This writing has come about a few days after The Test - 2002 and the Latter Rain, and adds greater clarity to what can be expected in the latter rain.

In the book of Acts, we read a most interesting and revealing number. At the end of the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit had come upon those gathered in Jerusalem as promised by Yahshua (Luke 24:49), we read regarding that event - "So then, those who had received his (Peter's) word were baptized; and there were added that day about three thousand souls."

It has been pointed out in the writings here the obvious repeat of this number from the first ever Pentecost. In Exodus 32 we read about what took place after Moses returned from the mountain and found the golden calf erected and the people worshiping it. This too was at the time of the first ever Pentecost, or the giving of the Law. Verses 27 and 28 tell us - "And he (Moses) said to them (the sons of Levi), 'Thus says Yahweh, the God of Israel, "Every man of you put his sword upon his thigh, and go back and forth from gate to gate in the camp, and kill every man his brother, and every man his friend, and every man his neighbor."' So the sons of Levi did as Moses instructed, and about three thousand men of the people fell that day."

By the repeat of this number, Yahweh provides a very specific and affirming numeric testimony of the dramatic association of these two events. In the first ever Pentecost, 3,000 were slain with the sword. In the first ever Pentecost for the church, 3,000 entered into the kingdom with power. The price paid physically by the former, was fulfilled on the higher realm spiritually to the exact number by the latter. This is the same principle seen in the two birds in Leviticus 14:1-7 where the first bird paid the price via wrath for the benefit and fulfillment of the second bird. Let me assure you, and pay close attention to this - spilled blood is never in vain! It does not matter how that blood was spilled - per correction, as we see on the first ever Pentecost, or even in a car accident, or a war, or a murder, or the babies killed by Herod, or the babies killed by abortions, or the blood of Yahshua, spilled blood ever speaks to Yahweh, even as the blood of murdered Abel still speaks today (Genesis 4:10, Luke 11:51, Hebrews 12:24). Spilled blood NEVER loses its voice; it cries out continually until it is fulfilled! Spilled blood clearly establishes a blood debt eliciting payment.

Thus we see here that the 3,000 slain by the Levites on the first ever Pentecost, were in fact the legal "first bird" for the 3,000 who entered into the kingdom of heaven almost 1,500 years later. Their blood did not lose its power, but cried out for the blessing! And if one had eyes to see all things clearly, they would EQUALLY see that ANY time someone's blood has been shed, there is a reciprocal benefit that at a later time is experienced by someone on the higher spiritual or heavenly realm. The law of spilled blood is a law Yahweh fulfills in full, no matter how that blood is spilled and no matter how long ago it was spilled, even as we see here at this first ever Pentecost. At the proper time, all violence and wrath begets blessing! This is the established way of Yahweh.

Let us now bring this important truth to today. While we see that the first outpouring of the Spirit, or the former rain, was marked by a specific number - 3,000 (which has highly prophetic meaning for the 3,000 years given to the church) - does it not seem plausible that there could or even would be a specific number associated with the latter rain as well? If so, then what would that number be? I think we know, even in advance of the latter rain.

In the Addendum of the writing The Test - 2002 and the Latter Rain, I point out that the 54 years from when the Latter Rain Movement began in 1948 up to 2002, is the period of the prophets of Baal when they tried to get their offering to ascend to heaven. In fact it can be said that the years from 1948 to 2003 are the fulfillment of all that took place on Mount Carmel as recorded in 1 Kings 18.

We point out in the writing Carmel, that the word "Carmel" means "garden," and is prophetic of the garden of Eden, the garden of God, or the kingdom of God which Yahshua restored as a Nazirite. Thus we see that what took place in 1 Kings 18 is an account of that which takes place in the kingdom of God. The test between the prophets of Baal and Elijah is the specific test that has been taking place in the church since 1948. What is the test? It is the test between the prophets of Baal Christianity, and the Elijah Remnant. And similarly once again the test specifically is - Who can get their offering to ascend to Yahweh alive?

