The following e-mail was sent out on March 31, 2002, and addresses an important principle pertaining to the upcoming Passover gathering.




Dear Remnant Bride,

At the final Passover meal with His disciples, Yahshua declared to them - "I tell you, by no means will I drink from now on from the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes" (Luke 22:18). Why did He say this about the wine? Following this last meal, He then went into a garden to pray, and there "His sweat became like drops of blood, falling down upon the ground." Why did He go to this garden, and why did His sweat fall to the ground? At His crucifixion on the cross, three times He refused to drink the wine; yet in the end He spoke out - "I thirst" - whereupon someone extended to Him sour wine on a branch of hyssop, which He then drank. Why? Why was it these events leading to man's salvation involved these natural things like wine and a garden and even sweat falling to the ground? Why was it that He suffered through the beatings and mockings, having His eyes blindfolded so that He could not see, a crown of thorns placed upon His head, and a scarlet/purple robe placed upon Him? The answer - it was all because of and for the sake of the power of intercession!

Many a man had drunk wine or abstained from it. Yahshua had even drunk wine with others to the extent that He was accused of being a winebibber. On the other hand, John the Baptist never once drank wine. But under the Nazirite vow into which He entered at Passover, suddenly that wine become something of obvious immense importance. Likewise, Yahshua had been in that garden many times before. What was so unique about it this time that He went there and sweat as if it were great drops of blood onto the ground? Again we repeat - it was all because of and for the sake of the power of intercession!

Though Yahshua had drank wine many times before, it was at that moment in Yahweh's timing that that wine through intercession became something wholly different! It became all the sins of mankind which were equally attested in the natural grape tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the original garden from which the first Adam ate. And that garden into which Yahshua entered suddenly was not just a garden on the Mount of Olives, but through the power of intercession it became the original garden into which Adam and Eve abode and sinned and were cursed and died, and from which they were cast out! And it was from that garden where the curse came that man would work the ground by the sweat of his brow, that necessitated that in the garden on the Mount of Olives Yahshua's sweat would fall thereupon.

In equal regard, we have already seen in the writing Ascending Alive, that the land of promise given to the sons of Israel was far more than just a piece of real estate on the earth - it was Yahweh's tabernacle on the nations level that was built without man's hands! Without even their awareness, or even up to now the perception of the church, when Yahweh established the sons of Israel in two areas of adjoining land separated by the Jordan River, He created His holy place and holy of holies with the veil separating them! East of the Jordan toward the rising sun was the holy of holies occupied by the two and a half tribes, which was the precise length of the ark of the covenant that occupied the holy of holies. West of the Jordan was the holy place that had to be established first before the two and a half tribes could come out of it and occupy their own requested inheritance. Why did Yahweh establish all of this as He did? For one reason - because of the necessity and power of intercession!

Furthermore, we also saw in Ascending Alive the powerful testimony that Moses, who intercessorally is the first Remnant, could not enter into the land of the holy place, but had to die in the holy of holies land east of the Jordan. Then almost 600 years later, Yahweh raised up Elijah to reveal and intercede for the second Remnant, and as such he in picture had to complete that which Moses began and ascend alive. Where would he enter into heaven as the second Remnant representative who is in picture the second part of the holy of holies in Yahweh's temple? Would it be, could it be, in the holy place land west of the Jordan? No! Elijah journeyed through that land until he came to the very place where the sons of Israel had crossed long before. There he smote the Jordan with his mantle (covering), crossed over, and entered into the land that intercessorally was the holy of holies. At the same place where his predecessor, first Remnant Moses, had died, there he ascended alive in a whirlwind! Why did he do these specific things ? Again the answer is - because of the power of intercession!

Intercessorally, there was only one place where Elijah could have ascended alive. As the foreshadowing second Remnant who has to come out of Christianity and will perish if they remain in it, if Elijah had continued to wander around in the holy place land west of the Jordan, he too would have grown old and died like all other men. There was only ONE WAY OF ESCAPE for the prophet - to come out from the holy place land, to pass through the veil of the Jordan, and to enter into the holy of holies land! He had to go to the place of his predecessor, Moses, and only there could he be taken up alive into heaven. Intercessorally, like the garden into which Yahshua had entered and His sweat dropped upon the ground, and the wine He refused to drink but later requested and drank, that land and its intercessoral arrangement became far more than just the place it appeared to be in the natural! Intercessorally, it became precisely that which Yahweh had designed it to be - the holy place and the holy of holies with the separating veil, looking to that which was to come, looking to a time which was to be and is now at hand!

