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Now we are going to address something that is equally sensitive.  In the movie, Pai entered into the dining room where some women had been smoking, but quickly tried to cover it up when she and Koro arrived.  As was the case with the entire Maori tribe, these women were going astray in their actions.  Pai scolded them for their smoking, saying – “Maori women have got to stop smoking; we’ve got to protect our child-bearing properties.”  One of the women, once again in a crude way that at first seemed totally unnecessary, said after Pai left the room – “You’d have to be smoking in a pretty funny place to wreck your child-bearing properties.”  To this they all laughed.  While Niki had no intentions of relating the following, nonetheless the truth is evident. 


Once again we see this testimony of childbearing, or bringing forth offspring.  Let us ask a question – What is a  cigarette?  It is nothing more than a fiery rod.  Thus, once again in this movie we find this remarkable testimony of the rod and its relationship to bringing forth offspring.


Now let us add another element to this.  Another testimony that arises in this movie quite frequently is the fully extended tongue.  Koro tells us plainly that the tongue extended out of the mouth is a sign of death, which is in fact true in general as well.  The rock band, Kiss, extend their tongues as a sign of death, and this is in fact what rock music brings – the deceiving kiss of death, the Judas that turns one over to Satan.  (Read Cursed Time and Blessed Time, 1920 and 1996.)  Even when a spoiled child (or adult) sticks out their tongue at someone, it is in fact equally a curse that they will die.  So what is a cigarette?  It is the testimony of the extended tongue!  It is the sign of death!  And what is the outcome of smoking, but death!


In James 3:6 we read – “And the tongue is a fire, the very world of iniquity; the tongue is set among our members as that which defiles the entire body, and sets on fire the course of our life, and is set on fire by hell.”  We are shown in Exodus, and this is covered in the writing titled The Signs That Cause Belief, pages 3 and 4, that the problem in the church is that the rod that Christianity possesses turns into a serpent and throws them backward.  Thus once again we see this relationship of the rod and the serpent.  This is the fiery serpent, the rod, the extended tongue, that is testified in the burning cigarette.  And to be frank, but revealingly honest, the tongue is also the fiery serpent that in crude oral sex is placed in the two-part clean lips of a woman’s reproduction capabilities.  This act speaks the message of the fiery serpent’s corruption of that which is supposed to be clean and fruitful, the corruption of the Remnant Bride.


What are we seeing here then?  That which Remnant Pai warned these equally feminine bride testimonies whose “child-bearing properties” are a clean split-hoof work and not an unsplit single work like a man, and precisely what Yahshua warned the Bride in first Remnant Matthew and second Remnant Luke – women, do not take the rod for yourself! 


This matter of the male and the rod brings to even greater confirming significance the marvelous truth of this riddle regarding Yahshua’s instruction about the rod/staff.  The Matthew first Remnant and the Luke second Remnant are both feminine – the Bride.  While in contrast, Mark Christianity is the body of Christ and is decidedly masculine.  So anatomically, with one being masculine and one being feminine, which one would have the rod?  Of course it is the male, the body of Christ, who is instructed by Yahshua to take the rod/staff.  They have the responsibility to bring forth godly offspring, even the right to rule.  But the Bride, in equal regard to the sandals, is instructed to not take that masculine responsibility, to not take the rod, neither the place nor the responsibility of the man.  Thus we see that by Yahweh’s attesting design, the male who has a “rod,” has the legal right and responsibility to socially and spiritually bear the rod, while the woman does not.  This is Yahweh’s order and clear testimony and the message of Yahshua’s riddle, as well as His direct instruction.  The rod belongs to the male!  Let us now speak to this regarding today.


Society is afflicted with men becoming drag queens and even having sex changes.  But on the other hand, is it really afflicted, or is this simply the fruit of a more serious root?  Is it that these aberrations are in fact an outward social testimony of an aberration which is already taking place governmentally in our homes, in society, and in the church?  Clearly so!


Before these sex changes ever began to take place, men in this nation had already given up their rod of authority and government.  While men today may be having physical sex changes, far more unnatural and far more offensive to Yahweh and far more destructive to society, is the fact that men have given over their leadership to the woman – in the church, in the home, and in society. 


Equally, women have in fact effected a sex change themselves by taking the place of the man, placing a rod where she should be distinctly feminine.  A woman who criticizes a man for having a sex change, yet takes the place of the man in the home or in society, judges herself.  By taking this role that is not hers, women have destroyed their ability, in one way or another, personally and corporately, through abortion or contraception, to bring forth the required offspring  by which they are saved – “But women shall be saved through the bearing of children” (1 Timothy 2:15).  The woman takes the rod that turns into a fiery serpent, the rod that is set on fire by hell, and we see that dramatically evidenced today.  This is also the testimony evidenced with women smoking.


In light of all we have learned regarding the curse on America in 1920 (Cursed Time and Blessed Time, 1920 and 1996), it is quite significant that women began smoking following that curse.  Up until 1920, women did not smoke; only men did.  But through the Women’s Rights Movement and its influences, women wanted to take the place of the man, they wanted to be like the man, to take the rod, to take the “dick.”  Thus, they took the cigarette, the burning rod.  Since 1920, women smoking have provided a continuing testimony to what they are effecting socially in the Women’s Rights Movement and its influences; they are doing precisely what Yahshua warned them not to do – taking the place of the man, taking the rod!  Women do not realize how they violate Yahweh’s ordained authority and order when they reject the headship of the man and seek to stand in his place.  They have placed the fiery rod between their lips, they have taken the authority that belongs to the man!  They have joined the ranks of the likes of Kiss, and their appearance to Yahweh is what you see on the painted faces of that band.


And what are the consequences of women in America taking the rod, the right and responsibility that belongs to the man?  Precisely what Annie Whittenmyre warned (The Temptation of Eve and the Deception of the Nations, page 7) – they are destroying the offspring, even their child-bearing properties; they are destroying the home, preferring the place of the man over child-bearing; and worst of all, they are murdering millions of children through abortion.  In the crudest of testimonies, they are smoking, placing the rod of the man, “in a pretty funny place.” 


Women have abandoned their place in Yahweh’s governmental order, and we are suffering the ill consequences thereof!  God will not be mocked, for what is sown will be reaped (Galatians 6:7).  And when women began to abandon their place in the home and take the place of the man, testified by the woman placing the burning rod between her facial lips, there have been destructive and ill consequences to the fruit of her reproductive two-part lips.  She is bringing forth death, for the rod should not be in her lips.  That rod in the possession of the woman is a destructive curse, a very world of iniquity that sets on fire the course of her life, and is set on fire by hell; and Pai is warning us of this.  Women, give up your burning rod, and I am not just talking about the cigarette.  Return to the place where Yahweh has placed you under your husband.  Your husband has the right to the rod – in the home, in society, and in the church.  Let him bear it, come failure or success.  You are commanded not to take the rod!



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