The Latter Rain Movement was in great part initiated by a man named William Branham, who himself implied that he was Elijah, and was and most certainly has been espoused by others to be the Elijah messenger. Attested by this beginning, the Latter Rain Movement is indeed Christianity's attempt to get someone to ascend alive as an Elijah. But William Branham was killed in a car accident when a drunk ran into him. And as further empirical evidence of this hope and plan of Christians, I know a Christian group, with which I was closely acquainted in the past, who specifically taught and believed that they would enter into immortality in 1996, not to speak of all the Christian books and teachings that have come out since '48 proclaiming the "rapture" of Christians. So has Christianity been successful in getting their offering to ascend to Yahweh? You tell me!

The prophets of Baal Christianity have had 54 years of their Latter Rain Movement to get their offering to heaven, and have failed! Like Cain who offered Yahweh "the fruit of the ground," and that earth-produced work was not acceptable to Yahweh (Genesis 4:3), so earth-produced Christianity is not acceptable to Yahweh. Their offering is the fruit of the ground, earthly flesh, and has not been accepted by Him. In contrast, the second Remnant is the offering of Abel that will be accepted - "the firstlings of the flock," or the first fruits that will ascend to Yahweh via the thus far unfulfilled work afforded in Yahshua as the Passover Lamb (read Passover, the Promise for the First-born)!

But in fact, not only is this a test in the kingdom between the prophets of Baal Christianity and the Elijah Remnant, but it is also a test with the prophets of Asherah, both of which Elijah said "eat at Jezebel's table." When Elijah asked for the assembling of the people at Carmel, he called for three groups - "all Israel" was to come as observers, and the prophets of Baal and the prophets of Asherah were to come as contestants. So if Christianity is the prophets of Baal, who then are the prophets of Asherah? The answer is MOST clear! I will answer this by asking you a revealing question - The Latter Rain Movement began in 1948 bringing the prophets of Baal to Carmel, so who else was brought to Carmel specifically in 1948? The answer - the nation who falsely calls themselves Israel! Israel is the prophets of Asherah, and they too were raised up in 1948 to witness these events, though they themselves do not attempt to get men to ascend alive to heaven, even as the prophets of Asherah did not participate with the prophets of Baal on Carmel! More on this in a minute.

Thus we see that beginning in 1948, 1 Kings 18 has been in the process of being fulfilled in Christianity, as well as in the nation called Israel, and the outcome of this gathering will culminate very soon and very suddenly! But looking back, while I cannot elaborate on this here, 1996 was to have been the year in which Yahweh would have destroyed both of these works, if He had not had mercy on them because of the second Remnant. Like the prophet Balaam, both of these works just narrowly missed the sword of an angel that would have ended them, and they never knew it! This is clearly true and was a fulfillment of that living prophecy regarding Balaam.

Michael Drosnin accurately discovered this though through the Bible Code, and reported it in his book by that same name. But he could have equally read Luke 19, verses 14 and 27, and seen the same thing - those who rejected Yahshua and did not want Him to reign over them (i.e., the Jews), are promised to once again be brought back before Him so that He might slay them. Thus, despite all the grossly erroneous and highly misleading teachings of Christianity, the reason Yahweh brought the Jews back into the land in 1948, was in fact to judge them for rejecting Him to reign over them! Yes, Israel is in fact a sign today of the soon return of Yahshua, but not at all for the reasons falsely espoused by Christians. His reason for bringing them back into the land was to judge them for rejecting Him, and as we will see, to expose them in this fifty-five year period of the Carmel test.

Today, the Jews and the land they occupy are the fulfillment of Jeremiah 26:4-6 - "I will make this house (the temple) like Shiloh (which was rejected by Yahweh), and this city (Jerusalem) I will make a curse to all the nations of the earth." Yahweh did indeed make the temple in Jerusalem like Shiloh. He rejected it even as He rejected Shiloh, and that temple was torn down and will never be rebuilt! Let me now ask you - Has Jerusalem been a blessing to the earth since 1948? Absolutely not! In fact, they have been a great curse ever since they were established. The very reason the Twin Towers fell in New York was because of America's support for Israel. America was cursed for supporting that nation, and they have been a curse "to all the nations of the earth," even as it is written. Anyone who tries to go back and restore the works of Yahweh which He has destroyed, finds that they resist Yahweh. This is and will be true for those Christians who applaud that nation as well, and equally seek its reestablishment and carnal Zionistic efforts.

