This e-mail was sent out May 13 as a report on what took place at the Remnant Bride Passover gathering April 27 through May 6.


2002 Passover Report


Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

From the evening of April 27 to the evening of May 6, the Remnant Bride walked through nine days of intercession and prayer. But the obvious questions per that which we anticipated are:

Did Yahshua come into our midst face to face?

Did the Remnant receive power?

Did 450 come into the Remnant?

The answer to these questions is - no. On the evening of the Passover meal we set a place for Yahshua and He never came. Were we disappointed? Of course we were. Are we sorry that we looked for Him to come? Not in the least! Let me share more with you about this time we had together.

First, everyone who came (with exception to one individual who came with a Bride member and went home early) were all MOST glad for the time we shared together, despite the disappointment. It was a time of joy, hope, love, learning, much needed fellowship and sharing, and encouragement. One member, Roger Breault, had been racked with physical and often debilitating pain for five years before this, and upon his commitment to come here for Passover began to enjoy remarkable healing and strength. He did things while here that he had not done in years and was filled with joy that we all contagiously enjoyed. I myself experienced attesting healing as well. But even with the pleasure that we all enjoyed, it was most importantly a time of learning and vital intercession. Let me explain.

The first two days were most painful for me. I confessed to everyone that I was very weak and bearing a great deal of pain in my heart, so great that on the second day I went out into the woods and spent a considerable period of time there alone.

On the third day I once again went out alone, this time into the pasture, and in typical fashion for those trying moments prostrated myself before Yahweh. While on my face He began to reveal to me His divine order, which would be most beneficial to share with you insomuch that it explains our nine days of intercession.

What I saw was that our eight days of Passover were equal to Moses' eight trips up on Mount Sinai, as well as the eight one-thousand year periods of mankind. The striking similarities in these will be most obvious and revealing. Thus, as intercessors here in Washington, during our eight days of Passover we were to go through these eight "days" of mankind, as well as Moses' eight trips up the mountain. I will briefly explain this.

The first two one-thousand year periods of mankind were marked by death. At the very beginning they were marked by death through the sin and death of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. In the middle of the second "day" (or second one-thousand years) death equally marked this period when the flood came and killed mankind, except for Noah and his family. And regarding Moses, his first two trips up Sinai were marked by being alone on the mountain.

In comparison, the first two days of our gathering were a painful death for this man and a period of being alone. This striking evidence was the first realization that we were in intercession. But on the third day as I lay before Yahweh, new strength, hope, and understanding were added to me. In equal regard, on the third "day" of mankind new hope and purpose were added - Abram was given his promises from Yahweh and through him came the sons of Israel. In like testimony, we find that on Moses' third time up the mountain, he too was to be added to in that he was instructed to bring Aaron up the mountain with him - Exodus 19:24. Did Aaron go up? We do not find that he did per Moses' next trip (Exodus 20:21f), any more than the sons of Israel entered into the kingdom of God, which is Yahweh's mountain.

Mankind's fifth and sixth "days" were marked by the establishment of the church. Did Yahweh then get some to enter onto His mountain, into His kingdom? Indeed. Thus on his fifth time up the mountain, Moses took with him three men - Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu - as well as seventy elders of Israel. Likewise, beginning on the fifth day of mankind, Yahshua established His church which equally has the identification of the three-part period, or 3,000 years, and the seventy elders. This is the work that in the fifth and sixth "days" of mankind produces both the body of Christ and the Bride, Christianity and the Remnant.

Obviously, the beginning of the fifth "day" of mankind was also marked by the brief appearance of Yahshua. Likewise, on the morning of the fifth day this man was walking up into the woods and saw in a brief vision the face, and more specifically the eyes, of Yahshua. That next evening I was walking out of the woods and at precisely the same place where I had seen the vision of Yahshua's eyes (we had been looking to Yahweh to see Yahshua face to face), an eagle flew almost directly over me, off to my right, which was the first time this had ever happened to me since moving into this home. I was reminded of the words of Isaiah - "They that wait upon Yahweh shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint" (Isaiah 40:31). This we must likewise do if we are to see Yahshua face to face.

