The following e-mail was sent out on March, 11, 2002. Further information is herein provided regarding the upcoming Passover gathering.


The Test of Two Peters and Goat's Hair Glory


Dear Remnant Bride,

In my last e-mail, I told you about Peter from Long Island, New York, and the way Yahweh is using him to testify what He is doing in these momentous days before us. Let me now tell you about another Peter, this one from New Jersey, just across the Bay from New York, and how through both of these men Yahweh is drawing our attention to the test that we have been pointing out - the test of Carmel between Christianity and the Remnant.

In order to distinguish these two Peters, we will call the Peter I told you about who is coming to be in our home on the delayed Passover - Peter R, or Peter Remnant. This second Peter I will now introduce to you, we will call him - Peter C, or Peter Christian.

Actually, Peter C has already been in our home. In November, 2001, Peter C e-mailed me and requested to fly here and visit with me about the two-part Remnant and the issue of coverings. We of course welcomed him and he came here to be with us in the first part of December. But our visit did not go well. In these writings I share considerably about the laws of Yahweh and how they reveal His ways, that one can never know Yahweh, His ways, or His plans apart from His laws. But come to find out, Peter C was caught up in keeping those laws in the flesh. He was taken back that we went to an event on Saturday - the Sabbath - outside our home that involved our youngest daughter. He was surprised that we did not try to observe all the Feasts in a strict manner. He wore tassels on his belt that were supposed to be the fulfillment of the law that one was to wear tassels on the corners of one's garment (though I did not see how two tassels on one's belt constituted the corners).

These laws can go on and on, and trying to keep them gets to be quite ridiculous. For example, those who seek to follow in this way do not buy anything on the Sabbath because they do not want to make someone else work on the Sabbath; yet, they do not realize that as soon as they turn on a light on the Sabbath or as soon as their refrigerator cycles on, they make someone work to produce that electricity. And this is only the beginning. Have you ever tried to wear clothing that is not a mix? To begin with, you can give up on your socks ever staying up again. It really gets rather facetious after while (I know, I once tried to keep them and realized the impossibility of it), even hypocritical. But, there are those who either zealously or halfheartedly try to follow these (especially in the Messianic movement), and Peter C was definitely zealous about this.

Why do they do this? They are trying in the flesh to please Yahweh. Their contention is that the Jews failed to keep the law, but now that they have the Spirit of Yahweh, they are able to keep them. Good luck! I can tell you firsthand, no one, either with the Spirit or without the Spirit, is able to keep the law in the flesh. In fact, Romans 8:3 tells us that the weakness of the law is the flesh; and even with the Spirit of Yahweh abiding in us, unfortunately we yet remain in the source of that weakness!

I tried to explain to Peter C that the natural fulfillment of those laws were only shadows of that which Yahweh must perform for man. Even as Yahshua declared regarding the Sabbath - "The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath" - so this is true regarding all the laws of Yahweh - the law is made for man, and not man for the law. I am not interested in trying to keep the laws in the flesh. BUT, I am very interested in seeking to discern how Yahweh will keep the laws on my behalf! Very interested!

Let me give you a simple example of this. How many of you would sacrifice a lamb on Passover? Undoubtedly nobody. Why? Because the true Lamb of God has been sacrificed for us. Thus we see that it was not the picture that was the true fulfillment, but rather the higher spiritual fulfillment - the spiritual work of the Son of God. This is true with all of Yahweh's laws. I am not interested in physically keeping the Feasts of Yahweh; but, I am MOST interested in understanding how Yahweh will fulfill these Feasts in the higher realm.

For example, in the Feast of Tabernacles, the people were to live in booths for eight days. So will I please Yahweh by going out and living under some weaving of limbs during Tabernacles? No! Even as the true and much needed fulfillment of the Passover Lamb was not at all in a literal lamb, so the true and much needed fulfillment of the Tabernacles booth will not be a literal booth. What is the true and higher fulfillment of this weaving? It is the Remnant Bride coming under the covering of holding all things in common. This practice of common provision is the true spiritual weaving under which we must find our Tabernacles fulfillment and covering. One can live under a literal booth weaving until the cows come home, but it will mean absolutely nothing spiritually. It only looks to the Remnant covering of holding all things in common. Are you willing to come under this spiritual fulfillment?

Peter C could absolutely never see what we were trying to show him regarding this. He was so entirely fixed on the natural, he could never see the spiritual fulfillment, and even accused us of spiritualizing away the law. Peter C would be like one of the Jews in the time of Yahshua who opted for maintaining the literal Passover lamb instead of accepting only the true fulfillment. So what is the test between these two New York/New Jersey Peters - Peter R and Peter C? Let me tell you.

There are two Passovers coming up very soon. First is the regularly scheduled Passover based upon the schedule of the Jews and Christians. This is the Passover that will take place beginning on the evening of March 28 and will run through the evening of April 5. But every indication in the last two years has been that the Feasts have actually been on a thirty day delay. This means that Passover this year will be on April 26 or 27 (depending on the new moon), and will thus take place until May 4 or 5. This is the schedule the Remnant believes to be Yahweh's true timing for His fulfillments, which has been evidenced thus far. So, while the Jews and Christians celebrate their Passover at the end of this month, the Remnant will celebrate our Passover at the end of April.

