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If you have not yet come to the conclusion that Yahweh’s design of the human body and its testimonies regarding sexuality are highly prophetic and very important regarding their message per the kingdom, then you will not appreciate the following at all.  However, if you marvel at these things and see how Yahweh does indeed reveal exceptionally important and vital truth from His head relating to them, then you will greatly appreciate what you are getting ready to read.  It is appropriate that this not be shared until now. 


I am an intercessor; I feel things the way Yahweh feels them; and I was led through an intercession that was most troubling at the time.  But once again, this is the truth of what I learned and how I learned it.  And again, the only reason I am going to share this with you is because it reveals Yahweh’s divine truth, His head.  And also once again, I am going to expose myself to you for your sake.


I was out with my son with some youth, and I saw a girl standing there and her …, I will use a Biblical word here, her buttocks infatuated me.  Of course she was wearing pants.  She was the bassist in the orchestra.  It was not as though I was staring at them or trying to lust after them, but I was unusually overwhelmed with my thoughts of them.  But what troubled me further was that I could not get them out of my mind.  For two days I was very unusually overwhelmed by this feeling and thoughts about her buttocks.  But finally I received much welcomed release, and here is how it came. 


Through these feelings, Yahweh showed me His own longings and desire for the kingdom of God, His church.  He longs for it, and He longs to give His shemen to it, His Spirit.  And here is how He does. 


First, we must lay out the 5,000 years that it takes to build His temple, His church, the holy place and the holy of holies, the body and the Bride.  This information is covered in other writings which can be referred to.


What we find is that the two-part church follows the same pattern as does the Remnant.  The pattern for the Remnant work is:


First Remnant → Christianity → Second Remnant


Christianity is the breach that separates the two Remnant works.  As we thoroughly covered in The Promise, it is also seen as:


Olive tree → Lampstand → Olive tree


Or the same picture we see testified on the mount of transfiguration is:


Moses → Yahshua → Elijah


These testimonies, and MANY others like them (covered in The Promise), each reveal the same pattern.  And, this pattern is the same one that both the Remnant, as well as Christianity, will follow.  Let us see.


Christianity has received 2,000 years thus far.  As we note in the pattern above, this is the Moses period of the church where Christians die for their disobedience, even as did Moses, and as we so clearly saw in the preceding section regarding the little horn.  Next will follow the 1,000 year Millennial reign in which the Remnant will return with Yahshua in glorified bodies to reign with Him.  Christians during this time will either remain in their earthly bodies, or those who are already dead will remain in the grave.  Yahshua will restore His kingdom on this earth that has been corrupted by carnal man and Satan.


After the Millennium will come the white throne judgment when true Christians who are in the grave will come forth and enter back into their earthly bodies to be judged for their deeds, and to learn righteousness.  As it is written in Isaiah 26:19 – “And the earth will give birth to the departed spirits” – or in Job 33:29 – “Behold, God does all these things twice, three times with men, to bring back their soul from the pit, that he may be enlightened with the light of life.”  (Read The Conflict, page 10.)


This period will last for 2,000 years.  If you will read The Issue – II, pages 10 and 11, you will see the legal reason why it lasts that long.  Thus, while the first 2,000 years were the Moses period of Christianity, and the next 1,000 years is the period of Yahshua’s Millennial reign, then the closing 2,000 years will be the Elijah period.  Even as the second Remnant ascend alive at the end of Christianity’s Moses period, Christians, now purified, will ascend alive at the end of their Elijah period and receive their glorified bodies as well.  Thus we see the like pattern for Christianity:


2,000 year Moses period → Millennial reign → 2,000 year Elijah period


Or let us lay these 5,000 years out this way, saying the same thing but in a different way:


Body of Christ → Glorified Bride → Body of Christ


The emphasis in the way we have laid out this last pattern testimony is the issue of receiving glory.  The Millennial reign is the blessed and holy period spoken of in Revelation 19:7-9.  It is the period marked by the marriage of the Lamb and the Remnant Bride having entered into glorified bodies.  Neither for the 2,000 years  before this period, nor for the 2,000 years following it (nor during it as well), will Christians enter into glorified bodies.  So as to bring even further emphasis to that which is being said here, we will exaggerate it and say:


Earthly Christians → Glorified Remnant → Earthly Christians


All of this is presented and more fully addressed in a writing titled, Ascending Alive, page 12.  In fact, we will borrow from that writing and provide the following graphic that reveals as well what we have been saying here.  To see this graphic in its context and to more fully understand this, go to Ascending Alive, page 12.



Now that you see this, what is our point?  What you are seeing here is the picture of the church.  It is Yahweh’s picture of the church, for which He so longingly desires.  And this is precisely what I was feeling when I was so overwhelmingly enthralled with that girl’s buttocks.  A woman’s concealed area, including the buttocks and that which is hidden between, very completely represents the church.  So how is this true?  Let us once again see.  I will try to be discrete, but there are some things said here that must be said.


When a wife lays face down on the bed unclothed with her legs placed gently apart, her husband sees the following; and again, please stay with me.  I will try to be discreet, but we must talk about something here related to arousal.  And remember, remember, a man or a woman cannot have these feelings of arousal and great delight and exhilaration and even intoxication and fulfillment, were it not that Yahweh has these feelings as well, but for something that these natural things represent and reveal.  Within the marriage of a man and a woman, these are pure and good feelings to be enjoyed.  And you can be most certain, these are exactly the feelings that Yahweh has for His church.