Why do I share these things? To get you to see that places, things, and events in a moment of intercession become far far more than just what meets the natural eye. They become essential touch points for something much higher which Yahweh reckons upon as having been entered, relating to a period of time, place, and events which may be far removed from the natural. They become outward natural testimonies of what Yahweh is performing in the higher invisible realm of the spiritual.

Why are we seeing this now? Are you ready for the answer? Because Yahweh does not change; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and what He did then through intercession by natural places and things, He is doing again TODAY, even fulfilling them at the higher level!

This Passover, April 26 through May 5, we are preparing to enter a place of intercessoral fulfillment that man has never before known or seen or opportuned. Let us now consider the gravity of this event and this moment.

There were two multitudes which Yahweh miraculously fed, multiplying the bread so that everyone there was fully satisfied to the extent that there was bread left over. What were these two great events? What did they foreshadow? Unquestionably, they foreshadowed the two rains of Yahweh in which He breaks bread and miraculously multiplies His word in order to satisfy hungry and famished man - the former rain and the latter rain!

In the writing titled Communion, we saw that it was specifically during Passover that Yahshua fed the 5,000 the unleavened barley bread. This is clearly stated in John 6:4. But we also learned that He fed the 4,000 at the immediately following feast of Pentecost when there was likewise a multitude there who once again were traveling. This specific Pentecost feeding is that bread to which Yahshua referred when He declared - "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees." Most certainly there was no leaven in the feeding at Passover, so the leaven regarding which He warned was specifically in the former rain Pentecost bread.

These two feedings were testimonies of the two rains - the former rain which occurred on the day of Pentecost and was leavened bread, and the latter rain that is unleavened. With what was the former rain leavened? It was leavened with the false teachings of flesh men and Satan; and even as Yahshua declared beforehand, those teachings have entirely leavened all three measures of the church (3,000 years, if they received them all - Matthew 13:33)!

Thus we see that the former rain is (1) leavened with false teachings, of which Yahshua warns us to beware, and (2) specifically began at and is associated with Pentecost. What then can we learn about the latter rain? Again, (1) that in contrast to the former rain, the latter rain will be unleavened! Yahshua will serve us His truth without the false teachings of flesh men. This alone is a GREAT hope and promise, particularly in light of all that we have been learning from the bread of truth with which Yahweh has been feeding us at this time. This is bread from heaven, hidden manna, which man has NEVER before eaten! Man has never before understood the things He is revealing to us in this hour. Why are we learning these things now? Because already we are under the outpouring of the latter rain, which like the water coming from under the eastern gate begins as only a trickle, but ever increases until there is water deep enough in which to swim, water that cannot be forded. Have we been able to ford, to cross the expanse of His latter rain truth! NO, for His truth continues to unfold before us!

The next important point to realize is that (2) the latter rain is specifically associated with Passover. Even as man has witnessed the beginning of the former rain specifically on Pentecost, we can thus fully expect that the latter rain will begin specifically on Passover.

In this regard, when Yahweh began to take a little rib out of the body of Christ, He did so on a delayed Passover in May, 2000. Unquestionably, by Yahweh's design this work is already associated specifically with one feast - Passover! Thus we see evidenced that this work is Yahweh's unleavened Passover work, and that it is the fulfillment of the multitude-feeding latter rain.

But even as we see testified that the latter rain comes in an ever increasing amount, and that we have had evidenced to us that thus far we have passed through the waters that are knee deep and presently to the loins, we all the more should strive to enter that place where at another Passover, we can begin to enter into the latter rain waters to the place in which we begin to swim in them. This, my friend, my brother, my sister, is the hope we have this coming Passover in Enumclaw, Washington! Evidenced by this clear testimony regarding the latter rain being associated specifically with Passover, noting what took place at Pentecost at the beginning of its year and a half duration former rain, and recognizing that this coming Passover the second Remnant will be entering into its final year and a half comparable to the former rain, this Passover will no doubt be decisive, culminating, and fulfilling in many ways! All evidence indicates that this Passover begins the revelation of the Bride who up to now has been hidden. Let us briefly consider this.

Patternwise, it is this second one and a half year period that is the time in which the Bride is revealed (the first one and a half year period being from Passover, 2000, to Tabernacles, 2001). But actually from Passover, 2000, to Passover, 2002, the Bride has been the hidden rib work that Yahweh has begun to fashion. Very few know about us, and of those who do, many in Christianity are like the young lads from Bethel who mocked Elisha, saying - "Go up, you baldhead; go up, you baldhead!" (2 Kings 2:23). Why do they mock the Remnant by their unbelief? Because the second Remnant thus far has been without the glory, the hair, in-so-much we have occupied the hidden state. They do not believe we are the Elijah and that we will "go up." This next year and a half is the period in which we must receive Yahweh's power and glory; and it is during this time that the two female bears will devour the forty-two lads of Bethel Christianity. (Bethel means "house of God," which was denounced by the prophets.) This next year and a half will be when the second Remnant receive power and glory, attesting that we now have the rights to the kingdom of God.