Now, here is the test? As with the test of Carmel, which Passover will be pleasing to Yahweh - the Jew's and Christianity's Passover or the Remnant's Passover? Peter C has already gone to Independence, Missouri, to prepare for his Christian Passover. Will he be right in his beliefs and will their Passover be pleasing to Yahweh? On the other hand, as you know, Peter R is the first to request and make plans to be here in our home beginning April 26 for the legally delayed Passover. Will he be right in his newfound beliefs and will the Remnant's Passover be pleasing to Yahweh? The outcome of this test is very important, for whoever is acceptable to Yahweh receives the promise specifically associated with Passover - the promise not to die!

It seems evident that these two Peters from the New York/New Jersey area, and the unique way Yahweh has had them to come into my life at this time, is no accident, but rather is a further sign of what is taking place right now - the test between Christianity and the Remnant! Whose Passover will be acceptable to Yahweh? And most important, who has the Passover promise that the first-born will not die? These two Peters set forth the contest, and we will wait and watch to see whose Passover Yahweh blesses - the regularly scheduled one in Independence, Missouri, or the delayed one in Enumclaw, Washington?

Now let me share further about this upcoming Remnant delayed Passover and what we can expect to take place. This information likewise directly relates to this Passover issue of the first-born, more specifically the blessing of the first-born.

As has been pointed out, there are two works being formed within the kingdom of God - Christianity and the Remnant, or the body of Christ and the Bride. These two works are clearly evidenced in the testimony of Rebekah, who had two sons, even two nations, within her - Genesis 25:21-26. These two sons struggled together in Rebekah's womb, even as the Remnant and Christianity struggle. The first-born son was red and hairy, thus he was named Esau, or hairy. The second son was born holding onto Esau's heel, thus he was named Jacob, or heel catcher. Regarding these two, while they were yet in Rebekah's womb, Yahweh told her that the older would serve the younger, setting up the entire scenario between them that would take place later, and which we will now look at per what must take place at this coming Passover.

Since these two works of the kingdom of God are witnessed within Rebekah's womb, we find then that she is a clear picture of Jerusalem above, which brings forth both of these works of the kingdom. The first-born work is Christianity, which is evidenced by hairy Esau. The second son is the Remnant, which grabs the heel (or the rights of the kingdom) of Christianity and is evidenced by Jacob. And while Esau Christianity may be the first-born in the kingdom, Jerusalem above also has the word of Yahweh and knows that that blessing has to go to the second-born Jacob Remnant. How then can Jerusalem above legally get that blessing upon the Remnant instead of upon Christianity? We will now see.

When it came time for Isaac to bless Esau, Rebekah intervened in order to fulfill the word of Yahweh that had been spoken to her. She did this in much the same way that Bathsheba intervened in order to insure that the promise David had given to her regarding her son, Solomon, and his rights to the throne were fulfilled. Jacob already had the birthright, which he purchased from Esau for some stew he had prepared, or some "red stuff" (whereupon Esau was thenceforth called Edom, or red), but he still needed the blessing for the complete transfer of all the first-born rights.

Throughout the Scriptures, hair always speaks of glory. This is thoroughly covered in the book titled Coverings found here on The Remnant Bride web site. Why was it that Esau was so hairy, even from birth, to the extent that his first-given name meant hairy? Because as the prophetic representative of Christianity, he foreshadowed the glory that would be given to first-born Christianity, which in the past has equally had the rights to the blessing, as well as the birthrights. But, Jerusalem above knows that it is the will of Yahweh that both of these must go to the Remnant instead. How will she accomplish this? The same way we see the transfer of the blessing being orchestrated by Rebekah on behalf of her son, Jacob. And keep in mind that this entire work was orchestrated by Rebekah, and not by Jacob. Jacob was only obeying his mother.

Rebekah commanded Jacob to go to the flock and bring to her two choice kids, whereupon she would prepare them for him to take to Isaac. At this command, Jacob objected that Esau was hairy and that Isaac would be able to tell that he was Jacob and not Esau, and that his father would thus curse him instead. Rebekah advised that if Isaac cursed him, then the curse would be upon her. She took full responsibility for this and Jacob was only to obey.

Thus, Jacob obtained the two choice kids, Rebekah prepared them for Isaac, placed the choice garments belonging to Esau upon Jacob, and put the skins of the kids on Jacob's hands and neck so he would be hairy like his brother. Thus equipped, Jacob then went before his father and obtained the blessing as well.

Again we ask - How then will Jerusalem above succeed in transferring the blessing from first-born Christianity to the one to whom that blessing belongs, to the one to whom it is promised? The answer is - even as Rebekah placed the glorious hair upon Jacob, so Jerusalem above must now place the glory of Yahweh upon us, the second Remnant! By receiving Yahweh's glory, we obtain the blessing, even as did Jacob! It is the glory of Yahweh that makes the difference! All of this regarding the two sons of Isaac happened as a clear testimony of what is taking place today.

