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When Ivan started his trek towards the southern states, it began to appear that he would strike New Orleans.  Since New Orleans lies in a basin much like a saucer, people began to fear that massive devastation and death could occur there, killing thousands of people.  In the writings, Cursed Time and Blessed Time, 1920 and 1996 and The Garden of God – Today, we discover that the Curse of 1920 has its legal roots going all the way back to when Abraham married a cursed Canaanite woman, Keturah, and brought forth six sons.  We will not give their names here, but the meanings of their names begin with “music,” then “adversary,” followed by “contention” and “contention” or double contention, and concluded by “forsaking” and finally “sinking down into the mud”!

You will notice that the curse had its origin in music, and as presented in those two writings, so America came under the Curse of 1920 in part via Jazz music that began in New Orleans.  As Ivan approached, knowing that it was a testimony of the second Remnant, I began to take hope that the testimony and intercession of this storm could well be that it would strike at the root of this curse, which must take place, and thus strike New Orleans.

But that testimony did not happen.  Instead, what we saw was Ivan, in an eleventh hour, change course from that extremely vulnerable city, skirt east of New Orleans, and wholly spare Sin City.  So what was Yahweh telling us?  He was revealing an immensely relevant and hope-filled message.  Indeed, Yahweh must strike at the root of the Curse of 1920, but in so doing, He will have mercy on those who are affected by the curse.  As we have seen, that curse has a root that extends beyond New Orleans.

We find that the curse that is rooted in music actually has an origin that goes back to voodoo.  In The Garden of God – Today, page 3, we read the following quote:

Voodoo's roots can be traced in part back to the African Yoruba
religion, which incorporates the worship of several different spiritual forces that include a supreme being, deities, and the spirits of ancestors. When Africans were kidnapped, enslaved, and brought to Brazil--and, ultimately, Haiti--beginning in the 1500s, they brought their religion with them.

By the 1700s, 30,000 slaves a year were brought to Haiti. Voodoo began to emerge at this time as different African religions met and melded. (The word "voodoo" comes from an African word meaning "god" or "spirit.") Slaves were forced to convert to Catholicism, but they found it easy to practice both religions. Voodoo gods were given saints' names, and voodoo worship more or less continued, appropriating certain Catholic rituals and beliefs. Rituals involved participants dancing in a frenzy to increasingly wild drumbeats and eventually falling into a trancelike state, during which a loa
(a spirit and/or lower-level deity intermediary between humans and gods) would take possession of them.

Voodoo didn't immediately take root in New Orleans, thanks to repressive slaveholders and an edict banning its practice. But the edict was repealed after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, and in 1804, when slaves in Haiti revolted and overthrew the government, free blacks came to New Orleans in great numbers, as did fleeing plantation owners with their own slaves, all bringing a fresh infusion of voodoo.

Napoleonic law forced slave owners to give their slaves Sundays off and to provide them with a gathering place. Congo Square
on Rampart Street, part of what is now Louis Armstrong Park, became the place for slaves to gather for voodoo or drumming rituals. Voodoo then was a way for slaves to have their own community and a certain amount of freedom. The religion emphasized knowledge of family and gave power to ancestors. Further, women were usually the powerful forces in voodoo--priestesses ran matters more often than priests--and this appealed to women in a time when women simply didn't have that kind of authority and power.

These gatherings naturally attracted white onlookers, as did the rituals held (often by free people of color) along St. John's Bayou. The local papers of the 1800s are full of lurid accounts of voodoo "orgies" and of whites possessed by spirits, otherwise losing control, or arrested after being caught in a naked pose. Thanks to the white scrutiny, the Congo Square gatherings became more like performance pieces, emphasizing drumming and music rather than religious rituals. Because of the square's proximity to what became Storyville, legend has it that madams from the houses would come down to the Sunday gatherings and hire some of the performers to entertain at their houses.

It was during the 1800s that the famous voodoo priestesses came to some prominence. Mostly free women of color, they were devout religious practitioners and very good businesswomen who had a steady clientele of whites secretly coming to them for help in love or money matters. During the 1900s, voodoo largely went back underground.  (Today it remains about 15% of the population of New Orleans.)

Haitian voodoo afforded the spirit that is in New Orleans jazz, which gave us rock and roll and most of our contemporary music.  As a mosquito is the carrying agent of malaria, so this music is the carrying agent of the curse that has its origins in voodoo.  It is this curse that has been inflicting and destroying, and will continue to destroy, this nation through its ongoing course of “adversary,” double “contentiousness,” “forsaking” what is right, and finally “sinking down into the mud.”

