened in the church at these points, and this is what we find.

In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis on the church door, beginning the Reformation. This was a major turning point for the church, the impact of which has lasted to this day, influencing and molding the entire world. Thus we see that the major event in the church that occurred at its middle or mid point was the Reformation. So what about the two-thirds point?

In 2000, Yahweh began calling His Bride out of the body of Christ. This is such a new work that it is almost imperceptible, as imperceptible as Luther's nailing up the 95 thesis must have been. But it is a hope-filled and promised beginning! This is the work that is to prepare the way for Yahshua's return and ascend alive to receive immortal bodies for the first time among man, defeating death. It is this next work that is THE GREAT DIVIDER in the history of the church, even as the Great Divide in America divides the flow of water in this nation two-thirds and one-third.

So again, where are we timewise in the great work of the Bride? At this present Tabernacles, we are at the middle, the mid point, the reformation point; and it is with great hope and encouragement that we enter this time. Next, in May, 2002, we will reach the two-third mark, and we look forward to what Yahweh will accomplish both at that time, as well as the time from now and until then. Let us next talk about what Yahweh is presently doing with regard to this most important covering tithe.

As I said, there are ten people tithing, but if you counted all the people under the tithe - spouses, church members, and children - then there would be far more than ten. While I will not give a listing of all those who are tithing, let me mention two groups which are most noteworthy, and are also most encouraging.

There are isolated individuals and families throughout the world who are believing in the Remnant truths and bringing forth the fruits of belief, most in the U.S. But there are actually two groups of Remnant Bride believers as well. Let me tell you about them - one is in Fiji and one is in Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A.

Fiji prophetically is in a most interesting and revealing place. Because the International Date Line is "bent" east of the islands to keep the entire nation under one date, Fiji is literally the place "where the new day begins." For this reason, the New York-based Millennium World Time Zone organization reported, "Fiji will be the first country in the world to enter the third millennium."

In Fiji, there are several women who are sisters, as well as some other lady friends, along with several children, who have learned the Remnant truths and gather together as the Remnant Bride Church. The one who communicates with me about what is happening there is Lalah. Recently she wrote me -

" if ten is the number to make a 'cell' or church, then we in Fiji are the only Remnant_B Church that is meeting as a church."

She is right, and where is this "first" taking place? At the place where the new day begins!

So, this new and initial Remnant Bride church is at the place of the new beginning, the place of the beginning of the third millennium. Lalah has described them this way - "I submit to you that this east is where the 'sun rises'. That Almighty Yahweh has ordained a place His 'womb of the dawn'. I heard from a prophet of the Most High, that he asked God why He didn't pick any place else to begin the manifestation of this 'new thing'; and He received 'Because I AM a God of order.' This is what our preparations are for and what has been the flame we've carried since the beginning of 'this is the way, walk in it!' for us. This is my submission for you to look into. I know the promises my Beloved Abba has made to me, they are my most precious belongings and none can take them away from me, but I rejoice in the Lord over the day I found you and the rest I will meet later, for sure!"

And it is this "God of order" who required that we tithe in order for the Bride to be covered. On October 31, I received this confirmation from Lalah - " So first thing's first, yes I (we) will be part of the ten to cover this Bride work." And covering they are!

But let us look more at the attitude of this Bride gathering "where the new day begins." Speaking of "none can take them away from me," let us read what Lalah has shared about their commitment to the Bride. In the same e-mail, she added - "The timing you've given for November being the midpoint of the formation or maybe establishment of the Remnant Bride is very interesting indeed and is upon us as we speak. The sense of inevitability is palpable and exhilarating, this is no drawing back, if we die in this, then so be it."

This IS the kind of commitment one must have in order to be a part of the Bride, one which not all have evidenced. This is the kind of commitment about which I shared with you in the last e-mail I sent to you. Enduring to the end, no matter the cost, is what will qualify the Bride for her reward and her victory, even as it is written. As Elijah was fed two meals by the angel in order to endure the difficult journey which he was about to enter - "the journey is too great for you," the angel declared - so we must feed on Yahweh's truth and pure word which He is feeding us today from His marriage supper of the Lamb, and neither grow faint! Thank you Lalah from all the Bride for your commitment and testimony. On behalf of the rest of the Bride, we send to all of you in prophetic Fiji our gratitude and our greeting, and yes, we look forward to seeing all of you as well.