We must receive the oil of the Spirit and the glory so that even as Mary anointed the feet of Yahshua with the costly perfumed oil and wiped them with her hair so as to prepare the body of Yahshua for burial (John 12:1-8), we too as the Mary second Remnant can anoint and cleanse the feet, the kingdom rights, of the body of Christ, and thus prepare it for its burial. The body of Christ must be prepared for burial, and we as the Mary must possess the precious perfumed oil of the Spirit and the glory in order to do this. By performing this, we as the Bride are thus revealed (even at the objection of Judas Christianity).

We have thus briefly seen why this Passover, with the hope of the latter rain and the revelation of the Bride, is so very important! Let us now consider why the location of our gathering here in Enumclaw, Washington, is intercessorally so important.

As we have already noted, when Yahweh does something relative to the kingdom of heaven, He provides legal intercessoral and effectual natural testimonies and even touch points per what He is performing. This testimony per the Bride and the latter rain has already been evidenced by the mere fact that this work began as a trickle specifically on a delayed Passover in 2000. But Enumclaw, which means "loud rattling noise" for the strong east winds we can receive due to the Cascade mountains, has as much intercessoral identity with the holy of holies as did the promised land. And remember, intercessoral identity is ESSENTIAL in order for Yahweh to accomplish His works here on this earth. If this were not the case, then Yahshua would not have had to go through all that He did at the time of His sacrificial death, and Elijah would not have had to go east of the Jordan to ascend alive. I will try to be brief regarding this.

At the beginning of Yahweh's instruction to me in 1994 regarding these Remnant truths, one of the things He showed me was that the east coast and the west coast of the United States are prophetic. America was formed on the east coast by thirteen colonies, the number associated with Yahweh and the number of men in the group that traveled about teaching the kingdom of God - Yahshua and His twelve disciples, or thirteen men.

The west coast where I live is prophetic of the church, which is the temple of Yahweh. As we read in Zechariah 13, the church is split two-thirds and one-third. This split is attested in California and Oregon. For many reasons, California is prophetic of the church we have known for 2,000 years, or the two-thirds portion. There is the constant threat that California will slide into the sea (even as the 2,000 swine did so), and it is known for its weirdness and licentiousness - Californication!

As the third part of the church, Oregon is prophetic of the period that is burned by fire; thus, the name of the first town on I-5 when going into Oregon is appropriately Ash-land. Oregon is also unique in that it is the only place in the entire world that has a particular cedar tree growing there that is otherwise strictly native to Lebanon. Thus when we read in Judges 9:15 and Isaiah 40:16 about Yahweh burning the cedars of Lebanon, He has testified prophetically with this highly unique evidence that Lebanon cedar Oregon is the period prophetic of the burning of the third part of Christianity.

So where does this leave the state of Washington? Even as the land west of the Jordan was Yahweh's holy place, and the land east of the Jordan was His holy of holies, the two being separated by the Jordan, so we find Yahweh providing this same unique testimony on the west coast. Why? Because He must once again provide an intercessoral place for His Elijah! The holy place of Christianity California and Oregon, is separated from the holy of holies of Washington by the veil of the great Columbia River. Washington is intercessorally the holy of holies. Thus while California testifies of the church under leavened Pentecost, Washington testifies of the unleavened Passover work of the second Remnant.

On August 7, 1994, when Yahweh showed me that I was in the false Remnant of Christianity, for which I prostrated myself before Him and cried out for a way of escape, He thus told me two things - (1) to give all I had acquired in ministry to Ziba, to the man who was persecuting me, and (2) to move to Washington. Intercessorally, I was to enter into Yahweh's holy of holies on a nations level. Yahweh's intercessoral answer then and continues to be for us at this Passover, is to come to Washington, His intercessoral holy of holies.

