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Let us now take the passing over principle and look at what Yahweh is doing on the larger scale.  This will be most interesting and revealing!  As has been pointed out, the ways of Yahweh are consistent, whether they are being expressed at the lowest personal level, or at the at-large corporate kingdom of God level.  Therefore, the passing over principle will find expression in a person's life, in the nations, in history, and in the kingdom.

We have already seen that whatever Yahweh does, He often performs it per the passing over principle.  When this principle is seen in highly significant events such as the first three sons ever born, or the three patriarchs of faith, or the three sons of Israel, one can be assured that this same determining principle will be in force per the kingdom of God.  We have already seen that the kingdom, the church, is equally divided two-parts and one-part, and is subject to this divine principle.  But even on a larger scale than this, we once again see the passing over principle in highly determining application.  Let us now look at this.

The birth of Abraham, the birth of the twelve sons of Israel, the calling of the sons of Israel out from Egypt, the giving of the Laws of Yahweh, the dealings of Yahweh with the Israelites up to John the Baptist and the baptism of Yahshua, obviously marked a most significant period of time.  For our convenience we will call this period the pre-church period.  This was then followed, of course, by the church period.  But let us now look more specifically at the timing of both of these periods before we draw some important conclusions per the passing over principle.  Brace yourself!  What you are getting ready to learn is only possible by an entirely awesome and orderly God!

Steve Jones, in his book Secrets of Time, aptly points out that at the age of thirty, Yahshua was baptized by John on the Day of Atonement in October, 29 AD.  His baptism into the waters of death fulfilled Daniel's 70 weeks laid out in Daniel 9:24-27, wherein by His baptism, the sacrifices and offerings that had been required by Yahweh were, according to His recognition, legally fulfilled.  Therefore, Yahweh no longer needed or recognized the old and insufficient sacrifices of animals.  Also, six months prior, or in Passover of that same year, equally at the age of thirty, John the Baptist began his Elijah ministry of preparing the way for Yahshua.  These two events thus marked a very important year.  Let us now perform some math per Yahweh's timing of events.

We equally find in Steve's valuable accounting of time that Abraham was born 1,948 years from Adam's creation, or 1948 from Adam.  This is a very important date that corresponds precisely to today's test of Carmel between Christianity and the Remnant, which equally began in 1948 AD and is completed in 2003 AD.  And most strikingly, we find that 2003 was the very year in which Abraham entered into the promised land, only in years from Adam.  Multiple evidence, all of which cannot be elaborated on here, confirms that the test of Carmel will be completed at Tabernacles, 2003.  What we are getting ready to see now is indeed some of the most striking and conclusive evidence to this fact.  We will see that this Tabernacles should indeed mark the transition ending the period of Christianity and ushering in the Millennial reign.  Let us lay out for your comparison these remarkable and revealing similarities between Abraham and the test of Carmel.


1948 years from Adam -
Abraham was born


2003 years from Adam -
Abraham entered the promised land


1948 AD -
the test of Carmel began


2003 AD -
the test of Carmel ends and  the Remnant enter the promised land


Let us now examine more closely these two periods of the pre-church period and the church period which lead to the third-part Millennial reign.

We have already stated that Abraham was born 1,948 years from Adam, and that John the Baptist began his ministry at Passover, 29 AD, preparing the way for Yahshua's baptism six months later on the Day of Atonement, 29 AD.  We find that these two events were actually 3,923 years from Adam.  While we do not know for certain what time of the year Abraham was born, we do know that Yahshua was born around Tabernacles, and probably was in fact born on Trumpets.  If we may, let us therefore consider that Abraham, the father of faith and thus the precursor to Yahshua, was likewise born in the seventh month around Trumpets or Tabernacles.  

We have already stated that John and Yahshua began their ministries 3,923 years from Adam.  Now let us consider how many years from Adam that Tabernacles, 2003, will be, the time in which we have been saying that the period of Christianity is completed and the Millennial reign of Yahshua will begin.  Calculating this we find that it will be 5,897 years.  What does all of this mean?  Let us now see!

Considering that Abraham was born around Tabernacles, 1,948 years from Adam, and counting the number of years to the beginning of this very significant time in which John's ministry began in Passover, 3,923 years from Adam, we find that this accounting of the duration of the pre-church period comes out to be precisely 1,974 years and six months.  To make sure you understand this, here we see it laid out mathematically.

 3,923 - years from Adam to when John began his ministry at Passover
-1,948 - years from Adam to when Abraham was born at Tabernacles
 1,974 years and six months

Now let us calculate the duration of the next period of time, or the church.  Beginning from this same critical transition date of Passover, 3,923 years from Adam, and counting to the completion date of the test of Carmel in Tabernacles, 2003, or 5,897 years from Adam, once again we find that this calculates out to be precisely 1,974 years and six months!  To make sure you understand this, we will lay this out mathematically as well.

