Without question, what you are about to read from the Scriptures is truly a crown jewel of prophecy, evidencing and proving that they are, without a doubt, the amazing word of God.  The Scriptures are not just from man, but are indisputably the work of God.  One cannot have so much truth woven together from so many areas of the Scriptures—from the Old Testament and the New Testament—and produce something so incredibly intact and seamless, except it be by the authorship of God.  What you will read here is truly one of the most amazing things this man has ever seen—in Scripture, in nature, or in life itself—proving this is the word of God, the word of truth, and evidencing what He is doing and what He will do.  And, this provides great hope for the near future.  Let us begin.  But frankly, you will need to read this very carefully and more than once, and even study it.


I just discovered that the name “Shelah” in the Old Testament is a translation of two obviously very similar Hebrew words, different by just one character.  Since there are writings like Shelah and Clay of Spittle, this very much concerned me.  What we find is, the name Shelah, the third son of Judah, is from the Hebrew root-verb שלה, orshala.”  But then, there is another Hebrew root-verb, שלח, which is “shalah.”  You will notice that the first character is slightly different, though both words have the same translation/pronunciation—Shelah.  Furthermore, the Hebrew word for the third son of Judah, shala, means “a petition” (H7956).  On the other hand, the similar Hebrew word shalah means “to send” (H7975).


In Nehemiah 3:15 we read of “the Pool of Shelah at the king’s garden as far as the steps that descend from the city of David.”  This Pool of Shelah is the Hebrew word shalah.  And in Isaiah 8:6 we read:  “Inasmuch as these people have rejected the gently flowing waters of Shiloah . . ..”  Here again this is shalah.  Both of these look to the Pool of Siloam in the New Testament.  So, the specific Hebrew word from which the Pool of Siloam receives its name is shalah, which is not directly associated with the third son of Judah, shala.


Thus far when teaching about the third son of Judah, I have identified the third part of the church as the Shelah period.  Without question that is true.  But, I have been mistaken in thinking that the Pool of Siloam (the Greek word for Shelah) is the Pool of Shelah associated with the third son of Judah.  This is an easy mistake to make, for both of these words are translated the same—Shelah.  And here is the profound wonder of Yahweh.


Let me ask you:  Is Christianity supposed to receive the third part, the third one thousand-year period of the church?  Yes.  It is three measures of meal, three sons of Judah, three hours of darkness, and so on.  But, . . . will they receive the third part?  Absolutely not!  As also attested in the Scriptures, Yahweh must cut short the time of the church that we have known for two thousand years—from three thousand to two thousand years.  And He prophesies both courses.  And with amazing wonder, the testimony of the two Shelahs is most consistent with this.


Just as there are two possible fates of the church, there are two Shelahs.  On the one hand there is the third son of Judah testimony, the fruit of a cursed Canaanite mother; and if the third part of Christianity is given the Tamar Melchizedek priesthood, it will be “My God, my God, why have you forsaken us?”  The third part “Shelah” will be killed as well.  As he testifies, there would be NO offspring from that Shelah through Tamar, and no Son of God.  So what is Yahweh’s alternative?  There has to be another Shelah, and that is the Shelah of Nehemiah 3 and Isaiah 8—the Pool of Shelah, the Pool of Siloam, even what has been the gentle waters up to now.  And it is this Shelah that impregnates the Bride to “birth” Yahshua/Immanuel back to this earth—the latter rain!


Let us now look at the physical testimony Yahweh has wonderfully provided in this living parable.  To help you understand, here is a map showing what are in fact two Pools of Shelah.  This too will prophesy.



First, you will notice the source of this water—Gihon.  There were two aqueducts built over time so as to be able to provide and retain that water in the King’s Garden within old Jerusalem.  You will see here the Lower Pool, the Old Pool.  It was the first to be built.  Then later, King Hezekiah built the Upper Pool, the Pool of Shiloh.  That aqueduct is today called Hezekiah’s Tunnel.


Now, with that information, let us see what Yahweh is prophesying.  First, there must be water in the King’s Garden, or the kingdom of heaven, the Garden of God, the church.  So, first comes the Lower Pool, the “gently flowing waters” of the former rain.  But, is it the needed fulfillment?  Not at all!  It begins watering the Garden, but that pool dries up and has to be replaced.  What is needed?  A second pool, the Pool of Siloam, the water that comes in the Shelah third part of the church, the latter rain.  This is the pool where Yahshua sent a blind man who had never before seen light.  And before doing so, He declared, “We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work.  While I am in the world, I am the Light of the world” (John 9:4-5).  When that Light left, man has known darkness ever since.  Yahshua then spat on the ground and made clay of spittle, applied it to the man’s eyes, and told him to go wash in, none other than, the Pool of Siloam/Shelah.