As we have learned from The Issue - II, if the church was successful in its ministry, then the fifth, sixth, and seventh "days" would have been the Elijah work that would have brought forth the true light on the eighth "day" - Yahshua. This would be the first-day light that is divine, versus the light that is natural that comes on the fourth day. But the church is not successful in this regard insomuch that the kingdom of God has been given to earthly man in the presence of the devil, the combination of which has thereby defiled the kingdom and requires that its three "days" be cut short to two. This will mean that Yahshua will come on the chronological seventh "day," stacking the eighth on the seventh and causing Yahshua to labor on the Sabbath. Thus, per our fifth and sixth days here marked by the vision on the fifth day of the face, or eyes, of Yahshua, and at the identical spot the eagle on the sixth, and noting our own weakness, once again we had hope that maybe Yahshua would come on the seventh day. But despite our watching, He did not come.

Let us further address this matter of the eighth day. The entire issue of the eighth day is whether Yahshua will come to this earth; therefore after Moses' seventh trip up on the mountain, equally the issue per the sons of Israel was - Will Yahweh personally go with them (Exodus 32:34-33:16)? Thus the two questions of - Will Yahshua come and go with man on the eight "day"? - and - Would Yahweh go with the sons of Israel, as posed immediately before Moses' eighth trip up the mountain? - are the identical question and issue, once again pointing out the clear correlation between these two sequences associated with eight.

Furthermore, it is most interesting to note that within the eight "day" period of mankind, that Yahshua actually came precisely in the middle. In the writing Ascending Alive, we saw the significance of the middle, including such examples as Yahshua changing His mind when the disciples were in the boat in the middle of the sea and therefore getting in with them (Mark 6:47-48), when Yahweh changed His mind when Isaiah was in the middle court and gave Hezekiah fifteen more years (2 Kings 20:4-6), when Yahshua changed His mind at the middle of the feast of Tabernacles and went there after saying He would not go (John 7:8-14), and many more. Thus we see the testimony that once again precisely in the middle of the eight "days" of mankind, Yahshua changed His mind and came to man.

But most interesting and important, Yahweh actually adds a ninth day to this eight-part sequence. Somewhere around the fifth day, Kyle reminded us that though Moses went up on the mountain eight times, Elijah equally ascended Mount Sinai a ninth time so as to fulfill the promise to Moses in Exodus 33:17-23. Thus we were not only looking at an intercessoral period of eight days, but adding an Elijah ninth! Let us now consider this important additional day.

Though eight is the number of new beginnings, nine is the number of fruit or fruitfulness. Moses was promised to see Yahweh's glory on his eighth trip up the mountain, but the fulfillment of that promise was not recorded in that eighth trip, but rather was fulfilled in Elijah's trip up the identical mountain, adding an important ninth trip up the mountain (1 Kings 19:8f, though even the door of that fulfillment looked to Elisha as well, who accomplished that which Elijah was told to do). What did this mean? Obviously the ninth day was an added day and looked to an Elijah fulfillment, and was certainly to be an important intercessoral addition to our eight-day Passover gathering.

Most strikingly, on our eighth day we went as a group to a concert to hear Grace play. Grace is my youngest daughter who was breach at birth, but in the night Yahweh miraculously repaired the breach and gave me the promise from Jeremiah 29:11-14 - "I know My plans that I have for you, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope." As we drove home from the concert, we had a most unusual experience - we entered into Yahweh's glory! Not literally of course, but intercessorally. This is the glory that Moses experienced on his eighth trip up the mountain.

What took place was an experience that none of us had ever had or even heard of before. A mere one-hundred yards in front of us on the freeway, at the entrance ramp of Highway 7, an accident took place involving sixteen cars. Since the accident was so close to us, we were one of the first to pass by it. Immediately after this there were two incredible double rainbows that were so low, the bottom rainbow was literally on the ground, producing a brilliant golden aura of light, crowned with the second rainbow just above it in normal spectacular colors. Thus, just on the other side of the accident, we literally drove right into and through both of these separate glorious rainbows.

