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What we have seen and learned up to this point raises a very provocative question – What is the significance of the nine trips up Mount Sinai, as they relate to the six days of the church’s creation?
  First, as has been noted already, Yahweh in fact has two creation patterns:



The nine “day” pattern is most strikingly evidenced in the 9,000 years that it will take in order for mortal man to be born from above, though in fact it will only be a remnant, or even a “tithe” of mankind - Christianity.  And while a “tithe” of mankind is birthed into immortality following a 9,000 year gestation, we also find that a “tithe of the tithe,” the two-part Remnant, must be born from above early at the 6,000 year point, or on the six “day” pattern.  And, we have seen already that both of these patterns can be shortened by one day if the grace factor is needed – the six to a five, and the nine to an eight.

Before we look at the union of these two patterns as seen in the nine trips up Mount Sinai, we must examine this point concerning performing a partial fulfillment early.  If we lay out some patterns once again, we find some very important truths that are most revealing and confirming regarding the ways and plans of Yahweh. 

In the above repeat of a graphic used earlier, we see that the Remnant actually enter into immortality early, even “before the time” in which mankind is to be born from above at the end of 9,000 years gestation.  We use the statement, “before the time,” from what the demons said when they addressed Yahshua about going into the 2,000 swine (first Remnant Matthew 8:29).  In that account, we see that Yahweh does indeed perform works early, insomuch that Yahshua came early and thereof the demons were quite aware.  But keep in mind that when Yahweh does something, it WILL NOT be an isolated act.  As has been shown before, Yahweh is very simple in the way He does things.  He takes a pattern and uses it over and over; this is His way.  The difficulty, however, is that His application of this simple pattern can be extremely complicated, at least to our present finite thinking.  Let us now show how Yahweh has already performed this early pattern.

Yahshua was not supposed to come to this earth to set up His kingdom until the chronological eighth day.  This would have been the first day of the second week, or the day in which supernatural light would come (i.e., Yahshua), as well as the day He came out from the grave.  So, why did He come early at the end of 4,000 years?  It was not yet time for Him to come, even as we see evidenced here; plus, the 120 Jubilee probation period had not yet been fulfilled – ending in 1993 AD.

The fact is, we find that it is indeed Yahweh’s way to give man his inheritance early, not the complete fulfillment, but a promise, an anchor that enters within the veil (Hebrews 6:18-19).  This early fulfillment is an in-part work that ties together the whole of all that Yahweh is doing.  We saw this in the writing, Ascending Alive, page 10.  In that writing we called these links - divine overlaps.  They are links of time and events that bond mankind into one cohesive Tabernacles’ booth, or weaving, which is Yahweh’s plan for bringing all men into the experience of Tabernacles, or immortality.
  And it is an incredible, oft repeated, and seemingly complicated way in which He does this, only a portion of which we are going to see here. While we may think that this truth is entirely awesome, which it is, remember that all we are feeding on right now is the “little book,” a small portion of truth that Yahweh is giving us.  We are getting a mere glimpse of Yahweh and His ways.  But oh what a sweet delight it is to the mouth; however, it is very bitter to the stomach!

In the following graphic, we have seen that indeed Yahshua must come 1,000 years early in order to set up His kingdom.  However, even before this, He came way before His time, or 2,000 years before His planned grace return. 

Seeing this “before the time” coming of Yahshua that was 2,000 years before His final coming, we can now better understand the purpose of the “before the time” glorification of the Remnant Bride 3,000 years before the church is to enter into immortality.  Here we see this event in graphic representation as well.

Both Yahshua’s first coming, as well as the early glorification of the Remnant, reveal a very interesting and telling way of Yahweh – He performs an in-part fulfillment “before the time,” completing the work later in full as scheduled.  This is like the two-part healing of the blind man, or the two birds for the cleansing of the leper, or likewise the two-part Remnant, the first Remnant equally coming “before the time.”  And most importantly, as we have said, the former is an anchor of hope that enters within the veil, insuring that the latter will indeed occur (once again, the two-part Remnant being a perfect example of this, or even the two-part coming of Yahshua Himself).  And as we are noting, this oft repeated pattern weaves together all the works of Yahweh into one (John 17:20-23).

And it is equally relevant, and obviously meaningful to note here, that both of these in-part comings, or fulfillments, are at a two-thirds/one-third location.  Let us look at both of these graphically.

Now that we have considered this matter of coming “before the time,” let us restate the question that was raised in the first paragraph of this section - What is the significance of the nine trips up Mount Sinai, as they relate to the six days of the church’s creation?  

What we find in these nine trips up Sinai is a unique combination of both of these creation patterns.  On the one hand we find the six day pattern cut short to five, clearly evidenced by the riddle regarding Aaron.  But with the completion of this six day pattern, there remains another three days that appear to not fit. 

Why would Yahweh perform this?  Why would He place another three days at the end of the church’s development period?  Once again we find in a most unique testimony that Yahweh combines these two patterns in order to afford a legal link.  The redemptive work of the church (the six day pattern cut short to five), with the addition of the three day extension (via the nine day creation pattern), legally affords the church the ability to overlap or tie into the continuing works pertaining to the rest of mankind.  The three day addition thus affords the divine overlap, the legal link to the rest of mankind.  (Here again we see the two-thirds/one-third, with the one-third being the divine overlap.  This will be seen in the next graphic.)

