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It has already been noted in the introductory letter that the period of World War II when women began stepping into the place of the man and wearing his pants, originated many of the ills of America that have led to the deterioration of the family.  But we also have to look back at World War I as well, and go even further yet to find a deeper cause for our problems.  All in all, the early 1900s were entirely destructive to this nation, as you will now see. 


To begin with, we find that the six-day creation pattern we have already discussed not only confirms this corruption in the 1900s, but reveals some very interesting and significant insight into the kingdom.  Let us look at this and see its great importance.


We have already noted that the first 300 years of America are comparable to the first 3,000 years of the church, and that the next 300 years would be the next 3,000 years of the church.  The difference, of course, is that America is on the more perfect pattern, while the church has to come under a cut-short grace pattern of not 6,000 years but 5,000 years.  (Again, see The Issue - II, page/section 11.)


It has been said and noted many times that mankind follows the patterns of Yahweh.  While these patterns can be altered somewhat (as we see here between the kingdom of heaven on the nations level and the kingdom of heaven on the heavenly level), nonetheless the pattern is still present.  Now, let us go to Revelation 20:1-3 and 7-10 and see something very important that is present in the pattern of the church. 


We read that when the Millennial reign is complete, Satan will be released for a short time in order to deceive the nations.  Frankly, specifically what this might mean is entirely unknown to anyone.  But what is most important to note here at this time is the pattern – after the Millennial reign, or at the beginning of the chronological fourth “day” of the church, Satan is released to deceive the nations, and his work is defeated by fire coming down from heaven and devouring them.


Knowing this pattern, most importantly, how then does this relate to the pattern of the kingdom of heaven at the nations level – America?  We would thus conclude that based on this pattern, Satan would be released at the beginning of the chronological fourth “day” in order to deceive the nations.  What is that “day.”  It would mean that in the beginning of 1900s, the fourth “day,” Satan would have the authority to come to America and perform some work that would deceive it and the nations and cause them to follow him.  That means that Satan would have performed some work at that time that would be something that no one would have recognized as being from him, but would in fact have caused men to follow him into rebellion against Yahweh.  What would that deceptive work have been?  The primary quality of Satan is rebellion, usurping Yahweh and seeking to get man to follow in his ways, which is exactly what we find in Revelation 20:7-9.  You can be assured, Satan is a good deceiver, the best, and the rebellious work into which he led man, into which he led the church, was the sly masterful work of a fox, causing man to “call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20).


We will now find that this destruction and even rebellion that Satan planned is greatly rooted in the two world wars, which actually of themselves even testify of Satan’s own attacks on the world, the nations.  We have already seen how Satan used World War II to deceive this nation into thinking that the wife could replace the man in the workplace and wear his pants and abandon the home.  Originally, this change was for the sake of our nation; but once the change was made and the war was over, women working outside the home took on the purpose of gaining the wealth and pleasures of this world and to find personal fulfillment in the world, all at the expense of the integrity of the home.  Satan came to America and deceived it, got it off the course it had been on for 300 years, and the results have been a devastating onslaught against this nation, leading to the culminating sin of homosexuality.  Satan having now deceived America and the nations for the entire fourth “day,” or the 1900s, it is time for fire from heaven to come down and consume him and those who follow in his ways!


Can we thus expect a holocaust on America?  Yes, but not the kind Christians say will come.  The fire that will come and defeat Satan is the same tongues as of fire that came upon the people on the day of Pentecost, the same fire that Yahshua said He longed to cast on the earth (second Remnant Luke 12:49), the same fire seen in Zechariah 13:7-9 that refines and purifies the third part of the church, the same fire with which John the Baptist said Yahshua would baptize men (Matthew 3:11 and Luke 3:16), the same fire that was in the burning coal taken from the altar that touched Isaiah’s mouth and his iniquity was taken away and his sin was forgiven (Isaiah 6:6-7).  This is the fire we all need, and this is the fire that is due to be brought on this nation, on all mankind, to cleanse us and to defeat Satan.