As we entered them, the spray from the cars dazzled with brilliance as we passed through each successive band of color, while all the time there was the brilliant golden glow enveloping us. It was absolutely incredible, and intercessorally spoke of not only the glory Moses experienced on his eighth trip, but the glory of Yahweh and light that is promised on the eighth "day"! In testimony, Yahweh's mercy, His rainbow of promise (Revelation 10:1), had come to earth on this eighth day of Passover! Even as we approached our home, there was a third attesting low double rainbow that appeared to be over our house.

After passing through the two rainbows, I asked Yahweh to show me other attesting patterns of this nine-part pattern, and within minutes of arriving at home, Peter R pointed out to me two more without even knowing the request I had just made to Yahweh. (And by the way, Peter R did indeed strengthen the brethren while here. He and Brendan were a great blessing.) Peter reminded me of the truth presented in The Issue - II where we see that Yahweh obtains His fully completed two-part temple of the Remnant holy of holies and Christianity holy place following nine "days" or nine-thousand years - four "days" leading up to the beginning of the church, and then five "days" cut short from six by a divine overlap for Christianity. Thus the four "days" plus the cut short five would total the same divine pattern of nine "days."

The second item he pointed out was the law of the Sabbath. Yahweh promised that if man would keep the Sabbath in the seventh year, He would bless him with such a blessing in the sixth year that he would eat from it for three years (Leviticus 25:18-21). (This of course is in keeping with the pattern and time fulfillment of events just cited.) Thus we see that six plus three once again affords the divine pattern of nine years.

We also noted that during our gathering and even into an extended double portion, is the rare celestial sign of the nine planets aligned in the heavens (from April 16 through May 18). Likewise we have seen that highly prophetic George W Bush is the ninth President in the sequence of seven Presidents who died in office in twenty year intervals, the eighth - Reagan - defeating death, and Bush defeating Gore in a narrow victory (read Also most telling, you will recall that Bush's victory was gained by a single culminating decision - from that of the nine-member Supreme Court. This too was covered in these election writings. What is it that the Bush second Remnant needs now? The deciding ninth-part testimony of the Elijah work.

We will now point out two more important nine-part testimonies, plus one that of necessity we must consider more fully. Each of these are very important in learning and understanding Yahweh's ways, so that we might become sharers in His likeness.

Since the 2001 World Series, we have become increasingly aware that baseball is quite prophetic, and in fact is clearly a testimony of the kingdom of God - played on a diamond, with three strikes and you are out, as well as three outs per inning, and of course nine players on the field and, most important, nine innings in duration. Kyle pointed out that the contest between Christianity New York and the Remnant Mariners would take place simultaneously with our Passover gathering - three games at the beginning and three games at the end. The likelihood of that was highly remote. On the second day of our gathering I was in the woods in great pain and anguish with much discouragement. Kyle and my oldest daughter, Christi, found me and tried to encourage me. Knowing the prophetic significance of these games, I turned to Kyle and reminded him - "The Mariners are down two to one."

In the final three days of Passover, New York and the Mariners would play in New York, and already they had been put out by New York, and were next even defeated by the White Sox in the three games immediately following the New York losses. Things did not look good, both prophetically and personally. A win in New York to rectify the two/one loss would require the unlikely win of all three games - a clean sweep - which to me would take a miracle. At this bitter moment this seemed impossible. But Yahweh performed the impossible, and that is exactly what happened! In the final three days of Passover, the Remnant Mariners came back and won all three games against Christianity New York! Yahweh in the end performed a miracle, giving us great hope and encouragement that remains to this day! (And might I point out here that second Remnant George W Bush also owned a baseball team and loves the sport - the prophetic kingdom of God.)

And might we add here that the movie Field of Dreams, which is equally about baseball, was highly encouraging to us as well. One would ask - Can a movie be prophetic? If you watch Field of Dreams, you will see that it can be.

