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Yahweh Spoke From A Whirlwind


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Thus far in these writings, we have seen Yahweh’s clear testimony that the rod has been given to Christianity, but with highly detrimental results – it has turned into a serpent!  But to the Remnant the command is to not take the rod but to only touch it.  What can this actually mean?  We will now see.


To what does the rod represent or speak?  We have seen thus far that per the man’s anatomy, the rod has to do with bringing forth offspring.  Clearly this anatomical testimony is being evidenced as Yahweh speaks from these whirlwinds as they relate to one thing – the rod, Florida.


In order to understand what the rod is, let us go to the New Testament.  As a result of the Curse of 1920, the passages we will quote here are most often either ignored or twisted.  You will see why they are in a minute.


Let the women keep silent in the churches; for they are not permitted to speak, but let them subject themselves, just as the Law also says.  And if they desire to learn anything, let them ask their own husbands at home; for it is improper for a woman to speak in church (1 Corinthians 14:34-35).


Let a woman quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness.  But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet (1 Timothy 2:11-12).


There are some things in the sexual realm that are “improper” as well.  In A Lesson From Intercession, page 2, we addressed the aberrant sexual act of a man placing his tongue, which defiles the entire body and is set on fire by Gehenna (James 3:6), in the two-part testimony of the woman.  That which Yahweh designed to be placed in the woman is the rod of her husband.  Only then can their union bring forth fruit.  We also saw in that writing that it is intercessorally destructive for the woman to take the husband’s rod in her hand and bring forth his seed on the “ground.”  But there is another aberrant sexual act that is equally corrupt and intercessorally destructive, and that is for the woman to place the man’s rod in her mouth.  It is here that we now begin to understand exactly what the rod represents.


Is the woman supposed to place the word of God in her mouth?  No!  She is commanded to keep silent.  Should a woman put a man’s rod in her mouth?  No, for it too is aberrant and improper.  Thus, both intercessorally and according to the laws and ways of Yahweh, the reason a woman would not practice this physical act is because it testifies to that which is spiritually improper - the word is not to be placed in the mouth of the woman!  Therefore we clearly see what the rod is.  The rod is the word of God!  


Any woman then who becomes a teacher or preacher of the word of God, is committing aberrant oral sex with the kingdom.  And any woman who performs this natural act gives the same testimony.  And any man who brings this act upon a woman defiles the woman and disregards Yahweh.  (You will see a dramatic example of this shortly.)


But let us take this further governmentally.  Yahshua told the first Remnant to not take either the rod or the sandals, and the second Remnant is told likewise to not take the rod.  But, He told Christianity to take both the rod and the sandals.  Therefore, He gave to masculine Christianity the word of God and expected them to bring forth the fruit thereof.  BUT, all they have brought forth has been a serpent!  As attested in the second son of Judah, they wasted their seed on the ground for 2,000 years.  They failed to take the word of God and bring forth that which is required per the kingdom!  The word of God turned into a serpent!


But what about the Remnant?  They are the Bride, and as such they are told to not take the rod, the word of God.  So what does this mean?  It means that the Remnant are not to take responsibility to bring forth the kingdom, but rather to stand still and behold the salvation of Yahweh.  While masculine Christianity had to try to bring forth the pure kingdom of God, and failed, the feminine Bride is to only touch the rod and watch as Yahweh fulfills His word.  The Bride period is the time in which Yahweh performs a work from above, using stones which are not cut by man, and not an earth-based tower of Babel of “laban” bricks with which Yahweh is not pleased.


The rod and the sandals both have the same message – to relinquish responsibility to another, to a kinsman redeemer.  The work of the Remnant is not a man-effort, but a work that Yahweh is performing.  It is from above and not from below.


So, since it is improper for the rod to be placed in the mouth of the woman, will the Bride be able to pray and prophesy?  While the instruction is clear regarding this, Yahweh has made possible an exception.  We read in 1 Corinthians 11:5 a provision that the woman can pray or prophesy if she covers her head.  This is why it is so very important for the Bride to come under the same head covering that the first Remnant was under – the covering of holding all things in common.  To read about this vital covering, read the six writings on “The Covering For the Bride of Yahshua.”  Now let us look at another like covering.


