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In the opening of this writing, it was noted that even as Elijah laid twelve stones to build the altar of Yahweh (1 Kings 18:31-32), so Yahweh Himself, through a man, established during Trumpets the twelve latter rain apostles that complete the twenty-four elders who sit around the throne.  And as you have seen already, He did so with the most incredible intercessoral testimony!  Let us now consider this truly wonderful and amazing work.


On the evening of October 15, the evening before Trumpets, Carroll and Russ went to the airport to pick up the remaining four men for the gathering.  I received a call from Russ; his daughter, Ruhamah, was in a serious rollover accident and he did not know her condition.  It is quite noteworthy that in the recent writing titled Hurricane Katrina and the Curse of 1920, page 5, we addressed the significance of Ruhamah’s testimony.  Because of its significance, we will review it here, but first let us relate what happened in that accident.


Ruhamah was driving a Ford Bronco on a country road and reached to get her cell phone, whereupon she went off the road.  The vehicle rolled over eight times (as reported by a witness), striking a telephone pole during this course.  She was thrown into the back seat and the engine was jammed into the front seat, while the top was crushed down upon her.  An ambulance was called, and it took forty-five minutes to get there, all the while Ruhamah remained in the crushed vehicle.  When they arrived, immediately upon getting her out of the vehicle and into the ambulance, the telephone pole fell and crushed even further the Bronco.  Ruhamah escaped a two-blow death sentence with no cuts or bruises, and was released to go home.  In accordance with her name, Yahweh had mercy!  You will also note that the vehicle rolled eight times, the number of reversing the curse, the very thing that would take place over the next two days.


Through the winter of ’81-’82, Russ took off about six months and did nothing but study the Scriptures 8-10 hours a day.  One night he and his wife had marital relations, and afterwards he was standing at the window, looking outside, when Yahweh spoke to him.  He told Russ – your wife has conceived, the child is a girl, and you are to name her Ruhamah.  Nine months later on October 2, that little girl was born. 


At the time of that recent writing, it was obvious her name and the circumstances pertaining to her conception were meaningful for us today.  And this was even more true now!  “Ruhamah” means – “mercy”; and that is precisely what Yahweh dramatically testified in that violent car accident on the evening of our Trumpets gathering. 


The name that Yahweh told Russ to call this child is from the book of Hosea.  Hosea had three children by a harlot, Gomer, and Yahweh equally spoke to him their names – first a son, Jezreel; then the daughter, Lo-ruhamah; and finally another son, Lo-ammi.  The “Lo” in these two names means “not”; therefore Yahweh was saying that He would not have mercy, and they would not be His people (Lo-ammi).


But in verse 11 of chapter one, we see a union of Judah and Israel under “one leader, and they will go up/ascend from the land, for great will be the day of Jezreel.”  At that point, in the very next verse the two united ones are called Ammi and Ruhamah, or “My people” and “mercy,” which attests to what Yahweh is performing now for His Bride, and precisely what He both performed and testified to at this Trumpets gathering.


The name, Jezreel, was a name also further cited in that writing.  It is the city specifically identified with Carmel and Gideon.  Thus, evidenced by both the testimony of Carmel and Jezreel, as well as the offerings that ascend per both Carmel and Gideon, and the striking similarity in the divine directed naming of both Lo-ruhamah and Russ’ Ruhamah, and now the severe accident Ruhamah was in on the evening of our Trumpets gathering wherein she escaped harm from the two-blow strike, clearly Yahweh was speaking to us that He is having mercy on the Bride who will ascend. 


When we finally got to bed that night, Russ was sleeping immediately to my left.  As I lay there, for the first time I counted the number of people who had come.  Including myself, there were thirteen.  That would mean there was the pattern of a one-and-twelve government!  But there was a seeming glitch in this – two of them were women!  But my mind went back to a conversation only days before when Tommy had asked me on the phone what my feelings were about the black man.  I told him that though the black man was cursed, when one enters into the higher dimension of the kingdom of heaven, he and I are one.  Besides, we are all cursed.  When I said this, I was challenged about the woman being one as well at that higher dimension. 


On this evening of Trumpets, Yahweh was giving the clear testimony of having mercy.  Could it be that He would attest to that mercy and add two women to the twelve apostles?  I asked Russ – “Do you know how many people are here?”  He answered – “Thirteen.”  “That’s a one-and-twelve government,” I noted.  He concurred.  “This accident with Ruhamah is very significant, Russ, very significant!”  He concurred, and we went to sleep.