But it should be noted here that this natural identification of these states is of course all intercessoral, primarily being associated with geography and other associated testimonies, and is no more the actual fulfillment of the kingdom than the land of Israel was an actual fulfillment. Intercessorally the land of the two and a half tribes of Israel were the holy of holies, but that was strictly intercessoral and it is certain there were plenty of evidences there that limited it strictly to this. Equally, Washington has the unique testimony of being the holy of holies, and likewise there are plenty of evidences that it too is not the fulfillment, but only looks to that fulfillment. But on the other hand, do not be ignorant or remiss that when Yahweh is performing something per the kingdom of heaven, that the intercessoral natural position is in any way the least bit diminished or insignificant! If this were the case then Yahshua's relationship to the wine would not have been so effectual, nor the garden, and Elijah's journey specifically to the land east of the Jordan in order to have the authority to ascend alive would not have been necessary. Elijah could have wandered in that land west of the Jordan forever and NEVER would he have ascended alive! As an intercessor, his journey into the holy of holies was ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!

So why should we gather in Washington for Passover? As the Bride who is the holy of holies, we must intercessorally take our position as such in that place that testifies of this - Washington, on the other side of the Columbia!

For your information, the word Columbia always takes on the significance of the outpouring of the Spirit. Whether it be Christopher Columbus, who opened the way to Amer-ric-a (or, the heavenly kingdom), or Columbia in South America, or the name of a town or street, Columbia or Columbus prophesies of the outpouring of the Spirit and is associated with the two Remnant. Yahweh simply uses this word to effect His intercessions on an earthly realm.

So, when we gather in Enumclaw, Washington, for Passover on April 26 through May 5, intercessorally we are entering into the identical place in which Moses and Elijah entered - the holy of holies! And our purpose for doing so is to receive that which we as the second Remnant are promised - the ever increasing waters of the latter rain, the oil and the glory that are essential possessions for the revealed Bride!

On another related point, one of the reasons we moved to Washington (other than Yahweh simply telling me to move here), or maybe I should say that one of the hopes I had by moving to Washington, was the prophetic nature of Mount Rainier. I knew that even as Mount Hermon was the tallest northernmost mountain in the former land of Israel, so Mount Rainier is the tallest northernmost mountain in the Continental United States. And I was most hopeful that what was promised in Psalm 133, would have its fulfillment in Washington:

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
For brothers of dwell together in unity!
It is like the precious oil upon the head,
Coming down upon the beard,
Even Aaron's beard,
Coming down upon the edge of his robes.
It is like the dew of Hermon,
Coming down upon the mountains of Zion;
For there Yahweh commanded the blessing - life forever.

I wish that the hope of all that is said here in these verses would well up inside of you like a mighty river. Is there any greater hope that we could have than that this promise would be fulfilled beginning here is Washington? And in many ways its fulfillment has already begun. Brothers and sisters are believing and planning to come together in unity regarding these marvelous truths. The oil of His Spirit is beginning to run down this man's own red beard, and there are people in the Bride who are beginning to be impacted, even dramatically impacted! And when we gather together here in Washington, just below Mount Rainier (insomuch that Enumclaw is called The Gateway to Mount Rainier, and when not covered in clouds, this spectacular mountain can be observed out our front window), we have the hope and the promise of the dew of Hermon coming down the mountain, even upon the mountain of Zion, and Yahweh commanding to us that select Elijah blessing - LIFE FOREVER! Hallelu-Yah!

So, not only intercessorally are we in the holy of holies here in Enumclaw, Washington, assuming the sought out position of the Elijah work that ascends alive, but we are also just below the prophetic and intercessoral Mount Hermon where the blessing is proclaimed - life forever!

And of even further noteworthy significance, without any attention to timing or intentions on our part, it was precisely on Passover of 1995 that my family and I moved into the home wherein we will gather for Passover. Thus we actually live in a Passover home! Yahweh wholly designed this obviously as a testimony of the work He is establishing. And furthermore, He provided this home in fulfillment of a prophetic testimony He had shown us beforehand through the specific message - "new home." This is what we all truly need - a new home! And while it is New Jerusalem that we truly need, it seems quite evident that this happened to us as a testimony for the Bride. That which the Bride will receive in spiritual fulfillment at our being taken out of this earth, must first be experienced in the natural - the natural always preceding the spiritual. Literally, it seems evident that many of you will soon have a "new home," as Yahweh will have you to move for the sake of fulfilling the rapid whirlwind Passover work of the kingdom of heaven.

It is good that one understand all of this as we gather together. What can we add personally to this? Nothing really. All Elijah had to do was to show up in the place of the holy of holies, and Yahweh performed the rest. Likewise, it is our obedience in gathering together specifically at the delayed Passover, specifically in the incredibly important year of 2002, in a place Yahweh has established as His intercessoral holy of holies, just below a mountain that has His blessing of life forever, in a home Yahweh declared beforehand and sovereignly provided this family precisely on Passover, and then let Yahweh perform that which He alone can perform! Will He fulfill His Passover promise to us? I do not see that there is an alternative.

