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It seems evident that Yahweh is providing attesting signs that the Remnant Bride is indeed on the right course and that the matters that are being addressed here of late are His timing and are true.  On May 31, 2004, the writing, A Lesson From Intercession, was posted and announced.  This writing looks at the account of Esther and the marvelous testimony of the interceding Bride.  Esther stood in the intercessoral place between the King, who had the authority to kill her and her people, and her people, who were destined for death.  You must read that writing to understand its great and timely importance.


Then, only eight days after its publication, wholly unknown to this writer until the day before the event, a heavenly testimony took place which spoke precisely to what is spiritually occurring at this time and was revealed in that writing.  On June 8, Venus crossed in front of the sun, taking a position directly between the earth and the sun.  This event last occurred in 1882, will reoccur in eight years in 2012, but then not again until 2117.


In A Lesson From Intercession, we saw how significant the testimony of Esther is to our time.  Esther means “star.”  But she is not just any star.  We find that Esther is specifically identified with the planet Venus.  Esther is a modification of Ishtar, the name of the Babylonian goddess of fertility and of the planet Venus.  Reference materials all associate Esther directly with Venus.


And while Esther is Venus, equally significant Mordecai actually means “dedicated to Mars.”  It is quite timely that on August 27, 2003, Mars was the closest to the earth that it has come in nearly 60,000 years.  Therefore, in 2003 we had the marvelous and outstanding celestial testimony of Mordecai, followed in 2004 by the marvelous and outstanding testimony of Esther.


When one considers what happened on June 8 with regard to Venus, it is precisely what we have been addressing and what is spiritually taking place at this time.  Esther was the intercessor between the king with his golden rod, and the people who were cursed by Ham-man to certain death; or the Bride between the Father with the Son, and the church that has died for 2,000 years, and will die for another 1,000 years unless mercy is extended; or as revealed in the heavenlies, Venus between the sun and the earth.  June 8 was in fact a heavenly scene/testimony of precisely what we have been learning – the intercession of the Bride, who stands between the God-head and the perishing.  Along with the Mars testimony last year, it seems quite evident that Yahweh is indeed attesting in the heavenlies that which He is performing among man at this time – the provision of the interceding Bride and the extension of His second golden rod!


Quite interestingly, Venus, the morning-star, sheds its light after all the other stars have ceased to shine, and while the sun still delays to rise.  Thus we see the work of Esther just before the break of day, the coming of the Light of the whole earth as the other stars cease to shine.  Esther, as the morning star, is the Elijah work that prepares His way, shining just before His return.  And by the way, “Esther” is my last daughter’s middle name.  Grace Esther was our final child for whom Yahweh repaired the breach in order for her birth to take place.


If this is not already sufficient testimony that what we are seeing is in fact occurring in the spiritual realm, in the kingdom of God, and what we are saying is true, then this next testimony should surely provide that conclusive evidence.


In this writing, we are revealing for the first time the truth regarding the Pool of Siloam, the Pool of Shelah – the third-part Millennial reign.  Therefore, as evidence to this spiritual revelation, Yahweh has equally provided a most affirming natural testimony.


On June 9, 2004, Yahweh showed this man the truth of the spittle clay and its testimony per the Pool of Siloam and its representation of the Millennial reign.  Is there anything in your mind that would confirm that we are indeed in the Shelah Millennial reign and that what this writer has been shown is in fact true?  Can you think of anything?  We have already seen the amazing testimony of Mars and Venus, so what more could be evidenced?  Would you be convinced if an attesting sign accompanied this as wonderful as the natural Pool of Siloam being discovered after 2,000 years of being hidden?  This is precisely what Yahweh has done!  Even as this writer has been seeing and revealing these truths regarding the Pool of Siloam, so the natural Pool of Siloam has been revealed after a 2,000 year breach in time.  Equally, on June 9, 2004 (updated June 10), the following article was published in the Jerusalem Post.