Furthermore, why do we as the second Remnant who chronologically follow Christianity, even have a legal right to the promise belonging to the first-born? Because our authority is based upon the work of the first Remnant - the two choice kids which were slain so that we could receive the promise. (I ask the question - How many kids can a man eat? One kid in enough to satisfy any man's appetite, but two were selected here in order to represent the Remnant.) The rights that we obtain today as the first-born are secured because we come under the practice, authority, and power of the first Remnant, even as Jacob came under the skin of the two slain kids. (This authority is likewise witnessed insomuch that the second bird that ascended alive in Leviticus 14:1-7, did so because it too came under the life [the blood] of the first bird that was slain, just like the two kids were slain.) Thus our rights to the promise of the first-born are legally secured by coming under the work of the first Remnant, which we have done so thus far by hearing, believing, and acting by coming under the covering of the fig leaf tithe (which we placed upon ourselves because of our weakness).

One must realize here this essential point that the blessing of the first-born is obtained by coming under the work, covering, and glory of the first Remnant. This is why this matter of the tithe has been so very important. It is the legal way, albeit in weakness, that we can come under that blessing. Yahweh always provides a legal basis for His works, evidenced most clearly by Yahshua's intercession for us via the legal link of the Nazirite vow. And, it is for this very reason we must look to Yahweh regarding His will for His second Remnant in holding all things in common (this too in His time and by His enabling).

This matter of coming under the work and glory of the first Remnant cannot be minimized. The ONLY way we today can receive the blessing of the first-born is solely IF we come under the work of the first Remnant. They are our SOLE link to the beginning of the church. Like Zerah who was born after Perez, we too must draw upon that work that preceded us in order to capture the scarlet thread birthright.

Let us wholly look to Yahweh, and even to Jerusalem above, to effect this which must take place in order for His second Remnant to receive the much needed and essential first-born blessing. When we come together at this soon coming Passover, we will seek Yahweh for this blessing.

What therefore do we hope to receive during this delayed Passover? The glory of Yahweh that secures for us the blessing of the first-born! This is the glory that the first Remnant possessed which we read of in Acts 2 through 5, including this assessment from 5:12-16:

And at the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were taking place among the people; and they were all with one accord in Solomon's portico (where Yahshua walked at the Feast of Dedication - John 10:22-23 - and was walking among them as well). But none of the rest dared to associate with them; however, the people held them in high esteem. And all the more believers in the Lord, multitudes of men and women, were constantly added to their number; to such an extent that they even carried the sick out into the streets, and laid them on cots and pallets, so that when Peter came by, at least his shadow might fall on any one of them. And also the people from the cities in the vicinity of Jerusalem were coming together, bringing people who were sick and afflicted with unclean spirits; and they were all being healed.

Furthermore, this glory is not something that is due to us based upon our abilities or design, any more than Jacob orchestrated his own efforts to secure the blessing, but is because of the will and plan of Yahweh and Jerusalem above. And, it is quite encouraging that we find evidenced here that Jerusalem above is taking full responsibility for these determining acts. Jacob was told when he was concerned about being cursed for his actions - "Your curse be on me, my son; only obey my voice, and go, get them (the two choice kids) for me."

Is there a risk in what we as the bride are doing? Absolutely, even as Jacob knew there was a risk! This is foretold in Esther as well. As the Remnant Bride picture, she too knew that what she was performing was a risk! Her actions could have meant her being cursed as well. But then again, what were her options? And then again, what are our options? Death! Both Esther as well as Jacob in their representations as the Remnant, were willing to take a risk. I am sticking my neck out in this, people are clearing their schedules to come here for Passover, and personal plans are being delayed by some just to keep this time open, set apart, and unencumbered for a move of Yahweh. You too may be challenged or stirred regarding this right now, and are you willing to take a risk and come to Enumclaw, Washington, with the hope of receiving the blessing, or in Esther's case the hope of being extended the golden scepter of blessing from the King? According to what we read here regarding Rebekah and Jacob, Jerusalem above is willing to bear the consequence and responsibility if her plan fails, only we too must obey!

Thus we find that there is far more at stake during this test for Passover than simply whether one Peter is right and the other wrong. The test has to do with who will receive from Yahweh the blessing of the first-born. Will Peter C and the Christians in Independence, Missouri, receive the blessing, or will Peter R and the Remnant Bride in Enumclaw, Washington, receive the blessing? Who will be confirmed that the Passover promise to not die belongs to them? The Scriptures tell us that Jerusalem above will insure that the Jacob Remnant receives that blessing, and she accomplishes this by placing the hair, the glory, of the two slain choice kids (the first Remnant) upon us. This is what we look to Yahweh to perform as we gather for Passover at the end of April - receiving Yahweh's blessing and glory!

Blessings to all who obey,


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