And might I say, these who do so are no different from those Christians who want to take the Law of Yahweh and equally fulfill it on a natural basis today - trying as a means to please God, they religiously keep the feasts in the natural or "keep the Torah," as they falsely and vainly espouse. While those Jews who rejected the Son of God and have returned to rebuild Jerusalem are in fact a mix with the Edomites (even as Herod was half Edomite) and thus fulfill the curse of Malachi 1:4, so those who want to religiously "keep the Torah" are spiritual Edomites and equally fall under that curse. As it is written - "Though Edom says, 'We have been beaten down, but we will return and build up the ruins'; thus says Yahweh of hosts, 'They may build, but I will tear down; and men will call them the wicked territory, and the people toward whom Yahweh is indignant forever.'" Whether it be a literal attempt to rebuild Jerusalem as these half Jew, half Edomite people have tried, or a spiritual attempt to rebuild the old religious quests associated with that past, the results are the same - Yahweh of hosts sees it as wicked and with it He is indignant forever!

What about Christianity, how was it that He planned to destroy them in 1996? Christianity is mystery Babylon, "the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth," and to see how He planned to destroy it, all one has to do is read Revelation 17 and 18. Yahweh was going to fulfill those passages and judge Christianity in wrath, and He would have done so if He had not planned to take out the Remnant and complete what He had begun under the former rain. Instead of Yahweh destroying mystery Babylon, He is choosing to have mercy on them, even as He had mercy on natural Babylon and did not destroy it as He had spoken through the prophets.

Thus we see that Yahweh is having mercy on both Israel and Christianity. But what about the contest on Carmel? What else does it speak to us? Let us see. It is most exciting, highly revealing, and substantially confirming!

How many men were killed at Mount Sinai on the first Pentecost? Again, there were 3,000. And how many entered into the kingdom of heaven on the church's former rain of the Spirit? The equal number of 3,000. This was a remarkably attesting fulfillment! So we must now ask - How many were killed on Mount Carmel when Elijah's offering ascended to Yahweh after the prophets of Baal failed? Once again Yahweh has provided a specific number per this most telling event - 450! Also, how many prophets of Asherah were killed on that eventful day? None, obviously! We read that in the end, Elijah directed that all the prophets of Baal were to be slain - "Seize the prophets of Baal; do not let one of them escape." Thus, it seems quite evident that only the prophets of Baal were slain, the prophets of Asherah, who did not participate in the ascension effort, having not been addressed here by Elijah. As you will see, this is most telling and affirming per what we are seeing take place today. Now for some most exciting information!

If the number 3,000 was significantly repeated in the former rain, affording the fulfillment of that which was blood purchased almost 1,500 years before, does it not seem evident that Yahweh would now likewise repeat whatever associated number there is per the latter rain, affirming what is taking place today per Carmel? This should be exactly the case. Even as 3,000 sovereignly believed at the beginning of the former rain in fulfillment of the 3,000 that were slain, so at the beginning of the latter rain 450 should sovereignly believe in fulfillment of the 450 who were equally slain! That which was blood purchased and attested per the first ever Pentecost, was fulfilled in the former rain. Thus once again we should see that what was blood purchased and attested per Mount Carmel, should be fulfilled in the latter rain - blood once again demanding and obtaining specific like results!

To place this in a clear statement, on Passover of this year, which appears to be the Passover that is thirty days after the established Jewish calendar event, placing it on the evening of April 27 through May 5, essentially Sunday through Sunday, we should see 450 people enter into the Remnant Bride! (The only exception to this timing is should we not be ready, the Law allows a thirty day delay [Numbers 9:9-14], which I do not believe will be the case.) This would have to be a divine move of Yahweh, much like what happened in the Passover of 2000 when sovereignly and suddenly for the first time, a much smaller number of a dozen or so came out of Christianity and accepted the truth of the Remnant.