If you want to see what the outcome of this curse will be for America, all you have to do is look at what that curse has effected on the nation from which it came – Haiti!
  Do not take this lightly!  Haiti is a nation that thrives on contention.  It has suffered thirty coups d’état, and its numerous conflicts are fed by greed.  Its people barely survive at poverty level.  You may reply and say that America is not suffering material poverty.  There is a poverty that is more than just material, and the Curse of 1920 with its voodoo origins has within it the will to destroy this nation, even as it has destroyed Haiti.  It is the same curse!  It is a virus.  And it has entered this nation in part through music (also, the Women’s Rights Movement).

Clearly, from these whirlwinds from which Yahweh is speaking, both Ivan’s and Jeanne’s testimonies before they arrived at Florida tell important stories.  Ivan provided the testimony of the second Remnant that comes out of mystery Babylon Christianity.  As the remnant of Judah came out of Babylon following 70 years of captivity and rebuilt the temple, Ivan came to Florida following 70 people being killed in the Caribbean.  The number “70” represents the period of Christianity.  But Jeanne’s testimony is even more dramatic.

As Jeanne approached the Dominican Republic on Trumpets, September 16, it increased to hurricane strength for one day and then unusually stalled between Haiti and the Bahamas and dumped torrents of rain on Haiti for 30 hours.  Look once again at the following course and you will see this most unusual behavior per Haiti.

When Jeanne struck Haiti, it ravaged that nation, killing over 2,000 people, the number of years in Christianity in which kingdom men have been cut off and died.  But what was the main cause for these immense fatalities?  The answer lies in the Curse of 1920.  What is the outcome of that curse as revealed in the meaning of the names of the six mixed sons of Abraham and Keturah?  Following “music,” “adversary,” double “contention,” and “forsaking,” there is the final end of “sinking down into the mud.”  Thus, fueled by massive deforestation, when Jeanne unleashed its storm over Haiti for some thirty hours, the people were drowned and literally buried in mud. 

But this concluding testimony of mud is not new to Haitian Voodoo.  From this article by Nick Caistor from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, titled “Voodoo’s Spell Over Haiti,” we read:

Voodoo is deeply rooted in this country of eight million people.

The drumming and chanting goes on hour after hour. A goat and a small black pig have their throats cut, and the blood is sprinkled over the worshippers.

The animals are thrown into a pool of brown, bubbling mud.

Many of the blue and red-robed believers jump into the pond as well.

This is the climax of the voodoo ceremony at the Plaine du Nord, some 300 kilometres north of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince.
(Notice, it is the “climax,” the conclusion.)

Thousands of Haitian voodoo believers make the trek to the Plaine du Nord each year - some of them from as far afield as the United States and Canada.

But do not make the mistake to dismiss this “sinking down into the mud” curse to Haiti alone.  This is the determined fate of the Curse of 1920 that is on America!  That which they practice ritually determined their fate, and it impacts and determines in part the fate of this nation as well; that is unless Yahweh strikes it at its root and destroys it.  And as we see testified here regarding Haiti, and in stark contrast in New Orleans, this is precisely what Yahweh will do.  As we read in Zechariah 13:9, He will take the third part of the church through the fire so as to purify it.

While He will have mercy on those who are afflicted by the curse, He will strike at the root of the curse.  He will have mercy on America, but he will strike at the source of the curse that afflicts America.  He will have mercy on the church which has been under a curse for 2,000 years, but He will strike the source of the root of that curse.  He will have mercy on men who  have been under the curse for 6,000 years, but He will strike at the root of that curse.  Each of these are testified as Yahweh speaks from the whirlwinds.  For we see that while Yahweh indeed demonstrated His mercy toward New Orleans, the source of cursed music in America, He struck the origin of the curse – Haiti!

And when will He effect the striking of the root?  Clearly in the third part of the church, the third-part-representing category-3 hurricane period.  This is the third-part Shelah period that we are in right now.

And while we are addressing Jeanne and her most unusual course, we note that when she started moving north from Haiti and heading into the Atlantic, it looked like she would fade away.  But quite uniquely once again, she made an unexpected clockwise loop, gained strength, became a hurricane again on September 20, and began her course towards the rod.

This has been much like the Remnant Bride.  While it has looked like we would fail and even die, Yahweh has strengthened us and kept us alive.  We know our extreme weakness.  We are Philadelphia, the ones who have “a little strength,” and for this reason He has opened a door which no man can close (Revelation 3:8).  But once again, this is a work that He will perform by His own hand, and in our weakness we are made strong.

When the four of us men had completed the signing of the contract transferring the twelfth apostleship over to this man, we left to go break bread together in Seattle.  As we were going south on I-5, I passed a U-Haul truck.  When I did, my spirit leapt and I wanted to know what was on the side of that truck.  Two other times in my life Yahweh has used a U-Haul truck to prophesy.  As the truck approached, the state advertised on its side was New Hampshire!