A man named Ray, like second Remnant Luke or light, built a baseball field in his corn field with the promise - "If you build it, he will come." The one who came was a man named "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, or one who removes his sandals. But Ray's brother-in-law, whose name was of all things of course Christianity Mark, could not even see the players on the field and wanted Ray to give up his folly. A man named Terry Man, or the tarrying man (to which we were and are called - tarrying), ascended alive into heaven. And what was the message this Tarrying Man and Ray received but - "Go the distance."

In the end, Ray played catch with his father, kingdom of heaven John, for the true fulfillment of the promise - "he will come;" in other words, the pure kingdom will come. John's coming provided healing and relief from pain for both men, fulfilling the second message - "Ease his pain," which is what the MUCH NEEDED John kingdom will do for man.

This is truly only the beginning of these most incredible prophetic testimonies found in this movie all about kingdom of heaven baseball. In fact, this movie is so incredibly prophetic of the Remnant truths, one would think that the writer knew these truths in advance and wrote this as an allegory, which He did.

What then is the kingdom, the baseball field, we must build in our cornfield? First, it is most striking that Yahweh used our corn field in Texas at the ranch where the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me in '94, to tell me that the truths He had just begun to give to me were not yet mature. The girls harvested the entire field of corn and none of it was mature in the ear. What is it that Yahweh will do with these ever maturing truths? The second Remnant work and all of its truths are a necessary in-part beginning of the restoration of the kingdom of God that will fully come in the Millennium. And as attested in this movie, this kingdom work or baseball field with the promise "If you build it, he will come," will truly be built by divine unction and simple obedience, even at the expense of everything we have, including the price of looking foolish or like a madmen as did Ray (see The Scribblings of a Madman). Yahweh uses the foolish to shame the wise.

Yes, I confess we are also dreamers like Ray and Terry. For as it is written in Psalm 126:1-3, "When Yahweh brought back the captive ones of Zion, we were like those who dream. Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with joyful shouting; then they said among the nations, 'Yahweh has done great things for them.' Yahweh has done great things for us; we are glad."

For the second brief testimony of the nine-part period, let us note that the gestation period for the birth of a child is equally nine months. We were at the ranch for women and children precisely nine months when we too were birthed into the Remnant work.

Now for the most compelling evidence yet attesting to the validity of this nine-part pattern, all of this providing assurance that this intercessoral period was indeed Yahweh's plan and work. This will take a few paragraphs to explain. But let me add here, all the truths I have learned regarding Yahweh have always cost me, and this which you are reading now has been no exception. A price was paid during this Passover gathering in order to gain that which we have learned and accomplished through intercession.

You will recall from the writing The Issue - II, that the consecutive three forty-part periods that repeatedly arise in the Scriptures are most significant. Moses was forty years in Pharaoh's house, followed by forty years as a shepherd in the wilderness, which was concluded by forty years in leading the sons of Israel, for a total of 120 years. Likewise, Saul was king for forty years, followed by David's reign for forty years, concluded by Solomon's reign for forty years. These were the 120 years in which Israel was under the reign of a king undivided.

Of course these are simply testimonies at the human level which point to the higher fulfillment wherein from the fall of Adam to 1993 AD, there were 120 Jubilees of time. This period was equally divided into three forty-Jubilee periods - forty Jubilees from the fall of Adam (seven years after his creation) to the man of faith, Abram, at the age of nineteen; forty Jubilees from Abram to the crucifixion of Yahshua and the beginning of the church; and forty Jubilees from Yahshua's crucifixion to 1993. And as review, you will recall that 1993 marked the legal time in which the flood of Yahweh's Spirit would cover the earth (testified to by The Great Flood of 1993 in America), even as Noah's flood covered the earth following Yahweh's 120 year probationary warning - Genesis 6:3 and Jasher 5:8, 11. What, you ask, does all of this have to do with what we are talking about here? Watch, for you will find this most interesting! If you have any doubts concerning Elijah's association or tie with Moses, or about Yahweh overlapping time, they are about to be removed.

