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In One Thing You Still Lack, the great significance of Tabernacles was addressed. Presently, I am writing a follow-up piece in order to add some most marvelous evidence and truth regarding Tabernacles and how it relates to holding all things in common. It is amazing what all Yahweh is giving us in advance regarding the significance of this feast and this moment! The reason is obviously twofold: (1) because it is so critically important that the bride be covered, and (2) because for many this is such a major, life-changing choice!

Relative to this feast time, I am writing you now to provide some testimony of what is obviously taking place in the kingdom of heaven/the church, evidenced in a most succinct way. Let me show you.

On May 19 of this year, I sent out a general e-mail disclosing how Bill Clinton is a prophetic picture of Christianity. This is true in many ways. If you have not read that e-mail, or if you want to review it, I have placed it on the web site at .

Let me be very brief and to the point. The clear pattern we see in our recent Presidents is that George Bush was a prophetic picture of the first Remnant. Bill Clinton is 2,000 year, or two term, Christianity. Now, the big question for all of us here in the United States is - Who will occupy the second Remnant position? Will it be Gore, or another Bush? If it is another Bush, then the obvious pattern of the two Remnant on both sides of Christianity will be fulfilled - the two olive trees (the Bushes) on both sides of the seven-branched lampstand (Clinton) as seen in Zechariah 4.

But, if Bush is not elected, then what do we have? The unspeakable tragedy of a Gore supplanting a second Remnant Bush! Who is Gore? Let us see. Obviously, the Bush's name is MOST revealing in this pattern per their association with the two Remnant olive trees. Gore's name, as well as his character, is no exception.

As a prophetic representative of Christianity, Clinton likewise has many qualities or characteristics that lend him to revealing what Christianity is to Yahweh, and also relates him to other prophetic pictures of Christianity. Another prophetic picture of Christianity that has a most similar relationship to Clinton, is Christianity Ahab and Jezebel. Bill and Hillary are really a modern day Ahab and Jezebel. There are many parallels between these two couples that we cannot go into here.

And with Clinton and Ahab prophetically one, we find that Ahab had his own Gore as well. In 1 Kings 22, Ahab and Jehoshaphat were considering going into battle with the king of Assyria. (I cannot go into all the prophetic significance of this.) And in this decision making process, they called in all the prophets of Israel. One Zedekiah made some horns of iron and counseled the kings - "Thus says Yahweh, 'With these you will GORE the Syrians until they are consumed." Was he telling the truth? Well, like we have repeatedly seen with Clinton's Gore, no he was not. In fact, a true prophet of Yahweh, Micaiah, was brought into the counsel and he declared that Ahab would suffer disaster by following a deceiving spirit, and Ahab's GORE would seek hiding. And this was exactly what happened. Ahab was killed in battle.

What do we have unfolding here in our present elections? A battle, a battle for the kingdom of heaven - Amer-ric-a! I have written before that America is the kingdom of heaven on earth at the nations level. ("Amer" means heavenly, "ric" means kingdom, "a" makes it feminine.) So, if one wants to see what is taking place in the true kingdom of heaven/the church, then we can see this by looking at what is taking place at the nations level of the kingdom of heaven - Amer-ric-a. Like the attendant of the prophet Elisha whose eyes were opened to see what was happening in the realm of the heavenly (2 Kings 6:15-19), by looking at these elections, our eyes are opened to see a battle that is taking place in the kingdom of heaven/the church. The nations level kingdom is telling us what is taking place right now at the spiritual level kingdom, and our eyes need to be opened.

The battle going on in the kingdom of heaven is regarding who will lead the kingdom! Will it be a second Remnant Bush, or a lying Gore? Who is this contesting Gore? He is not Christianity per se, but rather him who has the power over Christianity. This one who Gores is the one of whom you saw the engraving on Africa in the writing titled The Signs That Cause Belief. (To see his picture, scroll to the middle of the page at .) He is the one who has the little horn on his head in order to gore people! He is the one who, like Gore who has the characteristic problem of never telling the truth, is the father of lies (John 8:44). He is the one who hates the Remnant because they tell the truth, and struck the first Remnant, even as Zedekiah struck the true prophet, Micaiah. He is the one who hates the second Remnant because they will inflict the deathblow against him by ascending alive to heaven. He is the one who wants the kingdom of heaven, and was cast down to the earth in order to battle for it. He is the one who will lose that kingdom that he has ruled for 2,000 years, if the Remnant gains strength and comes to power. He is the one who is succinctly represented in Al Gore in his attempt to get the kingdom of heaven, or Amer-ric-a. This one who gores is Satan! (For further verification, see the attesting photo at . However, I in no way endorse this site's message.)

Thus, a battle is taking place in the kingdom of heaven/the church, even as we see at the nations level kingdom of heaven; and the battle is over who will rule the kingdom! Will it be the second Remnant, the Bush; or will it be Satan, the Gore? These are the two "candidates." This contest is being fought and determined right now, and what will we as the Remnant Bush do? May we forsake all, and in our hearts now yield everything to Yahweh for His purposes and for His Divine covering.

