Creation’s Contradiction Riddle




What has Yahweh been doing with mankind for 6,000 years?  And what has been His plan?  And, what lies before us?  Is it just a simple plan that unfolds without any glitches, or is it compounded and thereby complex?  Most certainly, if you just go to Genesis 1 and to Genesis 2 and 3 and compare those two surprisingly conflicting Creation accounts, which we will do here, you can know from the very beginning His work is indeed going to be complex, even a contradiction!


In Genesis 1, the Creation account is laid out nice and simple and orderly and everything is even “good.”  But, when you go to the Creation account in Genesis 2 and 3, the supposed identical creation is now much different, more complex, and there is failure and there are multiple curses.  Also, in Genesis 1 the name of Yahweh is not present; it is just “God.”  But in Genesis 2 and 3, creation is by Yahweh God.  We see then that the seeming simple has suddenly become complex, even a contradiction!  So, what is going on here?  Is the Bible in error, or as we find in the Gospels and the Old Testament, are even these opening three chapters likewise contradiction riddles with an important message for us?  We find once again that the latter is indeed the case.


Honestly, most of Christianity is like a little child.  A child looks at life and everything seems simple.  Dad and mom take care of everything, somehow money just appears, food appears on the table, and they are unaware of the complexities of life.  But there is far more to life.  So, why are the Genesis 1 account and the Genesis 2 and 3 accounts so different?  What could the Father be revealing to us, yet not just coming right out and saying it?  What do we see in “real life” that has to be discerned that is otherwise not seen in our “child” state?  How can these contradicting matters make sense?


We as the Bride already know that the contradictions can indeed make sense, and even be most revealing and affirming.  Again as a child, Christians just wholly ignore the plethora of Bible contradictions, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.  And honestly, the seeming adults in the room on this matter, though really moreso the observant critical child, are the atheists.  They look at these obvious contradictions and say, “The Bible is flawed!”  But remember, these are the same people who say that the immense and incredibly profound complexity and diversity evidenced in creation and life is a happenstance combination of pond slime.  Surely there is more to be seen, both in creation and in the Bible, than in the naivety of both of these views.  So, what are we seeing in these clearly differing Creation accounts?


The answer to this, as in all matters, is to back off and see the bigger picture—frankly, looking at things that no one has ever before even looked at.  Why have they not done so?  Because it has not been time to see them.  Satan has been the god and ruler of this world for 6,000 years, even during the last 2,000 years of the church, and it has been a time of darkness.  Case in point, in John 9:4-5 Yahshua told us straight out that He was the light of the world and to work while He was here, because when He left no one could work.  I.E., darkness was going to prevail, and it has!


And, because of this darkness, man, even kingdom man, has not had even a clue as to what is really going on on this earth.  Proverbs 14:6 tells us that to him who has understanding, knowledge is easy.  Therefore, counter to this, if there is not understanding, knowledge is impossible, even dung, especially regarding the spiritual:  taking in the information that is available through natural sight, processing it with the flesh, and then out comes the natural product—dung for the people!  Until the light/Light comes, this is all that man has been able to accomplish.  Thus, natural man knows not God, and the kingdom is now 35,000 denominations and sects speaking conflicting Babylonian utterances with the same certain outcome:  confusion!  This has been and is inevitable!  So, let us now seek to see the bigger picture in all of this and find out what Yahweh is saying in these, once again, Bible contractions. 



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