Why, you might ask, is the number so much smaller than the former rain, when the latter rain is to be a double portion? Look at what happened with the former rain. They received an inheritance hurriedly in the beginning, and it was not blessed in the end, even as it is written in Proverb 20:21. The first Remnant died and did not effect the return of Yahshua. That cannot happen with the second Remnant, so our inheritance must be that which more naturally begins smaller at the beginning and ever increases, even to the end when it is to be an exponential blessing which cannot be contained. We read that the best wine is saved to the end of the wedding. This will be true in the quality of the latter rain versus that of the former, as well as in the quality of the wedding feast of the Lamb that is taking place in the Remnant now - it will be better and better to the end!

Thus we see the outstanding testimony of what should be a most affirming fulfillment of the blood debt purchased by those on Carmel - the 450. What does this mean spiritually? Even as the 3,000 were physically slain on the first Pentecost, so the 3,000 were spiritually slain at the former rain. What they had falsely held to in Judaism, died! Equally with the latter rain, when the 450 are slain, their old Christian ideas will also have to die! In both cases, this death enters one into the new work of Yahweh, causing them to become new wineskins so that they can receive the new and awesome truths that would otherwise break the old wineskin minds of the former work.

So then why is it that the prophets of Asherah were not slain? According to the law of spilled blood, if those prophets had equally been slain at that time, there would have been a legal blood debt demanding that Jews today would enter into the Remnant! But they cannot, for they are not a part of the body of Christ, specifically out of which comes the Bride. Do you see this? This is an extraordinarily affirming point that assures what we are seeing evidenced here is true to the minutest point. The Jews will not enter into the Remnant work because they are not a part of the church - the body and the Bride. Thus the foreshadowing blood price was not paid by the prophets of Asherah. Like those prophets then, the Jews in Israel have been present since 1948 to observe and see what Yahweh will perform, AND SEE THEY WILL!

Thus we see the two groups that Yahweh summoned and gathered to His Carmel, those who "eat at Jezebel's table," both of which were brought forth specifically in 1948. And might we note here with unfortunately little elaboration, it is obviously most revealing and significant that 1,948 years after the creation of Adam, or the year 1948 from the beginning of time, a most telling thing happened - Abraham, the father of faith, was born! Déjà vu! That which has been, is that which will be, and as evidenced by Abraham's birth in 1948, 1948 AD also marked the smallest birth of a people of faith, affording the smallest beginning of the restoration of the garden of God, the church, that has been corrupted by man for nearly 2,000 years! More on this now.

There is still one very notable problem with this Carmel group Yahweh called together in 1948. Someone very critical is missing! Where is Elijah?

The Latter Rain Movement brought Christianity into Carmel in '48, and the establishment of the nation of Israel in '48 brought the Edomite Jews into Carmel; so it would most certainly seem that Elijah would have entered into this Carmel period in '48 as well. So who is Elijah? Would it surprise you that the one sharing all of these remarkable truths about this showdown was born in 1948? Thus we see that Yahweh had all three parties come onto the scene of His true Carmel in 1948:

For your information, the life of that baby was threatened to be terminated in his mother's womb by a torn placenta, for which the mother remained in bed most of her pregnancy. Then on the other hand, maybe Yahweh split that baby's placenta to legally make him clean, insomuch that He could not split the baby? The placenta is a picture of our present fleshly body, in which we dwell while in darkness and while being formed into that which we are to be. But when it is time for us to be birthed into the light and receive our breath directly from the true Source, we leave the old body, the placenta, behind in darkness. Thus when Yahweh split my placenta, He split me, to make me clean!