I have written in the recent writing, One Thing You Still Lack, that Tabernacles marks the covering of the bride of Yahshua, wherein by making a "booth," a "weaving," a covering, by holding all things in common, we may be able to speak on Yahweh's behalf, commune with Him, and ascend to Him. I have also pointed out that because the barley in Jerusalem was not ripe at Passover this year, all the feasts, including Tabernacles, could very likely be delayed one lunar month. This would mean that Tabernacles would actually take place November 12 through 19, instead of October 13 through 20; and of course this would likewise move Trumpets, as well as Atonement. Trumpets marks the civil new year, and Atonement involves the cleansing of sins and the cleansing of the priesthood, after the sin of bringing strange fire before Yahweh (Christian's eternal hell fire for one, Leviticus 10 and 16).

While we see the remarkable witness of what is happening in the true kingdom of heaven, by what is happening in Amer-ric-a, is it then any surprise that election day, November 7, 2000, when we here in Amer-ric-a are determining whether it will be Bush or Gore who will receive the right to lead this kingdom, is precisely the day of the delayed Day of Atonement, the covering/atonement of the sins of the priests and the people that they might be clean, and atonement (or a covering) for the temple? Yahweh often assigns points of intercession, even as He used a "garden" in which Yahshua prayed while under the vow of the Nazirite in order to intercede for the garden of God, the kingdom. Evidently, Yahweh is equally providing a point of intercession for the kingdom of heaven/the church, by coinciding Election Day in Amer-ric-a with a most meaningful delayed Day of Atonement. I trust you, as Yahweh's Remnant, will vote Bush on the Day of Atonement, and all the more pray that Yahweh will establish His Remnant, His bush, over the kingdom.

There is a higher election going on, and it is for the kingdom of heaven; and the outcome of that election determines and is determined by what we as His little rib Remnant bride do. The body of Yahshua, Christianity, is sleeping; so do not count on them. We are the only ones awake to "vote," and what will we do? We, world wide, need to look and work toward holding all things in common and thus cover ourselves, even as Yahweh reveals these truths to us here at Atonement and Tabernacles.

The evening of October 28 will be the delayed Trumpets, the new year. Let each of us be before Yahweh to seek what He would have in our lives at this vital time in the kingdom and for mankind. I will hopefully be getting out the follow-up writing soon. This is a most exciting and challenging time! The entirety of heaven and earth turns on what we as His Remnant bride do right now.

And may I briefly insert what I believe is another important point of intercession and testimony? Considering the great prophetic witness that George W. Bush reveals and the requirement on the part of the Remnant to become poor, I find it significant and even encouraging that this man who writes these things regarding the Remnant bride (me), on TWO separate occasions had delightful face to face personal conversations with George W. specifically regarding obtaining a facility for the care of the poor. This, I believe, was one of Yahweh's points of intercession and revealing testimonies of all that is taking place - prophetically in the elections, as well as in actuality with this most important Remnant bride!

As already mentioned, as Yahweh opened the eyes of Elisha's attendant in order for him to see what was happening in the heavenlies, now in fulfillment of those scriptures (for we are the attendant, and we have been given the kingdom of heaven), He is opening our eyes to see what is happening, and I trust we will have the same victory.

And may I add here parenthetically, even as Elisha prayed for these "enemies" of his to be struck with blindness (in contrast to the seeing remnant attendant), so Yahweh has blinded the eyes of Christians. And even while Christians blindly prophesy destruction and wrath, Yahweh will have mercy on them, as He had mercy on those that were blinded by Elisha's prayer. For once again he prayed, and their eyes were opened, and he fed them. Once the Remnant is in its rightful place, Yahweh will feed Christians the truth that they have fought against, and set them free. Once again, mercy will triumph over judgment!

On November 7, we in America will be casting our vote to determine whether this nation will go through a third term of sin, lies, and corruption. But as important as this election is, there is an election taking place that is infinitely more important - the establishment of the elect of Yahweh in the true kingdom of heaven that will prevent a third "term" of the reign of Satan over the kingdom. Yahweh is using this election in America to open our eyes to see what is taking place with us, His Remnant, regarding the true kingdom of heaven! This is the election about which we must be MOST concerned, on which we must be MOST concentrated, and to which we must be MOST committed. The election of the second Remnant over the one who gores - Satan!

What will be your vote? Will you be an active part of the "campaign" in winning this "election"? I hope so. What will be required for your participation? Everything!

Write me.

Blessings always,


PS - May I suggest you read this again.

PPS - You do not realize how significant this little Remnant work is! Even the Presidents of the greatest nation that has ever existed on the earth, prophesy what we are doing! Yahweh is using the foolish, His little bitsy Remnant bride, to shame the wise, the strong, the great of this world.

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