We read in Exodus 24:18 that on Moses' sixth trip up the mountain, he was there for specifically forty days and nights without food or water. In contrast, his seventh trip up the mountain must have been relatively brief, which we can conclude from reading Exodus 32:31-35. But then his eighth trip up the mountain was once again like the sixth - forty days and nights without food or water (Exodus 34:28). These were the two times in which Moses went up the mountain for specifically forty days and nights without food or water. But the story does not end there, for even as Elijah fulfilled the promise given to Moses by going up the mountain the ninth time, he also completed another very important and vital testimony.

We read in 1 Kings 19:8 that Elijah likewise went up on the same mountain equally for forty days and nights without food or water! So what does this additional journey by Elijah provide? The third forty testimony that completes the three-part 120! "But," you object, "there is a breach in the 120 with Moses' seventh trip up the mountain!" Quite so, and this all the more evidences that Yahweh will stack time.

All the other testimonies of this three-part 120 unit evidence that there cannot be a break in it. We have already noted that because of Christianity's failure, Yahshua must come back one "day" early, thus of necessity stacking the eighth "day" on the seventh. Therefore in affirming testimony, when Moses' eighth trip up the mountain is likewise stacked on the seventh trip, this unites Moses' sixth trip, Moses' eighth trip, followed by Elijah's ninth trip up the mountain to be one continuous testimony of three forty day fastings on the mountain, for a complete 120 days! This is a MOST amazing testimony that Yahweh has performed, confirming the great importance and relevance of Elijah's ninth trip up the mountain, as well as the necessity that Yahweh stack the eighth "day" on the seventh, thus bringing Yahshua back one "day" early. Wonderful are His ways and marvelous are His truths and His testimonies!

So we see that this matter of nine is exceptionally important, and this was the precise number of days we spent here in our home learning and looking for Yahshua to come and be with us or to send us His power. Did we fail? This can only be the conclusion for one who knows nothing about intercession. On the third day when Yahweh showed us the correlation of the trips Moses made up on the mountain and the "days" of mankind, it was obvious that we were in a period of intercession. And though we continued to look to Yahweh to send His Son, even to the last minute of the ninth day, the bottom of the ninth inning, I was admittedly concerned whether this intercession would advance past the intercession level and break out into the fulfillment, or stay in intercession. It remained at the intercession level all the way to the end. But this is OK, for intercession opportunes an ultimate fulfillment!

Even at the literal last hour we had a choice that clearly evidenced our reason for being here. We were afforded the choice of either going to the home of a famous Christian artist to see her paintings of Jesus, or stay in our home and look to Yahweh to see Yahshua as He really is, face to face. Going to see the Christian artist's paintings provided a guarantee of seeing "Him," but the men decided that we would rather hope to see Him face to face and "fail," than to see another person's idea of what He looked like. This seemed a most fitting contrast and choice in literally this last hour. Thus while the men (along with Christi) waited here to intercede for this, the women went to see a woman's idea regarding what He looked like. Therefore from the beginning at the Passover meal, to the last hour of the final ninth day, we endured for the very purpose and hope of seeing Yahshua face to face.

Again we ask - Did we fail? Failure is never measured short term. If it was, then Yahshua would have failed as He hung on the cross and died. Failure is only true when one does not do the will of Yahweh. In 1982 the Holy Spirit told me to ask for an example in the flesh for my life. I thought He would answer that prayer with a pastor for which I had great admiration and respect, but He did not (for which I was later glad, as that man fell in my sight and in the sight of many others). Instead He told me that my example in the flesh was Rees Howells, whose life is recorded in a book titled Rees Howells, Intercessor. I did not choose Rees as my example in the flesh; he was given to me specifically by the Holy Spirit. And in that book we read regarding Rees:

He would regard a temporary disappointment en route, not as a failure, but as a stepping stone - rather like a climber who scales a peak, mistakenly thinking it is the summit, only to find higher ones beyond, and only to have his determination increased to reach it.

From The Intercession of Rees Howells by Doris M. Ruscoe, we also read the following:

(After World War II broke out and Rees had said there would be no war, others saw him as a failure.) Was it failure? To the press, to the crowds, there could be no other conclusion, but as Rees Howells went back to the Lord, he began to understand. The great principle of Intercession is life out of death; the corn on wheat must die before the new life can spring forth from the ground. Rees Howells saw the glory that would have come to himself and the college if the prediction had come to pass. He said, "The glory and the credit for the victory in this war must come to the Holy Spirit and not to man" (p. 25).