Remnant Solomon did the same thing to a baby. The test before him was to reveal the baby's true mother. To do this, he legally (per decree only) split the baby! By "splitting" this baby, the true mother was revealed! Even so this man was split in his mother's womb, and the purpose is the same - to reveal my true mother! Is my mother of this earth, or is she from above? Do I receive my teachings from man, of this earth, or are they from above? I tell you plainly, Yahweh has made this man clean from the womb and my teachings are from my mother, Jerusalem above.

Is this the end of this split that took place in one man? No, it is only the foreshadowing and intercessoral beginning! The split of this man to make him clean is a testimony of what Yahweh has done for all who enter into the Remnant, for the Remnant is equally the baby Yahweh has split. Why did Yahweh split the Remnant? To make it clean and to reveal its true mother - Jerusalem above! I am not special; I am only the beginning of a work that completes what Yahweh split while man has been in the womb of this dark and breath-deprived earth. You too enter into that clean work when you believe and come under the fig leaf covering of the tithe. You must come under the tithe, otherwise you are not under the covering of the Bride! Outside of the covering tithe, you are unclean! (Read Tithing, and the Remnant Bride.)

So I say once again - Christianity has had their Latter Rain chance, and it is now time for the second Remnant to have ours. And if the pattern is followed once again as it was in the former rain, in Passover, 2002, the Spirit of Yahweh will begin to be poured out and 450 people will suddenly sovereignly believe the Remnant truths!

In 2000, I declared beforehand what to expect in the election battle between Bush and Gore. The patterns were remarkably clear, and what I saw that had to happen, did happen. Because of the sureness of what I saw in the Scriptures, I was cautiously confident to proclaim these things beforehand. Today, as we approach Passover, 2002, I share these things with the identical confidence, yet even more so! Why? Because there is so much more evidence, and He has already done so very much. And if people realized how important it was that I am right, they would applaud and encourage these things. But, this is a work Yahweh is doing, and His works are performed without man's understanding so that man cannot boast in them. May Yahweh be glorified in the days set before us!


2002 evidences to be the most culminating year ever in the history of the church, as well as in the history of the sons of Israel, and it is a year that is intrinsically tied to 1948! Let us further examine the GREAT significance of 1948!

In Steve Jones book, Secrets of Time (which is unsurpassed in pointing out the timing of Yahweh, though as a Christian his conclusions are thus fatally flawed), we find some most incredible and revealing information. In Judges 3:8 we read of the first ever time the sons of Israel were placed into captivity under "Babylon." I put this in quotes because they were actually given over to Mesopotamia, which is another name for the area of Babylon. Mesopotamia means "middle or the land between two rivers." This land was of course Babylon, which was located between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers. (You might recognize here the testimony of Christianity, which as Mystery Babylon is the middle period of the church located between the two rivers of the former rain and the latter rain of the two Remnant.)

It is important for you to realize that before Yahweh performs something on a larger scale, He first sows a seed. That larger work could be carried out over several years for individuals, and even over hundreds and even thousands of years for higher nation and kingdom works. What we find is that Yahweh performs something relatively much smaller at the beginning of a larger period, the initiating seed revealing what He will perform in that fuller measure. This is strikingly clear here with regard to Yahweh's act of placing His people in bondage to Mesopotamia/"Babylon" for eight years.

We today have the advantage of hindsight to now look back and see the fulfillment or near-fulfillment of these periods or patterns. But there is another extremely important element to this as well. Yahweh is also giving sight to His Remnant Bride to see and explain these things! And most gratefully, we can glean from them and by Yahweh's Spirit anticipate both their great significance for this day, as well as respond correctly so as to take advantage of this incredible and most wonderful opportunity ever afforded to man! Let us continue.

We read in Judges 3:8-11 that the first time Yahweh placed the sons of Israel into bondage under Babylon was for specifically eight years. And as you will now see, these eight years were a revealing seed of what He would perform over the next 3,367 years!

This 3,367 years is a total of 3,312 years plus 55 years. Where do we get these numbers? First and easiest, 55 is the number of years from 1948, when the contest of Carmel began, to 2003, when we expect the contest to be over and the Remnant to enter into immortality - the offering thus ascending alive!