When the woman lays there before her husband, he sees the woman’s buttocks and that which lies between, the place of his greatest desire.  A man will caress and rub and massage the buttocks of the woman, but all for the purpose of eventually, at the right moment, consummating these movements and feelings by touching the desired.  Indeed the buttocks are thrilling and a delight and a desire, but the attention that is given to them must lead to that which brings the highest delight – consummation.  (And let me say here, though I was overwhelmed having seen that girl’s buttocks, any thoughts of actually having a sexual relationship as I am describing here, never went beyond my feelings and desires and fulfillment with my wife.  I did not lust for her personally.)


At the right time, the man then moves from that which is delightful and pleasurable to both himself and his wife, to the intoxicating, as he begins to gently touch and stimulate the desired.  At the right moment of pleasure, the woman responds and gives herself to the man and he enters her and they both enter into incomparable delight, exaltation, and fulfillment, followed by repose.  This is what Yahweh desires to experience.


What is hair?  As we learn in Coverings, Chapter 5, clearly, hair represents glory.  Looking at the pattern of the church that we just previously laid out, where is the glory?  It is not with the body of Christ.  They are masculine and they do not receive the glory during this developmental period of the church.  So where is the glory?  When a husband looks at his wife whom he desires, where is the glory when she lays there before him?  The glory is in the place where He longs to enter.  The glory is in the Bride where He longs to place His shemen.


Thus you now see the kingdom of God for which He longs – the body of Christ, the buttocks, which He has equally established and given attention to first, and the Bride, His ultimate delight in which He longs to enter, His Rachel for whom He labors a second time. 


The hairless buttocks reveal the body of Christ that receives no glory.  The desired reveals the Bride who enters into immortality during the center Millennial period and receives His glory.  The buttocks are much larger, even as the body of Christ is much larger.  The desired is smaller, only a Remnant.  The buttocks are the holy place that is more readily visible.  The desired is the holy of holies, where the priest enters within the veil, the hidden Bride.  The buttocks are the holy place that have the show bread.  The desired is the holy of holies where once a month the cleansing blood is sprinkled.  The buttocks can be caressed and from them take pleasure, but it is in the desired that the seed can be placed with climactic consummation!  The buttocks have an opening out of which comes dung, even the mouth of the body of Christ that speaks forth dung (the word of God digested by flesh man), while out of the desired comes blood and water.  The buttocks have an opening (Christianity’s mouth) that is afflicted and enflamed with cursed hemorrhoids that bring forth pain and suffering and blood (1 Samuel 5), while the desired has a hymen, the veil that is rent and testifies to the consummation of a marriage.  The buttocks can give birth only to wind (Isaiah 26:18), but the desired can bring forth regenerative life.  The buttocks are turned away when the woman turns over to fully reveal the desired, even as the holy place is torn down in order to reveal the way into the holy of holies (Hebrews 9:8).  While the body of Christ is stimulating and attracting, what would Yahweh do without the desired, His Bride, His Rachel?


The body of Christ was supposed to get 3,000 years of ministry.  In like regard, Isaiah went “naked and barefoot with buttocks uncovered” for three years (Isaiah 20:1-4).  Such is the state of the buttocks body of Christ – it is naked!  Even as we see testified that Christianity as the great harlot is exposed in her nakedness with her skirt lifted over her face, equally it is an exposed buttocks work. 


And is it without significance that Satan, the great red dragon in Revelation 12, swept away a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to earth with his tail?  And is it not the tail of a woman that Satan uses to do the same with men on the earth, especially when she abandons her place as a woman and puts on man’s pants, even pants that are designed specifically to show off her tail?  As we read here, Satan knows precisely how to cause the heavenly minded to be cast down to the earth by the tail.  Even so has Satan used the body of Christ under his reign.


Today through women’s lewd swimwear and thong underwear, Yahweh is prophesying that it is time for buttocks Christianity’s nakedness to be exposed.  This shame we see today is the very shame that Yahweh feels for buttocks Christianity.


And let us note here from the section titled “Tamar,” that the head and the tail, the palm branch (the tamar) and the bulrush, are twice brought into contrast (Isaiah 9:14 and 19:15).  These, again, are the two works in the kingdom – the Remnant who receive truth, the head; and Christianity, the tail.


All of these marvelous truths we are seeing are only made possible by looking at the kingdom of heaven within the realm of sexuality.  That which Yahweh is using here to reveal His head, His truth, is remarkably similar to the message of Song of Solomon.  From this most unusual book, one obtains an idea of the great desire that Yahshua has for His Bride, and how the Bride desires Him.  This writing has revealed this same truth, the same passionate longings and desires that He has, but in a way that is all the more sexual and all the more revealing. 


It seems most appropriate that Solomon is a clear picture of the Remnant Bride (read The Issue –II, page 3), particularly the first Remnant; and now this writer as the second Remnant, is writing on this same issue – sexual longings and passions and human design that reveal the spiritual.  And even as the first Remnant had no breasts (obviously they were very small), but the breasts of the second Remnant are “like towers” and give her beloved peace (Song of Solomon 8:8-10), fittingly this writing is “like towers” in comparison to Song of Solomon in its explanation and explicitness and revelation per these sexual issues that reveal the kingdom of heaven.



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