I ask you, what was God doing here at this moment?  The apostles asked Yahshua beforehand who sinned, the man or his parents.  “Neither,” He said, “but that the works of God would be manifested/made clear in him.”  In other words, all of this that is unfolding here is nothing less than a parable manifesting/making clear what God would indeed do in the third part of the church.  Again, the entire event is a parable.  And only now is He opening blinded eyes so that we can see.  And only now can the Pool of Siloam even be accessed.  It is the Pool of Shelah—the pool that comes in the third part of the church.  It is the pool afforded in the latter rain.  Yahshua has spat on the ground and formed a clay man, and that clay is causing the blind to see—washing now in the waters of Gihon, the Pool of Siloam, the Pool of Shelah.


Do you understand now why there have to be two aqueducts and two pools constructed in the King’s Garden, the church?  Again, Yahweh in a natural way, in a parable, has manifested and is now making clear what He has done and what He is about to do.  And quite interestingly, this understanding of the Pool of Siloam was first brought to me in 2004.  Coincidently and even amazingly, that is the very year and month that the natural Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem was equally discovered and announced.  You can read about that here.


So, let us learn more as we now examine the source of this vital two-part water.  We see that this highly prophetic water comes from a spring called Gihon.  Gihon means “bursting forth.”  And to better understand the significance and testimony of this, let us look at yet another Gihon spoken of in the Scriptures as well—one of the four rivers that flowed from the waters that came out of another garden, the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:10-14).  Here again we are seeing prophecy that enlightens and reinforces what we are seeing in these two outpourings of the Spirit—the former and particularly the latter.  The first river was Pishon.  Its fulfillment was the former rain that established and formed the first Remnant.  The second river was Gihon.  This is the latter rain that establishes and forms the second Remnant today.  The third river was the Tigris, and its fulfillment is the final establishment of the Body of Christ.  And finally was the Euphrates, which will effect the restoration of the nations.  With these four rivers fulfilled, the Garden will cover the entire earth.


And additionally concerning Gihon as the latter rain, and this is most significant and profoundly revealing and confirming, let us look at 1 Kings 1.  Here again, the whole of the Bible prophesies of this—a seamless garment of truth!  While everyone in Jerusalem thought that David’s son, Adonijah, would replace the king in his old age and were already celebrating this, through the appeal of Bathsheba, her son Solomon was instead placed upon David’s mule, led to Gihon, and there anointed with oil by the prophet Nathan and a trumpet was blown.  Thereupon, the party was over for Adonijah.  Solomon, who built Yahweh’s temple, is a type of the Bride, while Adonijah is clearly Christianity.  And concerning the latter, equally to their surprise they will not reign in the Millennium.  Let us examine further this truly profound and very precise testimony.


Regarding this event, we read:  Adonijah sacrificed sheep and oxen and fatlings by the stone of Zoheleth, which is near En-rogel” (1 Kings 1:9).  So, what was Christianity Adonijah doing?  What was he also prophesying in this equally revealing living parable?  The word “Zoheleth” actually means “serpent.”  So, consistent with Christianity, Adonijah was sacrificing sheep and oxen and fatlings by “the stone of the serpent,” Satan.  Look at Africa, which means “snake kingdom.”  Yahweh told me in the latter 1990s that Africa is Christianity.  Do you see Satan’s face engraved on it?  In Zechariah 3:9, Yahweh declared:  “ ‘For behold, the stone that I have set before Yahshua; on one stone are seven eyes.  Behold, I will engrave an engraving on it,’ declares Yahweh of hosts, ‘and I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day.’ “  Africa is a large stone that is a testimony to Christianity, which Satan has been ruling over from its beginning.  This is the stone testified to as well when Christianity Adonijah sacrificed the sheep by the stone of the serpent.


And if the evidence is not already profound enough, we find that the stone of Zoheleth was located in the center of, none other than, the village of Siloam—the location of the two pools of Siloam!  The first pool of Siloam had already been established when Adonijah was making his offerings, just like the former rain had already come when Christianity was established.  But will Christianity receive the latter-rain pool of Siloam, Gihon?  Not at all.  It is for the establishment of the Bride.  Therefore, as evidence here, the second pool had not yet been built when Adonijah made his bid to be king.  While Christianity is in the Garden, it does not receive the latter-rain waters of Gihon. 



Here again we see yet another profound testimony of Christianity.  While Solomon was being anointed at Gihon by Nathan and there was the blast of the trumpet, Christianity Adonijah was at Siloam when only one pool had been established, and he was making his offerings at the stone of the serpent.  This account in itself is incredibly amazing!


