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What you see in this 1–2–3, 1–2–3 creation pattern tells only part of the story, albeit very important.  What Yahweh sets forth here is the 1–2–3 tempo, and what you might say is half of the conclusion or product—the 1–2–3, 1–2–3 of Yahshua’s first and second comings.  However, the limitation of the way this is laid out here is that it indicates only one dimension.  The fact is that in order to effect the kingdom, each time He completes a 1–2–3, He must take one step higher, elevate His work to a higher dimension.  Let us look at this.  This will take some careful reading on your part.


We will begin by laying out the timing of man, using the applicable Tabernacles seven-and-one pattern.  In fact, everything we do from hereon will build upon or develop from this foundation, eventually taking man through 12,000 years of time, even 15,000.  Each number represents one day of man.  And to repeat ourselves, each of these days are a legal 1,000 years.  But because Yahweh stacks time in order to delay Jubilee, they are in fact only 980 years in length.  Here are the foundational Tabernacles days.  And keep in mind, the goal is the great eighth day, the day when living water is promised to flow out of our innermost being.


1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8


First, we saw that Yahshua actually came on day one at creation.  So, let us repeat this and note once again in purple His coming.


1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8


Now, having noted this and recognizing that He came on the fourth day as well, as fully testified, let us add this event also.  However, what we will need to do is raise this to a higher dimension, as His coming does indeed effect a higher-dimension work, as we will fully see.  Thus we have:


      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8      

What you see here is the same thing we saw in the 1–2–3, 1–2–3 creation pattern, but with the addition of a higher dimension.  The first three days of man were limited to the lower dimensions of space—length, width, and height—and time.  As addressed in Two Trees In the Garden, pages 3 and 4, time is the fourth dimension, and the church we have known for 2,000 years is the fifth dimension.  When Yahshua came to this earth, He created the church, the called-out ones.  Thus we see the necessity of indicating a higher-dimension work.  Of course, as we saw, this was attested to in the latter three days of creation that were a higher fulfillment.


But there is another reason for this added dimension.  This has been addressed in previous writings, including Intercession, page 2, and in the links within it.  In fact, that writing addresses two of the matters we will discuss here. 


Even as we have noted that Yahweh stacks time so as to delay Jubilee, so we have seen that He has to stack time so as to cut the days short as spoken of in Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20.  Addressed in Intercession, page 2, and in other writings, Yahshua has to come early and accomplish on the seventh day that which He was supposed to have accomplished on the eighth, including the rivers of living water.  What this means is that He stacks the eighth day on the seventh.


Now, if you will look at the above periods of eight days as they are vertically positioned with each other, when the eighth day is stacked on the seventh day, this necessitates that in the higher level the fifth day stacks on the fourth day.  Does Yahweh attest to the latter as well?  Indeed He does.  Up to now we have examined two patterns: the highly revealing creation pattern, as well as the vital heavens-and-earth-creating Tabernacles pattern.  Let us now add a third testimony to this amazing revelation of seamless truth—the ascending of Mount Sinai.


In Intercession, page 2, we discuss the Tabernacles pattern of Moses’ eight trips up Mount Sinai.  You will definitely want to read that, but in general we find that on his third trip up Sinai, Yahweh told him to bring Aaron the next time he came up—the all-important fourth trip.  But, what we find is that he did not bring Aaron up on the fourth trip, but on the fifth.  We therefore know by this instruction the will of Yahweh—to bring the Aaron priesthood up the mountain of God on the fourth day!  But it is no more possible for man to ascend alive on the fourth day, than it was possible for Aaron to go up the mountain on the fourth trip.  The only way Yahweh can make this possible is to cut the days of the church short from three to two, come one day early, and thereby stack time.  Thus we see testified that when the fifth day is stacked on the fourth day, Yahweh’s command is fulfilled—Aaron ascends on the fourth day.