With many, the planting into the death of the Savior is only a theory. You only understand His death as you enter into it in reality. ... After you are baptized by the Holy Spirit into the death of the Savior you then walk in newness of life (p. 46).

If Joseph had been set free after he had interpreted the dreams of the butler and the baker, he would probably have returned home to his father, but because the Lord kept him in prison for two more years he came to the throne of Egypt (p. 80).

This is the example given to this man, and this is how I view our Passover gathering - as a vital intercession, a seed sown in apparent death for that which still must and will come to pass.

In like regard, Elijah had to equally identify with death, even failure, when laying on a lad three times before life was brought back into him (1 Kings 17:17-22); Elisha likewise twice (2 Kings 4:32-35). How many times I must identify with death and disappointment before I obtain that for which I am called, is according to the will of Yahweh. I take hope in the intercession we just went through. It was a time of prayer, vital learning, and hope for one cause - to see Yahshua and to be empowered by Him.

During our time here in our home, there was one song that most often came up, to the extent that one could say it was our theme song. Looking back, its words now seem most fitting. Christi placed the following words of Hosea 10:12 into this song:

Sow with a view to righteousness,
Reap in accordance with kindness;
Break up your fallow ground,
For it is time to seek Yahweh
Until He comes to rain righteousness on you.

With a view to whose righteousness do we sow? Is it not the righteousness of Yahweh? And with whose kindness do we in accordance reap? Is it to not also the kindness of Yahweh? In these nine days associated with Passover, yes we sowed, we placed in the ground in apparent death the seed of faith and obedience - that seed for which we look to Yahweh to bring forth a harvest which we will reap in accordance with His kindness. We sought Yahweh and our fallow ground was broken up; now we wait for the latter rain of righteousness to come on us.

If I must pass through the valley of Achor (meaning, sorrow or affliction) in order to find the door of hope (a promise equally found in Hosea, 2:15), then let me pass through that valley. I am an intercessor by calling, and at our evening meal on May 5, the beginning of the final ninth day, I apologized to all who were there that they had come into the home of an intercessor, and thus entered in as a part of this intercession. Do I regret it in the least? How can I? This is my calling. And neither did any of those who were here regret it. In fact I am encouraged that Yahweh increased the number of people involved in this intercession. No longer was it just one man and his family, but now several - multiple seed! Will these nine days be effectual? All intercession is effectual; this is the only way in which power and authority can be gained. Intercession never fails. Yes, it is often delayed. But fail? Never! The seed sown with a view to righteousness must be sown in order to reap with kindness, so there is no way I can regret what took place here during these nine days, any more than a farmer regrets planting his field. It gives me hope that we have done that which brings forth a harvest.

What is my hope? That we will yet reap in accordance with Yahweh's kindness; and as Cary B said at the outset of our gathering, though He slay us, yet will we trust Him and have hope for the double portion blessing that is promised to the Bride. What am I going to do now? I am going to go outside and plant my garden that I have not had time to tend for two years. I will wait on Yahweh, even as the eagle bade me, until I have that for which I seek - the restoration of the kingdom of God and return of the Holy One of Israel. Having done all, I will stand - Ephesians 6:13.

Though in weakness we are bid to quit, do we quit? I ask you, where would we be today if Ruth (the Bride picture), after being bid three times by Naomi to return to her people, did as Orpah and kissed Naomi and returned (Ruth 1:8-18)? There would be no Yahshua! And where would we be today if Elisha (also a second Remnant picture), after equally being bid three times by Elijah to stay and not go with him (2 Kings 2:1-10), did not pursue to the end to receive the double portion of his spirit? There would not be the transfer of the Spirit from the first Remnant to the second! Yes indeed, we have asked a hard thing, and will we persevere to the end to receive it?