We also read that Zoheleth was near En-rogel, which bears the meaning:  “fount of the fuller.”  Could this alude to the coming of the Elijah, who “is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap” (Malachi 3:2)?  We can indeed hope so.  But one thing for certain, with all of this profound evidence, there is no question that these events—from Judah and his three sons by a Canaanite wife; and Tamar the granddaughter of Melchizedek priesthood not being given to Shelah; and the two Pools of Siloam in the King’s Garden; and Yahshua’s parable of healing the man who was blind from birth, sending him to the Pool of Siloam; and Gihon coming from the Garden of God; and here the rejection of Christianity Adonijah at the stone of the serpent in Siloam—all prophesy in a way that is most, most conclusive!  Again, a seamless garment of truth!


But, let us keep going and see even more.  Since the lower and upper pools represent the former and latter rains of the Holy Spirit, establishing the two Remnants, what is the significance of the latter pool’s supply of the waters of Gihon coming specifically through Hezekiah’s tunnel?  You are in for yet another amazing, vital, and hope-filled piece of information here.


In Numbers 9:10-14, we find the law regarding a delayed Passover.  In fact, it is the only feast that has such a provision.  Why?  The reality is, the feasts are not something for us to fulfill.  Rather, the feasts are given to us because Yahweh will fulfill them.  When we try to do so, it is only a mere shadow.  So I ask you, did all the thousands and thousands of lambs that were slain at Passover ever fulfill it?  Never!  They were only a shadow of that which would come, where it could finally find its fulfillment—the sacrifice of the Lamb of God.  This was true with Pentecost as well, as it too was finally fulfilled fifty days afterwards.  So, the feasts are simply here as shadows, waiting for the final fulfillments.


Therefore, one could say that Passover has been fulfilled.  And so it was, two thousand years ago.  BUT, what about the law of the delayed Passover in Numbers 9?  Most importantly, especially today, it is yet to be fulfilled.  Let me explain something to you.  When Yahshua came and (1) laid His life down as the Passover lamb, dying as the sacrifice for our sins, as well as (2) providing to us the restored kingdom of God through the Nazirite vow, He did so “before the time” (Matthew 8:29), before it was time for Him to set up His kingdom.  That kingdom was not supposed to come until the seventh-day Millennial Reign.  Therefore, that early kingdom was corrupted, just like the original Garden.


So, what has to happen?  Passover has been fulfilled once already; but according to the Law, and most importantly, it has to be fulfilled again.  You may say, “Not necessarily.”  But no, the law did not provide for a delayed Passover if it was not going to be fulfilled.  And keep in mind, it has to be fulfilled because the former was too early.  What has been the outcome of that early fulfillment?  Just what the Law says.  There were two reasons to have a delayed Passover:  “If any one of you or of your generations becomes unclean because of a dead person, or is on a distant journey, he may, however, observe the Passover to Yahweh” (Numbers 9:10).  And that is EXACTLY what has happened for two thousand years:  we have been among the dead and have been on a looooong two-thousand-year journey!  Today is the time for the fulfillment of this law.  I hope you understand this, for it is vital!


So if this is prophetic for our fulfillment today, has Yahweh provided a testimony of its fulfillment?  You can be most certain He has.  In 2 Chronicles 29, King Hezekiah called for the cleansing of the house of Yahweh after all their evil and unclean practices, and thereupon consecrated it and the priests to Him.  Such is the state of the church with its evil and unclean practices, and what has to take place within it as well.  In verse 36 we read:   Then Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced over what God had prepared for the people, because the thing came about suddenly.”  Here again, today, this will be a much welcomed and sudden work as well.


In 2 Chronicles 30:2 we read that they were going to have Passover/Unleavened Bread in the second month, since they could not celebrate it in the first month.  They sent out messengers, calling people to come; but, most of the people laughed them to scorn and mocked them.  Only a remnant humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem, celebrating the delayed Passover.  The people were unclean, but Hezekiah prayed for them:  May good Yahweh pardon everyone who prepares his heart to seek God, Yahweh God of his fathers, though not according to the purification rules of the sanctuary.”  Yahweh heard Hezekiah and healed the people.  In fact, the feast was so wonderful that they even decided to celebrate it for another seven days—giving them a double-portion Unleavened Bread.   So there was great joy in Jerusalem, because there was nothing like this in Jerusalem since the days of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel.”