2nd Temple pool found



A pool that served as a main water reservoir for Jerusalem residents 2,000 years ago has been uncovered, the Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday.


The Pool of Siloam was uncovered last week by chance at the southern end of the City of David – in what today is Silwan – while the city was carrying out infrastructure work for a new sewage pipe.


Archeologist Eli Shukrun said that two millennia ago, Jewish residents would use the pool to gather water for their homes, as a meeting place, and also possibly as a mikve.


After lying untouched for 2,000 years, archeologists first uncovered one step, and then several more leading down to the pool, whose water came from the nearby Gihon spring.


"This find is of major importance to the archeological world," Antiquities Authority director Shuka Dorfman said Wednesday at a short ceremony at the site, where excavations are ongoing.


"This is our history and it is important that we know and remember that Jews lived here, and that this is our inheritance," Education Minister Limor Livnat said.


Livnat, whose ministry oversees the work of the Antiquities Authority, added that it was tremendously exciting to see history being repeatedly uncovered in the area.


For the time being, the site will not be open to the public.


"Both how and if the site will be opened will be determined in the future," Dorfman said.


While this find may indeed be of importance to the archeological world, it is of far more importance to the kingdom of God, especially to the second Remnant.  And while this dry, barren, and troubled land may be the inheritance of the natural Jew, this finding is a timely reminder of the inheritance the second Remnant possesses, one which has equally been hidden for the entire duration of the 2,000 year breach period of the church – the spiritual Pool of Siloam.


If the ark of the covenant was discovered today, Christians would rightfully deem it as an important sign of the times.  If Noah’s ark was discovered on Ararat (where Christians falsely search), it too would be deemed an important spiritual testimony for today.  But at the revelation of this writing on the Pool of Siloam, there could be no greater or important or confirming discovery than uncovering the Pool of Siloam itself.  Let us look at that pool more carefully.


As the article states, the Pool of Siloam was fed by the spring, Gihon.  Let us examine the testimony of Gihon, and once again there is so very much here that it is almost overwhelming.


Fittingly, “Gihon” means “bursting forth.”  Let us list the places in which this fountain/spring is mentioned in the Scriptures, and then we will address each one.  Here again we must be brief.


(1.)     In Genesis 2:13 we read that the second of the four rivers that flowed from Eden was Gihon, which flowed to Cush.


(2.)     There was only one water source in Jerusalem, and that was Gihon; and though not mentioned by name, it was through the water tunnel of Gihon that David’s men passed in order to capture Jebus, and he “called it the city of David,” Zion, Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:6-9, 1 Chronicles 11:4-9).


(3.)     David rejected Adonijah’s efforts to be king, and had Solomon taken to this very spring where he had captured the city in the first place, to Gihon, where he was anointed king over Israel (1 Kings 1:32-40).


(4.)     King Hezekiah “stopped the upper outlet of the waters of Gihon and directed them to the west side of the city of David” (2 Chronicles 32:30).


(5.)     These were the waters that fed the Pool of Siloam/Shelah/Shiloah.


(1.)  There is no question that with four rivers flowing out of Eden, there must be four outflowings of the Spirit from the garden of God.  We have already seen in Isaiah that because the gently flowing waters of Gihon are rejected, the strong waters of the Euphrates will come.  We read in Genesis 2:10-14 that “a river flowed out of Eden to water the garden; and from there it divided and became four rivers.”  These in order were – Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates.  Most interestingly, the first and the third mean “swift flowing,” and the second and the fourth mean “bursting forth.”  Thus, Gihon and Euphrates have the same meaning.


The waters of Gihon are said to flow to Cush.  “Cush” means “firelike or burned,” and was the name of one of the sons of Ham.  Even as we saw with Sodom and Gomorrah, this is the fire that the “third part” of the church is brought through (Zechariah 13:9), once again confirming that these waters flow specifically in the Millennial reign to the Pool of Shelah.