That next morning after breakfast is when I went on the walk with Linda and Eric.  I am not the kind of person who holds things in.  I am very open, and it was impossible to talk with these two without being entirely open about what I was seeing – the establishment of the twelve, including two women!  The more I talked about it, the more evident it was that this was what Yahweh was doing.  You know of the intercession that took place later that day; let us now examine these twelve people and see why it was that Yahweh chose them.  This is exceptionally revealing per the ways and works and government and intercessions of Yahweh.  All in all, in these twelve people, Yahweh attested that He is having mercy, and will reverse the curse.


Let us begin by reqouting what was also stated in the opening of this writing.  From He Was Jealous With My Jealousy, page 3, we read, giving special attention to the last sentence:


Christians are essentially content and cannot stop the murder of millions of babies each year because of a problem that they themselves began and even unknowingly promote.  They know nothing about the Curse of 1920, and are complacently unwilling to do that which is required to stop it.  Only a Phinehas can stop it.  The curse that is on the church is for a different reason.  As was the problem in the days of Phinehas, it is the worship of Baal of Peor, the broad way.  Only recently has Yahweh shown the Bride the Curse of 1920, and it is evident that this is the Midianite woman that needs to be destroyed in order to stop the larger curse.  Though the cause of the curse here in Numbers 25 was created by the daughters of Moab, it was ended by slaying a daughter of Midian.  Equally, though the cause of the curse on the church may be the broad way of Baal of Peor, it is evidenced here that the Bride’s zeal per the curse of the Midian, the Curse of 1920, can stop the larger and seeming unrelated curse at large.  This is evidently why Yahweh showed the Bride this truth regarding the Curse of 1920.  Of all the things that are taking place around us at this time, it is this curse that is having the greatest devastation and destruction of all.  It is this curse that this Phinehas wants most to see dealt a deathblow.  It appears that if we can stop this curse, we can stop the death that has been caused by the church’s continual propensity to go the broad way, the way of Baal of Peor (emphasis added).


The most incredible and noteworthy thing about the latter rain twelve apostles is the contemporary nature of their legal testimony – corporately they were wholly fitted for the time in which we now live.  In the throws of the Curse of 1920, these twelve individuals legally and intercessorally attest to the reverse of that curse, as well as to the reverse of the curse that has been on the church since the first eleven established the seven.  These twelve apostles are like a small seed, a legal testimony, of the reverse of these curses.  Yahweh is having mercy, and included in these twelve is His divine testimony of that mercy.


As we saw, the Curse of 1920 was effected in three primary ways – the blacks, women, and doctors.  As a legal testimony of Yahweh extending mercy to these and His commitment to reverse the Curse for which we interceded, He placed among the twelve – two black men, two women, a doctor, as well as a man who was responsible for three abortions.  This is very important per what was attested regarding Phinehas and the need for a man who is jealous with Yahweh’s jealousy to reverse the Curse of 1920, so that the greater curse can be stopped as well.  And as a testimony of Yahweh having mercy towards pastors in their failure as shepherds to lead the sheep, having defiled them instead, Yahweh placed two pastors among the twelve.


Thus we see an important part of this contemporary seed testimony.  These are not insignificant testimonies, but are legal commitments and evidences on the part of Yahweh.  And these are not super-people either, but very common and unassuming people.  Once again, Yahweh has chosen the foolish to shame the wise, the weak to shame the strong, those who are not that He may nullify those who are.  And very importantly, this company of people in our very first act interceded for each of these parts, remitting the sins of each, even as Yahweh has attested by placing them among the twelve.


Additionally, not only is there the testimony of the reverse of the Curse of 1920, but the reverse of the curse that has been on the church from its beginning.  Very importantly, Kyle “son of Nicholas” stands in the place as the redeeming eighth.  First was his place as the eighth of the seven who confessed their sins and sought repentance; and he was likewise the eighth man added to the seven whom the original eleven set forth, initiating the curse on the church.  Thus, Kyle affords as an apostle a critical legal two-part testimony of the key of David – adding the redeeming eighth!


These eight people afford an essential legal and intercessoral contemporary testimony in the second Remnant twelve apostles.  And what about the other four?  Linda’s brother, Eric, affords the testimony of this being an entirely new time into which we have now entered.  Eric is the one whom Yahweh has used to reveal the new Millennial calendar, upon which these feasts have been based.