How or whether Yahweh might in fact apply or literally tie the remaining three days of this specific pattern into mankind is unknown to this man.  Seemingly it is purely prophetic, a legal testimony.  But most certainly the testimony of why this is done is evidenced in Solomon’s temple.  Here we find that the poles of the ark of the covenant located in the holy of holies, extended into the holy place (1 Kings 8:8 and 2 Chronicles 5:9).  While there were no functional reasons for this, certainly there were prophetic reasons. 

What we see testified here once again is a legal link provided between the holy of holies and the holy place - the anchor within the veil.  The three trips up the mountain that remain after the culmination of Christianity’s cut-short six trips (chronologically five), likewise extend into the period of the remainder of mankind as poles of the ark of the covenant, as a divine overlap, a legal link, a part of the Tabernacles booth or weaving that will eventually incorporate all mankind into one.

Let us now lay out once again all three of these patterns so that you can see their common relationship, adding the ninth trip up Sinai by Elijah and showing the divine overlap.


It is most striking here that both nine-part patterns are cut short to eight, even though they are cut short at distinctly separate YET chronologically identical places.  Again, we have seen that any time time is cut short, it is a grace work of Yahweh, applied when the work is coming short of, or is incapable of, performing that which is required.

You will recall that the Remnant enters into immortality early - at the completion of 6,000 years of mankind, instead of 9,000 years.  What we see here then is that the Remnant Bride is birthed into immortality on a full six day creation pattern per mankind, instead of a nine day pattern.  This is most interesting, especially in light that the Remnant is the Passover work, while Christianity is the leavened Pentecost work.  It is significant to note that the complete six day creation pattern is the work in which at the end of each day, it is said – “and it was good.”  Thus we see that any work that completes the full pattern is a complete and good work. 

While Christianity was supposed to have been on the six day good work pattern, because of its corruption by the flesh and Satan, Yahweh must cut its days short to five and complete the work Himself early, purifying it with fire.  It is absolutely incredible to note here once again though, that by doing this, Yahweh brings Christianity into harmony with the complete nine day creation pattern for mankind, resolving the entire work in perfect order and purpose.

In addition to the Remnant being a complete six day creation work, we find another work that follows this “good” pattern – the kingdom of heaven at the nations level, the United Sates of America.  Let us look at this as well.

Examining the word “America,” we find that it has a very revealing meaning.  “Amer” is Saxon for “heaven.”  “Ric” means “kingdom,” such as Germany’s Third Reich.  And finally, the “a” makes the word feminine.  Thus we see by its very name that America is the kingdom of heaven at the nations level.  America is the fulfillment of Yahweh’s promise to Abraham that his descendants would be a blessing to the world (Genesis 12:3), which America most certainly has been in MANY ways!  America is restored Israel, which is attested in numerous ways as well.  Let us now consider America’s six day creation pattern. 

From 1607 to 1900, America was in its preparation period.  During that time it was very much an isolationist, with tariffs to keep other nations out.  Then in 1901, with the assassination of McKinley and the Presidency of Teddy Roosevelt, America dramatically changed, entering into its blessing to the world period.  Teddy sent the Great White Fleet around the world; and my cousins, the Wright brothers, ascended alive into heaven from Kill Devil Hill.  From 1900 to this day, America has been the greatest blessing to the world that the world has ever known, delivering it from tyrants and providing peace, prosperity, inspiration, aid, relief, and stability.  And, its time of blessing is not yet finished!  Here is the six day pattern America is following.

Many people want to know what is going to happen to America, some even expecting it to be judged with wrath and calamity.  These doomsayers have been around for a long time, and everyone wants to topple the big guy; this is the ill nature of man.  But, in Yahweh’s creation pattern, America still has another 300 years – 200 years of blessing and another 100 years of rest.  So, do not expect America to fall.  And most interesting, revealing, as well as fulfilling, one of the outstanding characteristics of America is that it is a weaving of nations/people into one - the proverbial melting pot.  This, once again, testifies of that which Yahweh will perform in His completed kingdom - weaving all men into one Tabernacles booth.

It is most interesting that neither the Remnant nor America need the grace factor of cutting their days short, which Christianity needs.  Instead, they are both on the complete six day pattern wherein Yahweh performs that in which it is said – “and it was good.”  Despite America’s bouts with corruption (including finances, immorality, and abortion), in Yahweh’s eyes and plans, America is fulfilling its established role as the blessing to the nations.  Remember, America is the kingdom at the nations
level, and is not intended to be the replacement of the kingdom Yahshua is bringing.  There is a difference, and this must be kept in mind.  Nations are not perfect.

It was said earlier in this writing that Yahweh never does something that is an isolated act.  His ways are His ways, and as we are seeing in this writing, He continually repeats them, thereby establishing the Tabernacles weaving of all mankind into one concluding Booth.  What we will now see as we close is one more example of this marvelous truth, and even more!

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