Furthermore, only within the last few days has it come to my attention that Mount Hermon was actually the place where the transfiguration took place, adding all the more to the already GREAT significance of this mountain! Mount Hermon is just north of Caesarea Philippi, which is where Yahshua was just prior to the transfiguration. Prophetically, Hermon's location in the northern part of that land is prophetic of the latter rain, whereas where John the Baptist was in the south is prophetic of the former rain. And it is MOST significant that latter rain Hermon not only has with it the promise of life forever or ascending alive, but also the distinction of being the place where one is glorified or transfigured with Yahshua. What an incredible hope-filled combination! Thus all the more spiritual Hermon here in Enumclaw, Washington, is the place to be if one wants to be in the intercessoral holies of holies position of glorification and life forever!

So does it not seem quite appropriate that the twelve who moved the mount of transfiguration one thousand years should meet at the foot of the mountain that prophetically and intercessorally is the same mountain? But are we interested in remaining in the natural, in the shadows? NOT IN THE LEAST! I have lived below this mountain for seven years come this Passover, and while it is beautiful and hope-filled, it is not what I seek. It is what this mountain and this place represent that I seek, and the Bride coming here in Passover is in many ways the beginning of its fulfillment. No, coming to my house is not the fulfillment. We are coming to my house not to just experience Passover, but we are coming here to fulfill Passover, to receive the Passover latter rain! And even as Yahshua and Elisha found fulfillment through the touch points of the natural, so we too must do likewise. The power of intercession demands this!

So we ask - Do these intercessoral touch points really make any difference? Ask Yahshua if they do. Ask Elijah if they do. And I think you will find the resounding answer to be - Yes! The unique qualities of this area are all Yahweh's intercessions by His design for this day; we are simply cooperating with them. We are cooperating with them even as Yahshua cooperated, and even as Elijah cooperated, and we have the same hope of fulfillment. Even as Elijah had to enter into a natural place that was a touch point for his ascension, to enter into the holy of holies, so we too today are entering into a place that intercessorally is the holy of holies. We are entering a place that is at the base of a prophetic Mount Hermon where there is the promise of life forever and transfiguration. When we come together this Passover, we are entering a place that is established by His sovereign and attesting design, and are simply seeking to cooperate with His will. We are coming together as the fulfilling latter twelve disciples for the Passover meal in which Yahshua declared - "I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you ..." (stated only in second Remnant Luke 22:15). The rest is up to Him. May Yahweh fulfill His word on our behalf!

And in closing, may I say one final thing? Probably one of the most common responses from those who believe and face the question about coming here for Passover is - I am not worthy to be there. Frankly, I am glad for this response. Like Isaiah we recognize our own woe and ruin, for we too are men "of unclean lips." What Yahweh is doing now in our midst TOTALLY humbles us, and with the apostle Peter we equally declare - I am not worthy of what You are doing; "Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord!" Quite appropriately for us today, this also is recorded in second Remnant Luke 5:8. Equally, Peter's response took place after the miraculous catch of a great quantity of fish. These are the fish we as the second Remnant must bring out of the sea of death.

To you who feel that you are not worthy, let me say the same words to you that Yahshua said to His first Remnant disciples - "You did not choose Me, but I chose you, and appointed you, that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain; that whatever you ask of the Father in My name, He may give to you" (John 15:16). Since Yahweh chose you, then who are you to tell Him He is wrong and that He does not know what He is doing?

You are looking too much at yourself and not to Yahweh. I have next to me a definition that struck me most significantly when I first heard it. It reads: "DETERMINATION - Find your limits, then exceed them." I knew all too well my limits when I first heard that. My limit is ME! BUT, I have determined that I will not allow "me" to limit what Yahweh wants to do. Likewise, if Yahweh wants to use you, and if you believe in the Remnant truths and are even a tither, or even one of the original twelve, I say to you - DO NOT LET "YOU" LIMIT YAHWEH! Allow Yahweh to exceed you and do not allow your limitations to be Yahweh's limitations. He chooses the weak and the foolish to shame the strong and the wise. This way He receives the glory. If you want someone else more worthy and capable to perform that which Yahweh has called you to perform, then that person by their abilities might then receive the glory. Humbly and obediently give yourself to Yahweh as His foolish and weak vessel to be used by Him, and let Him do what He wants to do. Again, Yahweh knows what He is doing; don't try to tell Him what to do or try to correct His choice of you.

With that word I close and trust I will see you here in our home this Passover.

Blessings to you,


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