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Let us look further at this matter of sexuality. We have already seen that when Yahweh released the Holy Spirit to mankind on Pentecost, this was tantamount to the male release of semen into a woman. Intercourse among mankind is an earthly physical practice that has both prophetic as well as revelatory purposes. Yahweh did not create man just to be some social experiment that takes place while He proceeds with testing him and tries to get His kingdom set up here on earth. Everything about man, including this matter of sexuality, is a practical manifestation of a great and intimate spiritual truth. The very fact that intercourse is a hidden and intimate matter, speaks to the fact that what Yahweh is performing with mankind in order to bring forth the Son of God, to birth Him to this earth through man (His "Mary"), is equally hidden and intimate: hidden, in that men up to this writing have never known about this essential birthing process; and intimate, in that only a Remnant Bride has the privilege of knowing these most intimate things concerning Yahweh. These two points are most important regarding both the great significance of the time in which we now live, as well as the great significance of the bride work.

Let us note once again this law on intercourse. Again we read in Deuteronomy 22:28-29 - "If a man finds a girl who is a virgin, who is not engaged, and seizes her and lies with her and they are discovered, then the man who lay with her shall give to the girl's father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall become his wife because he has violated her, he cannot divorce her all his days."

You will notice that Yahweh has intentionally placed in this statement - "and they are discovered." Is this not what we are saying here, that we are now given eyes for the first time to discover what it is Yahweh has done and is doing in His relations with man? We as the second Remnant who are given eyes to see, have discovered what Yahweh has performed, and thus have great confidence that He will complete the relations with the second Remnant - that He will marry us and provide His semen, His Spirit, once again in order that the Son of God can in fact be brought forth through us.

It is most interesting and very likely significant that the word "semen" is uncannily similar to the Hebrew word for "oil, fertile, and olive tree." Of course the oil mentioned in the Scriptures for use in lamps and such was specifically the oil from the olive tree. This is why the Hebrew word for oil is equally translated "olive tree" (e.g., Isaiah 41:19). But this word also has a meaning of "fertile." In Isaiah 28:1 and 4 we read of Ephraim "at the head of the fertile valley." What is this Hebrew word for "oil, fertile, and olive tree"? It is "shemen"!

When Yahweh released the oil of His Holy Spirit to mankind on the day of Pentecost, essentially fifty days following the breaking of the hymen, the shedding of the blood of the Son of God and the establishment of the covenant of mercy with man, He was releasing His "shemen," His "semen," to man in order that man could bring forth the Son of God. In picture He had already been brought forth on one level - through the Holy Spirit overshadowing Mary and her being impregnated with the Son of Man. But that was at a personal and even natural level, and He must now be brought forth on a corporate spiritual level through many - "Behold, My mother!"

When a man lays with a woman, he performs precisely what the Holy Spirit performed with Mary. A man overshadows the woman, and by doing so imparts his semen into her. This once again is precisely what the Holy Spirit did on the day of Pentecost with the first Remnant. Yahweh overshadowed the first Remnant and released His Spirit to them. Continuing to recognize that the natural revels the spiritual, often at the time this release occurs with the man, there results a marked increase in the man's breathing. Likewise, Yahweh's release of His Spirit to man on Pentecost was accompanied by increased breath - "a rushing mighty wind filled the house where they were sitting."

On Pentecost, Yahweh performed an intimate sexual experience with mankind for the first time ever, imparting His semen, His "shemen," His oil, to man, with, of course, the object of bringing forth the Son of God. For the benefit of learning more about Yahweh's testimonies concerning this oil, let us look at another aspect of His design per man's reproductive capabilities.

We discussed in the writing, The Raven, the fact that a male's reproductive organs are a remarkable testimony of Yahweh's plan for the church. But when we say the "church," one must remember that the church is a two-part work, even as there are two parts of the male reproductive organs. In Zechariah 4 we read actually a description of these organs. On each side of a central lampstand are two olive trees. Of course the central lampstand that would bring forth light, has no ability within itself to provide this light apart from the oil provided by the adjoining two olive trees. It is the oil provided by these two olive trees that affords the light-bearing capabilities of the central lamp.

It is equally true that the central portion of the male reproductive organs has no ability within itself to bring forth life, apart from the adjoining two testicles located on both sides. Is it not amazing that the word for this oil produced from these two olive trees is the word "shemen," when the two testicles of the male likewise produce "semen"? So when Yahweh completes the establishment of His two sons of fresh oil Remnant on either side of Christianity, He is in fact providing the semen/shemen-possessing portion of His ability to bring forth offspring from mankind. Uniting the two Remnant with Christianity will provide the sexuality of mankind necessary for offspring to be brought forth.

In Revelation 22:1-2 we see the same picture, only revealed in a different way. Here we are shown a "river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb." Then we read that on either side of this river of life "was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit." Thus we see the fruit-bearing tree of life, with the river of the water of life flowing between.

It is interesting that this does not read - "the trees of life," but is instead singular. How can a single tree be on two sides of a river? The answer is that the tree of life is the two-part Remnant, which is actually one work, yet because of the breach is in fact two - two but one. So we find here precisely what we see in Zechariah 4, as well as what we see in the male reproductive organs - the river of life bearing the semen, flanked on both sides by the fruit-bearing tree of life.

The outcome of this "fertility" seen here in Revelation 22 is - "there shall no longer be any curse." This is the work of the two-part church that will bring forth life to this cursed earth, conquering the curse that has been on man for 6,000 years, and will bring all mankind into the pure kingdom and into the much needed state of immortality.


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