We see by this parable that it is indeed Yahweh’s will to take an Aaronic priesthood up the mountain on the fourth day to where He is, but it is impossible and man would fail.  The only way this can happen is for Yahshua to come early and accomplish what man fails to do.  Thus we see testified in both the Tabernacles pattern, as well as in the pattern of Moses’ trips up the mountain, that the stacking of time is critical.  And, by adding the second eight-day pattern over the former, we see what Yahweh is doing.  On the one hand, the eighth day is stacked on the seventh; and with the addition of the higher dimension, concurrently the fifth day is stacked on the fourth.


Wonderfully, two things are thereby effected.  Yahshua, who was supposed to come on the eighth day, comes on the seventh, making possible the rivers of living water (the 8 on the 7).  But also, and this is quite exciting for man, the Aaron Remnant ascend alive to Yahweh on the fourth day (the 5 on the 4).  This is indeed an incredible testimony that Yahweh has set forth and preserved for us in His word so that we can see it in advance.  Yahweh does nothing unless He first reveals it to His prophets (Amos 3:7), and He is revealing this to us now.  Incredible indeed, and very hopeful.  Oh the wonder of Yahweh’s ways and His testimonies!


And speaking of seamless and wonder, before we continue, let us briefly consider two additional clear testimonies of Yahshua coming on the fourth day.  First, in John 11:4 we read Yahshua’s statement that Lazarus, his friend (vs. 11) who was reported to be ill, would not die.  But he did die.  And in fact, when Yahshua was told of his illness, He waited two days before going to him.  Upon arriving, we are told that Lazarus had been in the tomb four days (vs. 17).  Thus we see two testimonies here regarding time: (1) Yahshua waiting two days, and (2) coming on the fourth day to raise his friend out of death. 


Obviously, Yahshua has in fact waited two days—the 2,000 years of the church.  And while the first Remnant have been sleeping these two days, we see testified that Yahshua returns on the fourth day to call His friend whom He loved from the grave, those whom He personally walked with for three and a half years.  But on the other hand, it can also be said that He is calling the Lazarus Bride out of the cleft of the rock, out of the body of Christ.  These are indeed His friends who obey Him and, as you are reading here, know what He is doing.


“You are My friends if you do what I command you.  No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you” (John 15:14-15).


The second testimony is equal in significance to Yahshua’s Tabernacles testimony where He came into the temple on the fourth day; in fact, they are wonderfully the same.  We read in Daniel 9:27 in a literal translation, “And He [Messiah] will prevail in the covenant with the many for a period of seven, but in the middle of the period of seven He will cause the sacrifice and the offering to cease.”  Read The Great Tribulation, page 1, and you will see that the covenant with the many spoken of here is the seven-year period preceding Yahshua’s crucifixion. 


Precisely in the middle of that period, on Atonement in the fourth year, Yahshua was baptized by John, causing sacrifice and the offering to cease.  His baptism effected legal provision for the Father.  On this day, Yahshua did precisely what His brothers urged Him to do at Tabernacles (John 7:4)—He showed Himself to the world.  Thus we see by this that the seven-day Tabernacles pattern whereby the new heavens and new earth are created, is in fact the covenant with the many. 


We will not go into the ramifications surrounding the preceding three and a half years.  You can read page 2 of the above writing to understand that.  But, let us note that even as Yahshua came into Tabernacles in secret in those first days, so He was present in secret for the first three and a half years of the covenant with the many.  Undoubtedly, He knew very well this fact, which is why He walked out the Tabernacles as He did.  The seven days of Tabernacles were a profoundly revealing type of the seven years of the covenant He walked out.  This is amazing to see and consider!


Also, and this is equally amazing, when Yahshua’s brothers asked Him to go to Tabernacles, He replied, “My time is not yet here.”  Is this not exactly what we have noted and been saying regarding Yahshua’s second coming as the Passover Lamb?  His coming at this covenant with the many was indeed before His time.  As He stated, His time was not yet here, the very thing He told Mary at the wedding at Cana. 


