Because of all that I am seeing, which is so profoundly different from what I have been taught and from all else that Christianity teaches, I have sometime asked myself the question - Am I insane? I once told an acquaintance this, and he responded - Well, you are not insane, for anyone insane does not ask himself that question. Frankly, I know enough about Christianity (having served in it for twenty-three years) to know that what I am saying is incredibly different; plus, I am now presenting a test for 2002 that is equally "insane"! Yes, I am sound enough in mind to know this. So why do I do it? Because I must! I do not have any other choice, if I want to serve the one true God, Yahweh, and be faithful to both Him and to myself.

Yes, I know that I appear to be a madman; but frankly I take great hope in this. Let me tell you why.

First, and very briefly, I am in good company in this. My Lord whom I follow was deemed a madman by those closest to Him, undoubtedly including His family. In Mark 3:21 we clearly read - "And when His friends/family heard this, they went out to take custody of Him; for they were saying, 'He has lost His senses.'"

But this is not the scripture that gives me the most hope. The hope I find is found in 1 Samuel where we read an account about David, which you will see is highly prophetic.

David received, for a second time, an exaggerated "left foot of fellowship" from King Saul. On two different occasions, Saul had thrown a spear at him while he was playing the harp, attempting to quieten the evil spirit from Yahweh that was on Saul (1 Samuel 18:11 and 19:10). This second spear sent David out of the house of Saul permanently. Jonathan, Saul's son and David's covenant friend, warned David that his father would kill him and that he must leave.

What David did next is most interesting. As he fled, he first went to Ahimelech the priest and obtained the "consecrated ... bread of the Presence which was removed from before Yahweh." Furthermore, all of this happened so fast that David did not have a weapon, so the priest gave him Goliath's sword, that which he had used to kill Goliath and cut off his head. With these two items secured, he next fled to Achish, king of Gath. Let us take time to read this account.

Then David arose and fled that day from Saul, and went to Achish king of Gath. But the servants of Achish said to him, "Is this not David the king of the land? Did they not sing of this one as they danced, saying, 'Saul has slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands'?" And David took these words to heart, and greatly feared Achish king of Gath. So he disguised his sanity before them, and acted insanely in their hands, and scribbled on the doors of the gate, and let his saliva run down into his beard. Then Achish said to his servants, "Behold, you see the man behaving as a madman. Why do you bring him to me? Do I lack madmen, that you have brought this one to act the madman in my presence? Shall this one come into my house?" (1 Samuel 21:10-15)

What do we have here in this entire dramatic account? One more reason for the doubter to affirm that this scribbler is a madman as well. When David was removed from the house of Saul via two spears, prophetically we see the two spears that bring the two-part bride out of the body of Christ. Even as two spears brought David out of the house of Saul, so two Remnant are taken out of Christianity. This spear "birthing" of a two-part David Remnant from the body of Christ Saul church, is equally seen in the spear that pierced Yahshua's side while He hung on the cross. Even as blood and water came forth from the pierced side of Christ, so a two-part bride will come forth from the pierced side of the body of Christ. This is equally affirmed by the "piercing" of the side of sleeping Adam in order to take out a rib and form a bride. The body of Christ is put to sleep in order to take out a bride; again, just as Yahshua was put to sleep. Thus, David's departure out of the household of Saul via a spear, is a most telling and prophetic account of the second Remnant coming out of Christianity. Equally so, the first spear thrown at David by Saul, with David remaining in Saul's house, clearly evidences the first Remnant who did not come out of the house of Christianity, but were actually sown into it and there equally remained.

(If you want further evidence that Saul was a clear picture of the first 2,000 years of the church, click here.)

With the second Remnant coming out of the house of Saul, or Christianity, what are we now receiving? The same thing David received when he came out - the "consecrated ... bread of the Presence" and the sword that kills and decapitates Goliath. The "consecrated ... bread of the Presence" is the bread you are eating right now. It is the word of truth that is seemingly illegal to receive, even as David was not a priest, yet received this bread. No man has ever received the bread we are eating. It has been devoted and even hidden. But as we see here in this most revealing account regarding David, the bread we are eating is bread we are receiving by Yahweh's favor and divine calling. It is the bread of truth, the marriage feast of the Lamb!

So what is the sword? It too is the word, the sword of truth; but also, it is even the rights to lay a death blow to Goliath Christianity and remove its head, which Satan has become as the god of this world. What you are reading in these writings has laid a death blow to Christianity in the minds of a Remnant people. Satan's headship rights are being removed from them, and will be removed in full as the day of Yahshua's appearing draws near and we ascend alive to be with Him in the air. When we return with Yahshua, Christianity as man has known it for 2,000 years will wholly fall in one hour!