(2.)  How is one to take the city of David, Jerusalem, even Zion?  David’s testimony is that it must be taken by the passageway of Gihon, the “water tunnel.”  As noted earlier, the original name of Jerusalem was Jebus, meaning “trodden down or trodden under foot.”  As it is written in Revelation 11:2, and as we addressed earlier, this is what has happened  to the church – “they will tread under foot the holy city for forty-two months.”  (We have already seen the significance of the number forty-two in relation to Christianity.)  Thus, what Revelation 11:2 speaks of is in fact the very state of Jerusalem, the holy city, Zion, the kingdom of God, the church, as attested to when David came to this city – it is Jebus, it is trampled, it is the outer court that is trodden under foot!  Therefore, the very question we have today is the same as when David faced Jebus – How can the Jebus church be taken?  And the answer is the same as it was in the day of David – by ascending through the water way of Gihon!


Two things should be noted here.  First, it was here that David was taunted that “the blind and the lame shall turn you away.”  Thus we read David’s response – “’Whoever would strike the Jebusites, let him reach the lame and the blind who are hated by David’s soul through the water tunnel.’  Therefore they say, ‘The blind or the lame shall not come into the house’” (2 Samuel 5:8).  This too is the very state of the church – kingdom men are blind and lame.  They are blind and cannot see the works and ways of Yahweh.  They are lame because their kingdom rights have been afflicted by Satan.  And neither the blind nor the lame will stop Yahweh from accomplishing His work on man’s behalf.  And even as David brought lame Mephibosheth into his house to eat at his table, so Yahweh will have mercy on a Mephibosheth Remnant.


Also, in the writing titled Joab, this writer states very plainly that he is a Joab.  That is simply the position where Yahweh has placed him, though sometimes it makes life very difficult.  Also, Yahweh has chosen to use this man to bring forth the Bride, to be the second golden rod.  Thus, you will note in this account as recorded in Remnant 1 Chronicles 11:4-9 where Joab received his right to become chief – “Now David had said, ‘Whoever strikes down a Jebusite first shall be chief and commander.’  And Joab the son of Zeruiah went up (the water tunnel) first, so he became chief.”  It has been Yahweh’s choice that this man as a Joab ascend the water tunnel of Gihon first and lead many others to follow to victory.  For many reasons known to Yahweh, a no-compromise resolute Joab has had to go through first, has had to precede the way through the passage way of the waters of Gihon that lead to the fall of Jebus.  Thus it is that Jebus, the “trodden down,” must be overtaken and restored to Jerusalem, even Zion, the city of David.


(3.)  When David was to anoint Solomon king, as promised to his mother, Bathsheba, fittingly and in a repeat testimony to what occurs at the waters of Gihon today, he had Solomon taken to this very spring where he took the city in the first place – Gihon, the waters of the Pool of Shelah.  This is the place of the confirmation of the choice of the Remnant to sit on the throne of David, even as is being revealed in these writings.  It is equally the place that, like Carmel, draws a clear contrast and decision between Christianity and the Remnant, between Adonijah and Solomon.  The waters of Gihon are provided for the anointing of the Remnant to sit on the throne of David. 

And David’s response to Solomon’s replacement of him is most interesting and confirming of all we are seeing here (this seamless garment of truth).  Once again tied to this matter of Yahweh overcoming our lame feet, it was a Jonathan who went to Adonijah to tell him of David’s choice.  To Adonijah he declared:


“And moreover, the king’s servants came to bless our lord King David, saying, ‘May your God make the name of Solomon better than your name and his throne greater than your throne!’  And the king bowed himself on the bed.  The king has also said thus, ‘Blessed be Yahweh, the God of Israel, who has granted one to sit on my throne today while my own eyes see it’” (1 Kings 1:47-48).


Here we have King David, having sent Solomon to the waters of Gihon (that would flow to Siloam) to be made king, and his response was that he blessed Yahweh that his eyes saw this day.  The word “eyes” here once again is “ayin,” which is the same word for “fountain.”  Thus we see that David’s eyes were equally opened to see the day in which Remnant Solomon became king at the waters that would flow to the Fountain/Eye Gate. 


