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Yahweh Spoke From A Whirlwind


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There are two matters per the hurricanes we must address here that relate specifically to that which we just read.  The first relates to the issue of the three President’s deaths on July 4, and the second has to do with the number “21.”


You will recall that three out of five of the patriarchal Presidents died on July 4.  Jefferson and Adams actually died on the same day in the same year, and five years later Monroe died on July 4.  Monroe marked the end of these founding patriarchal Presidents.  But there was another President we will mention whose death was also linked to July 4 – Zachary Taylor. 


As addressed in “20/20 Hindsight,” seven Presidents elected every twenty years died in office.  There was only one other President to die in office – Zachary Taylor.  All the others were a part of the twenty year sequence.


On July 4, 1850, Taylor participated in ceremonies at the Washington Monument on a blistering summer day and ate some ice-chilled cherries.  He fell ill, and in five days he was dead.  Taylor was the twelfth President of the United States.


Why is this brought up, and what does it have to do with the hurricanes?  You will recall that Jeanne changed directions specifically at Polk county and did not take the rod.  Polk was the eleventh President, preceding Taylor.  It seems quite relevant that Polk was the eleventh President, the number of the apostles less Judas.  Furthermore, it is significant that, like Taylor, the twelfth apostle died and has to be replaced.  Therefore, it is quite relevant that with Satan’s replacement in that office, he too would begin to “die” per July 4!  And this is exactly what we are seeing.  Interestingly, five days after September 25 when we signed the contract (our intercessoral July 4), was September 30, the first day of Tabernacles.


Polk county seems to evidence the will and the prayers of the first Remnant, who long for their vindication (Revelation 6:9-10); their greatest vindication being against Satan, the one who has occupied the office of the twelfth apostle and has the power of death.  Therefore, this man’s command to Jeanne, as the replacement of the twelfth apostle as legally set forth only the day before, was simply the expression of their prayers, and Jeanne changing course specifically at Polk county reveals the answer to those prayers.


Let us now examine this issue of the number “twenty-one.”  You will recall what has been stated already about the twenty-one days of Daniel’s time of fasting and absence of oil – the breach period of Christianity.  You will also recall that there were twenty-one days between Charley and Frances, and possibly you will recall that Jeanne hit Florida another twenty-one days after Frances.  Therefore, there were 2 x 21 days between Charley and Jeanne, or 42 days.


These two twenty-one days between these three hurricanes representing the three periods of the church, are glaringly prophetic and MOST confirming that Yahweh is indeed speaking from these whirlwinds.  If Christianity received its full three parts, it would be “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”  This is clearly testified in these two periods of twenty-one days between these three hurricanes.  Charley is the first 1,000 years of the church that took the rod that turns into a serpent.  Frances is the second 1,000 years of the church that likewise took the rod that turns into a serpent.  These two parts are the “flesh man” period of the church that is given over to Satan for death and the corruption of the kingdom. 


But we have noted that the third part, or third 1,000 year period, of the church is the Shelah period that cannot receive the kingdom rights – they cannot take the rod!  An Elijah work must be established and prepare the way for Yahshua’s return.  This work cuts short their days to two and the Jeanne/John period does not take the rod, thus preventing the death and corruption attested in the number “twenty-one.”


This 21 + 21 period of the church attested here by these two numbers reveals an equally significant testimony in the number “42.”  On the one hand, this number, like the “21,” represents corruption.  There were 42 lads who mocked Elisha, saying that he would not ascend, and were killed by two she bears (2 Kings 2:23-24).  Prophetically, this is the 3,000 year period of the church that would say that the Elisha work that receives the double portion would not ascend alive.  But, the 42 lads are wrong, for two she bears, or the Remnant truth, will bring to an end the two parts of the church.


There were also 42 men at “Beth-eked of the shepherds,” meaning “house of binding of the shepherds,” or binding the pastors of Christianity, who were killed by Jehu and thrown into the pit of “house of binding” (2 Kings 10:12-14).  But Yahweh has had and will have mercy on pastors, for they have been deceived and have acted in ignorance; but He WILL bind Satan.  And the day of this binding comes by cutting Christianity’s days short to two.


Furthermore, for 42 months the “holy city” will be trodden down (Revelation 11:2), speaking of the period of Christianity when Satan and the nations tread down the kingdom of God.  This is the wilderness, or outer court, period of Christianity.  This period of Satan in the church is equally seen in Revelation 13:5 where we read that the beast, Satan, is given 42 months to speak “arrogant words and blasphemies.”


Thus we see that this testimony afforded by the 21 + 21, or 42, days between Charley, Frances, and Jeanne, is not a good testimony in the least!  It would represent 3,000 years of Satan’s death and the continual corruption of the kingdom of God.  But as we see, this period MUST be cut short!


Another revealing testimony regarding the number “42” is found in Matthew 1:17.  Here we read that there are 14 generations from Abraham to David, 14 generations from David to the deportation to Babylon, and 14 generations from the deportation to the Messiah.  Thus, 14 + 14 + 14 would equal 42 generations.  Though 42 is clearly a period of death and corruption, it is at its completion that we have the Messiah.  Thus, at the end of the corrupt period of the church, comes the Messiah.


But, at what end?  If Christianity was given the full 3,000 years, Yahshua would come back in wrath and carry out judgment on the church.  All the wrath spoken of in Revelation would not be just against the world, but against the church!  The church would be deserving of that wrath for destroying the kingdom of God.  Yahweh must then cut those days short to two and bring forth the Elijah so as to prevent the great and terrible day of Yahweh (Malachi 4:5-6).


But this is not all.  Let us look at this per the dates we saw in the last section. 


With July being like September, and all of this corresponding with the fall feasts, the significant dates in September were September 4 (corresponding to July 4), September 16 (Trumpets), and September 25 (Atonement, corresponding to July 25).  So what happened on those specific dates?  Let us see.  For the sake of completeness, we will add August 13.


August 13


Six days after this man’s birthday, on Friday the thirteenth, Hurricane Charley began making landfall on the Florida panhandle.


September 4


As Hurricane Frances approached the rod, she stalled momentarily so as to delay entry until September 4, twenty-one days after Charley had made landfall.


September 16




Hurricane Ivan made landfall at Mobile, Alabama, narrowly missing New Orleans.


Jeanne momentarily became a hurricane as she approached the Dominican Republic, then decreased back to a tropical storm, dousing Haiti.


Historically, on this day in 1620, 300 years before the Curse of 1920, the Mayflower with the Pilgrims set sail from Plymouth, England for the nations level kingdom of heaven.


September 25


Day of Atonement


Hurricane Jeanne began to touch the rod, twenty-one days after Frances had begun her course to take the rod.  But, Jeanne was turned away the next morning so as to only touch the rod and not take it.


A contract was entered transferring the place of the twelfth apostle from Judas/Satan to this man.


If you think this is all a coincidence, you are right.  The word “coincidence” literally means two incidents happening at the same time – co incidents.  The dates were highly prophetic, and the events regarding the hurricanes were equally highly prophetic (along with history).  Thus, these two sets of prophetic testimonies united to become two witnesses (even three) of the co-incidents that were taking place during this time.


Thus we see once again some more of the amazing and highly revealing and significant testimonies regarding these hurricanes.  Yahweh is speaking to us from the whirlwind!



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