Continuing this testimony regarding David, we see that he then went to Achish king of Gath. It was there that his life was once again threatened. How would he defeat this one who had the power to destroy him? In a most unusual way - he would act like a madman! "So he disguised his sanity before them, and acted insanely in their hands, and scribbled on the doors of the gate, and let his saliva run down into his beard."

In prophetic picture, we see that this Remnant representative who came out of the household of Christianity by this second spear to receive the bread of truth and the power to destroy Christianity, is now scribbling on the doors of the gate and appearing to be a madman. Thus you find the appearance of this writer (and those who see these marvelous truths). I appear to be a madman, scribbling on the doors of the gate, the "Bill Gate," or the internet, and letting saliva run down into my beard.

Truly, in all honesty, I know very well I look like a madman in the things I write. Asking others to come out of Christianity! Saying that Yahweh views Christianity as "worthless" and that it must be torn down! Telling them they need to tithe so as to come under the covering of the Bride! Claiming that the Remnant is the Elijah and will prepare the way for Yahshua's return. Telling others that Satan is the acting head of Christianity. These things alone are very offensive to some. Add to this the controversial things written in The Signs That Cause Belief, Carmel, The Raven, The Conflict, and other such writings; yes, yes, this man is mad! Then to come to the place where I even state that 2002 is the year for the latter rain (The Test - 2002 and the Latter Rain), and base it on seemingly obscure and some even totally untraditional reasons, it could well be said - "This man has lost his senses!"

This may appear so, but one thing for certain - I am following in the pattern of David, and I trust I will have the same results that he had, that of being delivered out of the hands of my enemy who seeks to destroy me. If I can equally defeat my enemy, Satan, by appearing to be a madman, then most gladly I will be a madman! I will continue to scribble on the doors of this "Bill Gate" and let saliva run down my red beard. Until I can receive the oil on my beard that runs down from the head of Aaron, I will just have to salivate. Look like a madman if I must, I will gladly do so for the victory of defeating Satan!

But I am not alone in following my predecessor, David. On October 31, 1517, another madman "scribbled on the doors of the gate." Martin Luther nailed his 95 point "Thesis" on the door of the church which stood close to the eastern gate in Wittenberg. (Revealingly, it is the eastern gate from which the latter rain waters come forth, and the gate through which the returning Messiah passes - Ezekiel 43:4 and 47:2.) By this act, he began an attack on then-present Christianity that brought a David Protestant movement out of the Rome church. Luther and the Reformation of 1517 was a prelude to the true fulfillment of David's pattern - the establishment of the second Remnant. Though this preceding Reformation was a much needed attempt to improve the condition of the church, Protestantism in no way brought forth the perfect kingdom. To this day, Protestantism has been fraught with a myriad of repugnant shortcomings.

While the work of Luther and many others of similar stirring became known as the Protestant Reformation, truly Yahweh's complete fulfillment of this promised event will take place today. Hebrews 9:1-10 tells of a day in which the "first tabernacle" (or, the holy place), "which is a parable for the present time" (vs. 9), will be torn down so that "the way into the holy of holies" can be disclosed. That time is called the "reformation" (vs. 10). Today is the time for this true Reformation. The old "first tabernacle" of Christianity, the holy place in Yahweh's temple, which is "obsolete and growing old" and "ready to disappear" (Hebrews 8:13), is being torn down in the minds of a remnant. The rights to the kingdom of heaven have been taken from the Saul church and given to the David Remnant that has come out of the old house by a second spear. The true Reformation has begun, and it is beginning the same way as the one in 1517, and the same way David escaped his enemies after coming out of the household of Saul - by one behaving like a madman, scribbling on the doors of the "Bill Gate," and letting a little saliva drool down on his beard.

While Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis on the door in 1517, this man, who is equally a nailer, a Gary Naler, has posted truths to begin a final and much needed Reformation. While I did not live in 1517, I did spend most of my boyhood in a home at 1517 - 38th, and now as a man look to Yahweh to repeat and even fulfill that which was preluded in 1517. And this man is not just any Naler, but a Gary Naler, and Gary means "sharp spear" - one of those sharp spears that pierces the side of the body in order to bring out a bride. Oh yes, I am truly a madman!

So you will forgive me when I appear to be so, along with others who believe, for I must in order to overcome and escape my terrible enemy. I have a hope and a promise in doing this - to ascend to the throne of David! And if I must follow in the way and pattern of the one to whom that throne was in picture first set forth, then I will gladly do so. So read these scribblings of a madman and behold my drool, for in these things are the hope of victory over the enemy who would destroy both me and you.

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