Carnal blind man takes lightly or entirely misses the great significance of the man having hair on his jaw, while it is not present on the woman or the lad.  Hair is a spiritual covering of great significance, placed upon the man by Yahweh, who was made in His likeness.  (Yahweh does not bear the likeness of the woman, which perverted men seek to emulate by shaving.)  Thus we see that the man that possesses a rod, has a beard around his mouth as well.  The reason for this is because the man has been given the authority for the word of God to be in his mouth, thus his mouth is covered.  These two – a rod and a beard – are inseparable.  On the other hand, as attested by the absence of that ordained covering, the woman or the lad do not have that authority.  Thus it is wrong for the woman to bring forth and seek to implement the word of God, just as it is wrong for a man to bare their appearance.  The only exception to this for the woman is on occasions when she can pray or prophesy IF she comes under a covering as well by covering her head.  Even so, the woman is NEVER given the authority to be responsible for carrying out the word.  Thus what the beard is to the man, the head covering can be to the woman (with exception to the authority to carry out the word of God).  As it is written in 1 Corinthians 11:10, both coverings afford the “authority” to speak.


We have already noted that, positioned between the two Remnant Bushs, Clinton is in the prophetic place as the body of Christ, or Christianity.  We also know that Christianity is lawless and DOES NOT either understand or regard Yahweh’s ways or His laws.  Thus we see that Christian churches now freely condone aberrant oral sex - placing the rod in the mouth of women as pastors, priests, and teachers.  They also, per the Curse of 1920, allow and even encourage women to vote and to rule over men in places of leadership and government.  This is all contrary to the government of Yahweh.  “Woe to the wicked!  It will go badly with him, for what he deserves will be done to him.  O My people!  Their oppressors are children, and women rule over them” (Isaiah 3:11-12).


Yahweh therefore gave testimony to this error on the part of the church via the one who of late stood in that intercessoral place – Bill Clinton.  Like Christianity whom he represents, very significantly, Clinton also gave his rod into the mouth of a woman, a harlot, and his seed was spilled on her blue dress.  Blue is the color often identified with the temple of Yahweh, and is the color of the substitutionary coverings placed over the temple furnishings while they were in transport in the wilderness (Numbers 4:4-12).  Semen on an object makes it unclean (Leviticus 15:16-17), and the testimony is that Christianity’s covering in their wilderness journeys is unclean.


Christianity is Clinton and performs this identical act spiritually, Yahweh providing testimony of this.  And they too have suffered the same consequences – they are legally impeached from their office!  But likewise, Yahweh has also had mercy on them and let them complete their two parts, their two terms of 2,000 years.  And even as Clinton was exposed in his folly, so Christianity is now being exposed in their folly.  And even as Clinton needs to repent of his shameful actions, so Christianity needs to repent of their shameful actions.


What authority does the woman then actually have?  The answer is easy.  Where does she have hair?  The man has hair around his mouth, identifying his authority to have the word of God in it.  The woman has hair, is covered, where instead of bringing forth words, she brings forth offspring.  While the woman cannot take responsibility for the word, for she is not covered, very importantly she gives birth to the fruit of the union of the man and the woman from that which is covered.  So it will be with the Bride.  While the Bride will not take responsibility for the word of God – “do not take the rod” – she will indeed both touch and receive the word, and prepare the way for and bring forth/birth the Son of God.  The glorious Bride is the Elijah that brings forth Yahshua.  Yahweh has “intercourse” with the Bride.  The word of God goes into her, and as a result the Son of God is brought forth from her.


But what about this man; as a part of the Bride, does he also lack the authority to speak and take responsibility for the word of God, the rod?  Here is a vital legal difference.  The only reason this man has the authority to see what he does and do what he does, is because he stands not only in the place of the twelfth apostle, but more importantly because he is in the “one” position of Yahshua in the one and twelve government.  As the second golden rod, this man stands in the governmental place of Yahshua, who is the word of God made flesh (John 1:1 and 14).  Likewise, what we are witnessing once again is the word of God being made flesh, but this time in the realm of a natural man.  Salvation is being worked out in natural men.  This is the authority by which this man can receive and present the word of God.


Thus through proper government and revelation, we now know what the rod is.  It is the word of God!  And today Yahweh is watching over His word to perform it.  Man having now failed for 2,000 years with His rod, He Himself will carry out and fulfill His word in this final 1,000 years.



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