(4.)  Hezekiah is repeatedly a testimony of the Remnant, and what he did with the waters of Gihon were no exception.  We find that Hezekiah dug a meandering and irregular serpentine underground tunnel from Gihon to Shelah so as to keep the waters inside Jerusalem.  At we read concerning this meandering tunnel, as well as the water tunnel that David’s men went up through – “And it's a crazy piece of engineering.  It lurches about, piercing hard rock and missing softer stuff -- adding needless excavation.  Archeologists have made every excuse for bad design. … David got into the city through a series of limestone caves.  Long afterward, Hezekiah straightened out those caves.  He did some tunneling to connect with the Spring, but he also used what was already there.”  Following is a map showing the location of the tunnel, as well as a lateral glorified representation of its elevation



Thus we find that the waters of Gihon were diverted by Hezekiah underground so as to come out at the Pool of Shelah/Siloam.  What is this telling us?  Knowing the great significance of this pool for today, and insomuch that we see it has been buried or hidden for 2,000 years, both naturally as well as spiritually, it is quite revealing that Remnant representative Hezekiah would redirect this water underground, out of sight and availability, in a serpentine course so that it could resurface within Jerusalem at Shelah.  What are we saying?  What are we seeing?


In A Lesson From Intercession, page 9, we consider the marvelous testimony regarding Elisha and Joash.  Therein we find Elisha having the king to open a window to the east, shoot an arrow out of it, and proclaim – “the arrow of victory.”  We noted that this was prophetic of the victory that the first Remnant would send forth through an office that would be given to the second Remnant.  Here we find a similar testimony. 


The period of Christianity is represented as a period of drought where there is an absence of the water of the word of truth that gives life, and also the presence of the serpent, Satan.  Here we see the same testimony.  Prophetically, intercessorally, even as the arrow was sent forth to another time, so Remnant-representing Hezekiah sent the water of Gihon underground, hidden for 2,000 years, even as the Pool of Siloam was hidden underground for the 2,000 years that Satan has dearthed the church, until those waters could come forth from the deeps for the second Remnant in Shelah, the third part of the church.  These are the waters from which we are both drinking and are being provided for opening blinded eyes at the Fountain/Eye Gate. 


Before being diverted, the waters of Gihon had been located outside the Water Gate; but upon being diverted, they were sent to the Fountain/Eye Gate.  And is it not significant that the man who has been an Elijah for this man regarding much of these matters, is a man by the name of Kyle Nixon, whose last name prophetically reveals a President of the U.S. who experienced his own fall and political death at his own Water Gate?  Here again, the waters of the Water Gate had to dry up, be diverted, so that they could effect their needed work at the Fountain/Eye Gate in the third part Shelah period of the church.


In closing on this point, we have noted in A Lesson From Intercession and the issue surrounding Mordecai, that as Satan has judged, so he will be judged, as he sows, so he will reap.  This is certainly true with the former and the latter rains, even the waters of Gihon, or “bursting forth.”  In Revelation 12:15-16 we read that when the woman gave birth to the male child, Satan became enraged and “poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood.  And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon poured out of his mouth.” 


In type, this is precisely what Hezekiah did, but with the testimony of a positive outcome/fulfillment.  He made a tunnel in the earth that caused the earth to drink up the waters of Gihon, or “bursting forth,” but instead to direct those waters to the place where they could actually come forth to heal the blind and defeat Satan.  While Satan’s waters were for evil, Yahweh caused the earth to perform that which was for good.  Though Satan has dearthed the people for 2,000 years, even as Hezekiah’s tunnel is 1,777 feet in length, or the 777 mark of the beast, Yahweh is causing the earth to once again bring forth those healing waters.  Yahshua has made spittle clay from the earth and He is once again bringing forth the waters of Gihon in order to bring healing and sight and life at Shelah.



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