So that is one testimony with which I wanted to share with you; let us now consider the second. In Amarillo, Texas, we find once again a group of women who are believing and taking the responsibility to insure that their family tithe is going to the Bride as the required legal covering. Not only this, but they are also meeting on each Thursday in order to study these marvelous truths, to pray, to fellowship, and to grow in numbers. I have had the wonderful privilege on the last two Thursdays to call and talk to all of them, and to answer any questions. (I must share something personal here. When I call, they have all gathered into their host's new bed and turn on the speaker phone. I could not help but recognize the propheticness of this - the Bride in her bed, even as in Song of Solomon 3:1 and 7; and it is a new bed, a new work!)

It has been a joy to learn what is going on with these gal's in Amarillo and how they have stood strong. They even had a meeting with their former pastor and elders and stood firm in their newfound beliefs. Yahweh has done many works to confirm that the way they too are being led is the way in which to walk. You will recall that one of these gals, Kim, is the one who sent the e-mail encouraging others to tithe, which was included in my e-mail on September 18. She is the one whose husband was delivered from the fate of the WTC attacks, and acknowledged his deliverance to their covering tithe. You will recall that Kim wrote:


Kim sent me another e-mail shortly after, wherein she added:


As I said, there is so much more I could share here about how Yahweh is leading these gals in Amarillo, but you will recall that I said both of these groups are amazing prophetic testimonies. You have already seen why this is true with the Bride group in Fiji, so how so in Amarillo?

My wife has been a frequent prophetic testimony of the Bride, for obvious reasons - she is my bride. Mavis, meaning "song bird," was formerly a Parkinson. We were married on June 6, 1969. Have you seen the movie - The Awakenings - which is based on a true story? If so, you know that a doctor used a drug for treating Parkinson's disease in order to bring some people out of an incredible sleep state that actually froze them in time. The true-life awakening of these people occurred in the summer of 1969, the very time in which I was marrying my Parkinson bride! There is so VERY much more I could tell you about this per a dream I had several years before, but cannot here. The point is that even as the marriage of the Bride by Yahshua will awake those who are sleeping, so when I married my bride, at that very time the sleeping were being awakened! Watch this movie if you want to know what is the work of the Remnant Bride.

Briefly, another example of the propheticness of my bride is once again a date - her birthday. Mount St. Helens is an incredibly prophetic picture of the two-part Remnant. When it erupted on May 18, 1980, it had the amazing consequence of doubling Spirit Lake, prophesying the single portion former rain and the double portion latter rain of the Spirit. Five smaller eruptions of the mountain followed, laying out the pattern of the first Remnant (1 and 2), followed by breach Christianity (3), concluded by the second Remnant (4 and 5). Continuing to be brief here, the concern raised surrounding the middle eruption was that there would be a" breach in Spirit Lake" - Christianity. The last two eruptions testifying of the second Remnant occurred on August 7 and October 16. There has not been another eruption after these, so the lava dome that continues to grow on that mountain is the one formed on October 16. What is the significance of these two dates? August 7 is my birthday and October 16 is my bride's birthday! (What are the chances of that occurring, along with all the other incredibly prophetic testimonies of that mountain?)

So what is so significant about my bride and the Bride forming in Amarillo? My prophetic bride was born and raised in Amarillo! So whether it be her birthday, or the time of our marriage and her maiden name, and now her birthplace, my bride speaks of the Bride of Yahshua. And most importantly, now as we look to Yahweh to do something new at the middle of this Bride period, the Amarillo Bride is clear testimony that Yahweh is forming His bride. (Now our gals in Amarillo, Texas, think the Bride will wear cowboy boots, but I think the girls in Fiji would think otherwise.)

Why would Yahweh so consistently give us and open our eyes to see these two bride testimonies? I believe the answer is in Mary. I have written before that Mary is a name given for the Bride. Like the Marys in the Bible, the Bride brings forth the Son of God after being overshadowed by the Spirit, and she has had seven demon spirits cast out of her - the spirits of mark-of-the-beast-seven Christianity. But most importantly, as we are seeing testified even today in this hour, the Bride is the one who is first to herald the return of Yahshua!

These two Marys were the first to proclaim Yahshua's resurrection (Matthew 28), once again providing clear and consistent testimony of the two-part Mary Remnant. And as we now enter the middle of the time of the Remnant Bride, Yahweh has given us two Marys, two groups of ladies, to equally herald - "I have seen the Lord." Yes, Mary clearly speaks even today in Fiji and Amarillo, Texas, foreshadowing the Bride's place as the first to herald the return of Yahshua. I trust that now is the time for many to hear and respond, even as the disciples did so when these two spoke. It is a time to learn and respond and obey, even as these women in Fiji and Amarillo have so demonstrated and proclaimed. Oh that there will be many like these ladies! Oh that many more will now follow and faithfully cover themselves as a part of the Bride! Respond and obey today by hearing, believing, and acting with your covering tithe.

Blessings to all who hear and obey,