For two or three days before this, Yahweh had been dealing with me regarding the vision He had shown Peter at Joppa.  After showing Peter all manner of unclean animals on a great sheet, Yahweh told him – “What God has cleansed, no longer consider unclean” (Acts 10:10-16).

I wondered after seeing that truck what New Hampshire prophetically meant.  As a former FFA boy in high school, I knew that Hampshires were a breed of swine, and uniquely the word even has the word “ham” in it.  Based on that which Yahweh had been dealing with me about in the previous few days, the message became exceedingly clear – Yahweh was going to have mercy on the “ham” period of the church that has gone to the sea of death for 2,000 years, the period marked by unclean flesh!  In fact, He will call it clean and it will be a new Hampshire.  Yahweh will not be angry with the church any more, but will have mercy on it (Hosea 6:1-3).

The outcome of Peter’s vision was that he was led to the house of Cornelius, who was a Gentile centurion.  Quite significantly, “Cornelius” means “horn-bearing”!  This is the very problem associated with Christianity – they are horn-bearers.  Just look at their steeples.  They have followed the ways and teachings of Satan and they too bear the little horn that so clearly marks his identity (The Signs That Cause Belief, page 4).  But Yahweh is going to call them clean, is going to call US clean (for we are all horn-bearers in this earthly flesh), and will equally pour out upon us the Spirit just as it was on the day of Pentecost (Acts 10:47, 11:17, 15:8).  He will cause Satan to fall (Luke 10:18), even as we see prophesied per this church in Cocoa Beach when Frances hit.  Satan’s horn will fall!

Thus, the message that Yahweh gave us immediately following the signing of the contract was that of imputed mercy, calling clean that which has been unclean, making us new Hampshires.  (Uniquely, Hampshire is also a breed of black-faced sheep, which are clean).

Let us talk governmentally again before we close.  In He Was Jealous With My Jealousy, page 5, we noted that Paul rejected the foundation which Yahshua laid and struck the rock, Peter, twice, preventing both him and Christianity from entering into their promised land.  In Galatians 2, Paul, in an effort to elevate himself, falsely compared himself with Peter.  In this chapter we find a litany of errors that Paul made, including the following boast – “But from those who were of some repute (what they were makes no difference to me; God shows no partiality [this is Paul’s false Miriam claim]) – well, those who were reputed contributed nothing to me (boastful pride!).  But on the contrary, seeing that I had been entrusted with the gospel to the uncircumcised, just as Peter with the circumcised (for He who effectually worked for Peter in his apostleship to the circumcised effectually worked for me also to the Gentiles), and recognizing the grace that had been given to me, James and Cephas and John, who were reputed to be pillars, gave to me and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship, that we might go to the Gentiles, and they to the circumcised” (2:6-9).  As said in He Was Jealous With My Jealousy, anointing is fearful, for it is erroneously equated as approval, and Paul was deceptively dead wrong in his assessment here.

Just because Yahweh gives someone something does not make them right.  Look at Saul.  He was chosen by Yahweh, but was rejected.  Look at Jeroboam.  A prophet of Yahweh may have given the divided kingdom over to him, but Abijah declared the reality of the “covenant of salt” that prevailed (read The Issue - II, page 20).  Let us look closer at this matter. 

Paul made a presumptuous assumption that he was entrusted with the gospel to the uncircumcised.  But was he really?  Paul was so grossly in error as he rebuked the rock, Peter, and later boasted in it, and even denigrated the apostles as “reputed,” that it would be highly probable that he was in error with this as well; and he was!

To whom did Yahweh really first entrust the gospel to the Gentiles?  The answer is clearly not Paul.  And the answer is quite obvious.  Beyond any shadow of doubt, the gospel to the Gentiles was entrusted to Peter.  When Yahweh gave Peter the vision of the unclean animals and told him to not call unclean what He had made clean, and then sent him to the house of Cornelius where the Spirit fell on them as on the day of Pentecost, Peter received the gospel to the Gentiles.  So what happened?  The answer lies in where Peter had the vision.

We read in Acts 9:36f that Paul had gone to a place called Joppa where he raised Dorcas from the dead.  It was here that Peter had the vision and was called to go to the house of Cornelius where the Spirit was poured out on the Gentiles.  But what happened to Peter’s work?  How did it get cut short?  We find two times that Peter related the subject account – Acts 11:1-18, 15:6-11 – but somehow that work appeared to have gotten sidetracked and went to Paul instead?