Even as Yahshua had mercy on the disciples as they strained at the oars in the middle of the troubled sea and got into the boat with them, so we too cannot give up. Yahshua intended to pass them by, but seeing their plight He instead had mercy; so we too ask for the mercy and the kindness of Yahshua.

So how long will I continue to seek this goal to enter into His rest, into this promised land? Even as we read in profoundly Remnant Hebrews, 3:13-19 (which I encourage you to read in full) - "as long as it is still called 'Today.'" This is still the day when the wilderness of Christianity is legally at an end and it is time for the Passover Remnant to enter into the promised land. And even though circumstances in the midst of our pursuit bid us to go back, to stop, to quit our pursuit, we will not quit, we cannot quit. This day is still called "Today." The test of Carmel remains at hand and is ongoing. I will not, we will not, quit our pursuit until as the widow we get that which we request. (Read second Remnant Luke 18, verses 1 through 17, for an account regarding the second Remnant.)

In closing let me share one final relevant testimony regarding this ninth part. I hope this will add some light to where we might possibly be - either intercessorally or with the hope of our fulfillment. This final point is an example or pattern from my own life, and I believe it could be highly significant, whether it be intercessorally of in fulfillment.

This man has passed through a pattern that is equally evidenced by this important and attesting nine. In 1972 I was called into the ministry, which I rejected. That call was issued to me again following seven complete years, or in the eighth year. But despite my willingness to obey and move as instructed by Yahweh, my obedience was delayed one year and would not find fulfillment until in the final ninth year.

In that ninth year I began a home fellowship with a name Yahweh told me to call it, but actually I did not like - Come Alive Fellowship. After starting that fellowship, one day Yahweh spoke to me that He was going to teach me the death principle. I thought that this meant I was going to have to go back to work; but no, it was much more! Come Alive Fellowship died! When Yahweh called me to the pastorate in '79, I did not want to do this but obeyed. Then He gave me the desire, and then even the excitement. But with the death of Come Alive Fellowship, He killed all of that, and I had no desire whatsoever for the pastorate anymore. After a one year humbling of carpet cleaning and Yahweh breaking my heart for the poor, the next twelve years were devoted to the ministry to the poor, which in the end led to the construction of the home for women and children.

Thirteen years after Come Alive Fellowship died, in 1994 the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me and showed me the truths regarding the two-part Remnant. In Leviticus 14 we read the revealing account about the two birds that are used to cleanse the leper. We see that the first bird had to die in order that the second bird could be set free and ascend alive. In '81 Yahweh required that the first bird of Come Alive Fellowship die. Today, now in a latter period of nine years duration following the thirteen year breach, we look to Yahweh to establish His latter rain Elijah work that must in the truest sense cause men to Come Alive. It seems quite evident now that the reason Yahweh told me to call that first-bird work that died Come Alive Fellowship, was because it looked to the promised second-bird latter work that would cause men to Come Alive out of the dead body of Christ as the Lazarus second Remnant.

Thus, June of this year will complete eight years since the '94 anointing of the Spirit on this man pertaining to these Remnant truths, and we will enter into our ninth year. For six years of that time I had to walk alone; but the work has even so continued and this June we will enter into the ninth year. Therefore my own walk with Yahweh follows a pattern of an initial nine years marked in the end by the establishment and death of Come Alive Fellowship, followed by thirteen years of ministry to the poor, and completed by a final nine years that should see the fulfillment of the second-bird promise of the Bride coming alive and even ascending alive into heaven. This is our hope and the evident pattern.

I wrote recently that it is time to either put up or shut up. We sowed the seed of intercession at Passover and it is now time for me to be quiet. I have no immediate plans to write, but to wait on Yahweh to bring forth that for which we have gained through intercession. This is most appropriate for faith's sake. The intercession has been accomplished. I trust that we now legally have that for which we have petitioned and sought. I have hope that come June of this year when the truths Yahweh gave to this man in '94 now enter into their ninth year, that the harvest, the fruitfulness, of intercession will begin to come, either in fullness, which seems essential, or in further intercession. His will be done.

The test of Carmel continues!

Blessings to all,



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