Kim’s father, Cary, has guided and instructed her in the Bride truths, and he was here as well.  Actually, Cary was the first person to believe the Remnant Bride truths back in 2000, and he has never departed from them.  Another man, Brian, found these truths only in April, and has thrilled with them ever since.  Cary is over five years in the Bride, and Brian is just over five months; yet when Yahweh established the twelve apostles, they received the same reward.  These two men attest to that which Yahshua spoke in Mathew 20:1-16 regarding all who labor in the vineyard receiving the same wages, despite how long they labored.


And the twelfth is the “lad,” David Shepherd.  He is the youngest in his walk with Yahshua, though he is now fifty years of age.  David is the lad who brings bread given to him by his mother, Jerusalem above, and gives it to a man to bless and to break and to multiply among the many.  Fitting to his name, David Shepherd is the one who revealed the testimony of the key of David, the governmental act of adding the eighth as evidenced when Samuel anointed David, the shepherd, as the eighth.


Now that you see the profound way that Yahweh has set forth this contemporary seed testimony of His redemption of man, we are going to add something that is surprising, yet actually encouraging and confirming.


Yahweh is government, and He performs His works according to His legal patterns.  Why?  Because they are legal links.  Why do you have the hair color that you have?  Why are your eyes the color they are, and why is your skin the color it is?  It is because of government, patterns.  All that you received physically is laid out and passed along from generation to generation in an uninterrupted governmental pattern that is bound in your DNA.  That DNA is replicable throughout your entire body; and when you have children, that DNA is passed along to determine how they will look.  From the moment they are conceived, they too are governmentally set in their appearance. 


Everything there is in life follows a like “DNA” structure.  Nothing is haphazard or random but follows a divinely set order; and if we had eyes to see, even as we are only now understanding DNA, we would see this governmental order.  And it is this order that the Bride is seeing and using to effect the defeat of Satan and the reverse of these curses.  And it is this order that impacted how one of those seats was still yet to be filled.


Before I left Washington state, Kyle asked me who would be the “Judas” among the twelve?  Based on the way Yahweh had used Kyle in the past, I assumed that he might fill that place.  But I did not recognize that Kyle’s critical role as such was finished and he would now be used as the redeeming eighth.  It is quite interesting that Kyle’s willingness to be used for ignoble purposes, qualified him to be used for noble purposes. 


After I moved here, Yahweh revealed to Kyle that he was one of the twelve apostles.  Kyle needed that very much at the time, for it gave him resolution in his actions.  But quite interestingly, there was one other man among the twelve whom Yahweh had also told many years before that he was one of the twenty-four elders.  That was Russ, one of the two former pastors.


On the day of Trumpets, only minutes before the intercession, Russ came to me and asked when we would be doing the intercession.  He was going to leave right afterward, even though the gathering was set for two days.  He wanted to get back to his business and his family.  It shook me when he asked this, for this was clearly an incredible thing Yahweh was doing, and to leave early was to cut it short.  As we gathered in the living room, I went to the bath and bowed before Yahweh.  When Russ told me this, my response was that Yahweh was using this to humble me, and humble me it most certainly did.  In fact, it was like a burial inside me, which is what the office of Judas is to effect.  This was why we immediately got to the intercession and why my own heart was made tender to weep.  In weakness came strength, and the intercession took place with no extraneous delay or distraction, but was to the point and with focused effectual purpose.


But this did not resolve the problem created with Russ leaving.  Immediately after the intercession he got his bag and surprised the others with his departure.  This especially bothered Carroll, his pastor friend, and took him to his face in contrite prayer.


That evening on the front porch, Carroll and I talked about this.  I noted that his act was a “Judas,” leaving early; and at that point Carroll brought up another pastor, Robert (Bob) Pollard, who had wanted to be here, but could not come because of a very important wedding that was already scheduled for October 16, and was in fact intercessoral for the Bride. 


The testimony was growing more and more obvious.  What were the chances that there would be three Assembly of God pastors who were an active part in the Bride at this critical time?  There had to be two witnesses to represent pastors, and of all those who were gathered, it was inevitable that one of those two pastors would represent the betrayal of Judas.  Why a pastor?  Because pastors are Judas Iscariots, Judas “men of hire” (the meaning of Iscariot).  One of those two pastors present at the gathering would fail, and Yahweh chose Russ to be that one.  Even when Russ was deciding what he was  going to do, he told me later that he recognized that what he was doing by leaving early, before the time, was in the testimony of Judas; but even so he knew that was what he had to do.


The next morning, Brian wrote down all of the ages of those who were there, and examined them in their order from oldest to youngest.  I asked him who was number seven, wondering if it was Russ.  Not knowing why I asked, Brian answered – Russ!  I was beginning to see then that the governmental “Judas” about whom Kyle had enquired was Russ. 