The reason Peter had the vision in Joppa, was because what was to follow had already taken place once before in Joppa; it would be a déjà vu all over again.  “That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done.  So, there is nothing new under the sun”(Ecclesiastes 1:9).  And there was nothing new taking place here with Peter and Joppa as well. 

What happened once before in Joppa that was so telling?  Jonah was told to go to the Gentiles in Nineveh and cry against “the great city.”  (Read The Issue - II, page 16, and All's Well That Ends Well, page 2, for more on “the great city.”)  But Jonah did not like the Assyrians and knew that Yahweh would have mercy on them and repent of His actions (Jonah 4:1-2), so he went down to Joppa and found a ship that was going to “Tarshish” (Jonah 1:1-3).  You know the rest of the story.  The great fish swallowed Jonah.  As a picture of Yahshua in His death, he was in its belly for three days and three nights, he came out, and he went to Nineveh where he preached and Yahweh had mercy.  So what does this have to do with Peter and Paul?

There are several clear and revealing associations.  First, both events had essentially the same purpose – Yahweh going to the Gentiles.  Second, both Peter and Jonah went to the same place – Joppa.  Third, the highly reputable historian, Josephus, tells us that Tarshish and Tarsus were the same place.  While this is debated today, what we will see now tells us that Josephus was very much so correct.

What is the significance of Tarsus?  This is where our subject man, Paul, was from (Acts 21:39).  Thus we find a third clear and revealing association – Tarsus!

So what was the déjà vu? 

Now let us keep going with this, for the type is not near complete.

Thus we see beyond any shadow of doubt that the gospel to the Gentiles that was given to Peter, experienced a great breach and has actually not been preached for 2,000 years.  Paul not only tried to take the seat of an apostle, but he tried to take Peter’s gospel to the uncircumcised as well.  Paul took that ministry into the belly of the great fish in the depths of the sea of death for two “days.”  Someone might say that Paul was thus entrusted with the gospel to the Gentiles, but this is not true.  By his own words in that same letter to the Galatians, Paul condemned himself – “if any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to that which you received, let him be accursed” (Galatians 1:9).  The gospel that Paul taught was not the message taught by Yahshua (“Blessed Are the Poor,” page 2).  It was a different gospel.

The reality is, the gospel to the uncircumcised still belongs to Peter and has yet been fulfilled, any more than Jonah’s message was fulfilled while he was in the great fish.  Paul’s gospel is a breach gospel, a cursed gospel, that has led to death for 2,000 years.  It is not the gospel that makes men disciples of Yahshua.  Even as Jonah’s message was delayed in the belly of the great fish, so Peter’s message has been delayed by 2,000 years of Dagon Christianity.  It is a breach message, and not the true message.  Paul’s message is a message for those in the belly of the great fish, in sheol, even in hades where men cannot see.  (“Hades” means “to not see.”)

But now is the time for “Jonah” to come out, and for the gospel given to Peter to be preached.  This is the gospel of Yahshua that calls men to become His true disciples.  This is the gospel declared by Yahweh to Jonah – “should I not have compassion on (those) who do not know the difference between their right and left hand?” (4:11).  The right hand is priesthood.

The very thing that happened in Joppa prior to Peter’s vision is beginning to happen.  The reason he was called to Joppa in the first place and the miracle that occurred, tells us what is now taking place.  Dorcas, who had abounded in deeds of kindness and charity, was brought back from the dead, even as was Jonah in type when he came out of the sea and the belly of the great fish.  Left in the room alone, Peter declared – “Tabitha, arise.” – and she opened her eyes and sat up.  Today, Tabitha’s eyes are being opened and we are coming out of death, out of the body of Christ.  And many will believe and Yahweh will have mercy.  The abounding deeds of kindness and charity that were a part of the first Remnant will return, even as Dorcas returned from the dead.

Blessed be the name of Yahweh!

“John” means “Yahweh is gracious,” and as we enter into this third-part John period of the kingdom of God, already we are beginning to witness His graciousness by opening our eyes to see these marvelous truths, truths that have been hidden from man from the beginning.

These are the truths with which Yahweh is also declaring from the whirlwinds as they have related to the rod, Florida.  And this, once again, evidences the whirlwind that lets us know that the time of Satan’s affliction and death has come to a close and it is time that Yahweh pour out upon us His double portion, even the double portion seen when Mount St. Helens erupted and Spirit Lake doubled in size. 

Oh Yahweh, have mercy upon us and pour out your Spirit upon us!  We stand still and behold Your salvation.

“By God or not at all.”

(In response to this writing, a man wrote asking a question regarding Satan in light of President Nixon and Kyle Nixon.  The correspondence per that question was added as an addendum to The Raven.  It is extremely relevant to today and is a most important follow-up to this writing - click here to read it.)

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