In the opening of the previous section, it was stated – “People do not realize how much our lives are a fulfillment of past patterns set forth by Yahweh.  Most significantly, they fail to note that what took place in the original Garden of Eden, is taking place in the kingdom of God.  The kingdom of God is the fulfillment of the original Garden.  And, MOST importantly to note, today the kingdom can be witnessed in two manifestations, two fulfillments – the church, as well as the nation of America.”  Let us take time now to look at the Garden and see how that pattern is being fulfilled in America, once again confirming what we have seen and learned thus far.  Here we will find the real reason, the real cause, the origin of America’s problems.


It is very important to note that Satan went to Eve in order to deceive her and thereby corrupt the Garden.  Now let us ask – Is this not the same thing we see happening when Satan is released on the fourth “day”?  Indeed.  He goes to the nations and deceives them.  In effect, he repeats what took place in the Garden.  Therefore, is it not highly likely that once again, even in the way he corrupted the original Garden, he would now use the woman in the 1900s to effect the corruption of America, the kingdom of heaven Garden at the nations level?  Indeed.


Satan did not go directly to Adam, the man, to cause him to sin, for we read in 1 Timothy 2:14 that it was Eve who was deceived, but not Adam.  If Satan had gone to Adam, he would have failed.  So the only way he could get Adam to fail, to sin, was to first tempt the woman.  If he could get the women to fail, to sin, then this could bring down Adam as well, which is precisely what happened.  Thus likewise, if Satan could get the women in America to fail, to sin, then he could bring down the men as well, which is precisely what he did.  Let us now get directly to the point.


The moral downfall of America that we have experienced since World War I, and more particularly since World War II, is because of the vast Women’s Rights Movement that had its beginnings in Temperance and Women’s Suffrage (or prohibition against alcohol and the women’s right to vote).  As we examine this, you will find it immeasurably true.  And if you do not believe this, then you would fall to the same deception that Satan would bring upon mankind following the Millennium. 


World War I, as well as World War II, brought an attack against America in a way we have never before realized.  This was not a frontal attack wherein armies are laid out before us and we know the face of our enemy, their ranks and their location.  No, this was an enemy that came on the fourth “day” to deceive the nations, having received the authority to tempt the woman to be like the man, and to follow in the spirit of the original sin of Eve.  In fact, Temperance and Women’s Suffrage and the woman taking the place of the man and wearing his pants, have been a far greater and more deadly and destructive and enduring attack against America than those two wars ever were; for this war has been fought house to house, office to office, court to court, church to church, womb to womb, right here on our own soil!  And sadly, the enemy has been victorious on every stage.


You can be well assured that when Satan deceives, he does a very, very good job.  In fact, his deception concerning the issue of women’s rights and the equality of women movement is so good, one feels out of step and even anti-compassionate or anti-society if they resist it.  Plus, he is so good at this and this is so important to him (for if he can destroy America, he has the chance of destroying the true heavenly kingdom as well), that he has used the Moslems and their factions of extreme oppression to cast a disparaging example before us so as to give even greater resolve with fear to not be like those Moslem extremists.  One can be well assured that Moslem extremists can destroy America in a way that is more threatening than Al Queda itself, and that is by the false fear and debased example they present regarding the woman.  Keep in mind, these godly principles worked in America for 300 years, and in other societies for the last 2,000 years, and even before.  The very fact that Satan has made such a point to effect this deception of the woman, should tell you how important it is to him.  He wants to destroy America and the church, and he has sought to accomplish this the same way he did in the Garden – by first deceiving the woman and leading her to sin.  If it worked in the Garden, it will work now, so he thinks.  But, his wiles are now being exposed.


Regarding the church, Satan knows he cannot destroy it by coming in a red cape with a pitchfork and his little horn goring us; but rather, he deceives the church into thinking that what they are doing is right, and uniting them with the world.  In fact, he uses the identical tactics which Balaam told Balak to use (Numbers 25:1-9, 31:16).  If he can simply corrupt the church, Yahweh will judge it.  This is the same tactic he used to get David judged (1 Chronicles 21:1f).  He caused David to sin by numbering the people (and not paying the atonement money of Exodus 30:11-16), and Yahweh carried out correction on them.  All Satan has to do is to once again get the woman to sin by getting her out of her place, and Yahweh will have to correct man, even as He did in the original Garden per the actions of Eve.  It’s just that simple.  That’s the way Satan works, and he has been accomplishing this specific plan in America and in the church for the last 100 years.



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