When was His time?  Not until the eighth day when first-day supernatural light could come in the next creation week.  But, He had to come early on the fourth day.  Therefore, in like attesting regard, but in human-year timing, He came in the middle of the seven-year covenant with the many as well.  Do you see the clear repeat?


Even as He came in the middle on the fourth day, as well as revealed Himself in the middle of that Tabernacles, He likewise had to reveal Himself in the middle of the seven-year covenant.  Why?  For one reason, as addressed in The Great Tribulation, page 2, He had to preserve three of the preceding years for the Elijah, so that he could prepare the way for His fulfilling third coming (and even that one is one day early).


Do you realize how profound all of this is that you are reading?  These are truths and understanding that angels have longed to see, and by our seeing them give us the promise and hope for their wonderful fulfillment at this time.  Yahshua came as a man to this earth on the fourth day, He publicly came into the temple on the fourth day of Tabernacles, and it is incredibly important to note that He began His ministry on the fourth day of that vital covenant with the many.  A seamless garment of truth indeed!


Let us once again graphically lay out this Tabernacles pattern we have been examining, but this time with the addition of Yahshua’s third coming—the beginning of yet another triple-time measure, the third.  To demonstrate this, we must add a yet higher dimension.  But let me explain this better.  The foundation Tabernacles pattern is relative to Yahshua’s first coming at creation.  The second Tabernacles pattern is relative to His second coming as the Passover Lamb wherein He came and died and began the church, the kingdom of heaven on earth.  And the third Tabernacles pattern is His third coming when He sets up His kingdom on this earth so as to rule and reign for a thousand years.  As you see, each of His comings effect an ever-increasing revelation of Him.  And we cannot emphasize enough that the Tabernacles pattern is the creation pattern for building the heavens and the earth.


And as a reminder, consistent with all we have been seeing and learning, Yahshua’s coming on each higher-dimension first beat, first day, coincides with His coming on a fourth day.  In other words, even as He came on the fourth day to raise Lazarus, as He  came on the fourth day in the covenant with the many, as well as on the fourth day of Tabernacles in John 7, and literally came on the fourth day of mankind, so we see that the fourth day is always the first day, the first beat, in the higher dimension.  This is marvelous to behold!


Having noted these important truths, it is also very exciting that at this point we can now add the fulfilled Aaron fourth in purple as well.  While Yahshua effects His descension on the fourth, He thereby makes possible our ascension on the fourth.  We too will now go into the temple of God, even our new bodies, and teach the nations (John 7:4, 14).  And remember, Yahshua told His brothers before Tabernacles, “My time is not yet here.”  Equally, our time is not yet here; but, He performs the work anyway by stacking the 5 on the 4.


And since it is now the eighth day via stacking time, out of our innermost being will flow rivers of living water.  We will rule and reign with Yahshua for a thousand years.  And worthy to note, He could not effect this at His second coming as the Lamb, for only then did He restore the kingdom of heaven and begin the process of making living stones.  And remember, the first Remnant spoken of in John 7:39 who received that promise on Pentecost died—they were too early, even a first bird of Leviticus 14:4-7.  Yahshua had to wait until His third coming to effect these things—the stacked-time eighth day.  Today is the hope for this long-awaited fulfillment. 


Thus we now see Yahweh adding yet another dimension—no longer the fifth dimension of Christianity, but the sixth dimension of the glorified Bride shown here in the purple 4 (Two Trees In the Garden, page 4).


            1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8      
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8            


As you can see from the bottommost numbers, the Millennial reign brings us to the chronological seventh day, with its corresponding 4 and 1.  However, remember that legally Yahweh stacks the eighth day on the seventh.  This has the impact of annulling a sabbath rest, and as Yahshua attested so many times when He was here two days ago, He indeed labors and performs miracles on the sabbath. 


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