 5,897 - years from Adam to the completion of test of Carmel in Tabernacles, 2003
-3,923 - years from Adam to when John began his ministry at Passover
 1,974 years and six months

Thus, quite remarkably, both the pre-church period and the church period up to the Millennial reign, are precisely the same in duration - 1,974  years and six months!

This information is one more outstanding confirmation to that which we have been saying regarding Tabernacles, 2003, and the test of Carmel.  But let us now briefly see how this relates to the passing over principle.

What we find laid out here is in fact once again three periods of time:

This totals to be a chronological time period representative of 5,000 years, which we saw in The Issue - II, page 11, is in fact a legal 6,000 years which, by Yahweh's grace, is reduced to 5,000 years.  Now, applying what we have learned about the passing over principle, we once again find, only on a much larger scale, that Yahweh passes over the pre-church period, or what is basically called Judaism; He then passes over the period of the church that is called Christianity; but finally, He takes the third part, or the period of the kingdom for which the Remnant have prepared the way for Yahshua's return, ushering in His Millennial reign.

Beyond any doubt, we now know two things regarding Christianity.  First, according to Yahweh's oft proven passing over principle, Christianity is as much a failure as we have already seen the pre-church period of "Judaism" to be.  Like Cain and Abel who were cut off by rejection and death, like Abraham and Isaac who did not fulfill the promise to become many nations, like the first two sons of Jacob who were passed over for their sins, like the first two forty year periods of Moses' life that did not fulfill the deliverance of the sons of Israel, like Saul and David who were men of failure and violence and could not build a house for Yahweh or inherit all the land promised to Abraham, so both "Judaism" as well as Christianity did not inherit the full promises of Yahweh, did not enter into the first resurrection into immortality, and will not reign with Yahshua in the Millennium.

Second, we now have substantial evidence as to the precise length of the period of the church known as Christianity.  Like its predecessor, it too will be precisely 1,974 years and six months.  The church began with the Elijah ministry of John the Baptist, preparing the way for Yahshua six months later per His baptism by John.  As we find from Daniel's 70 weeks, legally Yahweh fully accepted His baptism into the waters of death as the cessation of all animal sacrifices and offerings made by man, fulfilling "all righteousness" as Yahshua declared (Mathew 3:15).  Three and a half years later, He then carried out by His physical death that which He had already legally secured at His baptism.  After His resurrection, He breathed on the disciples, saying, "Receive the Holy Spirit" (John 20:22), and on the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon the church in the form of the former rain.  But as we see here, even as Yahshua's death in the waters of baptism preceded His death on the cross, and even as Yahshua's breathing on the disciples preceded the rushing mighty wind of Pentecost, so the ministry of John the Baptist was in fact the relatively silent yet entirely legal beginning of the church period known as Christianity.  And now at the end of its designed period of time, this corrupt and short-fall period must likewise be passed over and will end on Tabernacles, 2003.

And finally, the likelihood that the duration of both the pre-church period and the church period are precisely the same, not only to the year but to the month as well, goes far beyond the possibility of chance.  It goes without saying that this kind of accuracy is only possible by sovereign divine design, and provides tremendous evidence to a major and decisive happening at Tabernacles, 2003.  Likewise, the chance that the concluding year of the church period we know as Christianity (2003 AD) falling precisely on the year that Abraham entered into the promised land (2003 from Adam), makes the likelihood of this being anything other than divine design an impossibility.  Add to this that which this writer has been declaring since January, 2002, that the test of Carmel between Christianity and the Remnant will be completed in Tabernacles, 2003, makes this a most incredible and confirming testimony.  To make sure you understand what has just been said, let us lay out this remarkable concurrence.


55 years later he entered into the promised land -----> 2003 from Adam
1948 from Adam 
Abraham was born



Passing through the two 1,974 years and six months periods of the pre-church and the church -----> 2003 AD

1948 AD -----> 55 year test of Carmel ending with the Elijah Remnant ascending alive -----> 2003 AD

As an appropriate conclusion at this point, what we are reporting here is the fulfillment of that which was spoken to Moses just before he went up on the mountain to be glorified (Exodus 33:17-23).  After the first Remnant stood on the rock with Yahshua and the breach period of Christianity has transpired, wherein Yahweh has placed His hand over the church for 2,000 years so they could not see, He is now removing His hand and we, the second Remnant, are seeing the "back" of Yahweh - the marvelous works He alone has performed and is even now performing!  These things that you are reading are the "back" of Yahweh, and are both marvelous to behold and provide critical vital truth for the Elijah!  Yahweh be praised that He is causing us to now see His wonderful works!

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