Let us now consider the great relevance of the number 3,312. As was just stated, the first-time bondage of the sons of Israel under "Babylon" was a seed of what was to be fulfilled on the MUCH higher realm. Thus the people of Yahweh would not be in bondage for a mere eight years, but eight times 414 years, or 3,312 years! Why this 414 years? This is where Steve shines.

414 is the number Yahweh uses to mark or carry out "Cursed Time." Cursed Time is actually a grace period which Yahweh grants a people before requiring of them His expectations. At the end of this full period comes the handwriting on the wall, even as we see regarding Babylon where Yahweh told them - "MENE - God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it. TEKEL - you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient. PERES - your kingdom has been divided and given over to the Medes and Persians" (Daniel 5:26-28). Babylon was given a specific period of time before Yahweh called them into accountability - He "numbered" their kingdom. As you will now see, this fulfillment was carried out based on the 414 years of Cursed Time.

We find that the Sons of Israel went into this seed captivity to Mesopotamia/"Babylon" in 1365 BC. If one multiplies 414 times two, or two periods of Cursed Time, and subtracts that from 1365 BC, one comes to the year 537 BC. What took place in 537 BC? You just read about it. Precisely two periods of 414 years after the sons of Israel went into captivity to Mesopotamia, Babylon fell to the Medes and Persians! Thus we see a highly valid expression of this Cursed Time truth. But let us go further, for as you will see, this is only a benchmark for what Yahweh would perform later. In fact, these first two periods of Cursed Time ending with the fall of Babylon, were actually an even larger seed for that which was still yet to come.

We have already seen that the original seed required not two but eight years of time. So where do eight periods of 414 years of Cursed Time place us? To the beginning of Yahweh's Carmel - 1948 AD! What can we thus expect to happen? As attested in the two-period benchmark seed, a repeat of the message - MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PERES:

Yahweh has numbered the Jew's and Christianity's kingdoms and put an end to them; they have been weighed in the balance and found deficient and will be given to the two-part Remnant!

1948 was Yahweh's end for both the work He has been performing with the natural Jew and old Jerusalem (an earthly kingdom), as well as the work He has performed with the spiritual Jew which is Mystery Babylon, or the 2,000 year period of the church which is from Jerusalem above (though fatally remaining in the earthly realm).

What marks this end? Carmel! Yahweh will now turn the kingdom over to the two-part work of the Remnant (the "Medes and Persians" fulfillment). The Remnant is the first ever work for Yahweh to split and make clean, as well as give the power of "rumination," or the ability to ascend and descend. The rights to priesthood and the kingdom of God are being taken away from both the natural Jew (completing that which was begun 2,000 years ago by the first Remnant in Jerusalem) as well as the spiritual Jew, and those rights are being given over to the two-part Remnant! The eight-part period of Cursed Time is complete, and both of these old works have been weighed in the balance and found deficient! Per Carmel that has taken place since 1948, it is now time for Yahweh to bring forth His new work - the Elijah Remnant Bride!

With Christianity's receipt of their Latter Rain Movement, and the Edomite Jew's receipt of the land they falsely call Israel, they have both thought that they have received something wonderful! But in fact what they received beginning in 1948 will soon be their undoing, glaringly revealing their gross inadequacies, corruption, and wickedness! Like Richard Nixon who celebrated his receipt of the Presidency of the United States, not knowing that it would be the very thing that would be his ruin and his shame, such will be the case with Christianity and Israel - their glory will be their ruin!

As the fulfillment of Belshazzar's feast, Christianity has taken the holy things from the temple of Yahweh, and since 1948 has been having a drunken party in the Spirit (or even spirit), evidenced by the euphoria of Pentecostals, Charismatics, the Toronto Blessing, and other such exuberant expressions. Now, a Daniel is on the scene, and he is here to tell Mystery Babylon and Israel what the handwriting on the wall means! You are about to lose your rights to the kingdom, and they are being given to the two-part Remnant!

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