So, what do we see here?  Today, there needs to be a double-portion delayed Passover/Unleavened Bread, in the same order of Elisha’s double portion that he received from Elijah.  And when it occurs, there too will be nothing like it!  So we ask again:  Who built the aqueduct that brought the waters of Gihon, bursting forth, to the Upper Pool?  The same man who effected the double-portion delayed Passover/Unleavened Bread—Hezekiah!  Hezekiah’s tunnel attests to the delayed double-portion latter rain that cleanses and restores the Remnant of the church—the Bride.


What then is our hope?  Two thousand years ago, Yahshua fulfilled Passover, along with the Nazirite Vow, specifically on that feast day.  After being on a two thousand-year-long journey among the dead, today we need a double-portion delayed Passover/Unleavened Bread!  If Yahweh initially fulfilled this law beginning specifically on the day of Passover, it seems incumbent that He will once again fulfill the law regarding a delayed Passover/Unleavened Bread specifically on that feast day, and in that feast period.  By doing this, even as Christ died on Passover, it would seem that the Body of Christ would be declared and deemed dead on that delayed Passover fulfillment.  Also, Yahshua restored the kingdom of heaven, the Garden, and gave it to man.  This too would be necessary once again since the kingdom has been corrupted for two thousand years.  Looking at the New Millennial Calendar for 2016-2017, a delayed Passover would fall on May 24, 2017, with Unleavened Bread going through May 31.


Unique to kingdom John, when Yahshua rose from the grave, it says that that evening He came among them and said to them, “ ‘Peace be with you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you.’  And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’ “ (John 29:21-22).  Why did this happen in kingdom John?  Could it have looked to the latter-rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit?  Possibly so.  Let us look at something else here.


We cannot go into the details, but as addressed in Tabernacles Pentecost Revisited, Passover is a 1—7—1 pattern:  Passover, Unleavened Bread, and then forty-nine days later is Pentecost.  But Tabernacles is a 7—1 pattern:  seven days of Tabernacles, and then the eighth day, the Last Great Day.  So, based on the pattern of Passover—Unleavened Bread—Pentecost, Tabernacles is lacking a Pentecost.  There has to be a latter rain, just as the first Remnant received the former rain on their Passover Pentecost.  So, to follow that pattern, Tabernacles needs a Pentecost, making it a complete 1—7—1 pattern as well.  Nine is the number of completion.


And, let us here add another testimony to this.  As addressed in a Remnant Bride Blog entry in 2015, a Pentecost can extend out forty-nine days, or two forty-nine-day periods, and even three forty-nine-day periods.  So, with all of this information, when would a Tabernacles Pentecost fall in 2017?  Again, if you examine the New Millennial Calendar, you will see that a Tabernacles Pentecost with three forty-nine-day periods falls on May 31—the last day of the delayed Passover/Unleavened Bread!  The two feasts—a delayed Passover/Unleavened Bread and Tabernacles Pentecost—actually coincide in 2017, affording the hope of a double portion latter rain!  Just as the former rain fell on a Passover Pentecost, it is most fitting that the latter rain would fall on a Tabernacles Pentecost.  Just as there was Passover followed by Pentecost, here again it seems most fitting that there would be a flip and Pentecost would precede Tabernacles.  We can only wait and see.


In John 9, Yahshua set forth the parable of the man who had been blind from His birth—a parable that, by Yahshua’s own words, was to manifest, to make clear, the coming works of God.  Everything you have seen here surrounds and upholds and expands upon that critical event: 


Š      The Pool of Shelah/Siloam where blinded eyes are opened;


Š      The contrast of Shelah, the third son of Judah who did not receive Tamar, the Melchizedek priesthood;


Š      The two pools of Siloam in none other than the King’s Garden;


Š      Gihon, the source of the waters for the two pools;


Š      Gihon, the river that flowed from the Garden of God;


Š      The preluding village of Siloam where Christianity Adonijah made offerings at the stone of the serpent, and his presumptuous celebration was suddenly interrupted by the trumpet at Gihon where Nathan anointed temple-building Solomon as King;


Š      And even, most importantly, the witness of Hezekiah as not only the one who built the latter aqueduct for the Pool of Siloam, but also performed the cleansing of the temple and the hugely important double delayed Passover.


What more evidence, what more seamless truth, would one need to back off and proclaim, “This is the work of God, evidencing in an unmistakably profound way the sound truth that has been set forth by the Bride.  Other than the sacrifice and ministry of Yahshua, there is nothing that compares with this profound intact testimony; and it has been hidden in plain sight all along.  Only now is Yahshua opening blinded eyes to see what Yahweh has planned from the beginning of time.  Gihon, the latter rain, will indeed impregnate the Bride who will BIRTH Immanuel back to this earth.  The Bride’s water will break, and the man child will be birthed and will rule all the nations with a rod of iron (Revelation 12:5).





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