Interestingly, “Russell,” like Adam or Edom, means “red.”  Of course in like testimony, Esau’s name was changed to Edom when he sold his birthright.  What happened to Russ was the prophetic fate of all Adam men.  Attested by Judas, we pursue after the natural, and betray Yahshua for money.  But Yahshua clearly said – “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will hold to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve God and mammon” (first Remnant Matthew 6:24 and second Remnant Luke 16:13; not in Mark).  What Russ did cost him his promised place as one of the twenty-four elders. 


But the price he paid and the decision he made will be just as decisive for everyone when we are faced with selling all and placing the money in the money box.  Russ was a type, a vital present-day testimony for all men – you will either hold onto your money and possessions and stay in your Adam flesh and lose the right to rule and reign with Yahshua, or you will give up everything and enter into His Millennial reign as one of the blessed and holy (Revelation 20:6).  Russ was poured out as a living sacrifice, as a testimony, that he and you and everyone will soon have a choice – to give up everything, both possessions and even family, if necessary, and follow Him, or hold onto the things of this world and remain in Adam/Edom flesh!


What is the purpose of a Judas?  His purpose is to baptize into death and preserve an office for another.  This Russ did.  He first baptized me into death, and he preserved that office for another.  But this time, we did not have to cast lots, for we knew who it was who should fill it.  Yahweh had already provided a replacement – a man whom He had already been using in a very vital way, especially regarding the governmental testimony of adding the eighth – Bob Pollard.  I called Bob on the 18th and told him what had taken place and asked him if he would take Russ’ place.  Like the other eleven he was dumbfounded and amazed.  But also like the other eleven who only the day before had given their affirmation with a resolute “I will” as an answer to the proposal to the Bride (Russ was not there to give this affirmation), Bob then added his humble “I will.”  Thus, in yet another incredible and actually encouraging testimony in that Yahweh repeated the pattern of the original twelve, He evidenced that it was He who was doing these things, and we were simply walking them out, one amazing and wondrous testimony after another.  And very importantly, Yahweh preserved His two-pastor testimony.


Very interestingly, when Linda went home, her sister and mother began asking questions about the gathering.  Linda was being evasive in answering some questions, but they insisted in knowing if the twelve apostles were there.  She said, “Yes.”  The next morning, Linda’s mom asked a most interesting question.  Here are Linda’s comments, starting with her mom’s question.


"SO was there a Judas there!"  I said funny you should ask...yes there was. Things needed to happen the same as before, only now we have the chance to make right what was wronged.


So very well said – “we have the chance to make right what was wronged.”  What a marvelous opportunity!  Even as it is written and we noted before – “because God had provided something better for us, so that apart from us they should not be made perfect” (Hebrews 11:40).  Yahweh is making all things perfect.


This completed three days of intercession and governmental activities.  All that remained was to go to Russ and tell him about this.  The next day Carroll and I dropped the last three men off at the airport and drove across Missouri to talk with him.  I approached the matter entirely governmentally, and not personally, and Russ acknowledged this.  He accepted what had to take place without any rejection or reprisal, and affirmed that all he wanted to do was the will of the Father.  Like the others, he was not seeking any title or office, and was not offended.  I told him then that I was very grateful for Yahweh making a man like him for this moment.  Like Kyle, he was willing to be placed in a testimony of ignoble use.  May his reward be great in the kingdom of heaven. 


But for all of us, whether we are used nobly or ignobly, may we always have the attitude of the servant who did the will of the master – “We are unworthy slaves; we have done only that which we ought to have done” (Luke 17:10).  The fact is, we are all Judases by nature, we are all cursed black men by nature, we are all Eves by nature, and it is only by His grace that we do otherwise.  Gratefully, what is impossible with man is possible with God, and we all must realize from where that grace to do His will comes, lest He once again take us to the place where it is made all too evident.  “What do you have that you did not receive?  And if you did receive it, why do you boast as if you had not received it?” (1 Corinthians 4:7)  Ever remember what you truly are, and put your foot on the neck of pride.  Yahweh used Russ to show us what we all are, and by His grace we will not follow in that way when our test comes.


The day in which we now live will afford a testimony that is incomparable on a personal level.  We will either be Judas and betray Yahshua for mammon, or we will give up everything and enter into immortality.  We will either be an Edom and sell our birthright for the porridge of this world, or we will give up everything and follow Him.


Thus we completed four days of intercession.  And most encouraging, as Carroll and I drove back to Salem, we did so in a very great rain, giving us hope for the latter rain.



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